DT swiss 350 vs 240, comparing two of the best hubs available for bikes in the market. Before going further to find out the best from them, you have to understand a hub and the things that make it the best.

Without the hub, your bike cannot move A to B with wheels because, as you know, the whole wheel system depends on a hub.

It allows the wheels to rotate freely, playing the center part of a wheel with the help of an axle mounted on the bicycle’s frame.

Besides, the spokes are attached to the hubs that give real strength to all sides of the wheels equally while you are on the ride.

So, if you are making a new wheelset or restoring an old one with a new set of hubs, then you have to find the right one.

These DT swiss 350 and 240 are two of the best hubs available in the market and are both from the DT Swiss brand. It means that the riders who love the brand may be looking forward to getting one of these hubs for their bike wheels.

Both of them are built with quality and are recommended by many experienced riders in the field. After all, here are some qualities and differences they have.

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DT Swiss 350 Vs 240

DT Swiss 350

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DT Swiss is already well-known for its best and most reliable bike components that include several products.

Wheels and hubs are on the list of high-quality products they manufacture. The DT Swiss 350 is the best rear hubs from the brand yet.

Before going further, an overall summary of the product is reliable, easy to service, easily changeable configurations, a center lock, and IS 6 bolt.

It has the same quality that is available at a low cost compared to many competitors. That means you can build wheels at a low cost without compromising the quality.

You can change your rear freehub driver without any complex procedures or tools. Even though it comes with 18 tooth step ratchets.

It can be upgraded to 36 or even 54 tooth star ratchets, but it is an expensive upgrade even though it can be done in a few minutes without any extra tools.

These rear hubs are made of aluminum that is reliable, strong, and durable. Besides, it is lightweight and comes up to the expectations of the people who look for high-quality parts for their bikes.

Even if you use tough wheels, it can be your companion for everything. The whole hub is made with precise care to make it sturdy and strong enough to prevent all high-load problems.

Moreover, these hubs can be used on any available bikes in the market, and the press-fit assembly makes it very easy to manage.

All kinds of dirt, including water and soil, are prevented from hitting bearing with labyrinth seals’ help. A smooth ride is assured with these attributes of these hubs.

  • Aluminum material makes it lightweight
  • Assembly is straightforward with Press-Fit assembly.
  • Upgradable ratchets
  • Strong and contact-free seals that keep the water and other dirt from bearings
  • The stock model of these hubs comes with only 18-tooth ratchets.

DT Swiss 240

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DT Swiss 240 is another well-built bike hub manufactured by the DT Swiss brand. These 240 models are made for the front-end wheels of the bike.

These hubs are already one of the best choices for many high-end wheelsets in the market and the most reliable choice for most wheel builders worldwide.

Moreover, this is an evolution of the well-known star ratchet design of DT Swiss. The exquisite mechanism of this hub works very well with all bikes.

DT Swiss ensures a faster and the fullest engagement of the hubs that eventually reduces wear.

Bearing is equipped inside the threaded ring that gives efficient bearing spacing and greater axle stiffness.

When it comes to the ratchets of this DT Swiss 240, it has a 36 point engagement that will make technical riding easier.

Besides, the precision steering and the suspension is assured with the help of a 15mm thru-axle.

Excellent quality and the lightweight build, along with the optimistic design, make the hub useful and easy to assemble.

CNC machine shaping is used in these hubs, and you get two cartridge bearings made of stainless steel.

After all, it has a more futuristic and attractive design that seems appealing to more people with a red and black theme.

  • The aluminum used in the hubs is strong and lightweight.
  • Contact-free bearings give extreme smoothness.
  • The hubs are upgradeable if you need
  • Two stainless steel cartridge bearings keep away all the dirt and water.
  • Little more expensive than some of the competitors in the market

Comparison Between DT Swiss 350 vs 240

Selecting a better one from this is somewhat pointless because one is for the front end and the other for the rear-end wheels.

Even though there are some differences between them in the manufacturing method and other attributes.

Design and the Construction of Hubs

As mentioned, DT Swiss 240 hub is for the front end, and the DT Swiss 350 hub is for the rear end of the bike.

Moreover, there are differences between them because of the color, size, and weight they come in.

DT Swiss 240 front hub comes with a black and red theme color, and the DT Swiss 350 rear hub is available in a black and white theme.

When it comes to size, DT Swiss 240 is available at 8x8x4 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces. And the 350 comes at 5.5x5.5x1.6 inches with a weight of 3.52 ounces.

Stem of Hub

Both of these hubs come with a difference in their stems. DT Swiss 240 is equipped with a machine-optimized weight saving system, and the 350 is not equipped with it.

Ease of Use and Upgrades

When it comes to the maintenance and upgrade, 350 has some advantages in that area and is very user-friendly compared to the DT Swiss 240 hub.

It allows you to do service without any special tools because of the tool-free ratchet system driver mechanism. Although 240 is also upgradable but not as simple as 350.

DT Swiss 350 hubs come with two options, such as 28 hole-spokes and 32 hole-spokes instead of the only one 32 spoke option 240.

After all, the material used for both hubs is the same, which is aluminum and is strong and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the DT Swiss 350 hub be used for a 10-speed groupset?

Yes, you can use it for a 10-speed groupset.

Are these hubs available in different spoke options? 

DT Swiss 350 hubs are available in two different options, which are 18 and 36 spokes, but the 240 is available only with 36 spoke holes.

Even though both models can be upgraded according to your preferences, and it will be a little pricy.

How can I maintain and protect bike hubs?

You have to use a special spray on the hub to ride the bike in all kinds of climatic conditions to protect it from corrosion.

Do some lubrications according to how frequently you use your bike and in what circumstances.


This comparison between DT Swiss 350 vs. 240 is just a listing of each one's differences and advantages over another.

If you are looking for a better hub for your front end of the bike, you can go for DT Swiss 240 without any doubts and the same for the DT Swiss 350 for the front end.

Both are upgradeable and can be easily maintained alongside all the other advantages that you are looking for.

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