12 Best Women’s Bike Helmets – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There are bike riders out there doing it for different purposes and goals. It does not matter for what they are doing it, but the whole thing is fun and enjoyable despite age and gender.

Before we go into deciding on the best women’s bike helmet, here are some facts. There are riders out there who are not so fond of the idea of using a helmet while riding bikes. Also, they have reasons for that no-helmet decisions.

It becomes funny that all riders who do not use a helmet on their rides say almost the same reasons and which might be the style, hair, looks, freedoms, etc.

Besides, they are not taking the important aspect and which is the safety of the rider. Here comes the protagonist named helmet for their rescue, only if they want it.

You might be here because you need an affordable yet safety promising helmet that will go with your body’s female specialities. So, the following are some of the best helmets in this category.

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12 Best Women’s Bike Helmets



Thousand Adult Bike Helmet
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Lazer Coyote
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Giro Trella
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Giro Vasona
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Bell 4Forty
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BBB Dune
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Triple Eight Gotham
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Giro Montara
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Bell Spark
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Bern Union
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Bolle Messenger
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Bell Falcon
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 1. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet for Women

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

First, before going further into the features of this cool looking helmet, this is a unisex model that can be used casually in your neighbourhood rides and commutes. Also, you can select this product if you are looking for a helmet to do skating too.

The classic look is the first thing that is to be noted, and the model is available in ten different color shades. After all, a fashion-centered model product is always more preferred by the female riders.

It is one of the first-ever stylish bike helmets made to keep the people who do bike rides safe while keeping up with their personal style. The design of this helmet is done without any sacrifices in style and safety.

PopLock available on this helmet is the most convenient way to leave your bicycle helmet behind. You can access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. That makes it perfect for your daily commuter bike.

You can tighten or loosen your bicycle helmet with the Dial Fit System in the back of your helmet to get the perfect fit for every ride. Beyond all, this is a certified unisex model helmet that can be used either for men or women.

  • A classic look and effective design strategy are used for this helmet.
  • The different kind of look with the 7 air vents and three cooling channels.
  • It is available in several different colors.
  • Poplock system allows you to easily adjust the helmet’s fit on your head.
  • It does not have the MIPS safety features and the air vents are too small for some rider’s needs.


2. Lazer Coyote Mountain Bike Helmet for Women

Lazer Coyote Mountain Bike Helmet

If you are into an aggressive looking but a simple helmet that can protect you from injuries, then this Coyote model helmet from the Lazer brand is the one that you can try on your head.

TS+Fit system equipped on the helmet offers you a progressive adjustment alongside eliminating pressure points and hotspots on your head. Besides, this will keep the helmet firmly on your head under any circumstances.

Drop downsides and the back protection of the helmet design makes it more secure even when you hit your back or side of the head in an accident. As you may know that it is important to have maximum air circulation inside the helmet.

It is to keep the rider's head relaxed and to prevent the helmet from becoming smelly all the time because of the sweat that will sit on the inner material for a long period. The 21 vent air circulation system will always keep the air flowing through the helmet.

Besides, it has an integrated visor on the helmet that will help you with the airflow along with the sun and heavy rainfall conditions. After all, this product is compatible with any of the TS+LED light systems.

  • Progressive adjustment system that will eliminate pressure points and hot spots.
  • Compatible with any LED light systems
  • The integrated visor is strong and durable
  • 21 air vents are available for constant air circulation.
  • The brim is not adjustable so it is hard with the angles of the sunlight at some point


3. Giro Trella Bike Helmet for Women

Giro Trella Bike Helmet for Women

Like all other Giro helmet models, this helmet is also equipped with the integrated MIPS that is designed to reduce as much energy as possible while meeting and exceeding stringent safety standards.

Besides, the Roc Loc MIPS fit system used in this helmet offers a great fit on your head, and it offers easy one-handed operation with a 7cm adjustment range. All different kind of fit is available with the Roc Loc fit system.

When it comes to the size of the helmet, many of the Giro helmets are made in a universal fit so that you don't have to worry about the helmet's size.

This helmet has 18 vents to ensure the maximum air circulation inside the helmet so that enough air will enter through the front vents and be released through the back vents.

When putting it all together, you get the versatility you need to ride everything from forested fire-roads to swooping singletrack trails to the city streets. At last, the in-mold construction provides a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner.

  • Roc Loc fit system gives a perfect fit on your head.
  • Female riders more prefer the design.
  • It is affordable with all the advanced features.
  • In-mold construction makes the shell more protective.
  • The visor may not find that great like in the premium helmet models


4. Giro Vasona Women's Bike Helmet

Giro Vasona Women's Bike Helmet

This Vasona MIPS helmet is considered the best women's bike helmet because of different reasons, and aspects of the helmet have. It combines a sleek, comfortable, lightweight design with an integrated impact protection system.

MIPS system used in this helmet can redirect the energy and provide more protection in certain impacts, and that provides you with the latest in head protection on the road or trail.

This comes from a diverse collection of helmet styles, fits, and prices tailored to female riders' demands. Besides, they are available in a universal size fit that sculpted to look good and fit great for almost anyone from the beginning.

After all, the helmet is combined with an easily-adjustable fit system that will help you to make it perfectly fit over your head without the hassle or expense of trying multiple sizes.

This lock system offers easy one-handed operation with a 7cm adjustment range, and the high-quality material feels very strong and durable.

In-mold construction of this helmet fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner. This fusion process allows for better ventilation of the helmet.

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  • Great ventilation is provided with the 22-vent system.
  • Integrated MIPS assures the safety of your head
  • It’s very affordable comparing to the products out there in the market.
  • A cool look and the high-quality material makes it durable yet fashionable.
  • The visor that comes with the helmet is reviewed as clumsy by many customers.


5. Bell 4Forty MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell 4Forty MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

A matte color king is the right word to describe this 4Forty model women's bike helmet because of the color options that they are available in. There are different color options available, and all of them are in matte nature.

It is made from the fusion of an in-mold polycarbonate shell. This is a process pioneered by Bell bonds the helmet's outer shell to the eps foam liner to create a sturdier helmet.

Besides, the helmet is equipped with Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts.

Moreover, it has a minimalist, lightweight fit system with an easy-to-turn rubber over-molded dial for adjustments. Quick-adjust fasteners that help keep straps flat and properly positioned.

The Sweat Guide pad design pulls moisture away from the brow pad and away from eyewear. After all, the adaptable visor system accommodates both goggles and glasses and works with or without the visor attached.

  • A visor is available for air circulation and to protect from sunlight.
  • MIPS equipped interior material so that the impact will never be so hard on your head.
  • Very easy to adjust the fit of the helmet over your head.
  • Plenty of ventilation is offered by all the air vents available around the helmet.
  • The sunshades are not up to the level of other premium helmet models.


6. BBB Dune Women's Bike Helmet

BBB Dune Women's Bike Helmet

We can't exclude this unisex model helmet from the BBB brand when looking in the market for a new female bike helmet. It comes with all the basic features that make it comfortable and safe for you.

It is made in a way that can be used in various types of conditions on any kind of surface. So, you can use it with all kinds of bikes you have. The not-bulky design of the helmet will never pull back you in the performance.

A removable visor is available with the model that will help with the airflow into the helmet and play the role of shade for your eyes from sunlight and rainwater hitting straight into your eyes.

Besides, the 14 air vents available on the helmet provide the maximum ventilation while not giving the space for harmful pieces coming inside the helmet through the vents, which is very important for helmets with large vents.

You can wear the helmet on your head without any clumsiness with the help of the adjustable straps available. Moreover, this fit system is very handy with an easy twist close adjustment system.

  • Insect mesh protects against insects flying into the helmet.
  • 14 air vent system provides maximum air circulation inside the helmet.
  • You can use it for any kind of biking you do.
  • The adjustable lock system is very easy to control with one little twist.
  • It is not equipped with a MIPS system for safety.


7. Triple Eight Gotham Bike Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Bike Helmet

Triple Eight is known for its uniquely designed helmets, and this Gotham model is one of the women's bike helmets they manufacture and going strong in the market. First of all, this is a dual-certified urban-style helmet.

It can be used for your bike rides or on skateboards as you prefer because of all the features that including a vented ABS shell with a subtle brim, and an impact-absorbing EPS liner.

Besides, the helmet's design has a Conehead liner construction which includes collapsing cones that can absorb energy and spread force sideways within the helmet without any delays.

Moreover, it complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards.

The internal pads are also special by including two sets of removable, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads that make it really easy to clean the helmet and an adjustable dial system alongside a chin strap with a side release buckle for a custom fit.

  • It is a dual-certified helmet for both biking and skating.
  • Conehead liner construction will reduce the impact from the head.
  • It has a removable interior pad for comfort.
  • Different features make it more customizable according to your head size.
  • The inner material may feel too hot in the summer.


8. Giro Montara Mountain Bike Helmet for Women

Giro Montara Mountain Bike Helmet for Women

Another great bike helmet for women from Giro is this Montara model well-designed helmet that is available in four different and cool colors. It will surely make you stand out in the crowd with the design aspects.

An integrated visor provides enough shade in all the conditions. Besides, this helmet's ventilation system is also really advanced with 16 air vents for both air intakes and cooling purposes.

Moreover, the visor is an adjustable piece so that you can customize it according to the angle that the sunlight is hitting your eyes. Its compact shape offers deep, confident coverage, and the Loc Roc Air Fit systems boost ventilation while improving fit.

In addition to this helmet's impressive cooling system, the Montara MIPS has been designed to have full goggle integration with strap grippers on the back of the helmet.

Another great feature is the breakaway camera mount that can be used to mount your light torch or camera for an adventure ride.

  • MIPS adds extra safety to this helmet.
  • It is lightweight that makes it useful for adventures.
  • The ventilation is top-notch.
  • It has goggle compatibility alongside camera mount spaces.
  • It is made for sporty purposes so that you might not get used to it if you are more into classic helmets.


9. Bell Spark Mountain Bike Helmet for Women

Bell Spark Mountain Bike Helmet for Women

This is another one of Bell's best helmet models that comes in a universal fit size for both men and women. It has an outer shell made of in-mold polycarbonate made from a process done by Bell to make a sturdier outer shell for the helmet.

Another thing that makes the helmet safe for any situation is the Multi-directional Impact Protection System that has the ability to reduce the impact pressure from one specific point of your head while you hit something during an accident.

This MIPS layer will spread the impact all over the surface. Besides, it is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts.

After all, this new model helmet for women from Bell has the improved, and advanced dial feels and function when compared to the old ErgoDial system. So that you don't have to do a push to turn the tightener and the whole lock system is sleeker and less bulky.

Beyond all, the helmet has a Sweat Guide pad design that helps to pull moisture away from the brow pad and away from eyewear.

  • It comes with an integrated visor.
  • It sits perfectly and has ample adjustment possibilities for small and large heads.
  • The helmet is lightweight and has a great color visibility
  • The MIPS makes it safer.
  • The visor position is not adjustable.


10. Bern Union Bike Helmet for Women

Bern Union Bike Helmet for Women

This Bern Union helmet is considered the best bike helmet for women because of many reasons. It includes the style, comfort, protection, and everything else you are looking for on your new helmet.

It is built for urban riders who want their gear to look as good as it works, the Union is sure to be an instant urban classic with its removable flip visor and modern styling.

Besides, the Union model features 21 vents, a BOA 360 degree retention system, Zipmold + construction, and our premium moisture-control liner that helps keep you cool and sweat-free on long summer commutes.

And it is equipped with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Designed to protect against rotational violence to the brain caused by rotational impacts. So that your head will be protected under any circumstances.

The helmet comes with a replaceable moisture controllable ZipMold liner that will make it easier to clean up the interior material and keep the helmet clean. And with soft flip visor provided on this helmet will keep you out from straight sun rays into your eyes.

  • You can easily add an LED system to the back of this helmet.
  • It provides you with great protection from a 360-degree angle.
  • The helmet looks modern, advanced, and safe.
  • The MIPS system reduces the impact on your head.
  • The lock system for the fit is not recommended so much in this helmet


11. Bolle Messenger Bike Helmet

Bolle Messenger Bike Helmet

Are you looking forward to buying a female bike helmet for your daily rides in the neighbourhood or to work? Then you may be looking for a different looking yet stylish helmet.

If it is the one thing you are looking for on your new helmet, then this is the right model for you. The model looks like a piece that formed by attaching two pieces.

The air vent system of this bike very effective with two air intake vents on the front side of the helmet and four big vents on the backside for better circulation of air so that the air is taken inside the helmet will not stay inside the material.

It has a rotating fit system on the back of the helmet that can be controlled by twisting the knob and it is very easy to control even while you are riding your bike. Then comes the straps equipped on this for keeping the helmet on your head.

This strap is very comfortable and can be easily adjusted according to your head's size, and then you don't have to worry about the helmet getting loose on your head anytime.

  • It’s a very good helmet to use in colder weather.
  • The helmet is made of lightweight materials.
  • It offers a nice design alongside a nice fit.
  • The backlight gives great visibility in low lights.
  • This one is not much recommended for sporty uses.


12. Bell Falcon Bike Helmet

Bell Falcon Bike Helmet

You have to try this helmet if you are looking forward to the best women's bike helmet because it comes in several colors and sizes alongside all the advanced features and attributes that you are looking for in your new helmet.

The helmet's outer shell is special with the fusion in-mold Polycarbonate shell, which is lightweight and strong. It is produced through the process pioneered by Bell so that the helmet's outer shell is sturdy.

Besides, this helmet is MIPS equipped that stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts.

A float-fit and no-twist minimalistic lock system is used on this helmet for you to adjust the helmet perfectly on your head. It is an easy-to-turn rubber over-molded dial for adjustments and this quick-adjust fastener that help keep straps flat and properly positioned.

Moreover, the Sweat Guide pad design pulls moisture away from the brow pad and away from eyewear.

  • MIPS reduces the impact on your head from an accident.
  • It is available in several color shades.
  • The 18-vent system keeps constant airflow through the helmet.
  • The sweat guide pad pulls moisture away from the brow pad and eyes.
  • There are no special portions for you to use a visor on this helmet


Buyer's Guide for Best Women's Bike Helmets

Some things need to be considered while you are looking for a new helmet to be used on your bike. All these things will help you to get the best helmet for your preference.

Make sure about the size of your head

If you need a helmet to sit perfectly on your head, then you have to know the correct size of your head. There is no actual use with a helmet that will not sit on your head safely.

The first thing that you have to look at is the correct size of the helmet you needed. Different brands may use different size charts so you need to make sure about it and try to get a helmet with clips and straps that can increase or decrease the helmet's tension around your head.

Select according to your riding style

There are many helmet brands and models out there that does not mean they all are good for the type of ride you do. Besides, a beautiful product does not mean that it will look beautiful when you place them on your head.

So you have to find a helmet with good looks and keep up that look when you place it on your head. There are helmets available with more material on the back or the front. You can go with those options according to your likes.

The features you need on your helmet

There are basic things that will be available on all helmet models, but there are some other things that come as optional or as an extra for design purposes or else.

Consider all the features and options that are available for a helmet. A visor that comes with a helmet is such kind of option. A visor can be integrated or detachable, so you have to select the model you prefer more.

Air circulation and comfort

All helmets come with vents for air circulation inside the helmet that makes it more comfortable and safe while wearing it. But some helmets come with fewer options for air circulation inside it because of the performance-based issues.

So, it is important for you to select the right helmet with the right amount of air vents for comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more understanding about the helmets and the usages of helmets, here included some of the most frequently asked questions about bike helmets.

Can I use my road bike helmets in performance-based races?

A road bike helmet is made based on the core factor of safety and comfort. So they are not much aerodynamic as those specially manufactured racing bike helmets. If you need the performance-based advantages, then road bike helmets are not recommended.

What is the opinion about using a racing bike helmet for daily road bike uses?

The opinion is good because all the helmets provide you safety, but when it comes to the comfort and air circulation inside the helmet and through your head, it is always better with road bike helmets.

Which are the cases that the visors on a helmet become useful?

There is no doubt that a visor's protection gives you from straight sunlight rays that make your visibility low.

Besides, the visors are also useful in the case of heavy rainfalls. The water drops will come for you like a jet stream of water while you are speeding up on the road. It will be helpful for you to help your eyes from those hits.

What about the big vents on the helmets?

The helmet only needs a reasonable amount of vents. Besides, the available vents have to be well-designed to do their core function perfectly. So. more vents than needed are not recommended.


There are differences between the heads of a male and female, but it's not at all a big deal when compared. Besides, most of the helmets out there made in unisex versions.

It makes it useful for both women and men. However, not all those can be assured to give comfort and safety that a women rider needs.

So, from the above-mentioned helmets, you can have the best women's bike helmet that you are looking for or get an idea about the helmets available in the market.

Before going for a helmet, you have to evaluate everything, and it will help if you go through the facts that you need to consider while buying a new helmet.

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