If you are a person who loves to ride your bike every day for fun or as a workout, then it is important to have the bike around you.

But it may become impossible when you are making a road trip in your car or SUV.

For that, there are different models of bike racks available for you.

However, it is easy to use a hitch bike rack or any other racks on a car, but the situation is different with a truck.

It is always recommended to use the best truck bed bike rack for carrying around bikes on a truck.

First of all, there is no need for an external rack when you have a free truck bed is available behind you. So, we tried some of the best truck bed racks available in the market.

And we created the list of best products from them to make the search and selection of your bike rack easier for you.

Here following is a list of bike racks that you can use on your truck’s bed. Moreover, some related information is also included to help you select and purchase a truck bed bike rack.

5 Best Truck Bed Bike Racks

 1. Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack

Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack
  • Quickly secure the bike without frame contact using the ratcheting arm.
  • Ideal for carbon frames, mountain, downhill, e-bikes, and fat bikes.
  • Accommodates wheel sizes from 20 – 29” and up to 5” tire.
  • Lock bike to rack using Thule’s One-Key System (lock included).
  • Holds 1 bike up to 50lbs.

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Here is a one-bike carrier rack to be used on the bed of a truck easily without making any kind of frame contact. It is one of the great features that the best truck bed bike racks have on them.

Besides, the rack is adjustable at any level according to your preference so that you can make a satisfying and safe position for your bike. Thule made this rack with all the aspects that you might be looking for on a bike rack.

There is no extra work to be done or tools needed to get your bike locked on this rack. Instead, it has a ratcheting arm on it that will catch on to the bike and keep it safe. And it is one of the best ways to go for fat-tire bikes, e-bikes, expensive carbon fiber bike models, etc.

Moreover, the rack is equipped with Thule’s own One-Key system to keep the bike safe on the rack. Finally, the rack comes along with the rack, so there is no extra purchasing needed.

  • Ratchet arms and a One-Key lock system will keep the bike secured on the rack.
  • The rack is lightweight with aluminum and a plastic build.
  • No frame contact is needed to keep the frame locked and secured.
  • Any kind of extra work or tools is not needed to use this rack.
  • You have to make a way to keep the rack on the floor safe on rough roads.

2. Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 4-Bike Rack

Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 4-Bike Rack
  • Works with Mountain, Road, Cruisers, E-Bikes, Fat Tire, BMX & more.
  • Wheel Mount Design, No Front Tire Removal, No Holes To Drill in Your Truck.
  • Adjustable for 20″-29″ Wheel Diameters & .75″-2.8″ Tire Widths, 3″-5″ Tire Width w/ Optional Fat Tire Tube Kit.
  • All Aluminum Means No Rust.

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If you are looking for a bike rack for your truck and have multiple bikes, this might be the perfect and best truck bed bike rack for you. It is an organizer and bike holder that will help you to keep the bike safe and make the space on the bed useful.

Up to four bikes can be loaded onto this rack, and the rack's size and shape are not an easy thing to stole and getaway. So that you don't have to be concerned about the theft problems.

All kinds of bikes can be locked on this rack and are easy to load and unload from the truck. Because there is no need for drilling holes or any other kind of risky work to secure the rack.

Besides, the rack is made of aluminum, so you don't have to worry about the rusting parts with the rain you might encounter throughout the rides. However, it has a size because of the slots for four different bikes in it.

  • The aluminum material is lightweight.
  • You don’t have to worry about rusting parts.
  • Four bikes can be loaded.
  • It offers more safety to your bikes.
  • The rack is big, so it will most of the truck bed space.

3. INNO RT201 Truck Bed Bike Rack

INNO RT201 Truck Bed Bike Rack
  • Hardware is included and there is no drilling required.
  • Does not require front tire removal of the bike.
  • Works with standard bike cable locks (not included)

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This rack for the truck is a one-bike mount from the Inno brand that is more of a truck wall mount. Because with this mount, your bike will be attached securely to the sidewall of the truck bed.

It is very secure because both ends of the mount are locked onto the truck and the bike. Besides, there are no extra tools available to install or remove the rack. Although, there is a negative that the mount is more secure when connected to the frame.

And you can't use this rack for more than two bikes on the truck bed. It is because, as you may be observed, the truck has only two side walls to attach the mounts. So even though this mount has a very compact design that can be kept anywhere you like.

It will never become an obstacle in front of you when you require more space on the truck. Moreover, it has a kind of design that can hold different kinds of luggage you have.

  • It is straightforward to store wherever you want it.
  • All the parts are separate pieces that you can attach according to your need.
  • The mount will be securely locked onto the bike and truck.
  • No extra tools or holes are needed for the installation.
  • The bikes need to be locked onto the frame with this mount.
  • Only two of them can be used on one truck.

4. Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Bike Rack

Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Bike Rack
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The rubber end pads help to grip your bed rails and prevent scratches and abrasions.
  • Bikes are secured on the fork mount blocks.
  • Transport up to 2 bikes. Maximum weight capacity of 35Ibs. per bike.
  • Made of solid stainless steel that will last for a long time.

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Another one of the best truck bed bike racks is this one from the Swagman brand, and it is the best because of the stability alongside safety it offers. First of all, the bikes will be locked onto the mount with the front wheel stem.

So, you have to remove the bikes' wheels to lock the bike on the mount rack that will be equipped between the two walls of the truck bed. Although, there are no extra tools required to lock the bike on the rack.

But you need tools to remove the wheels from the bike, and it is important to find a safe way to keep the wheel safe. So that concludes it is not a usual take-and-run model rack that you can take for a ride for small intervals of a road ride.

The rack is made of stainless steel material so that there will be no rusty parts on it. Besides, the steel characteristic makes it strong and durable. Moreover, no thief will find taking the bike from this rack an easy process.

  • More security is offered with the locking system without the wheel.
  • It offers great stability to your bike on any kind of road.
  • Stainless steel material is strong and durable.
  • The wheels have to be removed to lock the bike on this rack.
  • Only two bikes can be loaded on the rack.

5. Hollywood Racks T970 Mount Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks T970 Mount Bike Rack
  • Mounts to any solid surface, such as a truck toolbox, trailer, or a homemade custom rack.
  • Uses 6061 aluminum body with heavy-duty 9mm quick-release skewer.
  • Fits front wheels 100mm O.L.D. (Over-Locknut-Dimension).
  • Pre-assembled.

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Hollywood Racks is one of the well-known brands that produce different types of bike racks with different specialties. This T970 Fork Block mount is the best one from them in the best bike rack for truck beds.

This is also a rack with which you have to remove the bike's wheels to lock it in place. But the advantage of these kinds of racks is that you can use them in all sizes of truck beds.

Some trucks come with a small truck bed on the back, so removing a wheel will become vital because of the rack or the truck itself. Besides, this is more of a permanent mount system that you can screw down into any hole on the bed.

Otherwise, you have to make holes on the truck for this mount. It is made with aluminum 6061, so you don't have to worry about rusting. After all, all frame sizes can be loaded on this rack without any problems.

  • The product is available in aluminum, so rusting will not become a problem.
  • All frame sizes are welcome on this mount.
  • No assembling or installation tricks are required.
  • Small and simple, so storing and transporting is very easy.
  • You need two holes anywhere to mount this rack onto.

Buyer's Guide - Best Truck Bed Bike Racks

A truck bed bike rack will come in handy at any time you need to transport your bikes. But buying a truck bed rack is not according to the look it has. Instead, there are things that you have to consider before making a final decision about the truck bed bike rack you needed.

The number of bikes you carry on the truck

Most of the truck bed bike rack models available in the market come with a capacity to keep one or two bikes loaded. That will become a problem if you have to take more people with you on your trip.

So, you have to consider the chances of having more bikes in several situations and plan before buying a rack. However, nothing matters if you are more likely to ride alone and love to do it alone.

The security of the rack and bikes

You might travel to many places on the truck along with the bikes, so it is important to have a good security system. That includes security for your racks and bikes together because there are different models of racks available.

Some of them can be locked onto the truck with their own locking system, but others are just to be left on the bed. This increases the chance of getting the bikes, and the whole rack system was stolen in one swoop in an isolated area.

That means you need to consider how often you will leave your truck in an isolated area. However, you can tie up the racks and bikes together on the truck with straps and extra locks.

The design of the rack

It is important to note the rack's design for looks and storage-related matters. After all, bed bike racks take a little space, but some are not foldable or easily movable.

So that you have to consider the chances of extra storage space you needed on your truck bed. If the rack offers a compact look and needs very little space when not in use, it is the best way to go.

Consider how frequently you may use the rack

It is a truck bed bike rack, so carrying it on the back with the bikes loaded on it may not happen much for many people. Because the truck bed has to be free to load it, and you have to go for a ride with your bikes.

If either of these is not happening, then buying an expensive rack is pointless. After all, if you are a constant bike rider and on road trips, buying a durable and premium rack is the best way to go.

Affordability of the rack

Like any other product, you have to consider the price of the rack while selecting one. Because if you buy an expensive truck bike rack, you may never use it often, which will be a hole in your wallet.

So, you have to consider all the features you needed for the rack you will lock the bikes on. And the selection of an expensive truck bed bike rack is also connected to how frequently you use the rack you are going to get.

FAQs About Truck Bed Bike Racks

Here is some other extra information as the answers to the most asked questions about truck bed bike racks from customers and enthusiasts. You may find more helpful information from this, too, along with the guide explained in the above section.

Which is the most reliable way to be used on the truck bed with a rack to keep the bike stable?

According to people's experiences and the affordability aspects, the most reliable thing to do is to tie down the bike with soft straps or bungee cords.

What is the level of safety that the bike gets with a truck bed bike rack?

The safest way of using a rack is always the hitch rack, but it is simpler to use the bed on a truck. And the bikes are in safe hands on a truck if the rack is placed properly and the straps are distributed efficiently.

Is there any advantage of using a truck bed rack over other racks?

Yes, it has its own advantages, like your vehicle's number plate will never be hidden. Besides, the bike will not take extra space than the actual size of the truck itself, like on a hitch rack or a roof mount rack.


Utilizing the bed space available on the back of your vehicle is the best way to carry bikes on road trips when you have a truck. You can find out many of the best truck bed bike racks in the market, but finding the perfect one for you may become difficult.

So, all these above-listed bed bike racks can help in that area because they are reviewed as the best available in the market. However, the right one for you is according to the type of truck you have and other preferences that may affect you or your truck.

For that, you can use all the information included, such as the buying guide and the most asked questions from people. So go through all the bits and pieces we provided for you and find the right one.

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