There are several brands and models of bike helmets available. All riders even they are a beginner or experienced look for several aspects of all those helmets before they select one.

If you are a rider who is looking for cool bike helmets for adults, then it is important to know some of the best models available in the market and the features they have.

Because it is important that the helmet need all the safety measurements alongside the cool and stylish factors they have. It is vital to be safe and it is the basic function of a helmet.

So, to make it easy for you in the enormous list of bike helmets available in the market here are some of the best graded and cool-looking helmets for adults.

Find the right product with all the right features you need alongside the cool design and looks. Then go through the buying guide for more helping points while selecting a new helmet.

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Cool Bike Helmets for Adults

1. Giro Agilis Road Cycling Bike

Giro Agilis Road Cycling Bike
  • Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
  • Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
  • Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc 5.5 fit system
  • 32 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling
  • Lightweight: In-mold construction

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There are many models of helmets manufactured by the Giro brand in which all of them are known for the quality they provide. This Giro Agilis helmet is one of them and is considered a cool-looking helmet.

First of all, the 32-vent air circulation system is one of the most numbered air vent systems when compared to many other helmet models. It will keep the helmet clean and completely ventilated all the time because of the constant airflow happening through the front and back air vents.

Besides, the helmet will never move around your head because of the Roc Loc 5.5 fit system used for this helmet that will perfectly snug around your head or you can make it do it very easily by turning the knob. And this will make sure that the helmet is sitting on your head without moving around.

The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) will absorb all the rotational forces and other kinds of impacts that happened during an accident or while going through a rough road surface.

  • MIPS will keep the head protected by reducing the impact force.
  • It is very easy to adjust around your head.
  • The vertical fit system ability provides more options to make the helmet perfectly fit.
  • Efficient air circulation is assured with the 32-vent air circulation system.
  • This helmet model is only currently available in a medium size.

2. Thousand Unisex Adult Bike Helmet

Thousand Unisex Adult Bike Helmet
  • A Helmet You’ll Want To Wear
  • Lock Your Helmet With Your Bike
  • Get The Perfect Fit
  • Skate & Bike Helmet For Men & Women

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Thousand approached that classic look with this helmet and the color shades it is available in the market. After all, the shape and all other features make it much better and stylish.

If you are more attracted to classic looks then this helmet will satisfy that field for you. Moreover, the helmet can also be used for skating needs without fearing the safety of your head. This one can be considered in some of the first models of helmets that came up with the classic look in the new era of the market.

Besides, the design of this helmet is done without any sacrifices in style and safety. It has the most convenient way of providing you some space to keep your helmet on the bike while you are not using it.

You don't have to worry about carrying around your helmet while not in use because of the fear of getting stolen from the bike on which you kept it. A hidden channel is available on this helmet that can pop open and the gap can be used to lock the helmet with a U-lock or a chain lock.

Remember that the colors make it different for some people and it is the way that it becomes likable or unlikeable. Beyond all, there are no compromises in safety is done in the production of this helmet.

  • Available in several different colors.
  • It has 7 air vents on the front side and three cooling channels on the back.
  • The integrated Poplock system will allow you to safely keep the helmet on your head.
  • The classic look with apt color makes it perfect for your personality.
  • The MIPS safety features available in the latest models are not available in this helmet.

3. Giro Men's Caden Adult Bike Helmet

Giro Men's Caden Adult Bike Helmet
  • Provide a comfortable and safe riding environment
  • Substance over fashion
  • Performance over pose
  • Purpose built

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This is another one in cool bike helmets from the same Giro brand that comes with a unique look and other aspects of security and comfort. It has a unique look, unlike any other helmet model.

A small removable visor is one of the first things that will attract your eyes. You can make it more sporty by taking away the visor and more comfortable on a bright day by using it. Besides, the helmet is available in matte variants of six colors.

Even though it is marketed as a men's helmet but most of the helmets including this one are made according to the common aspects of both male and female anatomy of the head.

The light yet tough in-mold shell helps to resist dents from the impacts of a hit. And the Roc Loc City MIPS fit system makes the fit adjustment easy. Moreover, this MIPS technology can help to reduce rotational forces.

This reduction of rotational forces keeps your head always safe inside the helmet. After all, a lock port is also available on this helmet that makes it easy to leave your helmet securely on your bike.

  • It offers a great fit with the adjustment system.
  • The removable visor is very helpful and cool-looking.
  • It has a cool yet sporty look
  • Equipped with all the advanced safety features.
  • Some features may not available like other Giro models

4. Sena Smart Cycling Helmet for Adults

Sena Smart Cycling Helmet for Adults
  • Built-in speakers and mic enable you to listen to your music and your surroundings.
  • Group Intercom allows you to communicate with up to three other riders.
  • Bluetooth connectivity pairs to your smartphone so you can access features on-the-go.
  • Comfortable and secure design, with removable and washable padding, nylon chinstrap, and spin lock.
  • Customize settings such as friend groups, radio presets, and more using a dedicated smartphone app. 16 CFR Part 1203 certified.

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This specific model of the helmet from Sena is available in three different variants as R1 Evo, R1 Standard, and R1 Evo Cs. All of them have the same settings with small differences and that leads to price differences.

This cool-looking helmet we are looking at is an R1 Evo version of the helmet. It is expensive and comes with all the features you expect in a smart helmet. You can listen to your music while you are riding.

Besides, it is not just a one-way music system instead it has a built-in audio communication system. This Mesh intercom system allows you to communicate with practically any rider participating in the open mesh.

You can access other Bluetooth features by connecting your smartphone easily on the go with this helmet. Moreover, the helmet can effectively respond to your verbal commands and that makes the use of the helmet very easy for you while on the ride.

After all, it is also equipped with all the safety measurements that include an integrated tail light and a comfortable and secure design. CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203 certified.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Bluetooth for connectivity between riders and your smartphone.
  • Equipped with all the safety-related features.
  • A little expensive and need a little more care because of the smart features.

5. Giro Vasona MIPS Women's Recreation Bike Helmet

Giro Vasona MIPS Women's Recreation Bike Helmet
  • Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab.
  • Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash.
  • Easily adjust position and tension with the Roc Loc Sport MIPS Fit System.
  • Ventilation: 22 vents
  • Universal fit sizing

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Another Giro helmet that is considered a cool-looking bike helmet for adults is this model named Vasona. There are all features and options included in this helmet that is capable of making this helmet special in all the way possible. Besides, the lightweight and comfortable built features make it more useful.

It has the MIPS system equipped so the helmet can reduce the impact of the hits from the head of the rider by scattering the rotational forces on the material on the spot.

The model is designed to be used on a female rider easily that gives more comfort to the head of the rider and the design of the helmet is also very attractive. Besides, the helmet comes with a universal size fit so that you don't have to worry about the fit and comfort of the helmet around your head.

Moreover, it is manufactured in an in-mold construction method that gives an extra tough polycarbonate outer shell to the helmet along with the impact-absorbing foam liner. And the product has a fusion process going on inside it that will keep the air-ventilated inside the helmet.

The fit system of the helmet is very easy to adjust which makes the helmet a perfect fit on your head without moving around while you are on a rough road condition or by the wind.

  • A durable and cool-looking helmet with high-quality material.
  • Safety of your head is in safe hands with the MIPS
  • The 22-vent system offers a great air circulation
  • The helmet is affordable when compared to many other helmets with similar features.
  • The visor of this helmet is not appreciated by the customers.

6. Abus Hyban 2.0 Bike Helmet

Abus Hyban 2.0 Bike Helmet
  • ABS hard shell: Robust helmet made of EPS foam and injection molded outer shell.
  • High visibility due to reflectors & excellent ventilation with 5 air inlets and 8 air outlets.
  • Ponytail compatibility: Perfect fit for people with long hair & Bug mesh, full protection from insects.
  • Zoom Ace Urban: Finely adjustable adjustment system with handy adjustment wheel for a customizable fit.
  • Full-ring: Adjustable ring connected to adjustment system enclosing all of the heads.
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

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Are you looking for a classy looking for a design that feels like a cross between the classic look and the latest sporty look with vents? then this one might surprise you easily.

It is available in four different elegant color variants that will surely stand out and it gives more protection with the extended back end of the helmet. This product has an ABS hardshell design.

The injection-molded outer shell is very hard and lightweight that combined with EPS foam altogether makes it robust and safe in all kinds of circumstances. the reflector provided in the helmet increases the chances of visibility.

Besides, the air circulation is neat and constant with the collaboration of 5 air inlets and 8 air outlets equipped on the back and front ends of the helmet. It is made to be a perfect fit for people with long hair.

And it has a finely adjustable adjustment system with a handy adjustment wheel for a customizable fit.

  • A cross look of classic and sporty designs.
  • Adjustable ring connected to the adjustment system enclosing all of the head
  • Great airflow is assured inside the helmet
  • ABS hardshell ensures the extra protection
  • The aerodynamics of this model will be a little less when working along with the extended size and air vents.

7. Lazer Tonic Adult Bike Helmet

Lazer Tonic Adult Bike Helmet
  • Comfort and performance at an affordable price.
  • Secure and Comfortable Fit:
  • Adjustable Head Basket
  • Excellent Ventilation: Intake and exhaust vents increase airflow to keep you cool.
  • High Visibility: Reflective print and compatible with integrated rear LED light to help you be seen in low light.

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A sporty-looking helmet that comes with all the features you need for comfort and safety, is what done by Lazer with this helmet model from them. It is available in small and large sizes.

The TS + Fit system offers a very progressive adjustment that eliminates pressure points and hotspots that is happened with the impacts during an accident. Besides, it also reduces rotational forces.

When it comes to the air circulation of the helmet, it has a 28-vent system that will be always at your service for proper airflow and together it keeps the inside of the helmet clean and fresh.

You can add aftermarket LED lights for increased visibility or as a style option easily. The lightweight production together with all other features makes it comfortable and safe under all circumstances.

  • 28 vents provide great air circulation inside the helmet.
  • It is compatible with aftermarket LED lights
  • Small, stylish, and sporty design.
  • Available in either small or large sizes.

8. Bern Hudson Commuting Bike Helmet

Bern Hudson Commuting Bike Helmet
  • Integrated Light
  • MIPS Protection
  • U-lock Compatible
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Custom Fit

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As the name suggests, this is a great option for commuting purposes because of the looks and the features including color options that available for this product.

The integrated LED rear light provides you with more visibility in any light circumstances. And it has a battery life of 10 hours with the help of a micro-USB rechargeable battery and is also water-resistant.

Besides, the injuries can be reduced with the help of material that has a low-friction level so that all the rotational forces that impact the helmet will be absorbed by the material. And the material is MIPS that is certified CPSC and other safety standards.

You can lock up your helmet when it’s not on your head easily with this helmet. Besides, the vents at the back of the helmet are u-lock compatible and reinforced for extra security.

After all, it is built in a very lightweight condition and the vents are really strategically placed for good airflow. Altogether it provides you comfort alongside safety.

  • It is lightweight and comfortable in any condition.
  • Integrated LED lights are available
  • MIPS offers great protection for your head
  • The removable visor gives a cool look and shade from sunlight.
  • The visor is not much from a high-quality material.

9. Frofile Bike Helmet for Adults

Frofile Bike Helmet for Adults
  • Adjustable: Helmet Side Release Buckles Adjust and Fasten Quickly, Fits for 55-60M Head Circumference.
  • Protective Brim: Helmet with Leather Brim Can Better Shield Your Head from Sunshine and Rain.
  • Lightweight: About 230g Lightweight Helmet Will Not Cause Burden to the Your Head During Cycling.
  • Multifunction Helmet: Suitable for Touring, Cycling, Climbing, Riding, Camping, Skiing.
  • Recommend: Men, Women, a Good Choice for Outdoor Sports.

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One of the most unique models from all those helmets you pass through yet is this one. As the heading says it is made in a look of a cap that you can just hope on your head just like a usual cap.

It is available in two different color shades. One of them is a whole black one and the other one is also black but with two strips of blue passing over two sides and the visor portion also has that same blue color.

Besides, this helmet is only available in one size and it will be good for most of the head sizes. The adjustments and fastening of this helmet are very fast and easy with the side release buckles.

The visor portion of the helmet has a leather surface that can effectively work as a shield for your head from sunshine or rain. Moreover, the minimum amount of parts and the weightless materials makes the helmet lightweight.

It is recommended for all kinds of users from adults to kids and can be used for Touring, Cycling, Climbing, Riding, Camping, and Skiing.

  • It has high-quality and is lightweight
  • It has the most unique look
  • Best for commuting rides
  • The leather brim protects from bright sunlight
  • Not great with safety features.

Buying Guide for Cool Bike Helmets for Adults

There are things that you need to consider while buying a new helmet for your bike regardless of what kind of helmet you are looking for. Here are some of those points so that you can select the right helmet for your protection and comfort.

Find out the right size you need

Size has an important role in selecting helmets like any other product that is useful when you wear on your body. If it is not the correct size you need, then it will be very difficult to make it comfortable on your head.

So, make sure the accurate size you needed for a helmet is available for whichever model you select.

The type of riding you do

What kind of riding you do is an important point because there are uniquely designed helmets for all kinds of rides.

You can go for a sportier one if you are a stunt lover or racer. But if you are a normal rider who so commute rides and common rides, then you can go with any kind of helmet that you like.

All the features you want

There are helmets available with different features such as LED lights, removable visors, smart devices, etc.

If you need a smart helmet with all the technological advantages then you can go for it but you have to give more protection than a normal helmet. So, make sure about the things you need and want.

Aerodynamics and Air circulation

Aerodynamics for the sporty models and the air circulation is more with the little less sporty models of the helmet.

If you need a helmet that can help you in a race then it is better to go with a helmet that provides a higher level of aerodynamics.


If you need some more interesting facts and information about helmets then here are some of the most asked questions about bike helmets.

Are there any positive impacts with the extra area that the classic model helmets have over the modern helmets?

Yes, the classic model helmets will cover more parts of your head so that they can protect that more area on your body.

How can I know that if my helmet is a perfect fit for me?

A perfectly sized helmet for your head is the one that keeps the helmet on your head without wiggling around. That means it will never be tight but should be snuggling around the head.

Are more expensive helmets are safer than cheaper ones?

There is no much difference in the protection given by these helmets. Most of the expensive helmets are pricier because of the rare or expensive materials they use.


Here you went through some of the best available cool bike helmets for adults in the above portion of this article. It does not mean that all of them are perfect for you.

If you need to ensure the one you select is the right one for you is selecting one after going through some of the aspects listed above that you need to take care of before buying any of them blindly.

Always remember that whichever product you select, must cover all the safety measures that are important on a helmet. Some designs may not allow the application of all those advanced security features.

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