Maxxis Minion DHF Vs DHR (Which Tire To Choose)

If we look at a comparison of Maxxis Minion DHF vs DHR tires from the well-known Maxxis brand, you may find out both of these tires have lots of similarities.

That similarity includes the looks and performance of both tires. Even though you can find some differences in them alongside the advantages over each other when you keenly extract the details.

Remember, this comparison between these Maxxis tires are like a comparison between Pepsi and Coca Cola. They have the same color with a minimal difference in taste.

That is what happens between Minion DHF and Minion DHR tires. Not many differences can be found between these products other than a bit in sizing and weight.

However, when there are two products with everything alike, a comparison might help find the right product for the customer.

After all, they are made for adventurous riders or normal riders that can be used roughly under any circumstances.

So, here is a detailed review of both these Maxxis tires and an explanation of the similarities and the differences between each other for a better understanding.

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Maxxis Minion DHF
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Maxxis Minion DHR II
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Maxxis Minion DHF

Maxxis Minion DHF

This Minion DHF tire from Maxxis Minion DHF VS DHR is one of the best tires manufactured by the Maxxis brand that can be used for any kind of ride on your bike.

And the material used for the making of this tire is the rubber that gives a required level of friction on any kind of surface, and you do not need to get suspicious about the grip of these tires.

The tire’s design is especially for keeping the tires on point without skidding over any rocks or small rock pieces.

After all, this hard rubber material is one of the common materials used for bike tires, and it makes the tires more affordable alongside giving the best durability for the product.

It is used by both experienced professional riders and amateurs alike on their bike for all kinds of rides they do.

Moreover, this is a tire used on the bike if you are looking for a bike tire for your daily riding bike. It comes to your hands after passing different kinds of durability tests.

It has increased abrasion and cut resistance because of the EXO protective technology used on the tire’s sidewalls.

Beyond all, the Maxxis 3C intermediate compound used in the tires is softer, and it retains a good structure and low rolling resistance.

  • The material used in the tire gives better durability.
  • Affordable when compared to many other competing brands.
  • A fantastic grip is assured with the rubber material and the design.
  • The shape holding ability is not great when compared to some other Maxxis tires.


Maxxis Minion DHR

Maxxis Minion DHR

Another tire from Maxxis Minion DHF VS DHR is this Minion DHR. This also can be read along with the best mountain bike tires with the DHF tire models of Maxxis.

As mentioned above, this tire is very similar to the DHF model from the same brand. This DHR tire is a tubeless tire made of the same rubber material from the previous product.

It gives a great grip on the rocks or small gravels with ease. The dual-compound method of making this tire gives lesser rolling resistance along with an increased cornering grip.

Besides, this tire also comes to your hands after passing several durability tests from the company itself.

Moreover, durability is ensured with the EXO protective sidewall technology that helps the tire to resist cuts and increase abrasion.

The installation of this tire is very simple that it is a tubeless tire so that you can straightly install the tire without the extra work of tube installation and other procedures.

After all, this tire has a TPI of 60 with large threads and more rubber material on the tire that gives good comfort on any kind of surface.

If you are looking for a good tire companion at an affordable price. This one can be considered in your list.

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  • The tire is really grippy and comfortable in rocky areas.
  • Gives required friction on the ground and grip while on the downhill
  • Works on hardback, mud, rocks, rocky ledges, sticks, stones, and broken bones.
  • Outstanding trail and all-mountain tire.
  • It has a bit more weight to it.


Comparison Between Maxxis Minion DHF vs DHR

These Minion model tires from Maxxis are very much similar to each other in the making and the materials they use.

But you have to know about the differences and similarities between them to understand these tires fully.

Weight and Size

The main difference between these two Maxxis tires is the weight and the size they have.

The middle size of the Minion DHF is 2.5 when the middle size of the Minion DHR is 2.4, and the DHR is less heavy than the DHF model tires.

Knob Differences

The DHF tires have a taller and skinnier siped knob along with a solid knob as an alternative.

Besides, the center siping of the DHF tire runs in the direction of the tire's circumference.

Simultaneously, Minion DHR has a little bit shorter center knob than the DHF, and the gap between the side knob is lesser than the DHF.

Moreover, it has a side to side siping that help in more grip on the road, rocks, or roots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this tire be mounted on a 35mm with a tubeless setup?

Yes, it can be mounted on a 35mm with tubeless setup.

Would these be a good tire to run between some road and trail and loose dirt?

Minions have a very aggressive tread designed for loose dirt and maximum traction.

Can I use these tires as front or back end tires for my bike?

They are intended to be run as a rear tire. The DHF is designed as a front tire. The DHRs are marked with a roll direction, so you "might" be able to reverse their direction and use them on the front, but I have not seen others doing that.

Are these made of Maxterra compound?

Max terra is not as grippy as Max grip but lasts longer, and no, it is not made of Max terra compound.

Is this double down tire?

This is not a double down tire. It is a 3C Maxterra compound.


Here you read all the similarities and the differences of Maxxis Minion DHF vs DHR. Two of these tires are rated as the best mountain bike tires for all your adventure needs.

Even though here included all the details about the products along with the comparison of both products to help you with the selection of the tire for your bike.

You can go through all those points mentioned above if you are interested in getting the best one from this reputed company's similar tires.

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