Are you looking for the best women’s road bikes under 500? Then you are in the right place.

Most bicycle manufacturers build unisex models more than different models for men and women. It helps to lessen the production costs and increase the sale of one product.

However, some people love models that specially build for women or men. It is because those models are made after considering every aspect of each gender.

If you are reading this article, you may be a woman looking for the best road bike for you at a low cost. Or you may be a man looking to buy a road bike for your loved ones, or you may be a person who just likes to scroll around and find out new things.

Whatever your reason is if you are looking for a women’s road bike and concerned about spending a large amount of your money on a bike you don’t know much about. Then this article is for you.

Here I listed some of the best and most affordable women’s road bikes for beginners in the bike riding community.

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Best Women’s Road Bikes Under $500

 1. Sixthreezero Hybrid Women’s Road Bike  – Women Commuter Bike

If you are a person who is looking forward to getting that classic look to your road bike. Or not a big fan of new fancy designs of bikes, then this bike for you.

It provides that nostalgic imagery material with the new features.

Sixthreezero hybrid 7-speed Women’s worker bicycle comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it perfect for riding on a very much hard path or through the city.

The Shimano 7-speed outside derailleur permits wide scope of rides, from relaxation to significant distance; front and back handbrakes are comfortable and best for the easiest halting of your bike at any surface.

It contains a back rack for crates, which is optional according to your taste. Seat and handlebar place rider in an upstanding, heads-up position. And it best suites for the elegant personality of the rider.

700 x 38c double-walled wheels promise you a very comfortable ride on the streets. Besides, the well built brown synthetic leather saddle and matching grips have classic and perfect stitching.

However, if you are a camper and constantly traveling, then this one is not for you. This one is mostly a homely bike with its look.

After all, Sixthezero made a combination of that classic look and new-gen features perfectly in this road bike within an affordable price range.

  • Classic look
  • lightweight aluminum frame
  • Wide ranges with 7-speed external derailleur
  • Best seat and handlebar geometry
  • Rear rack for baskets (optional)
  • 700 x 38c wheels with double-walled rims
  • Not ideal for much gravel road circumstance
  • Not sturdy as steel

2. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Women's Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Women's Road Bike
  • Aluminum road frame with carbon fiber road fork provide lightweight strength.
  • 700c wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall.
  • 16-speed shifter / brake lever combination offers precise, smooth gear changes.
  • High profile alloy double wall rims with paired spokes are lightweight and strong with front quick release.
  • Promax alloy dual pivot caliper road brakes deliver crisp, secure stops.
  • Alloy crank for wide gear range; road style tread tires supply fast and smooth riding.

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Schwinn is known for its good, sturdy, and reliable bikes in the market. They make some of the best women's bikes under 500. Phocus road bike is one of their best bikes at a very low cost, and it is suitable for both men and women.

The bike is made of the standard aluminum frame that gives it a high strength-to-weight ratio. Besides, it makes the bike very light and resistant to corrosion.

It is equipped with 16-speed derailleur plays a perfect and smooth role in the shift. Besides, the shift is done using a Micro shift integrated brake lever combo. It is the best low-cost shifter out there with wider gear ratios.

High profile alloy double-wall rims give the best strength to weight ratio. And is paired with lightweight paired spokes, which all make the bike stronger. Moreover, this provides the bike with more strength at the front during quick release.

The Promax alloy dual pivot caliper road brakes used in the bike gives total control over your ride. And the dual-pivot brakes come with the mechanical advantage that the bike can reach maximum braking power with less effort.

Alloy crank used for wide gear range is harder than normal 6061-T6. Besides, it is very long-lasting and much nicer in looks.

  • Schwinn aluminum road frame
  • Microshift integrated brake levers
  • Alloy double-wall rims
  • Alloy Cranks
  • Caliper Brakes dual-pivot
  • 23mm tires (most road bikes comes with 25mm or 28mm)

3. Giordano Libero 1.6 Women's Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Women's Road Bike
  • Lightweight hand crafted 6061 aluminum frame
  • 1 1/8" Threadless Alloy 100mm stem
  • 16-speed Shimano Claris STI Shifters and Rear Derailleur
  • Dual water bottle mounts

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This Giordano road bike is one of the best women's road bikes. And the best part is that it comes at a very low cost. So, you can try your money without fear on this one.

It is equipped with a 6061 lightweight aluminum frame that makes the whole bike a lot lighter in weight. After all, weight is the primary consideration for those who can't carry much weight on them.

The bike uses a 100mm stem of 1 1/8" threadless alloy that provides a sporty straight seating position for the rider. Besides, the control of your bike will be more comfortable than ever.

Shimano Claris STI 16-speed shifters and rear derailleur plays a greater role smooth gear shifts and never gives tension on the rider's hands. The chain movements are very smooth with the real derailleur.

After all, the bike is very easy to disassemble and bring it back together. This makes the bike, even more user friendly because of the transportability that offers with less weight and easy maintainability.

Beyond every other thing that gives useful facilities, this bike can be updated with little premium things and will never feel like a low-cost entry-level bike for you ever.

  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
  • Threadless 100mm alloy stem
  • Shimano Claris STI shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Fairly big handlebars for the frame size
  • Stock seats are not so good in long rides
  • wear out quickly without proper maintenance

4. Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Women's Road Bike

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Women's Road Bike
  • Schwinn aluminum fitness frame and rigid fork offer quick, agile riding.
  • 700c wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall.
  • 14-speed shifters provide smooth and easy gear changes.
  • Alloy crank with double chain rings offers optimal gearing.
  • Alloy caliper brakes provide crisp, quick stopping and steady speed control.
  • High profile double wall alloy rims are light and strong for added durability.
  • Schwinn sport saddle and alloy seat post keep the bike light and the ride comfortable.

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If you are a person with a little experience history or search history about any kind of bikes, then you must have heard of Schwinn bikes. They are very much known for the bikes produced in the market for a long time.

This Volare model women's hybrid road bike is extraordinary with its premium features when staying inside the boundaries of a low price chart.

Made of an aluminum frame that makes the bike less heavy and the rigid fork equipped gives a quick and responsive ride experience for a long time.

Shimano 14-speed A050 shifters provide smooth shifting through different gears. Besides, the rear derailleur from Shimano makes it possible for quick and precise gear changes.

Brake system of this bike is of alloy caliper, which provides crisp stopping in every other road circumstance.

It uses two of 28c road tires that give a clean and sturdy base on the road. Moreover, Strong and light high profile double-wall alloy rims gi9ves more durability, and it will not weigh you down.

The sports saddle and alloy-based seat post of Schwinn offer a lightweight experience. After all, the seat will feel more comfortable during the rides in any kind of road.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Very responsive ride with a rigid fork
  • Shimano A050 shifters alongside rear derailleur
  • 28c tires with double-wall alloy rims
  • Schwinn sport saddle and alloy seat post
  • Seat, freewheel, and handlebars grips are cheap
  • Handlebars are not height adjustable

5. Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike

Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike
  • Front and rear daul disc brakes make brakes more sensitive.
  • Aluminum alloy wheels and magnesium alloy wheels for your choice.
  • 21 speed makes the speed change more smoothly.
  • 49cm and 54cm frame for different height.

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Another masterpiece from another well-known bike manufacturer. You will be surprised by the bike's look and features that are available at a low cost.

The sporty and stylish look is one of the main things that need to be noted on this bike. It, with a perfect color combination, will stand out in the streets.

Besides, the braking system used in this bike is very advanced, with the front and rear dual disc brake system. That makes the brakes more sensitive by increasing the power on the brakes.

Compared to the drum brakes, it will cool down pretty easily and sooner because of the outside location of the disc brake.

The manufacturer provides you an option to select which kind of alloy wheels you need. You can select your choice between Aluminum and Magnesium alloy wheels.

Eurobike made this one a 21-speed model, which made the shifts more smooth and added a wide variety of speed. Besides, the bike is available in two sizes, which are 49cm and 54cm.

Beyond all, different aftermarket upgrades available for the model makes it more user friendly in many ways. And a sporty looking road bike will give you many compliments and consideration.

All these advantages come at a low-cost id the best part of this OBK XC550 Eurobike Road Bike.

  • Front and rear dual disc brakes
  • Multiple Options of Magnesium and Aluminum alloy wheels
  • 21 speed
  • Looks stand out along with expensive bikes
  • Not much fast and smooth
  • Weak back wheel cassette

Gender of Bicycles

Usually, the main difference between a bike that is made for women or men will be the size. However, some fancy bikes show more girly characteristics with the design and colors.

But in the category of bikes that include road, racing, and mountain bikes, the size difference is mainly noted for the differentiation between women's or men's bikes.

Most men have large body parts than women. So, men's bike models get a little bigger than women's models. Whenever a woman needs a little bigger bikes, she goes for the models made for men.

After all, we can say that most of the bikes are unisexual when not considering the size. Besides, most of the women-based models will not have kickstands because most of the women not prefer that.

Another thing to be noted in women's model bikes are the horizontal crossbar. Women's bicycles typically have a slightly slanted crossbar at the place where the horizontal bar comes in men's bike.

Manufacturers are doing this to make it easy for women, so they don't need to mount or dismount to or from the bike lifting their legs very high.

Beyond all, there are men using women's model bikes because of the size itself. So, the latest models that available in the market have almost the same looks and features to make countable for both genders of riders.


Now you have an idea about all these models that are mostly carved within women's perspectives. The most exciting thing about all these beautiful and functional road bikes is that all come under a price tag of 500 or less.

After all, women's road bikes are available in more different and fancy color pallets. So, make your dream of a road bike and the love towards fancy colors alongside keeping the best bike for your body size come true.

Go for these women's models with no fear because all of them are affordable for most people. And the maintenance also costs lesser than other premium models.

Beyond all, you can make replacements with different parts and make it your own premium level of the bike without spending a large amount of money for other fancy items that are available in most high-cost bikes.

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