Tires are the lifeline for any vehicle. We all know how essential tires are. If there is one aspect of cycling or biking that needs to be heavily monitored is our tires. A good pair of tires will help you roll quicker. Moreover, a proper pair of tires will help you stop your bike immediately. There are a lot of varieties of tires available, but you would not want a flat one for sure.

When we go out on our bikes, we always wear helmets for our safety. However, we should always check the health of our tires too. Often, when we travel within the city, we remain unaware as to what is coming our way at the next sharp corner. Tires help you tackle situations like nothing else in comparison.

One of the first things we learned about biking is to halt the bike at our whims and necessity. This is why we need to ask ourselves questions like, “What is a flat tire bike?” to be more informed. We need first to understand what a flat tire means. A good pair of tires should facilitate halting no matter what speed you are at.

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What are the various types of flat tires?

There are primarily four types of flat tires to begin with. The first thing about flat tires is that a tire becomes flat for a reason. The reason is that the inner tube of the tire must be having a hole. That hole itself does not make the tire bad. Unless, of course, if the tire is a tubeless one.


Usually, leaks are slow in flattening out a tire. It may be so that you may have ridden a bike with slow leaking tires without even realizing it. But you will soon realize that you have to pump your tires up more often than not. When you have to pump your tires two to three times a week, you should take that as a hint.

Ordinarily, tube tires need to be filled up or pumped up once every two weeks. In case you use high-pressure tires, it will be wise to have the pressure checked every week. Often, we come across riders who are seasonal.

Seasonal riders are those who are often forced to take out bikes only during summers. Do not forget to keep your tires lifted from the flat surface. That means your tires must be hanging and not placed on the floor. Otherwise, when you take your bike out, you will experience a flat tire.

If you are positive that you have a slow leak, it would be better if you have the inner tube changed.


flat tires

Punctures are often caused when you unknowingly run over sharp pointy objects on the road. These sharp objects might be broken glass particles, a shrub of thorns, etc. These sharp objects create a tiny hole in your tire, which you won’t even be able to see. Punctures can cause flat tires.

That is why the first thing you should do is remove the sharp object if it is stuck to your tire. Then you can either patch up the inner tube, or you may choose to replace it.

Snake bites

When your tire gets a pinch cut, it usually looks like two holes placed side by side. The two holes resemble a snake bite and hence, the name. Pinch cuts happen when your tires run into sharp edges on roads. These sharp edges are capable enough to loosen the tightness of a tire resulting in a flat tire.

The impact can cause cuts in your inner tube as well as put dents on your tire rims.

Tire popping

Many times, tires lose out on air rapidly, which eventually leads to the explosion of tires. If you pump the tires up too much, it will eventually pop.

Tubeless tire burping

tubeless tire

The other four are related to tires with a tube but not this one. Burping is the process where the tubeless tires lose air all of a sudden. It has the potential of bringing out the rims. The chances of tires being completely flat is a severe threat.

So, whenever you have the query as to what is a flat tire bike, you will know it’s one of the above five.

How to discover flat tires?

It is always better to understand when the tires are about to be flat. You will be able to spot a faulty flat tire as soon as you notice the tires getting soft. You are not going to touch your tires every time you head out. But you will feel that your tires are moving slow and weighing down your speeds. That is a clear indication of flat tires.

As soon as you experience a bumpy ride, stop and check on your tires. There is still a way you can prevent the tire from blasting. You should immediately lose all the air from the tires. If you continue riding on a flat tire, there are chances you are putting yourself at risk. Moreover, your rims will suffer damage as well.

The league of American Bicycles has rightfully stated that checking the air in your tires should be at the top of your priority list. You should check your tires by pinching them. You should probably check them during the evenings. The reason is simple; you still have time left to fix the tires before you head out tomorrow morning.

In case you experience flat tires while you are out on a time-sensitive ride, you should halt and securely park the bike. Once you are parked safely away from the road, take a jab at repair works. However, if you are unable to fix the tire on your own, you can call for a dispatcher to bring the bike back to your house.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a flat tire?

Howsoever improbable it may seem, there are some good points in favor of flat tires. We will also consider the disadvantageous points of a flat tire as well.

Let us now take a look at the few advantages of a flat tire.

Let us also see whether the disadvantages of having flat tires weigh out the good in them or not.

How to avoid having flat tires? – In conclusion.

You should avoid roads or surfaces with sharp objects scattered all around. If you are cycling behind a truck carrying broken glass, it is natural that you may experience a flat tire. You can avoid it by simply avoiding the track.

Suppose you are out with your friends and keep a lookout for sharp, edgy particles on the ground. Let each other know that their hazardous articles are lying on the ground ahead. Since you were asking what is a flat tire bike, we wanted you to know that it is something you can easily avoid.

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