10 Best Mountain Bike For Big Guys In 2021

Biking with mountain bikes is one of the adventurous things that everyone loves to do. It is an outdoor fun activity that makes you feel like an adventurous person. Moreover, through this approach, you can make your outdoor lifestyle more enjoyable and practice being fit and relaxed. But choosing the right mountain bike is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, for confused people, we have assembled the best mountain bike for big guys, which will help you make a wise decision.

This article is for big riders who ordinarily have small issues with lightweight bikes. Generally, when you are a rough-tough guy, you need a powerpack mountain bike. People who tend to do effective workouts and some outside run they need this kind of gear in their life for sure.

After thorough research of mine and my team, we came up with options that will help out to find a top bike for a more significant person. And I am sure after going through the article you will get what you were looking for.

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike For Big Guys 2021



Best Overall
Savadeck Deck300
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Best Features
Mongoose Kong
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Best Value
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Diamondback Atroz
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Diamondback Hardtail
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Mongoose Dolomite
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BEIOU Carbon Fiber
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Schwinn Protocol 1.0
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Merax Finiss
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1. Savadeck Deck300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike (Best Pick)

Savadeck Deck300 Carbon Fiber BikeThe first thing to note before all the other specialties this bike has is the Toray T800 Carbon Fiber frame that provides the bike with a unique and beautiful, lightweight structure.

Besides, the SR Suntour fork used in this bike delivers 100mm of suspension. This level of suspension gives you added control and comfort on the trail.

Moreover, another thing that makes this bike special is this bike’s derailleur system.

It has Shimano M6000 DEORE front and rear derailleur through which you can achieve effective starting, and it is also very easy to operate.

When it comes to the braking system of this Savadeck Deck300 mountain bike, it uses the Shimano MT200 DIsk Brake system, and it is a double mechanical disk brake.

Because of this disk brake’s double mechanical system, it has great stopping power in any case of an emergency that you may encounter.

The tires that come with these models when you buy the bike are continental tires on both ends. As you know, continental tires are well-known for the ability to do the excellent multi-condition performance.

Beyond everything, the bike is very easy to assemble by yourself even if you are not an expert in bikes without any extra help.

  • The bike is lightweight and a high rolling resistance
  • Shimano derailleurs makes the gear shifts smoother
  • Great and powerful Disk breaks by Shimano
  • All weather-condition mountain bike tires from Continental
  • It uses an outdated drive train system
  • Wheels are not thru axle in this bike


2. Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain BikeThis Mongoose fat tire bike is very different from everything about a mountain bike that you can think of, and the name itself makes it unique.

It has a rider height range that is recommended by the company, and the suggested height of the rider for this bike is 48 to 60 inches. The frame size of this bike is 13-inches.

You don’t have to be worried about the grip on steep hills with these big fat tires and that along with the seven-speed Shimano rear derailleur, hill climbs will be much easier and effortless.

The headset it has is threadless so that you can adjust it according to the rider’s height. Besides, the lightweight alloy rims help for added speed through which the bike can get better performance, and the alloys are solid.

You get an easy and comfortable cycling experience with the beach cruiser pedals. And the brake system is a disc brake system on both the front and back end of the bike to ensure great stopping speed.

After all, the size of the tires that this bike comes with are two 4.25-inch tires and both of them are supersized all terrain knobby tires.

  • Easy to assemble and use the bike
  • Disc brakes are awesome and powerful on both ends
  • The supersized tires are great for easy grip
  • You can customize the bike with new accessories.
  • Heavier bike for larger guys.
  • Not suitable for 50+ years older people.


3. Merax Mountain Bike

Merax Mountain BikeMerax made this mountain bike extra special with the front suspension fork design. This suspension system will take care of the bumps and makes the ride smoothest alongside giving great control on your wheel.

The Merax assures a smooth gear shifting experience with this mountain bike by equipping it with the Shimano 24-speed derailleurs along with the great shifters. So that you can get effortless gear shifts.

And then it comes to the braking system of the bike. It has a Disc brake system on both the front and back end of the bike. The high-quality braking system gives great stopping power whenever you need it.

If you are looking for an entry-level and yet features everything you can look forward to in a premium bike, this bike is the one for you because of its design and its attributes.

After all, it has a weight capacity of  330 lbs through which you can conclude that it can carry arround almost any big guys without much effort.

  • Great bike with light in weight
  • Shimano Dic brakebrakes work well
  • Wheels are best for support
  • It has a 24-speed Shimano derailleur system
  • Assembling the bike may be a little difficult for noob riders


4. Diamondback Atroz Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamondback Atroz

What makes this Diamondback mountain bike in this list of Best Mountain Bike For Big Guys is that it comes with a hand-built frame. The frame is super strong along with the lightweight feature because of the aluminum used as the material.

This specific model is an Atroz 3 from Diamondback Bicycles, and it comes with completely sealed cartridge bearings that ensure smooth performance for many years without any kind of problems.

The drivetrain used on the bike is the SRAM NX 1×11-speed model, which is very simple yet gives a wide range of gears to make the ride smooth and more comfortable in any kind of road circumstances.

Besides, the braking system is hydraulic MT200 disc brakes that come with 180mm rotors on the front and rear sides. You don’t have to worry about the braking power and the response time of the brakes used on this bike.

After all, the main thing is that it is a full-suspension (RockShox Recon RL 130mm travel fork and Monarch R air rear shock) bike that makes the ride more comfortable at any circumstance.

  • Lightweight as made from Aluminum Frame
  • SRAM shifters are great for a smooth journey
  • Both front and rear Shimano disc brakes are powerful
  • Double-walled rims
  • You can’t place a water bottle un;ess you fit an after market rack


5. Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Here comes another fat tire mountain bike, and now it’s from another brand called Max4out. It has a solid mountain bike frame that used high-end and excellent welding technology, making it more durable and strong.

If you are looking for a cruising bike that is strong and comfortable along with the adventure capability, then this bike is the one for you.

The fat tire is always an extra comfort on any kind of road surface because of the surface area it has. This fat tire spec with the 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and shift lever makes it easy to ride on hilly areas without any decrease in comfort.

Any kind of road surface will welcome this bike with two hands, and riders with any height can ride it without making much effort on the pedals.

After all, the assembling and dismantling of this mountain bike is very simple and easy so that you can do it yourself.

  • Powerful 21-speed shifters by Shimano
  • Extra comfortable 26-inch fat tires
  • Lightweight bike with aluminum frame
  • It can be used on any kind of roads
  • It might feel heavy for some riders because of the fat tires


6. Diamondback Hardtail Mountain Bike


Diamondback Hardtail Mountain Bike


If you want to do your best with the top leading hardtail mountain bike, then Diamondback is one such company. They provide a vast range of mountain bikes for riders to different people across the world. They make the bikes up to the maximum satisfaction level so that cyclists don’t face any issue.

When it comes to the body frame, it is made up of aluminum frame 6061, which is way much famous for body material. 6061 aluminum frame is considered to be the best one for constructing alloy components and materials.

It is of close contact in a carbon frame, which provides you long wheel size, i.e., 29-inch wheels. The wheels actively participate in speedy solutions and can bear over rocks gardens. Through this, you can make your ride very much suitable and enjoyable.

The forks are incredible for providing a smooth suspension with mobility to the non-hardcore rider. The quality build of forks is also of super metal reliable quality.

The superb built hydraulic disc Shimano M315 brakes work great for easy control when you do push off-limits. Moreover, you can easily manage over shifts by using an 8-speed drivetrain. For a pro rider, this fits very easily for all-weather conditions.

  • Made up of aluminum frame 6061
  • 29″ inch wheels for full-support
  • Great and powerful breaks by Shimano
  • All weather-condition mountain bike
  • The seat is not so good
  • The front derailleur does not respond well


7. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike (Best Fat Tire Bike)

Fat tire bikes are bikes that are specially built for off-road riding. The tires are bigger in size weighing more with larger rims. They are specialized for high and unstable terrain i.e snow, mud, sand. The pressure is being created for a smooth ride for any kind of trail.


Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

This is beyond one’s imagination, the big Mongoose Dolomite, a superior bike for a large man. The heavy riders can go for such options, which leads them to access every trail.

Mongoose is one of the brands which always offers extra for riders. The Dolomite is made up of a steel body that gives the riders no excuses. Even though the guy weighing 350 pounds can comfortably ride. The offerings like knobby tire and seat are complementary to each other. It helps the rider in every way of handling, and the seat is also comfortable.

The wheels are 26-inches, which is perfect in my consideration. Also, the thickness of the wheels is 4 inches for comfortable traction and handling power. It has powerful disc brakes in both front and rear. In this way, massive guys can easily apply the brakes for stopping them safely.

Twist Shifters are present for changing gears fastly while riding so that you can acquire the speed of your choice. For making this true, you can use the 7-speed feature with a Shimano rear. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty period and perfects for cruising.

  • Easy to assemble and use the bike
  • Disc brakes are awesome and powerful
  • Tires are great for easy grip
  • You can customize the bike with new accessories.
  • Heavier bike for larger guys.
  • Not suitable for 50+ years older people.


8. BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike


Mountain bikes of BEIOU are made up of carbon fiber, which I think is the lightest material. They have a very high tensile strength, and the core material is light in weight with much high tolerance. Even handlebars and seat are made from carbon fiber.

Guys, who are up to 300-330 pounds, this bike can easily handle anyone and perfect for riding like a charm. You can go for any off-road or trail to enjoy the riding and covering the miles as much as you want. When we see the front forks, it can absorb the pressure to the extent of 100 pounds.

The gear system is a whole of 650B, which talks about the wheel edge surface. WithShimano Deore’s help, shifting brakes becomes easy, which best suits the speed control system.

The fascinating wheels are of 29-inches for long trail riding, and also disc rotors work fine. If you see the advantage part wheels can be a good support for big guys.

The super hydraulic brakes work well with Shimano M355 for stopping. BEIOU mountain bikes are equipped with Maxxis tires for constant grip. Moreover, the knobs put rolling efficiency for the tires.

  • Great bike with light in weight
  • Shimano brakes work well.
  • Wheels are best for support
  • Many users complained about the seat.
  • You may face difficult to clean


9. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0

Schwinn is a renowned company in the market forces which delivers great value bikes for overall fun and adventure. It is a dual suspension bike, which is a good point for heavy riders to sustain the support of their size. Moreover, it helps them to increase their handling power. The brakes are lightweight as itis made from an aluminum frame, which gives control for handling any trail. This makes your biking experience maintained by making your ride enjoyable.

Shimano EZ-Fire shifters make you’re riding easy with Shimano Altus rear derailleur. In this way, you can manage to change the shifters as per the need to make your journey smooth and fast with gears. Additionally, you can ride to the toughest steep hills and ravines by using the 24 Speeds as an option.

You get front and rear disc brakes, which gives you easy stopping. The tires and double-walled rims are also well set with Schwinn Bike for perfect traction in all conditions.

When we talk about the saddle, it is a bit uncomfortable, which is a downside point, but you can get a new one.

  • Lightweight as made from Aluminum Frame
  • Shifters are great for a smooth journey
  • Both front and rear brakes are powerful
  • Double-walled rims
  • You can’t place a water bottle


10. Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26


Here comes one of the best mountain bike from Merax Finiss. The brand is mostly known for handling mountain bike for bigger guys.

If we talk about the frame, then it is made from aluminum which is the best thing. Because they are not heavier, and due to lightweight, they give you a faster experience. Also, they have a structural impact so that they can last long.

Their wheels are specially built with magnesium alloy, which is much denser and lighter than aluminum. However, it can still handle larger guys. It has also got a plus point for big guys as you can now ride the bike with much more speed due to magnesium.

The shifters go well with Shimano as it is one of the best, which is known for its quality. You can manage to drill with Derailleurs, which has 21-speed gears.

Moreover, the bike gets equipped with mechanical brakes, both front, and rear. Their stopping powers are good so that you can enjoy your proper trail.

Merax Finiss has a suspension fork of about 80mm, which protects you from uneven surfaces. In addition to this, the tires are 26 inches around, but if you feel any problem, you can simply switch it to 296 inches. But remember your tires should be knobby so that you can cover proper grip.

It has also got a lockout suspension system for heavier guys who always ride on rough surfaces.

  • Powerful shifters by Shimano
  • Easily upgradable tires up to 29 inches
  • Lightweight bike with aluminum frame
  • Magnesium alloy wheels
  • You may face brake problems
  • The front reflector doesn’t easily place.


Buyer’s Guidelines For Best Mountain Bike for Large Man

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To get the best mountain bike, you need to keep some points in your mind so that you won’t make any such mistake as others do. Here, I have listed some of the key points and features that will help you decide the best one per your need and convenience. Because the mountain bike for bigger guys always needs extra support and comfort so that they can handle the bike as per their heavier weight.



The suspension is an essential key feature of bikes that needs to be care taken of properly. Its main job is to absorb the contact of wheels so that you can skip bumps easily. Moreover, while landing jumps, it helps the rider to avoid any shocks. If you have a good suspension system, you can easily make your journey a comfortable one without any rush. Most of the bikes use the front suspension system, which is common for a decent rider. However, there are mountain bikes available which offer you a front and rear suspension. They make your ride more smooth and clear, which is good for all conditions.


When we talk about the tires, they especially mend for traction purposes. Additionally, large size and wider tires are perfect for heavy riders because they are durable and can easily carry the weight, and you can also enjoy the off-road trails. The best size is what you can get is a 29″ inch one. They are far much better for extra grip. One more thing you should, i.e. about the rims of the wheel. The rims which are made from carbon fiber are not that durable for large riders so that you may go for metallic rims.


As this article belongs to the heavy rider, the bike size should be close to a 300-pound remark. Moreover, you can set the size of your wheels around 26″ inches to 29″ inches. In this way, you won’t face any trouble while riding across trails. You can easily beat any hindrance with such large size wheels and feel comfortable.


The saddle also plays an important role for large riders as they provide extra support and comfortable riding practice. So, always choose a wider saddle for extra space and a relaxed position. Harder saddles are best for frequent riders who opt for riding daily, whereas soft saddles provide you with much relaxation, but they easily get slandered.


For the easy drivetrain, you must yes for Shimano Derailleurs. They are very much advanced shifters, which allows you to choose over different speeds. Any rider who loves to ride over the road and mountain region can choose. Moreover, they are a little bit costly if you go over quality, then you won’t regret it later.

Ground Authorization

The ground authorization also plays an important role in securing your bike from uneven surfaces. For a smooth and permanent ride, you must consider a bike for yourself that acts as a support level to your paddling system. It is very much necessary to check the paddles of the bike so that it won’t be degraded after some point in time.

Brakes and Gears

It always seems that brakes and gears are complementary to each other. The fundamental strength lies in the pressure we apply to the bike for changing the gears easily and quickly. Gears make your ride easy and open up different choices of speed that you may want. Both gears and brakes always put the effort to stop you well on any surface. I always recommend people to go for disc brakes as they provide you with more control.

Some Additional Points For Remarkable Biking Experience

mountain bike for large man

Here are the points for the next level of biking experience. If you want to enjoy a hardcore mountain biking experience, then follow the points as discussed below. These points will surely help you to start bike riding with a positive mindset.


Yes, the brand is also an important factor while you consider the best mountain bikes for larger guys. You should choose the brand which covers most of the things regarding bigger guys. In this way only, you can trust the companies because they have all the materials which are best for heavy riders. Many companies offer various bikes, but you select only those who fall into your category.


Upgradation is the finest choice one can make to improve their biking experience. It would charge extra from your pocket for additional attributes for your bike. Nowadays, bikes are available which offer upgrading facilities so that one can make them stronger. You don’t have to spend a lot from our pocket, but yes, some cost would be beneficial for your bike to become a beast. Accessories like gears, saddle, brakes, tires can be upgradable in no time. People often ask whether I can upgrade my bike. Yes, you can, but only when your proper technical knowledge regarding bikes. However, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, it would be better to help a mechanical person.


Finally, we are the conclusion part now. Mountain bikes always bring some effective ways to boost your riding. They are specially built up for this part and are suitable for larger guys who get benefited from it. We recommend you to go through the key points and make your choice from the above listings. It would be better if you spend some time selecting the best mountain bike for a big guy. Mark the features that you want in your mountain bike and select as per option available to you.

We hope you find this article helpful in any way. If still, you have any doubts regarding the bike, you may comment and share your query with us. Additionally, you may share your experiences if you have with your mountain bike.

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