Are you looking for the best women’s wide cycling shoes? Because it is important to have a pair of wide shoes for cycling to get good comfort throughout the ride.

Most of the cycling shoes come in the European size chart in which it is hard to find a wide enough shoe for you. Besides, it is not promised any of those wide shoes will be comfortable.

That means you have to find the right shoes to cause the right shoes to have an important role in creating the best performance out of a cyclist or an athlete.

It is important to have the right size and grip on your shoes. They need to be perfectly snugging on your feet to give the pedal’s real feel while on the ride.

Through that, your cycling power will not get wasted in the space inside the shoes instead of the pedal. In that case, it gets tough to find a wide shoe that perfectly fits for wide feet.

If you need the right shoes for your exact fit, you need to get your feet’ exact size. If you know the size, then here we have covered some of the best wide women’s shoes in the market.

Best Women’s Wide Cycling Shoes

1. Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe

Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe
  • A quick-fit road cycling shoe suitable for all cyclists and every ride.
  • This shoe has been designed to provide an essential and timeless look and versatile performance to make every exit pleasant.
  • Overcurve is a construction of shoes characterized by a staggered collar that wraps around the ankle, tracing the natural misalignment of the two bone protrusions of the ankle: the lateral and medial ankle.
  • The result is an asymmetric shape, with the throat of the shoe that curves on the foot from its outside to the inside.
  • The R5 nylon composite sole is soft and comfortable even for long-range but without compromising the efficiency of pedaling.

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These shoes from Fizik are considered the best women’s wide cycling shoes because of how they are made.

First of all, these shoes’ excellent design makes them perfect that they will fit comfortably according to your feet’ anatomy.

Besides, the strong and supple Microtel upper is durable and helps for a consistent fit, and the material ensures durability.

Your pedaling efficiency is promised to be improved with the comfort and balance provided by the R5 Nylon composite outsole of these shoes.

The model comes under the road series cycling shoes and is known for its versatility among the different circumstances.

Besides, the shoes are engineered to perform impeccably over any road surface, such as on paved roads, from the smoothest tarmac to the most demanding road conditions.

After all, the hook and loop closure system will not make the shoes lose fit during fast rides.

However, if you are looking for shoes to use on a flat pedal, you can go for other models.

These shoes are hard sole road cycling level shoes. So, using it for simple walking and on flat pedals is not appropriate.

  • The quality construction ensures durability.
  • Attractive design and helpful on wide feet.
  • Superior closures and excellent aesthetics.
  • Not recommended as the best for beginners and casual athletes.

2. Tommaso Pista Women's Spin Class Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Pista Women's Spin Class Cycling Shoes
  • Synthetic sole
  • Built For Indoor Cycling And Peloton.
  • Durable synthetic leather upper, and just the right amount of padding, allows the Pista to hug your foot for all-day comfort.
  • Quality & Precision Fit
  • Exercise the full range of muscles, by being able to push and pull on every revolution.

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This pair of shoes from the Tommaso Spin Class model is another one that is considered the best women's wide cycling shoes.

If you are a spin class rider and looking for the perfect shoe that fits comfortably on the feet and gives flexibility throughout the ride, this will be a model for you.

These shoes are coming with dual cleat compatibility at a great price deal that means it works perfectly for you doesn't matter what pedal system you are using.

However,  the shoes are not compatible with Peloton systems. If you are a Peloton user, you know either you drop the plan or change the system you use.

An all-day comfort level is assured with the durable synthetic leather material of the shoes that snuggles on your feet without making your feet suffer from over-tightness.

It is also made with mesh ventilation parts that keep the air constantly flowing and keep your feet cool alongside the ease you require.

A precise ergonomic fit according to your feet anatomy is offered by the low-profile Velcro straps.

After all, the comfortable fit gives the experience of the whole energy flowing from your body to the pedal while you are on the ride.

Make your whole muscles work together with these shoes with a wide profile, which gives enough space for even a rider with the widest feet.

  • Very comfortable for a rider with wide feet
  • The high-quality synthetic leather material gives a very sharp look
  • Works perfectly with all the pedal systems you use
  • You have to go for the peloton compatible model, and then you have to select the LOOK Delta cleats.

3. Venzo MX Women's Cycling Shoes

Venzo MX Women's Cycling Shoes
  • Versatile & Compatibility
  • Quick-drying, highly breathable mesh and synthetic upper.
  • High-quality set of Look Delta system widely used for spin bikes such as Peloton.
  • Great shoes and delta cleats value package for indoor spin bikes such as Peloton bike pedals.

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If you are looking for a wide pair of shoes for your cycling needs that come under the best women's wide cycling shoes, this one will be a good companion for you.

These amazingly designed Venzo shoes are perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and other spin class rides.

Moreover, it is an advanced model of shoes compatible with all the cleat types available in the market.

The list of the compatible cleats on one of these pairs includes all the cycling models and the look delta and the Peloton bikes.

And all these together makes it the best option for all your activities and gives the perfect platform no matter what pedals you ride.

Beyond all, these shoes carry the award-winning technology for the performance-based top-class shoes in the market.

This product's synthetic upper material is quick-drying, and the mesh will give a breathable space inside the shoes without making the shoes lose.

A removable sock-liner is used for the textile lining on these pairs of shoes, and the low-cut construction gives a more light and fast-fit feel to you.

The whole product is strongly built and comes after passing strict QC before packing and delivering it to you.

  • Comfortable, lightweight fit great with the material and the locking system.
  • Very easy to adjust the fit according to your need.
  • It can be used on all kinds of cleats that includes Peloton uses.
  • The fabric used on the shoes is a little thin.

4. Pearl Izumi Women's All-Road Cycling Shoes

Pearl Izumi Women's All-Road Cycling Shoes
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Grade nylon and composite fiber plate for lightweight stiffness and durability.
  • Follows the natural anatomic shape of the foot to eliminate hot spots and remove pressure from your instep.
  • With integrated Molded Power Band for benchmark heel hold and power transfer.
  • The insole provides excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support.
  • Compatible with SPD and all Look pedal systems

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Another pair of shoes that are considered the best women's wide cycling shoes is Pearl's road cycling shoes.

A 100% synthetic model that gives the perfect fit and comfort along with extended durability.

Besides, these shoes' soles also come with a synthetic material that gives a good grip on the pedals of the bike you are using.

The shoes' power plate is manufactured with select grade nylon material and the composite fiber plate for the lightweight experience. It also provides the best durable pair of shoes for all your ride needs.

Besides, the anatomic 1:1 closure follows the natural anatomic features of your feet and snuggles on them according to the shape without leaving any free space.

It will never feel tight on your skin and eliminates hot spots alongside removing your instep pressure.

The integrated power band keeps your foot on the heel and gives the best power transfer experience throughout the ride.

Beyond all, this heel establishment provides excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support.

  • Easy to put on and take it off with the three velcro straps
  • Gives the perfect room for the feet but never feels too lose
  • Very stiff soal that helps to focus on the energy delivery by knowing every movement under the feet.
  • A little tricky to install the cleats, doing it with a professional’s help will solve the problem.

5. Tommaso Venezial Women's Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Venezial Women's Cycling Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Easy walking & stylish
  • Great for indoor cycling, commuting, and fitness, these shoes are only compatible with spd cleats.
  • Allows for a more full range of motion and also to activate more muscles groups on your pedal stroke.
  • Synthetic leather upper combined with a traditional lacing system offers a precision fit that hugs your foot for all-day comfort, while ventilated mesh vents cool your feet.

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This one is from the list of the best women's wide cycling shoes and another model from the Tommaso brand.

An upper that is a combination of synthetic leather with the traditional lacing system offers the best fit that will give all the comfort you need throughout the ride.

Besides, the ventilated mesh will keep the airflow constant, which will not create a boiling feel on your feet in hot circumstances.

These shoes can be used in spin class, commuting, and fitness. And these shoes are compatible with the SPD cleats.

However, these are not compatible with the Delta or the Peloton bike rides. Although, for all other needs, this can be considered as one of the best options.

Tommaso equipped its shoes with the optimal amount of padding in special areas like the tongue and the heels to ensure comfort.

It provides the best comfortable experience in all the downstrokes and upstrokes throughout your ride.

Venezia model is made with a recessed cleat area, padded rubber soal, and a hidden inner sank that gives easiness in walking, and you can do spins without fear of stumbling.

All your muscles will engage while doing every other stroke that offers a full range of motion.

  • Hidden cleats make it possible to wear the shoes for all your activities.
  • Wide Enough for your feet without over-tightness.
  • The traditional lace use makes it easy for keeping the shoes on the feet with total comfort.
  • It does not have many grip sections like spin class models.

6. Giro Riela R II Women's Mountain Cycling Shoes

Giro Riela R II Women's Mountain Cycling Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable and supportive fit
  • Easy fit adjustment
  • Powerful pedaling
  • Comfortable support and 2-bolt cleat compatible
  • A classic off-road cycling shoe for women, that’s comfortable and capably equipped for adventures on paths, roads, or trails.

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Giro made one of the best women's wide cycling shoes through these Riela R II mountain cycling shoes that are well built and cleanly designed.

This is the one for you if you are looking for perfect offroad shoes that can stand all the rough circumstances you may pass through.

It is carefully built and equipped with all the best features for adventures on paths, roads, or trails.

Breathable microfiber material gives a good fit along with the perfect fit without making it too loose or tight and keeps it snug to your feet.

And the mesh that comes in the shoes gives good airflow through the feet all the time that makes it a perfect fit alongside giving them space to breathe.

It comes with a 3-strap closure technique that offers a faster yet simple, which permits you to adjust it on the go with a wide range of adjustments.

An efficient power transfer is possible with injected nylon plates in the shoes combined with stainless steel hardware.

Besides, the co-molded rubber high traction lugged outsole that gives a good grip whenever you need it.

The footbed of these shoes is a die-cut EVA footbed with medium arch support. It works with all 2-bolt pedal/ cleat systems, including Shimano SPD, Time ATAC, Crank Brothers, etc.

  • High-quality breathable synthetic fiber with mesh panels
  • The outsole consists of Nylon and rubber high-traction lugged sole that gives the best grip.
  • A Die-cut EVA footbed gives a cushioned yet powerful bed for your feet.
  • It may feel too wide for normal feet users, so it is important to make sure about the size.

7. Tommaso Strada Women's Wide Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Strada Women's Wide Cycling Shoes
  • Synthetic sole
  • Quality & Precision Fit
  • An amazingly versatile shoe that is perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and indoor cycling class use.
  • The cleat area is compatible with every cleat type on the market, including Look Delta and the Peloton Bike.
  • Durable synthetic leather upper hugs your foot for all-day comfort, while ventilated mesh portions help to cool your feet with ease.

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Tommaso's shoes are made specially to be the best women's wide cycling shoes with all the spin class riders' specifications.

At a great price, it occupies some of the best features that you can get in cycling shoes at this affordable range.

You can go for the Look Delta for the Peloton compatibility. It is made of durable synthetic leather upper hugs that provide good comfort to your feet all day.

Mesh portions of the ventilation shoes also do a great job that will keep your feet always cool inside the shoes.

Besides, it keeps your feet on the shoes' sole with the ratcheting top buckle's help that also gives enough snug without making your feet suffer under pressure.

You can keep going forward without any worries about the problems that can happen when you are on a pretty rough road circumstance.

The buckling technique on the top is precise, and it works in perfect unison with the help of the Velcro straps, which offer the best ergonomic fit according to the exact anatomy of your feet.

Along with the security on all sides they give, it also offers the engagement of all the required muscles on your body to give a full-on workout with the pure release of energy.

The fiberglass-reinforced sole gives the optimal stiffness on all strokes you do on any pedals that you are using.

  • Compatible with all types of pedals, including Peloton.
  • SPD 2-bolt and 3-bolt compatible shoes with the perfect fit.
  • 3 velcro straps keep the shoes gently on your feet.
  • It has no recessed cleat area, so it can’t be recommended for easier walking.

8. Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoes

Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoes
  • Synthetic sole
  • The SH-RP100 (RP1) is a Versatile 5-Hole Outsole: Compatible with both SPD / 2-hole and SPD-SL 3-hole cleats and clip-in pedals.
  • Stiff and Lightweight Sole: Fibreglass reinforced sole for maximum power transfer.
  • Simple and Secure Fit: Double strap closure for a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Durable Construction: Made from synthetic leather for long-lasting performance.
  • Pedaling Performance: Comfortable fit and optimum support for pedaling power and efficiency.

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This Shimano SH-RP1 is one of the best women's cycling shoes for wide feet that gives good comfort and perfect fit.

First of all, Shimano is one of the top brands in the cycling industry with the best equipment and accessories. So, the quality is ensured with the name of the brand itself.

The synthetic material used in these shoes' production gives it a simple yet elegant look on your feet.

Besides, these shoes' dual hook and loop straps ensure the perfect fit and comfort by snuggling on your feet without giving much pressure.

It is designed with mesh portions and small holes on the material for easy airflow through the shoes that assures the constant cool feel on your feet.

Moreover, this product's sole is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon that makes the whole shoe lightweight and gives a rigid sole that can stand almost every range of strokes you give on the pedals.

These shoes are made as one of the best indoor cycling-friendly shoes, and it is SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible.

A reflective print is available on both shoes' soles that give attention and visibility in all situations during the ride.

Finally, the construction of these shoes is solid and can be used on little rough surfaces.

  • The synthetic material used in the making is strong and ensures durability.
  • The glass fiber reinforced nylon sole is lightweight and rigid.
  • Reflective print on the shoes for visibility at night
  • Secure fit and reliability are assured by the dual hook and the loop straps.
  • It is not useful to walk with these shoes because of the specially made sole for indoor purposes.

Things to Consider For Best Women's Wide Cycling Shoes

There are things to consider if you want to find the best shoes to be a trustworthy companion for all your cycling adventures.

Without some guidelines about all things to consider in a shoe, it won't be easy to find the best shoes for you, especially if you are a beginner in cycling.

So, go through the following list of those things that matter on a shoe that makes it reliable and strong to be used in cycling.

Compatibility of the Cleat

Most road bike shoes normally come with a three-bolt cleat mount, making them compatible only with road model clip systems.

Different types of shoes with different cleat levels are available in the market, so it is important to make sure about the pedal type you may use.

Type of fastening shoes on the feet

This is selected according to the rider's personal preferences because all kinds of fastening methods come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Major types of fastening methods are three types that include Velcro straps, ratchet buckles, and BOA cord models.

The ratchet method is the one that is simple and allows effortless adjustments. At the same time, Velcro fastening is a traditional method and is a very reliable method.

The lightest method in all of the methods is the BOA. If you are looking for a simple type of fastening, then lacing is the one that avoids all the extra things that come with other methods.

The level of Ventilation You Need

The type of ventilation you need in your shoes is important to consider while buying new cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes are available with broad ventilation levels that include the least amount of mesh material for ventilation for winter shoes or cold feet.

Besides, most ventilated shoes are useful in hot circumstances and summer rides. Shoes with more ventilation give more space to breathe.

After all, every product has there own advantages and disadvantages. So, consider all possibilities and make the right decision.

The difference that Makes a Shoe Men’s or Women’s

Nowadays, most brands make their shoes compatible with all genders. The only thing that makes it perfect for each person is the right size. Although, some models are out there, which are specifically designed for men and women riders.

When we look at the best women's wide cycling shoes, there must be some questions remaining to be answered. First of all, the thing that makes the difference between men’s and women’s shoes is the structural design.

Everything other than that can be different for each individual. Some women riders need a bigger-sized shoe, and the same is the case with a smaller size for a male rider.

However, some shoe models come in the same size and colors but feel different when you wear them. It's because some of the models specified for women come with different dimensions, even in the same size chart.

A women’s shoe tends to be narrower than a men’s shoe, and there will be lesser volume in the parts of the heel and toe regions. It happens because a women’s feet usually come with pointy toes and a high heel region.

The situation is not similar with all the men and women riders out there on the bikes. Whichever model that fits your size and style preferences are the right shoes for you.


Here you saw some of the best women's cycling shoes for wide feet, perfect for the ladies with wide feet.

It is sometimes really tough to get wide shoes that perfectly fit all the people with wide feet. So, some of the best from them need to be listed for them.

These shoes mentioned above are for you if you are looking for wide shoes for all your cycling needs.

Besides, the list consists of some of the best women's cycling shoes recommended by many customers satisfied with their purchase.

Make sure you consider all those factors mentioned above before finalizing any pair of shoes and paying your money on it.

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