Giro Chronicle Vs Montaro – A Smart Comparison

There is a confusion that remains in the mind of bike riders, and that is about the best helmet they can get their hands on while comparing Giro Chronicle vs Montaro.

Most of the latest helmets are very advanced in the options they provide, materials they used to make, and the design they all have. So, finding the worst helmet is the hardest thing right now.

Besides, the competition between different brands makes the industry thirsty about making helmets with more quality that has better ventilation, lightweight, better fit, etc.

After all, within all these decades, cycling also changed a lot that it got filled with different kinds of bicycle models and several types of ridings. Moreover, they all have specific model helmets to use with specific model bikes.

However, some helmets can be used for any kind of bike ride. These two Giro chronicles and Montaro helmets are considered in the section of that kind of helmets.

Before going further into the details about these two helmets, you have to know the purpose of the helmet you are using, and it is to keep that head having billions of neurons passing through safe on top of your body.

Both of these Chronicle and Montaro helmets from the well-known brand Giro are made to spread the effective zone and lessen any kind of impact.

Giro Chronicle VS Montaro



Giro Chronicle
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Giro Montaro
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Giro Chronicle Helmet

Giro Chronicle HelmetThe first one we take in the Giro Chronicle vs Montaro helmets is the Chronicle MIPS. The MIPS layer in this helmet allows your head to move around in 10-15mm without making the helmet lose on your head.

Besides, this layer makes it breathable for the brain alongside makes your helmet safer and adds extra protection all the way.

Moreover, the Chronicle helmets come after passing every test included in the helmets’ safety system that makes it top in the helmets list that comes with market-leading protection.

The overall look of this helmet may seem a little basic. It is because this is a more affordable kind of helmet that looks cooler for the price and gives the protection that you need.

Even though it is not too cheap as you expect, like some other helmets available in the market, you have to pay a hundred bucks or more to make it yours.

The fit and ventilation of this model are somewhat appreciatable because of the comfort that it gives. Besides, it is considered as one of the alternatives for premium and expensive helmets.

And the weight of this helmet is 360 grams, which is pretty lightweight for riders of any age. The vents in the chronicle seem less when compared to some other helmets that compete with it.

But the fewer vents do not affect the helmet’s airflow, and the closed areas ensure more cushioning to your head and provide better protection.

Besides, the visor attached in front of the helmet and the design has let the airflow in the right direction without making the air stuck inside your face and the helmet.

There no other better option if you need a more affordable helmet through which you can let your face free from the struggles of big chunky helmets.

  • A very affordable yet reasonable price when compared to the quality
  • MIPS system used inside it makes the impacts spread and less impactable
  • The sun visor makes the wind flow by alongside giving the shadow from the sun
  • Available in different color shades
  • The cushioning layer is not removable or washable
  • The amount of padding is very minimal
  • wearing goggles may become a little tough along with this helmet


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Giro Montaro Helmet

Giro Montaro HelmetThis is another helmet from Giro Chronicle vs Montaro both are from Giro, as the name mentions. After all, this model of the Giro Montaro helmet is a more advanced type than the Chronicle model.

As usual, it will take a few bucks more than the Chronicle to get your hands on it. The color palette available for this helmet is large and has available in different sizes.

It stays on your head slightly higher than the Chronicle because of the extra foam it has inside the hard surface material.

The roc air fit framework ensures the airflow inside the helmet all the time regardless of which kind of riding you do on your bicycle.

The holding tie of Montaro has more support from the elastic tie that goes around the rider's head inside the foam of the helmet that will spread the fitness all around the head instead of concentrating at some points of your head.

Moreover, when it comes to the quality that the Montaro contains at the price range, it is an absolute banger that provides all the best-case scenarios that you can expect from a premium expensive helmet.

The three-piece cushioning setup of this helmet is against microbial so that the smell of sweat will not stay longer inside the helmet, and it will get washed out even with a quick wash.

A lightweight helmet made of some of the most high-quality materials from the well-known Giro brand alongside usable in any kind of ride circumstances you are involved in.

It is how this helmet from Giro can be explained so far. The MIPS may make it a little hot inside it but that becomes normal in few uses.

  • This helmet is very lightweight
  • It is well vented that ensures the airflow
  • MIPS adds more protection alongside a little more cushioning inside the helmet
  • The adjustable system of this helmet is very easy to use
  • It sits comfortably fit on your head in any rough circumstances
  • It has a little less padding inside the helmet
  • May become a little hotter inside it because of the MIPS
  • The cushioning is not removable to wash


Comparison Between Giro Chronicle VS Montaro

After all, both of these Giro helmets are made of high-quality materials and are capable of protecting your head from high impacts. So, here is a small comparison between these two masterpiece products from Giro.

Material Used

The shell material of both the Giro Chronicle and Montaro is made of an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner that is pretty harder to take almost the hardest hit that can happen if you get in an accident.

This is a solid material commonly seen in helmets. It offers great impact resistance when combined with a polystyrene liner.

Impact Foam

The impact foam used inside the Giro Chronicle is extra plush Coolmax padding that is very delicate and gives you a smooth surface inside the helmet between your head and the helmet's hard shell.

When it comes to Giro Montaro, it uses an EPS foam that is softer and fleshier than the Chronicle model helmet's material.

Moreover, both models have the MIPS technique used inside the helmet to give your head freedom without making it much tight or loose if you are on any kind of rough surface.


The POV Plus visor model used on both helmets features an adjustment mechanism that lets you move the visor up and down in indexed steps. The design makes it easier to adjust while you are on a ride without any hassle.

After all, the Giro Montaro has more number of ventilation holes when compared to the Giro Chronicle helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these helmets comes for a specific gender?

No, it can be used for both male and female riders. Besides, the usability of the helmet is all about the size and fit.

How the lock system of the helmet works on the rider's head?

It tightens in the back with the usual Giro Rock-Loc system on the rider's head.

Can the visor be removed?

Yes, some screws hold it, and you can take the visor off with a screwdriver.


In this comparison between Giro Chronicle vs Montaro, both helmets are equipped with some of the best materials and design that can stand almost the hardest hit alongside giving the perfect cushioning for your head.

However, the Montaro helmet has a little advantage over the Chronicle, and therefore it also comes with a price tag higher than the Chronicle.

Selecting the right helmet from these two is according to your budget and the design desire. Both have almost the same look with a noticeable amount of differences. Consider all the circumstances you use it and decide according to your budget.

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