Mountaineering has recently become the trendiest among the adventure-loving wanderlust people.

And this modern mountain hiking culture, mountain bikes are even fascinating as well as gives trendy. The mountain bike riders always want a free stressful riding path through which they can make their journey smooth with comfort.

So, for riders who wish to their bikes. to perform at a faster speed need some modifications. You can go through the article on how to make a mountain bike faster.

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How mountain bikes indulge in mountaineering?

Engaging mountain adventure with bikes among the bikers to design their bikes on the rocky surface of the mountain has been fascinating. Many people around the globe have always preferred biking as the healthiest as well as the cheapest mean of transportation.

Among the youngsters, this mountain biking or biking had been more drastically increasing. Mountain biking has always recorded first place, whether it is about using or suggesting.

What are Mountain Bikes?

Mountain bikes or mountain bicycles are designed for their enhancement of durability and performance in the rough surface.

These bikes typically have a full front fork, large knobby tires, durables wheels, handles bar, low gear ratios for climbing up.

Mountain bikes have been made commonly for strap grades rocks, roots or skinniness, gap jumps, and so on.

How does it perform?

These are built with heavy-duty constructions combined with durable rims, and wider tires had also made it attractive for urban riders as well as mountaineering people.

Well, bicycles and bikes had always been with us since the 1970s, but its design made it more suspension configuration.

But with the recent changes in gears, critical angular geometry and change in disc brakes had made mountain more useful and interesting during trekking, hiking.

How mountain bikes do twirls in making journey thriller?

It has always been in fashion in the urban sector as an exercise to stay healthy.

Earlier people were only fascinated by mountain climbing but never thought of using bikes hiking or going to any picnic.

Nowadays, or mid-2000’s trends of being wanderlust has been spiking up. Not just people are interested, in not only using bikes in urban areas or township but also using them while trekking as well as in mountaineering.

Like, in India, Ladakh has captured the place in trending among the youngsters, but it’s awful that people like to travel through motorbikes, not knowing how much it costs to the environment.

While these mountain bikes are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and also flexible to carry, but by making smaller changes into these mountain bikes can make them more efficient and productive.

Come to the steps on how to make a mountain bike faster.

How to make mountain bike faster


When it comes to going on an adventure, you think of making your bike faster. Then comes the quality of tires, and the proper tubing system on tires.

According to the bikers, one should need wider tires for creating maximum grip and much more aggressive treads with suitable quantity.

And so, to avoid inconsistency of slowing down on the mountain terrain.

These aggressive tires will help the biker to build the confidence of not being slipped out and make the bike connected to the surface.

Optimizing low tire pressure

Critically maximizing and minimizing riding efficiency depends on tire and tire pressure. Tire pressure crucially plays a vital role in contrast to how much the tire makes contact with the ground.

When the tire is not optimally inflated, it leaks out a creates lower contacts to the surface. While this, fortunately, increases traction to them and slowing down the speed.

One should test a few different tire pressures to watch, which works suitably for them. The trail terrain in which your ride and riding style plays an essential role in optimizing proper tire pressure.

But keeping tire pressure about 25 lbs in the front tire and slightly in the back tire can be a perfect to rail anywhere.

Too much tire pressure can cause to bounce everywhere throughout the trail, whereas modern manufacturing tire can slightly deal with optimizing lower tire pressure.


The importance of having efficient cleaned up brakes, we need to make sure that the brakes are not rubbing when they are not engaged.

But these mountain bikes have already preinstalled disc brakes, all it takes to bend the brakes so that it doesn’t rub against the parts. It would be best if you made your mountain bike upside down and resting on a clamp, turn the wheels.

mountain bike brakes

This would help to smooth away. If these are not made correctly, then it can result in brake rub. You need to align them properly so that their pads are not dragging on the disc.

This proper alignment can easily make the speed of the mountain bike faster.

Replace your chain

The stretch in the chain allows slowing down – Every time you dropped a string, you are going to have to stop and fix it, if your speed and time count, then you need to replace the chain.

The stretched chain doesn’t provide the power to the wheels accurately and as efficiently as it should.

And whenever we paddle, there is a slack generated which can jerk our leg.

We need to transfer more power to paddle to run faster from the lofty, due to the stretch power is being eaten up by the slack.

So on should need to check the stretch in a chain periodically as it required to lessen the effort on running faster on mountains and ride the safest and fastest journey.

Tune your Suspension

Suspension plays an essential role in making mountain biking with comfort and effective performance. The bad condition of suspension will eat up the effort and will result in draining your energy faster.

So, one should need to check the suspension quality day to day when going for a rocky, hilly mountain. High suspension bikes come with a variety of features ad suspensions tools different for the front side and backside.

We need to oil the suspension properly and adjust the sagging, progression, and rebound dampening.

Maintain proper lubrication

One may think that lubricating once a while is suitable for the ride.

But we need to properly lubricate the equipment of bikes such as suspension, brake pads, chain, cassettes of the string with the proper oil and proper care.

One should know that the well-lubricated equipment will perform more efficiently and smoothly and allows the biker to ride as it takes.

Apart from smoothness, the proper lubricating the equipment helps to avoid the situational wear and tear.

Clean the Bike

There is always a point of cleaning the equipment to excel the speed and performance and here also when the bike has not been cleaned up for a long time.

It can cause a dense layer on mud on metal and chains, which can be responsible for the inconsistent behavior of chain and paddles.

So, every time one should need to clean up thoroughly before going for a long ride through the mountain. Many a time, the thorough cleaning will result in enhancing the speed and helps to ride faster.


Q1. What kind of bike will I need?

Ans. A basic mountain bike is found reasonable condition with knobbly tires and a bit of suspension in the front.

And needs to make sure that the brakes and gears are working correctly and that the tires are inflated.

Q2. What kind of suspension platforms can help?

Ans. We can use these platforms to load our bike with suspensions VPP, Maestro, Horst-Link, Single Pivot, etc.

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We hope these points on how to make a mountain bike faster helped you. Hence, these following changes can surely make the mountain bike much quicker. And this genre of technological innovations we should surely think about mother nature and opt for eco-friendly replacements such as this bike which are not only useful for mountaineering and also can be used for a daily basis.

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