Maxxis Assegai vs DHF – Which One To Pick?

Maxxis makes some of the best bike tires for all kinds of uses, and all of them are well-known for the quality in the making.

Both tire product from Maxxis Assegai vs DHF is said to be two of the best hard tires that you can get for your mountain or road bike.

The Assegai and the DHF both have almost everything common and similar between each of the tires.

Besides, the quality is assured already from the product brand, which is Maxxis, highly known for the high-quality tire models such as DHF, DHR, Shorty, etc.

Assegai can be described as a crossbreed version tire of all these above-mentioned tire models from Maxxis.

However, both these DHF and Assegai tires are made for mountain bikes or bikes that are used on rough road circumstances and daily rides.

You can use any one of the tires from these two for your daily companion bike to go anywhere that takes you.

Even though they are good tires, but riders sometimes get confused about the best one from them.

So, to help with the confusion, here this article will talk about all the attributes along with the pros and cons of both products.

And a comparison section is also included to make a better understanding of these products from Maxxis.

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Maxxis Assegai vs. DHF



Maxxis Assegai
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Maxxis Minion DHF
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Maxxis Assegai

Maxxis Assegai

This Assegai from Maxxis Assegai vs DHF tires’ comparison is the first product we are looking at, and it is considered one of the best for all the right reasons.

As said earlier, this tire is a crossed mix of all other DHF and DHR tires, which are known for the quality and the performance from Maxxis.

The influence of DHF and DHR tires on this Assegai is visible from the looks itself.

However, it has a more advanced design than all the other tire models from the Maxxis that you can get your hands on.

Taller lugs are added for extra support and comfort with the help of updated siping and other adjustment updates.

Besides, an intermediate lug is added to the design to provide a more positive feeling while cornering at any speed level.

The EXO+ casing is used for the sidewall protection along with the extra layer of protection.

And the extra layer is called the Silk Shield by Maxxis, which sits deeper in the tire’s EXO layers. It wraps around the tire entirely to protect all the sides.

With the use of EXO+ instead of EXO used in other models, the tire has subtle improvement in support while remaining comfortable and increasing the protection.

  • It has more grip because of the design it taken from different models.
  • It can be used as your front wheel.
  • This tire is fast-rolling and efficient.
  • Good traction on the surface.
  • The tire is a bit burly and the rolling resistance is no joke.


Maxxis Minion DHF

Maxxis Minion DHF

DHF is another kind of tire that is from Maxxis Assegai vs DHF comparison. This model has different versions for itself.

A huge variety of different models of DHF are being manufactured with the different rubber compounds that are used as the basic material.

Besides, it also comes different because of the construction of the cases, the wheels' size, and the width of treads.

This model is made of 3 Compound Maxx terra that gives an extra level of protection for the tire and ensures the grip on any road circumstances.

Moreover, this one is also a tubeless tire model like any other Maxxis tires. Remember, all of the tires manufactured currently by Maxxis are tubeless.

And the casing technique used for this tire is single-ply Wide Trail TR, and that, along with the EXO protection, will give a greater cut resistance for the tire.

It is used by both experienced professional riders and amateurs alike on their bike for all kinds of rides they do.

Moreover, this is a tire used on the bike if you are looking for a bike tire for your daily riding bike. It comes to your hands after passing different kinds of durability tests.

The specially designed L-shaped lugs will keep your bike on track by preventing skidding at the corners.

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  • A better grip is assured with the rubber material and the design.
  • It is affordable more when compared with the Assegai models.
  • The rubber used and the other layer, including EXO, increase the durability.
  • The tire is a bit soft that the shape-holding may not find up to the level of other Maxxis tires.


Comparison Between Maxxis Assegai vs DHF

In this comparison of Maxxis Assegai vs DHF, we have to go through all the aspects of both tires for a better understanding.

Material Used

Both of these tires use the same material: the rubber that comes with different types of protective layers.

This DHF model uses an EXO layer to protect the tire and increase the cut resistance.

At the same time that Assegai uses EXO+ protection to do the same. Besides, Assegai and DHF are being made with the 3 Compound Maxx terra.


If you want to use these tires on both ends, you can proceed, but the Assegai wins in that region more because of the special kind of spacious design.

So that being said, you can go for Assegai if you are looking for multi-useable tires.

Weight and Size

The main difference between these two Maxxis tires is the weight and the size they have.

The middle size of this Minion DHF is 2.6 when the middle size of the Assegai is 2.5, and the Assegai is less heavy than the DHF model tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions most asked by the customers and the people who are looking forward to buying these tires.

Do these tires come with a tubeless design?

Yes, both of these tires are tubeless. Maxxis currently not have any tube model tires.

Is there any specific thing about the front or back end for these tires to be used on a bike?

There are no special regulations for that, but it is better to be used as rear tires. But if you are looking for a front end tire, then the Assegai is the one for you.

What kind of Maxxis special casing technology is used on these tires?

Both these tires have their versions of Maxx Terra and Maxx Grip models.

Would these be a good tire to run between some road and trail and loose dirt?

Minions and Assegai both have a very aggressive tread designed for loose dirt and maximum traction.


In this comparison of Maxxis Assegai vs DHF, we went through most of the details about both the tires from the Maxxis mentioned.

And you may found that both of them have many similarities and differences like any other products that any company makes.

As a reputed company in this field of bike tires, Maxxis tires are more searched by the riders. Especially by the mountain and other adventurous riders.

Moreover, it becomes confusing when they come closer to the different models and versions of all those manufactured by the same company with small changes.

So, to help you select the best tires for you, here the comparison information of Maxxis Assegai vs DHF exists.

Find out the interesting thing from both these tires along with the similarities and differences to find out the best tire for your needs.

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