We all love mountain bikes. And why wouldn’t we? Mountain bikes are our favorite companions when it comes to trekking at our favorite hill stations. It does not matter whether we are new to mountain bike riding or a trained athletes. We can’t stand to compromise on the quality of our favorite bike riding discipline.

Well, look no further as we bring you a list of the best mountain bikes under 300 so that you can make an informed decision. The variety and range of mountain bikes under 300$ is enormous. But we have jotted down 10 such bikes, which are universally better choices in this range.

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

1. Eurobike 21 Speed MTB Bicycle Suspension Fork

Eurobike 21 Speed MTB Bicycle Suspension Fork
  • 21 Speed Shifting system fashion MTB Bicycles special for Student group.
  • Dual Disc brake provided great stopping power.
  • The bicycle arrives with 85% assembled. 

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This Eurobike mountain bike comes with a 27.5-inch wheel circumference. That means this bike has better ground clearance than bikes with tires having lesser inches. This mountain bike also packs a punch with its Shimano EF500 shifter, which works incredibly smoothly.

In fact, the major components used in this mountain bike is all from Shimano. For instance, the front derailleur is the Shimano TZ30, and the rear derailleur is actually a Shimano TZ50. The Shimano shifter is a 21-speed shifter, which means this bike does not compromise on its speed.

The Eurobike mountaineer comes with dual disc brakes, which demonstrates that not only is it a powerful mountain climber but great at halting even at higher speeds. This mountain bike company will send you pedals separately in the package itself, which you need to attach to the bike post acceptance of the delivery.

The instruction manual is sent along with the package itself so you can install it on your own. If, however, you are not able to fine-tune the braking and gears, then contact the dealer or the company directly. The bike is already 85% assembled when it reaches you. You need to assemble the handlebars, the seat post, and pump up the tires in addition to assembling the pedals.

This bike is available in four colour combinations and they are – Black/Red, Blacked K wheel, Black/yellow, Blackyellow – K wheel.

  • Easily assembled
  • Adjusted gear shifter right from the package
  • Shimano shifters
  • Shimano front and rear derailleurs
  • Sleek design
  • Cheap pedals
  • Probably weak tires
  • May not be comfortable for long off-road journeys

2. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
  • 26-inch full suspension aluminum MTB frame
  • Suspension fork 65mm travel
  • Shimano 21 Speed Shifters with Rear Tourney Derailleur
  • Front Disc Brake/Rear Linear Pull Brake
  • Alloy Wheel Rims

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The Kent KZ2600 comes with a 26-inch wheel circumference for smoother biking. This mountain bike is made with an all-aluminum MTB frame, which means there is no compromise on frame quality. Aluminum frames are provided for strong and sturdy lifelines, which makes this one of the best mountain bikes for under 300.

This mountain bike is also a full-suspension one. That means you will get suspension at both ends, front as well as back. Full suspension bikes usually provide great back support and are perfect for jumps and off-road trails and mountain biking.

The Kent KZ2600 comes with a 21 Speed Shimano shifter and a rear derailleur. There are two types of bike brakes that are used in this one. The front brake is a disk brake while the rear brake is a linear-pull brake. The wheels come with alloy rims too. There is no compromise made when it comes to quality.

  • Shimano shifters
  • Dual braking systems
  • Alloy wheels
  • Full suspension
  • Aluminum frame
  • Gear shifters not in tandem with derailleurs
  • Bike chains may hit wheels
  • Cheap overall quality
  • Poor customer service

3. Kent Pomona Women's Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

The Pomona bike from kent is equipped with 26-inch tires. The wheels are made of 36 spoke alloy rims for utmost control and airflow for faster speeds. The wheels are also custom designed. The Kent Pomona is explicitly designed for women having all the features required to be in a feminine bike.

Strongly built, affordable, and lightweight is why this bike sports in our list of best women's mountain bikes under 300. This bike sports a full suspension system, which means that this bike is highly comfortable under all circumstances and especially on off-roads.

The frame is designed to be 26 inches long suitable to most women. The Kent Pomono can carry about 250 pounds or so. This bike also has a micro shift 7-speed twister.

The seats are made with an anti-shock feature which makes the journey even more soft and comfortable. The Kent also features Shimano rear derailleurs, fully covered chin guard, the best dual linear-pull braking system, a quick-release seat post, and twist shifters on the handlebars.

  • Shimano derailleurs
  • Adjustable seats
  • Twist shifters for easy gear changes
  • 36 alloy wheel rims
  • Dual suspension for great shock absorption
  • Poor packaging
  • Cheap pedals
  • Possibly missing parts in the package

4. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain 26 inch, 21-Speed, Lightweight, Dark Blue
  • An exclusive: Ideal for ages 13 and up and a minimum rider height of 5 feet.
  • Durable steel frame
  • The suspension fork handles bumps and dips for a smoother-feeling ride.
  • A removable rear derailleur guard ensures consistent gear operation.
  • 26" X 1.95" knobby tires tear into dirt bike paths with ease.
  • Linear pull hand brakes deliver consistent stopping action.
  • Premium padded ATB saddle has stitched sides for lasting quality.
  • Alloy quick release provides easy seat height adjustment.

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The steel hardtail frame provides for a solid, sturdy, and efficient bodyweight transfer for smoother acceleration on paved surfaces and angled climbs. This 26-inch model is ideal for a person who is above 5 feet. The huffy hardtail comes with an alloy quick-release seat post for height adjustment.

The ATB saddle has stitched sides, with premium padding for long-lasting comfort. The front suspension tackles and absorbs bumps for a smooth ride. The SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur, in combination with the micro-shift twist shifter, delivers 21 speeds for smooth acceleration even going uphill. The Huffy provides for a removable rear derailleur guard to protect it from unintentional damages.

The tires are knobby so as to provide for good traction no matter the conditions, wet or dry. Front and rear steel linear pull handbrakes provide for dependable halting. The slight-rise handlebar makes sure you are able to ride the bike with minimum strain and fatigue.

  • Shimano derailleurs
  • Twist shifters
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Knobby tires
  • Adjustable seat with stitched padding
  • Derailleur guard
  • Loose handlebars
  • Pedals might come off
  • The chain may possibly come off

5. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike 21 Speed Full Suspension

The Merax comes with a heat-treated alloy material which provides for absolute quality. The Merax sports a full suspension design, which means the shock absorption game is pretty solid in this one.

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The tires are CPSC certified with a wheel circumference of 26 inches. The handlebars are equipped with 7-speed Revoshift twisters for smooth gear changes. The twist shifters are given the power of 21-speed Shimano derailleurs for rapid acceleration on vertical surfaces as well as uphill rides.

The shifters are - Shimano ASLRS35LNBC & ASLRS35R7ET.

Derailleur - Shimano ARDTZ50GSBT

Additionally, high-quality cranks [TCSH2-MK(G4XV)] and linear-pull brakes make this one of the best mountain bikes.

  • Linear brakes
  • Shimano shifters and derailleur
  • Twist shifting molded handlebar
  • CPSC certified tires
  • Full suspension
  • Possible gear crack
  • Non-adjustable seat post

6. Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike
  • Durable mountain bike designed for trails and neighborhood rides.
  • Alloy crank provides steady gearing and less maintenance.
  • 21-Speed shifters with rear derailleur for quick gear changes on the trail.
  • All-terrain, wide knobby mountain tires sit on light and durable alloy wheels for added stability.
  • Quick release seat post makes for easy height adjustment.

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The company Schwinn has come up with a wonderful product that targets both young cyclists as well as adults who love mountain biking. The frame of this mountain bike is made of steel. The suspension fork at the front ensures shock absorption, thereby leading to a fatigue-free journey.

The combination of 7-speed Shimano twist shifters on the handlebar, which uses the Shimano rear derailleurs for a smooth gear shifting functionality and experience responsible speeding. The bike owes its safety to the dual linear-pull brakes, one at the front and the other at the back of the bike. These brakes are suitable for responsible riding, especially while riding downhill.

This bike from Schwinn is designed for lightweight performance and elegance. The wheel alloy wheel rims are there to provide great strength to the biking.

  • Shimano derailleurs
  • Shimano twist shifters
  • Front suspension fork
  • Alloy wheels
  • Improperly adjusted gears
  • Chains are not correctly fitted
  • Derailleur might break

7. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike
  • Full Suspension Aluminum Frame with 50mm Steel Crown Fork
  • 26" Alloy Rims
  • 21 Speed Twist Shifters
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Crank- Steel Triple

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The Northwoods mountain bikes feature an all-aluminum frame, which makes it more lightweight than bikes with steel frames. This 26 inches frame is ideal for most boys and girls out there. This bike also sports a dual-suspension system, which means you will be able to enjoy a bump-free ride.

The 50 mm travel steel crown fork at the front provides for a valid shock absorption mechanism for the bike. The rear suspension, while acting as the primary shock absorber, will provide you with a comfortable and smooth ride.

The 21-speed shift shifters in combination with Shimano rear derailleurs will smoothen out the gear shifting technology. This bike also sports dual lineal pull brakes for utmost control on braking. The 24-inch wheels are provided with alloy rims and that means there will be far less wear and tear possible.

  • Shimano twist shifters and derailleurs
  • Dual linear brakes
  • Alloy wheel rims
  • Full suspension
  • Wide range of colours
  • 50 mm steel front fork
  • Plastic components
  • Faulty tire rims
  • Fragile
  • Loose components or parts which comes off

8. Mongoose Mech Mountain Bike

Mongoose Mech Mountain Bike
  • Aluminum MTB frame with Hydro formed tubing is strong and durable.
  • Front suspension fork smooth's out bumps and thumps on the trail.
  • Front and rear v-brakes ensure quick stops out on the trail.
  • 21 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur for easy shifting.
  • Light alloy rims and 24x2. 1 inch (diameter x width) tires roll over anything.
  • Strong riser handlebar with colored end plugs completes the sweet MTB look.

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The Mongoose comes with an all-aluminum MTB frame, which provides for its uncanny strength and durability. Moreover, the hydroformed tubing is also a major factor in ensuring the requisite strength to the frame.

The frontal suspension fork smoothens out your riding experience by absorbing shocks from all the off-road mountain trails can throw at you.

There are two linear-pull brakes, one at the front and the other at the rear. This dual linear braking system ensures great halting and controls your speed properly while you are treading downhill.

This bike also features a Shimano 21 speeds rear derailleur for smooth gear shifting and enhanced uphill climbing capabilities. The wheels are lightweight alloy rims and the circumference of the wheelbase is 26 inches with a 2.1-inch width of tires for a greater grasp of the surface.

  • Shimano Derailleurs
  • Dual Linear brakes
  • Thick tires
  • Aluminium frame
  • Alloy wheels
  • Difficult to assemble by a layman
  • Description mismatch
  • Cheap quality components

9. Junior Aluminum Full Mountain Bike

The Junior mountain bike is a hardtail variety. The frame supports the hardtail variety of mechanisms. The frame is made of steel and is, therefore, slightly on the heavier side. Hardtails normally have a frontal suspension fork with no suspension at the back, and that’s precisely the case here too!

The Junior bike comes with Shimano twist shifters, which are paired with Shimano rear derailleurs to provide you with great gear shifting and optimum speeds. The detachable derailleur guard allows for optimum protection from dirt and gravel on the off-road routes.

You will also be provided with a pair of linear hand brakes for effective halting. Plus, the tires are 26 inches in circumference and 1.95 inches in width. That is why there will be no difficulty in running on thicker gravels and mud. The saddle is padded, and the seat post is height adjustable, which means it is comfortable sitting on it as well as flexible in terms of use.

The handlebar is slightly upward rising enabling you to sit in an upright position for fatigue-free travel. The pedals provided are ATB resin on a 3-piece crank piece for responsive paddling. It comes with soft-touch Crayton grips; lightweight alloy wheels and a kickstand to close the perfect deal.

  • Shimano shifters and derailleurs
  • Removable derailleur guard
  • Linear hand brakes
  • Frontal suspension fork
  • Padded saddle
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Upward rising handlebar
  • Lightweight alloy wheel rims
  • No dual suspension
  • No disk brakes

10. Hiland 26'' Aluminum Mountain Bike

Hiland 26'' Aluminum Mountain Bike
  • The Hiland mountain bike is ideal for everyday rides to school, work, or a cross country ride.
  • The brake system consists of double disc brake, giving you the stable and strong braking force.
  • Shimano's 21-speed gearbox ensures total control in every situation.
  • 85% pre-assembled, easy to assemble, free pedals, required assembly tools included.

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The frame size of the Hiland is 17 inches, which means it is ideal for people with a height between 5 feet to 6 feet. Even though the Hiland comes with almost 85% pre-assembled, you are required to assemble the pedals. The tools for assembling a few other parts, including the pedals come with the package, so you need not worry.

The braking system is perfect because the Hiland sports double disk brakes which provides for optimum control over the speeds. Moreover, the Shimano 21-speed shifters will allow a perfect speeding ability whenever you need it, especially while going uphills.

The three-spoke wheel alloy rims look brilliant as well as is designed for better riding experience.

  • Dual disk brakes
  • 21 speed Shimano shifters
  • 100mm frontal suspension fork
  • A Low-quality front fork
  • Missing components in the package

Buyer’s Guide for Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Mountain bikes usually require a balanced approach. There are a few specifications that are necessary for the bike itself for an enjoyable mountain biking experience. The ones who have ridden bikes on rough trails above and beyond those impeccable sceneries know how dangerously peaceful it could be. There are multiple scenario considerations and is not as simple or straightforward as a city bike.

best mountain bike under $300

Let us now consider various parts of a mountain bike and see what it should be like -

The Frame

Ideally speaking, the frame should be lightweight and strong at the same time. It is always advisable to choose a mountain bike with a rust-free frame. The frame size of a mountain bike is, of course, equally important. You should always check out the ideal bike, which matches your height requirements.

The Brakes

Brakes are crucial as they render an unparalleled level of control and safety e under varied circumstances like that in muddy and gravel-filled surfaces unparalleled. Especially if you are traveling at high speeds down the hill, you should have brakes that can halt at your command. You can’t afford a malfunctioning bike brake or to skid when it comes to mountain biking.

Shifters and Derailleurs

A proper shifter and a complimentary derailleur is the ideal scenario when it comes to a mountain bike’s power of running. It does not matter whether you are on a straight road or an upward slope of a hill, you should be able to simply up your gear and climb faster. Proper shifters move smoothly from one gear to the other, providing you with a seamless speeding experience.


Every mountain bike must come with a certain degree of adjustability to provide riders with the much-needed flexibility. With a detachable and replaceable components structure, a bike will be able to run longer and hence, smoother. Rigid structuring in a mountain bike is the least functionality you should have.

Suspension mechanism

The suspension mechanism of a mountain bike must be different from a road bike or other cross country bikes. The reason is simple. The roads on a mountain trail are mostly filled with pebbles, mud, and gravel. You simply cannot afford a bike, which will continuously impact your hands while biking. If you don’t have a proper suspension system, you are likely to be more fatigued and hence, uncomfortable.

Mountain Bike vs. Road Bike

Most of the riders who are not much serious about riding a bike and the models they are using don’t even know the purpose of their cycle. All they know is that the bike is comfortable for them and doing the work as expected.

However, there are things that different models of bikes are destined to do. That means a road cycling bike is made with a different meaning and concept when compared to a mountain bike.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are rugged and durable bikes from all the different models of bikes. There is no other better option than a mountain bike if you like to do offroad rides. A mountain bike can easily conquer narrow hilly trails and dirt.

These bikes are equipped with flat and wide handlebars for more control over the cycle and excellent maneuverability. The tires are also more comprehensive than a road bike tire so that the bike will not skid off from small rocks.

A hardtail model mountain bike is the best one with a bit of suspension from the rigid frames themselves for normal offroad conditions. Although, if you want more comfort, then you can go with a full-suspension model.

The full suspension version also has two different classifications: an XC full suspension, Trail full suspension, and an Enduro/ Gravity full suspension. The difference between the suspension of these models is the suspension distance.

An XC full suspension version is a short-travel(110mm or less) one, and the mid-travel model is the Trail full-suspension. That has a travel distance of 120mm to 150mm, and the last Enduro model has a length of up to 160mm or more.

Road Bikes

These are the bikes designed for speed and comfort on a regular road or tracks. It is commonly available from 10 to 18 or more speeds capable of getting the maximum speed throughout the ride.

Besides, road bikes usually have a narrow wheelbase to help with penetrating the wind and achieving the maximum speed. Brands make many different models for road bikes that also include specific models for women and men.

Some of the standard classifications in road bikes include Aero model road bikes made to be on a race track. Then, Ultralight road bikes can be used for hilly areas because of the lightweight materials used in the build.

Endurance road bikes are the most preferred models by many riders with the comfortable seating position it offers. There are touring model bikes designed to be on the road for long-distance rides and carrying more weight than any other road bike.


Let us now check a list of the most frequently asked questions about mountain bikes which are below 300 -

What is the ideal frame structure for me?

You should preferably choose an all-aluminum frame for your mountain bike as it provides for a sturdy and durable composition. It is lightweight, as well as strong.

Which braking system is more reliable?

In our considered opinion, dual disk brakes are the most reliable and safe braking mechanism you can and should have on your mountain bikes. There will be no difficulty in halt

Which company shifters and derailleurs should I use?

This is a question we should reply with one word, and it is “Shimano.” There is hardly anything better than Shimano shifters and derailleurs in the market. The close competitors are SRAM, but the majority, if not all of the bikes mentioned in this list, uses a Shimano.

Why are adjustability features ideal for my mountain bike in this category? 

The seat height adjustment is an ideal feature you should have so that every member of your family can use the bike no matter their height. The frame size, however, is a major consideration for height, but having this feature is a great addition. Moreover, a detachable derailleur guard is also essential so that you can wash them whenever you have been through a muddy patch of land.

What suspension mechanism would be ideal for my mountain bike from this category?

The dual suspension is the ideal form of suspension system in any mountain bike and for a reason. There are too many ups and downs for you to settle for a hardtail, although you can choose a bike with a front suspension fork.


No matter what you decide at the end of it all, your mountain bike riding must be safe and enjoyable. We hope that you will be to choose one from this list of the best mountain bikes under 300. You should choose a mountain bike, which will be an extended version of you and not some machine designed to work when paddled.

Since cycling matters so much to you, your choice must be one that provides you with maximum comfort so that you can concentrate on the road and the scenery instead of the mechanisms of the bike.

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