Hollywood cinemas, over the past century, have been showing us various bike jumps that make our adrenaline rush. Bikes and cars jumping off the rallies surely feel titillating than the other sights. It is even more enjoyable for the person who is performing the stunt. However, these Hollywood stunts were carried out by the extremely high-quality stunt actors. The sheer chance of experiencing an adrenaline rush is somehow addictive to many. But, the million-dollar question is, “How do you jump a full suspension mountain bike?” 

But before you can go ahead and learn how to jump on a full suspension mountain bike, you need to follow our guidelines step by step:-

Guidelines to follow for mountain bike jumping

First up, is to learn the basics – You should learn how to ride a bike or at least a mountain bike for starters. Do not try this as a stunt as you might harm others and profoundly injure yourself too. 

Secondly, understand your skills – Before you go on trying to lift off the ground, you should take a third person’s view on your skill sets. An expert pair of eyes can tell you whether you are ready to perform the stunt or not. 

It is quite natural for different people to process information at different speeds. You should have at least a few years of experience as a mountain bike rider hiking through various trails and rough tracks before you move on to jumping on them. Mind you that it is all about confidence and is mostly dependent upon your comfort level on your bike. You should have at least an intermediate level of understanding and biking experience. 

Thirdly, thoroughly perform a check-up – Not all bikes are designed for high jumps. Thus, you need to select a bike with such a design, which will enable you to jump correctly and safely. More importantly, keep an eye for a good suspension system so that the bike can absorb the shock of the jump. Try to avoid bikes on display at departmental stores because most of them are built with cheap materials. 

Before you head out to perform or learn how to perform this stunt, make sure that your mountain bike is in good condition. Make sure to check the tires, your brakes, and also check the chain. 

Inspect the place where you are going to jump – If this is your first time, this process is highly recommended. This process sets you up, mentally way ahead of time. It is important to visualize what it would be like to go off in the air.

Make sure to gauge where you are likely to land. Ideally, let others who have been doing this for some time precede you. Watch them carefully and try to figure out the minimum run and speed required to go for a long enough jump. 

Take your own time – You should have a realistic expectation from yourself. It is roughly impossible to learn how to jump off within a day. Don’t get bogged down by failures and instead try to plan as to how you can improve. 

So now that you are aware of the precautions you need to take before you learn how to jump on a mountain bike, follow the simple steps listed below to answer your questions “How do you jump a full-suspension mountain bike?” 

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Step 1 – Learn how to do a Manual 

Manuals and wheelies are substantially similar with one key difference. While performing a manual, you are not supposed to paddle. While performing a Manual, all you have to do is to lift the front wheel. Learning how to raise the first wheel in the air is of utmost importance. 

Your body weight plays a vital role while performing a proper manual. You should remember that performing a manual can be divided into two steps – one is putting the front wheel up, and the second one is to remain balanced while doing so. 

Getting that front wheel off the ground requires you to be a little heavy on the back portion of your bike. While you are shifting behind on the bike seat, push your arms and feet towards the direction you are traveling towards. This is a sub-technique where you need to keep your arms and feet straight so that your weight falls properly on your rear wheel, and your front wheel takes off the ground. 

To keep the balance, maintain an equal force while holding the handle of the bike as well as on your pedals. However, the key to your balance is your hips, and nothing else right now is more important.

Keep moving forward and backward while being seated to strike a balance. While maintaining balance, do not forget to keep your fingers on those brakes. The moment you feel that you are about to tip over, simply tap on your brakes to avoid an accident. As soon as you press the brakes, your front wheel will automatically get grounded. 

Step 2 – Bunny hopping 

This is, in essence, what the name suggests. While cycling through woods or rough patches and trails, we need to jump over obstacles like rocks or roots of large trees. Bunny hopping with your bike allows you to maintain your speed, and it is essential when it comes to jumping with bikes. 

There is a process in learning how to bunny hop with your bike. Start with setting smaller goals like trying to lift two wheels at the same time. Practice it at places other than the final trail where you will be performing the stunt ultimately. 

Bunny hopping involves a two-way process and starts on the same principles based on which you performed your manual. You need to push down upon your back wheel and punch it with your arms and legs to get that thrust upwards. This technique is used in jumping too. 

Once you get the front wheel up, your weight is obviously on your rear wheel. In order to get the rear wheel up, you need to shift your weight forward quickly. This sudden shift of pressure is going to lift both your wheels in the air, and that’s it you are officially above the ground. 

Step 3 – Practice jumping now 

how to jump on a mountain bike

During these jumps, remember that the key is to use your body weight into the bike through your feet. Accelerate through to that surface, which will allow you to lift off. Keep your body formation straight. That means keeping your chest high and compressing your hips into the jump. 

Just before you take off, it will be ideal if you extend your legs and quickly stand up. You should put pressure on the surface underneath your tires to lift off effectively. It’s all about timing when it comes to lift-offs. The speed and your run-up have importance in practical jumping too. 

Once you are in the air, try to keep calm and stay balanced. Keep breathing and land on your tires. Do not look down on the ground. Your head will start spinning downwards. That is why you should look straight and ahead instead of looking down. 

Step 4 – Landing 

how do you jump a full suspension mountain bike

Before you land, you need to make sure that you do not tip over. That means you need to balance your weight when you are about to fall. If the landing is steep, try not to remain seated and land on your front wheel. 

Make your body a shock absorber and extend your arms and legs before you land. Avoid stooping down over. If your wheel is pointed straight, do not worry much. 


Before wondering, “How do you jump a full-suspension mountain bike?”, you need to upgrade your collection of equipment or adjust how you use your bike. Adjust your saddle and lower it as much as possible to avoid tipping over if your landing goes haywire. Check your tires and air pressure too. Now that you know how to jump on a mountain bike, remember to use protective gear all the time to remain safe. 

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