Top 6 Best road bike helmet under 50 Buying Guide

The number of cars and other automobiles available on roads is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. The road conditions are not the same across all countries. However, the risks on the road remain the same. You may find it easy to run errands or use your bicycle for daily use inside the city. You need to be extra careful about your safety on city roads.

Sharp turns, and blind corners are some of the places you need to be careful about. Thus, the use of a bike helmet is of paramount importance. No matter how reliant you are upon your instincts, the use of precautionary measures is essential. Always wear your helmet before going out. The most frequently enquired question, however, remains as to which is the best road bike helmet under 50?

Let us now take a look at our top 6 options:

Top Best Road Bike Helmet Under 50



Best Overall
Mock fireAdult
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Best Features
Base Camp Ace II
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Best Value
Grottico Adult
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DrBike Hiland
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1. MokfireAdult Road Bike Helmet

You get a fast-charging (USB rechargeable) & water-proof/rainproof tail lamp for safety during nigh-time. Nine lighting modes are selectable for the tail light. A thick in-mold EPS foam lining and the polycarbonate shell on the outside makes this one a safe choice. The Mokfire is only 280 gms, which means it is ultralight. The soft and comfortable removable paddings on the inside will soak all your sweat and is washable.

There are three types of linings used inside, and they are:

1) Two red linings
2) One normal lining
3) And one mesh lining

There are 22 large ventilation points for better temperature regulation. The rear adjustable knob can be used for height and circumference adjustment to fit your head size. The adjustable straps are helpful in cupping your head safely for comfortable wear. This helmet also complies with CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standards and comes with a detachable visor. The chin pad also acts as a moisture absorbent.

Size – Size: 56-62 CM or 22.05” -24.41” (inches)

  • USB rechargeable tail lights with fast charging (2 hours)
  • Thick EPS foam internals
  • Strong polycarbonate shell outside
  • CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standards
  • 22 ventilation points
  • Rear adjustable knobs
  • Fitting issues
  • Fragile


2. Base Camp Ace II Road Bike Helmet

The Base Camp Ace II uses deluxe EPS foam inside and polycarbonate shelling on the outside. There will be 14 ventilation points, which provide for ample breathability. The base camp Ace II fits head sizes between 22 to 24.5 inches. There are quick-adjust fasteners in the strap for better grip of the head.

This design of this bike helmet is like a droplet and uses principles of aerodynamics. That means the helmet will not drag you behind if you speed up. This bike also complies with the CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standard protocols making this one a safe choice.

  • Polycarbonate shell and EPS foam inside
  • High airflow with 14 vents
  • Adjustable straps
  • CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standard
  • RTS fit system
  • No tail lamp
  • Insufficient padding
  • Not for all head sizes above 24 inches


3. Grottico Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light

This CPSC & CE certified helmet is made of a robust in-mold polycarbonate outer shell with EPS lining inside. Also, the visor is detachable, providing you with flexibility. There are 23 ventilation points for a breezy experience while riding bikes.

The rear fitted adjustable dial and straps help in customized fittings for both men and women. The Grottico helmet is only 300 gms in weight and is of a compact shape. The integrated tail light is rechargeable, and that is what makes it one of the best road bike helmets under 50. The tail light has three lighting modes - Steady, Flash, and wave. The provision for swappable inner padding makes it easy for you to wash one and use one at the same time by turn. The inner paddings are sweat absorbent yet dries off quickly.

Suggested head sizes are - Men (55-58CM) & Women (59-61CM)

  • Detachable visor
  • Strong Polycarbonate outer layer
  • Complies with CPSC & CE safety standards
  • 23 ventilation points
  • Adjustable knob and straps
  • Extra set of inner pads and two color choices for Visor.
  • Adjustability issues
  • Heavier


4. Lixada Adult Bike Helmet Road Bicycle

This bike helmet is made with an impact-resistant Polycarbonate material, which makes it highly durable. And then, it is coupled with a high-density EPS foam for perfect shock-absorption thus, minimizing the risk of a head injury.

The 22 vents effectively reduce helmet resistance and regulate internal temperatures. The Lixada uses a Detachable Goggles Visor Shield which means it can be used as UV400 protected sunglasses. The helmet also comes with strong magnets, for you to easily flip the visor-cum-goggles up or down so that it does not interfere with your sunglasses if you choose to wear one.

This helmet is CPSC and CE safety standard certified and the Tail Light comes with 3 Safety Red lighting modes - steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing for a safer night-time journey. The rear adjustable knob helps you adjust the head circumference. The suggested helmet fit is within the range of 22.4-24.4 inches.

  • Adjustable/Detachable visor-cum-goggles
  • Safety tail lights
  • Polycarbonate outer layer + EPS foam lining
  • 22 vents
  • CPSC and CE safety standard certified
  • Some buyers found a faulty tail light


5. DrBike Hiland Bicycle Helmet Lightweight Universal for Men Women

This ultralightweight bike helmet is only 203 grams, and yet it packs a punch. The internal is made with EPS foam liner, and a hard plastic shell on the outside allows this one to absorb shock properly.

The DrBike also uses multiple air vents for easy ventilation, making your ride comfortable and sweat-free. This bike helmet also provides for adjustable straps, and an adjustable rear knob provides you with a wide range of usage flexibility.

Best fit - 57 to 62 cms (adjustable)

  • EPS foam inside
  • Multiple vents
  • Adjustable straps and rear knob for an easy fit
  • Cheap quality chin buckle


6. Xinerter Adult Bike Helmet Road Bike Helmet

This bike helmet is a swift combination of a high-density imported Polycarbonate outer shell and soft EPS foam, thereby meeting safety standards of CE. This combination provides for durability and shock-absorbing capabilities.

The magnetic goggles can be used as a substitute for your choicest sunglasses, as it protects from ultraviolet rays. In the package, you are provided with a set of a detachable sunshade that can replace your magnetic goggles.

The paddings are soft and sweat absorbent. You can detach the paddings for washing it. The over brow ventilation system helps you regulate internal heat, making it an easy-to-wear helmet for longer journeys.

The Adjustable rear end knob helps in up and down adjustments as well as tension around the head (circumference adjustment). The adjustable straps enable you to keep the helmet stuck in the correct position so that you can concentrate on your riding.

  • Overbrow ventilation
  • Adjustable knob and straps
  • Detachable sun visor with magnets
  • Extra sunshade in the package
  • CE certification
  • EPS foam + Polycarbonate material
  • Fitting and size issues


Essential Points To Keep In Mind For Best Road Bike Helmet

When it comes to buying one of the best road bike helmets under 50, there are some considerations that you must adhere to before purchasing.


First and foremost, a good in-city helmet must come with a good quality outer layer of protection or a sturdy and robust shell. Polycarbonate shells are the best for a protective outer layer on a bike helmet and are more durable than other materials like the ABS.


A soft and comfortable inner foam padding is necessary to protect your scalp and skull from being injured. A soft multi-density inner padding will protect your head in case of significant impacts.


The adjustability of a bike helmet is also a major concern as it provides you with usage flexibility. An adjustable knob not only allows you to wear the helmet comfortably but also your friend or a brother for that matter.

The presence of an adjustable strap keeps the helmet stuck into one position for a long time, allowing you to concentrate on your journey and not on your loose helmet. A loose helmet can actually prove to be quite disturbing.


So far as ventilation points are concerned, it is not always run by the principle - “the more, the better.” Therefore, the number of vents must be around 15 to 22, which provides ample breeze into your scalp for a sweatless experience.

A good in-city bike helmet must provide you with the flexibility of detachable pads for cleaning and washing purposes for a clean and odorless experience.


Detachable Visor is always a plus when it comes to bike helmets no matter where you are driving. The helmets for city use should have a visor to protect you from seeping rainwater and glaring sunlight.

A detachable goggles visor is simply the best feature, and you will enjoy it for sure. It is advantageous if the Goggles come with UV-400 protection.

Precautionary safety feature - Almost all bike lovers love biking through the city during night time to enjoy the peace while peddling. The rear tail lamps are, for sure, a massive bonus if you happen to have one.

The tail lamp is there to protect you from speeding vehicles behind you. The rear tail light acts as a warning to the cars behind you about your existence and the space in which you are cycling.

Safety Standard Certification

Last but not least is, all bike helmets must either be compliant with the CPSC or CE safety standard protocols. Always check with your seller about these certifications before purchasing.

Faqs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal build quality or use of materials for my bike helmet in this category?

The ideal material you should look out for is Polycarbonate shells (hard outer layer) and a multi-layered or high density (both means thick) EPS foam usage on the inside.

How will I choose the correct head size for myself?

Simply take a measuring tape and place the starting point of it on your forehead. Roll the tape around your head and check the measurements in both CMs and inches. Check the product descriptions to see if you match the product range and try to remain within the size range as advertised.

Is it necessary to have a magnetic detachable goggles visor?

Well, not essentially. If you have a pair of goggles which you like to wear anyway, there is no need for detachable visor goggles on your helmet. It is beneficial if you have one so that you can use it whenever necessary.

Why should I not try something more expensive?

If you are a beginner, you should try to pick up a bike helmet, which is the best value for money from this category. However, do not compromise with your safety because your life is more valuable. Our list of pros and cons will help you decide which one of these is the best road bike helmet under 50.


The best experience for any in-city or road bike is the night time riding. Make sure to go slow around the corners and pull the brakes whenever necessary. Your safety is in your hands, and you should keep wearing protective gear.

“Prevention is better than cure,” and that is why you should not take city traffic for granted. Many cities across the globe provide for a separate cycle lane making your to-and-fro much less dangerous. So far as those cities where there is no such provision, start protecting yourself by choosing one from this list of the best road bike helmet under 50.

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