A comparison talk between Shimano M520 vs M540 helps you understand the features and specialties of each other.

Moreover, these are two of the best pedals for cross country riding available in the market with almost the same level of configuration.

These similarities in the physical and functional attributes are the reason to find out the best in them or the best one for you from them.

Both are great pedals that give good grip and comfort to all your riding adventures.

Even the beginners know how important is good and durable pedals to be on their bike to have a great grip and the easiness you needed.

Finding out the one for your bike may get you into many doubts and uncertainty.

So, here are some of the differences between these two Shimano pedals and a small comparison description to get an idea about them.

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Shimano M520 Vs M540

Shimano M520

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These Shimano M520 pedals are listed with some of the best pedals available in the strong and accessible market to anyone because of the reasonable price.

It is powerful and durable alongside the versatile look and feels that gives to your bike without tearing your pocket apart.

Besides, Shimano’s pedals are straightforward to be installed on your bike, unlike in the old days. A 3mm Allen wrench can be used to adjust the pedals’ tension that gives much less complexity in the maintenance of the pedals.

Even though these pedals’ weight may seem a little more compared to some other pedals available at the same size.

But it weighs 380 grams, which are less than the weight of many of the average pedals available in the market.  The platformless pedal is very helpful with the simplicity and the open space that gives your legs freedom.

And it is also the reason for the stability and the great control that is assured by these Shimano pedals. Small openings in the pedals get rid of the mud that enters it without much hard work.

However, a small protections feel to the pedals because of the open and cageless design, but the strong material makes sure about the product’s durability.

Beyond all, the design of these pedals gives your shoes a great gripping experience that will not throw off your legs from the pedals while you are in a high-speed adventurous ride.

  • These pedals are straightforward to install and maintain
  • It is lightweight than most of the average pedals in the market.
  • Gives a great grip to your shoes and have a high durability
  • Small openings and the cageless design makes it a good mud shedding product.
  • All these great things happen within an acceptable price range.
  • It may not handle much weight because of the size that is not sufficient to hold a large weight.

Shimano M540

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Shimano M54o is the most popular pedals from the Shimano brand that is known for its durability, strength, and performance you get out of it.

Great accessibility is assured from both sides because of the cageless open design it has. Besides, it also helps it to get rid of the mud easily without much effort.

It will not throw away your legs from the pedals and, at the same time, gives the freedom to move your legs freely to give good control.

As an experienced rider, you may be very strict about the rigidity of the product you buy for your bike. In that case, these pedals can handle almost every stroke at any range of power from your legs.

However, like the M520, this one is also a little small in size because of the shape and design it uses. This may result in some balancing problems and discomfort for some riders, especially for beginners who are not used to these types of pedals.

But it feels lightweight on your legs and gives you the best grip on the pedal that can produce on-point strokes and great speed.

And like the other M520 model, this can also be maintained with ease, including adjusting the tension without any special tools.

Moreover, this kind of pedal is the best you can find for the adventurous rides you do because of the grip they provide. And the smoothness of the ride can be maintained with little lubrication at indefinite intervals.

  • It is effortless to maintain without any special tools.
  • No extra works required to install it on your bike
  • Provide high grip for your legs
  • Some riders may feel a little discomfort with the small size of the pedals.

Comparison of Shimano M520 vs. M540

When comparing these Shimano M series pedals, it is important to consider all the pedals' aspects. It is the only way through which you can find out the best one for you.

Design of the Pedals

These Shimano M520 and M540 pedals are manufactured in the same open binding mechanism without pedal cages.

Besides, both are designed so that the mud and water are cleaned out of the system without much effort and work.

Strength of the Pedals

The pedal must have the strength and stability to stand against the powerful strokes while doing regular or adventurous rides.

Besides, It needs to stay in place without any vibrations. Both of these Shimano M520 and M540 pedals come with a very stable connection joint and body parts.

Enhanced stability is assured with these pedals, and it can stand mostly any rough circumstances.

Affordability of the Pedals

Both these Shimano pedals are available at a very affordable price range compared to similar pedals in the market with the same configurations and quality.

Even though you are looking for the cheaper one from the list, you can go with the Shimano M520.

Weight of the Pedals

In a comparison based on these pedals' weight, the M540 is a more recent model so that it will be less heavy than all the other models from the brand.

Here the M520 weighed 380gm at the time M540 weighs 355gm. M540 is 25gm less heavy than the M520.


Here are some of the frequently asked from the customers about these pedals from Shimano.

What material is used for the cleats in these pedals?

These M series pedals are made of strong metal.

What kind of shoes is compatible with these pedals?

Any mountain bike shoes that come with SPD clipless style are compatible with these pedals.

Will these work with indoor commercial cycles?

Yes, it will work with any spinning bike and Keiser cycle bikes.

Which side is entry available in these pedals?

These pedals are double-entry models that allow you to put on and off the pedals in both ways.


This article explains Shimano M520 and M540 pedals' advantages and cons that are two of the best pedals from this well-known brand for cycling needs.

M540 has its own advantages because it is more pricey and released after different M series models do. It has a more developed theory and design that resulted in the lightweight attribute of it.

However, a final decision about a product always ends up in your hands. So, you have to find your needs first, then go for the best.

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