If we look deep into the world of different bikes, you will find that a cruiser bike ride is the most relaxing riding experience that you can get compared to all those different kinds of bikes and rides.

Besides, the women’s cruiser bikes have that classic look of bikes that most riders or bike enthusiasts love. Aside from all the fact that it is important to have a weight-balanced cruiser bike.

So, to help in that case of the selection process for a cruiser bike, here are some of the best cruiser bikes for women are listed as following. Cruiser bikes also have that differences when it comes to different models.

That means you have to get the bike with a balanced weight that can be handled easily with your strength. The weight needs to be noted seriously in women’s bikes because of the body weight and strength they have different from men.

All these bikes shown in this article are reviewed as the best and affordable of the available cruiser bikes in the market.

Best Cruiser Bikes For Women

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero is well-known for all kinds of bikes they produce and this women’s cruiser model bike is one of the best models they make. A classic-looking fun ride gives all the premium features that you can get on a cruiser bike.

And it is also available for under a thousand bucks that means you don’t have to worry about the quality of the parts they used on this bike. All these, along with the features, make it one of the best cruiser bikes for women.

The bike is equipped with a city frame made of lightweight Aluminum metal that makes this whole urban commuting model bike less heavy. Besides, the gear system uses a Shimano 7-speed external derailleur for a smooth ride.

You can use it easily for leisure rides to those long-distance commuting rides if you want. It is possible because of the 26″ wheels that work really responsive with the front and rear handbrakes.

When it comes to comfort, this bike has a comfy synthetic leather saddle that comes with grips of classic stitching, which gives the bike that old look. Another thing about most of the women’s cruiser bikes is the swooping frame design.

The low swooping frame of this bike makes for easy step-thru entry on and off the bike; puts the rider in an upright, heads-up position along with the foot-forward seat and pedal position that allows riders of varying heights to stop and put feet flat on the ground while staying in the saddle.

  • The Aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight
  • 7-speed Shimano gear system is durable and precise
  • It has a very comfortable saddle and seating position.
  • Semi-slick tires provide good grip on the road with a cushioned ride.
  • You might need to seek an expert to assemble if you are a beginner and bought it online.

2. Firmstrong Navitas Organics Women's Cruiser Bike

If you are looking for a unique looking cruiser bike for women, then this specific model named Navitas Organics from the Firmstrong brand will fulfil your desire with its design that stands out from any crowd.

The sturdy and robust steel frame that is used on this bike has a unique look designing perspective. And the frame of the bike is available in all the sizes that you might need your bike in.

This classy-looking bike has Aluminum wheels that will balance the weight put on by the steel frame the bike has. Besides, the total weight of the bike is 17kg. Remember that a bike gets more attached to the ground and comfortable when it has a little weight on its own.

A cushioned ride is assured with the white-wall balloon tires used on both ends of the bike. The coaster brakes are used for this bike's braking system, and they are very easy to use and reliable for cruising in the city.

Beyond all, this bike comes with a wide seat setup that has dual springs system for added comfort when you ride the bike. Wide handlebars with the seats together provide an upright riding position for you.

  • The steel frame of the bike is very strong and robust.
  • White-wall balloon tires provide a cushioned ride.
  • Wide seats and wide handlebars give an upright riding position.
  • Aluminum wheels balance the weight of the bike.
  • It has a coaster brake system that is not reliable as other linear-pull or disc brake systems.

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser Bike

This hybrid cruiser bike for women is another model from the Sixthreezero brand and is also equipped with almost the same configuration as the previous one. But this one has a little more personality to it with the color and design.

You can cruise with this bike on the city roads with ease because of the lightweight aluminum city-frame equipped on this bike. This along with the 26" wheels, make a good combination for precise control on straight road conditions.

When it comes to this bike's gear system, it has a Shimano 7-speed external derailleur system along with the handbrakes system on both the front and rear end of the bike.

It can be used for riding from leisure to long-distance commutes because of all the features that had for safety and comfort on the road. And the high-quality materials will never fail you in between the road trips you have.

Synthetic leather with brown color is used for the comfy seat with the classic stitching is used in it. Besides, the 2" semi-slick tires assure a cushioned ride along with this seat.

An upright riding position is possible because of the wide handlebars and the positioning of the seat posts and the saddle of this bike. After all, it has a handbrake system for greater stopping power.

  • The Aluminum frame material makes the bike lightweight.
  • It provides an upright straightforward riding position.
  • The handbrakes give a great stopping power.
  • Getting in and out of the bike is very easy with this low swooping frame design.
  • You might need an expert’s help to assemble the bike if you are a beginner in bike parts.

4. Schwinn Mikko & Hurron Beach Cruiser Bike for Women

Schwinn Mikko & Hurron Beach Cruiser Bike for Women
  • Featuring a wide, dual-spring padded cruiser seat and classic cruiser handlebars.
  • Ideal for riders between – 5’ 4” to 6’ 2” tall | Wheel size – 26” x 2.1” | Frame size – 17” | Pedals – ½
  • Single speed drive train is easy to use and maintain.
  • Intuitive rear coaster brake provides simple stopping power, while the included retro fenders keep you clean and dry.
  • The durable steel cruiser frame and fork make for a smooth ride while the 26-inch x 2.1-inch wide tires provide added stability.

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Here is an outstanding cruiser bike from the famous Schwinn. All women are not fond of the curvy soft looking design of those cruiser bikes so they go for a bike without that much curve on the frame.

This bike is for that kind of rider who loves a bike with an energetic look to it. Besides, it is a beach cruiser bike that comes with a single gear system, in other words, a gearless model.

And the braking system of this bike is a coaster system that is very handy and helpful while you are riding on the beach sides to keep the rotating momentum of your legs without breaking the action.

The strongly built steel frame and the fork provide a comfortable ride alongside a retro look. Besides, the all-black color on this bike looks really cool for anyone.

As you know that the single-speed system of the bike makes it very easy to maintain the bike. It has a Schwinn quality padded saddle for seating comfortability and the wide handlebar set up gives a very comfortable upright riding position for the rider.

With a little care, this bike can stay with you for as long as you live or more with your kids because of the fewer mechanical parts and the high quality of the existing parts.

  • The single-speed system of this bike makes it a reliable and less maintenance bike.
  • 26-inch wheels give a good grip on the beach trails.
  • The black look of the bike looks cool on everyone.
  • The seating and handlebar setup gives an upright riding position.
  • There are no extra speed points to shift through while you go through hilly areas.

5. Firmstrong Bella Cruiser Bike for Women

Firmstrong Bella Cruiser Bike for Women
  • 26" Steel Bike Frame Construction
  • Matching Front / Rear Fenders and Rims Included
  • Suspenion Seat for Comfort
  • Chrome Retro Style Half Moon Handlebar
  • 26" x 2.125" Black with White Walls Tires

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Another cruiser bike from the Firmstrong brand that is considered the best cruiser bike for women is this Bella beach cruiser bike that comes with a bit higher crossbar than the usual low swooping frame of other cruiser bikes.

First of all, Firmstrong made this single-speed cruiser bike model available in different color combinations so that you can choose the right color for you. It can do a faster performance on normal roads and small hills.

This bike's braking system is a cable brake system where the brake will be applied to the back tires. It has two white-wall balloon tires that give a good grip on the beach trails and the normal road circumstances.

It has an oversized seat equipped with a dual spring under it for better suspension for protecting from vibrations and bumps on the road. After all, the handlebars that are wide and at the right height are used for this bike.

Both the seating setup and the handlebar give a great riding experience by giving an upright riding position. Besides, the handlebar also has synthetic leather grips for comfort.

  • It gives an upright riding position.
  • Less maintenance because of the single-speed system.
  • Springs with the synthetic leather seat for comfort and safety.
  • Handbraking system for extra stopping power.
  • It has no other gear possibilities to cruise on steep hills or other rough roads.

6. Schwinn Disney Queen Classic Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Disney Queen Classic Cruiser Bike
  • Disney Evil Queen themed cruiser bike by Schwinn has 26-inch wheels to fit riders 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall.
  • Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the store for your favorite potion.
  • Single speed drivetrain and rear coaster (pedal) brake make this bike easy to use and simple to maintain.
  • This bike comes with a large cruiser spring saddle and low step-through frame for a luxurious ride.
  • Easy Reach cruiser handlebars, laidback seat post, and rise stems provide a comfortable, yet regal upright riding position befitting a queen.

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As the name suggests, the color combination and this bike's design give that Disney Queen impression to your personality. A fancy-looking bike yet equipped with essential features made it one of the best cruiser bikes for women.

First of all, the name of the bike came from the theme Schwinn used on it. The bike has 26" wheels that are perfect for most women riders.

And the wheels along with the steel frame make it perfect to be used for cruising around the neighborhood or for a little long in normal road circumstances.

It has a single-speed drivetrain that gives a smooth ride while on the ride and the coaster brake system makes sure about the slowing and stopping power of the bike with ease. Besides, both these single gear and coaster braking system makes the bike less-maintenance model.

A large cruiser spring saddle is used on this bike for the seating setup, and that makes your ride really comfortable along with the wide handlebar equipped on the bike. So that you can sit in a straight upright riding position.

Moreover, it has fun accessories like a fork-mounted spoke card, heart pedals, and heart valve covers give this bike a look you’ll be crazy about.

  • The steel frame is strong and reliable.
  • Single-speed system and coaster brakes reduce the amount of maintenance.
  • The whole Disney queen theme of the bike looks very cool.
  • Seat and handles give you an upright riding position.
  • The coaster brakes are not as efficient as the handbrakes or the disc system.

7. Sixthreezero Around the Block Women's Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women's Cruiser Bike
  • Classic, curvy women's beach cruiser bicycle with 17-inch durable steel frame.
  • Ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood.
  • Upright riding style keeps your back and shoulders comfortable.
  • dual-spring saddle and wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips.
  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and friction shifters for tackling uphill climbs and long distances.
  • 26-inch, 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels with large waffle tread tires provide a cushioned ride for easy rolling.
  • Blacked-out components for added style.
  • Includes rear rack for optional baskets and panniers.

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As you already know, many of the Sixthreezero cruiser bikes are already mentioned above, and all of them are some of the best cruiser bikes for women. Besides, Sixthreezero is known and appreciated for its cruiser bike models.

This specific cruiser bike model that we are looking at is another such kind of bike from the same brand with that curvy classic frame made with 17-inch durable steel. It is ideal for all your casual rides around the neighborhood.

The dual-spring saddle and the wide handlebar together provide you with an upright riding position that is the best for your body. Besides, it is the most relaxed riding position on any bike that you can buy.

After all, this one comes with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur alongside the friction shifters. It gives a precise and smooth shifting experience and makes tackling uphill climbs and long-distance rides very easy.

When it comes to the brake, this bike has a handbrake system on both the bike's front and back ends for great stopping power. Wide aluminum wheels of 26-inch with large waffle tread tires provide a cushioned ride for you.

Optional baskets, rear rack mounts, and other blacked-out components are also available with this bike if you want any of them.

  • The steel frame is very strong and robust.
  • 21-speed gear system makes it easy on long rides and steep hills.
  • The seating and handlebar positioning provide you with an upright riding position.
  • Blacked-out components for added style and use are available.
  • The hand braking system seems less effective when considering all the gear systems and other features.

8. Schwinn Destiny Women's Beach Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Destiny Women's Beach Cruiser Bike
  • Schwinn steel cruiser frame with classic cruiser handlebar for comfort and style.
  • Perfect for riding to school or around the park with friends.
  • Single speed with coaster brake for easy braking and pedaling.
  • Wheels feature lightweight alloy rims for durability, and both front and rear fenders to keep you clean and dry.
  • Padded cruiser saddle with springs for a soft, comfortable ride.
  • Rear cargo rack provides convenient storage.
  • Fits riders ages 8 and up, or with a height of 4’8” to 5’2”

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This Schwinn cruiser bike for women has a purple and white color combination. However, all the other features may found similar to some of the previously mentioned models.

It has an upright riding position as a cruiser bike should have with a wide handlebar and a wide and comfortable seat post equipped with a saddle with dual springs for suspension.

Easy braking is possible with the coaster brake system that can be done from the pedals themselves by reverse cycling them. So that this bike is comfortable to ride around the neighborhood making the daily trip to your school.

SIngle-speed system makes it easy to assemble and maintain yourself. Lightweight alloy rims are used for durability.

Besides, as the name suggests, this is made as a beach cruiser bike so that they added fenders on the front and rear ends of the bike to keep you clean from the dirt.

A rear cargo rack is available, and other optional black-out products for this bike are also available if you are interested in them.

  • The alloy rims are durable and strong.
  • The single-speed system reduces the maintenance level.
  • It provides an upright riding position.
  • Optional products are available if you need them.
  • The coaster brakes are not much recommended to do little rough road surfaces.

9. Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women's Cruiser Bike

Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women's Cruiser Bike
  • Aluminum frame
  • Shimano 7 speed drive train with Revo twist shifters
  • Alloy front and rear side pull brakes
  • High rise handlebars
  • Soft padded seat

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This Cost is a Clear model beach cruiser bike for women from the Margaritaville brand made with a frame from Aluminum that makes the whole bike lightweight. And this, along with the mint color, looks very special.

You can easily take the bike for a long-distance ride because of the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain system for precise gear shifting and cruising on any kind of terrain.

Besides, the bike has Alloy front, and rear side pull brakes that give you great stopping power under any circumstances without using much pressure on the brake handles.

This, along with the Revo twist shifters, made it too easy for shifting gears while you are in rough terrains or steep hills. After all, the rider gets an upright riding position on this bike so that you can sit very comfortably on the bike.

It is possible because of the lower seating alongside the wide handlebar with a very comfortable grip foam on it. The soft padded seat is very comfortable to sit for as long as you might need without any kind of irritation.

  • The aluminum frame makes the whole bike lightweight.
  • Shimano 7-speed gear system gives a precise shifting experience.
  • High-rise handlebars and lowered seating give an upright riding position.
  • 26-inch wheels offer a cushioned ride.
  • The maintenance might not be easy like other single-speed bikes that come with coaster bikes.

10. Huffy Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser Bike

Before going further with the bike details, this bike's color gives that retro kind of vibe to it with the yellow and lite brown combination. The whole frame of this bike is yellow, and all other parts are in lite brown.

Even the tires of this bike come with a brown-shaded color to them. Besides, the bike is a single-speed cruiser model bike with the coaster bike that we saw on most of the models mentioned above.

Both of those features are the main reason for less maintenance happens to this bike. And most of the repairing and maintenance can be done by yourself even if you are a beginner with bikes.

Moreover, the carrier on the back is a part of the metal frame so that it cannot be removed. A ratchet is also available on the front end of the bike for carrying around stuff you like.

The chain cover comes in the same yellow color, and the fenders on both tires protect you from getting dirty on a rainy day with mud and water. Then it comes to the seating position of the bike.

Huffy Nel Lusso cruiser bike also has that upright riding position so that you can get a painless ride for as long you prefer.

  • The steel frame of the bike is strong and reliable.
  • The color combination gives a retro feel to it.
  • All the extra features are available for safety and productivity.
  • The 26″ wheels are stiff and can roll over anything with ease.
  • The coaster brakes did not come up to the expectations like other brakes models.

Things to Consider for Best Cruiser Bikes for Women

When comparing all those different bike models, cruiser bikes are the most durable and affordable ones because of their simplicity and the fewer parts they have on them.

So, that being said, you have to consider all these facts following before deciding on your new cruiser bike.

Size of the Bike

If you are a women or men doesn't matter. The size of the bike you are getting has the most vital part of providing the right seating and comfort you need for a relaxed ride.

It becomes more important in cruiser bikes because a cruiser bike's basic idea is a relaxed ride under normal circumstances.

When you consider the frame size, it is crucial that you also need to consider the wheel's size and other essential parts for your comfort.

Find out more about cruiser bike sizes here.

Gear System

Cruiser bikes are available in all kinds. Most of them come with a single-speed drivetrain system which makes the bike more reliable and easily maintainable.

However, cruiser bikes are also available in all numbers of available gears as your wish. If you are only using the bike on normal roads and not interested in a mess of bike parts.

Then it is always good for you to go with single-speed bikes. Besides, they make the bike more affordable because of the less complexity they have.

Brakes System of the Bike

The Brake system has an important role in any kind of vehicle. You might not use the bike in many dangerous terrains in a cruiser bike, and they are not made for such trails.

So, most of the cruiser bikes come with a coaster brake that you can control by reverse pedaling. But if you live in an area where you have steep hills or little rough trails, you have to go with the bikes with a handbrake system.

Fenders on the Bike

Fenders have an important role on the bikes, especially on this kind of cruiser bike. Because most of them are being built as a beach cruiser bike that you might need to get the pass-through in some muddy areas.

If you don't want to wash every time after passing a pool of muddy water, then you have to consider those models with fenders on both sides, or you can get them for any kind of your bikes.

FAQs on Cruiser Bikes for Women

If you need more information about the women's cruiser bikes and their qualities, here included some of the most asked questions about these bike models from customers and enthusiasts.

Can I use these cruiser bikes for longer rides?

You can use these bikes as long as the different parts of the bike are strong to hold you and roll on the road because with the upright position of this bike, you will not feel much uneasy while in long runs like other sporty models.

Is there any difference between the cruiser bikes for women and the other types of bikes?

The design of the women's cruiser bikes is more straightforward than most other bike models. Most of these models come with a curvy bar on the top-middle of the bike for making it easy for women to get on to and off from the bike.

Is there any problem with using a cruiser bike on mountain trails?

Yes, it is not recommended to use a cruiser bike on mountain trails because they are made for normal roads for comfortable rides. SO, they are not equipped with parts that can stand hard hits from big rocks or extreme braking conditions.

Which is the kind of riding that is more recommended on a cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes are ideal for city riding and lite trail rides. But if you can use it for long rides if you can set it up with a good brake system and things that can increase quality and comfort.


A cruiser bike is always that relaxing mode of biking that can be done by anyone who can walk without problems. That means that a cruiser bike is the topmost possibility for people of any age to start a new hobby.

But finding out the right bike is the worst part of this whole process. That's why here the list of best cruiser bikes for women is presented in front of you.

You can go through all these models of cruiser bikes from different brands and take some points from the buying guide provided above this to make sure about the bike you select for you.

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