Shimano Tourney vs Altus – Which One is Better

If you are looking for a comparison between Shimano Tourney vs Altus, you may be that person who gives importance to the quality of the derailleur of the gear system or drive-train of your bike.

When buying an e-bike, most people focus on the battery and the bike’s motor because they buy it for an easy ride. This is the same happens with every kind of bike.

Even though a motor system and battery is not the only thing that makes an e-bike helpful and comfortable. The derailleur system you use on the bike always plays a big role in the smooth shifts and effortless ride.

Many brands produce different derailleurs that look almost the same, but there is some difference between them because of the material and the design they use.

If you are looking for the best derailleur from Shimano, these Tourney and Altus are two of many other options that you can go with. But you may be confused with the better one of these two.

Here are some points that may help you compare both these derailleurs and make up your mind to buy the best derailleur system for you.

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Shimano Tourney

Shimano Tourney

If you are looking for entry-level Shimano derailleurs for your bike’s drive-train system, then this Shimano Tourney can be considered.

As an entry-level model, it is more affordable, but there are things to be noted before.  These are some basic gear systems that may create little sounds that you have to avoid with your mind.

Sometimes, gears shifting may happen inaccurately, but if you use this derailleur for your bike on flat surfaces or without much load on the bike, it may last a little longer.

The company manufactures this product as a basic derailleur for mountain bikes, and these can be used easily on e-bikes that have a drive-train system in it.

After all, these Tourney derailleurs are very common, and maintenance will never become an issue with this one. It is because most of the bike mechanics know it well by doing this common derailleur in most bikes they get to repair.

This works well without any problems even on an 8 gear cassette if you set it up properly. However, as a cheap model derailleur, it has some problems like rusting quickly because of its material.

At last, the dimensions of this long paw rear derailleur is 6.3 x 6.3 x4.27 inches and it has 300 grams of weight.

  • It is very affordable with high possibilities
  • Maintenance is very easy with this system
  • It becomes effortless for beginners
  • The material used for this derailleur is cheap and handling heavy loads is not the best place for them


Shimano Altus

Shimano Altus

Shimano Altus is another entry-level mountain bike derailleur from the company with almost the same features as that of the Shimano Tourney.

This one is made of metal that weighs 326g and looks bulkier than the Tourney. Besides, the chain wrap capacity of this model is 43 teeth with a traditional top-normal derailleur action.

Moreover, this cool looking derailleur has a black color and a drivetrain spacing of Shimano/SRAM 8. The largest cog is 34 teeth.

It has noticeable improvements from other basic models like Tourney and Altos from the Shimano brand itself.

Beyond all, this set costs much less, like half of the cost of repairing a premium SRAM XO derailleur. It can be used on the bike to do almost anything without any carbon fiber or bling factor that increases the derailleur's cost.

The installation and maintenance are not at all a problem with this model. It looks more professional alongside fits and works perfectly as you expect. After the installation, a little patience and adjustments will give you the best shifting experience.

Besides, this well-built derailleur has all the moving parts made of metal, so you don't have to worry about breaking any plastic parts during high tension circumstances.

Regular maintenance can give this a long run and keep up with the smoothest shifting possible with your bike.

This group of set works great after indexing. Lot crisper, smooth, and quiet shifts are possible with these Altus derailleurs from Shimano. 

  • High-end built quality for an entry-level derailleur
  • The metal build of the derailleur is durable
  • The cost of the system is half less than most of the expensive derailleurs with almost the same configurations
  • Even though all the joints are metal but the shafts are of plastic so it needs a little care in the run


Comparison Between Shimano Tourney vs. Altus

These two Shimano Tourney and Altus, both rear derailleurs, are equipped with the basic level configuration that is affordable with a durable built.

Material and Design

The Shimano Tourney derailleur is made of metal and has more moving parts than the Altus model derailleurs.

And the Altus model is more sturdy and simple compared to the Tourney model, with more of a tricky design.


These derailleurs are basic models available in many derailleurs, so almost every mechanics knows to repair a derailleur for you.

Altus has some pros in this case because of the less complex design with a few numbers of moving parts in it.

Technology Used

The Altus derailleur from Shimano comes with trickle-down technology where engineering gains on the top-level Dura-Ace and XTR line configuration.

However, there is a small weight increment for the Altus when compared to the Shimano Tourney derailleurs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from the customers about these two Shimano products that may help you find out what you are looking for.

Will this Altus derailleur work on my 5-speed mountain bike?

It should work fine even though the spacing is different between 7 and 5-speed indexing. It is because the shifter does the indexing, not the derailleur.

Do these derailleurs work with the friction shifter?

Yes, friction shifters are a basic shifter equipped on many bikes as long as they are in working order, cables not seized, and move freely inside the cable housing.

Are these products clutchless or clutched?

There is no clutch in these derailleurs. There are two freewheeling cogs on a spring-loaded lever arm.


This article explained a comparison between Shimano Tourney vs. Altus that will help you make up your mind about your bike's best derailleur system.

Both products have their advantages and disadvantages because of the difference between them. Although these two can be used on entry-level bike models so that the maintenance becomes easy and inexpensive.

Consider your riding style along with your preferences before selecting one of these derailleurs for your riding needs.

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