Getting a bike yourself is always a perfect idea to stay healthy and productive in daily life. However, keeping up with regular riding may not be possible for you. That’s where the need for a bike rack comes in a rider’s life.

If you can get a hands-on any of those bike racks available in the market, you can move your bike along with you. A roof rack is one of the few options that you can go in that situation. You can mount your bike securely on the roof of your car or SUV with it.

Many brands make the best roof bike rack products in different models and their versions. Finding out the right model to work for you in the way you need is a fence that you can’t jump to escape.

Some products are highly recommended, and you can go for them without any doubt in the quality. But, alongside that, there are some things that you need to know about getting a roof bike rack for your car.

Here are some of the best roof bike racks and few guidelines that will help you find and select the perfect roof rack for your bikes.

Best Roof Mount Bike Racks

 1. Yakima HighRoad Wheel-On Roof Bike Rack

Yakima HighRoad Wheel-On Roof Bike Rack
  • Carry any bike: Secure, sleek, and simple to use.
  • Streamlined protection: Low profile tray minimizes hatch interference.
  • Roof rack required: Crossbar spread must be between 18″ and 35″.
  • Easy to use: New integrated TorqueRight tightening knob is quick and easy to adjust and secures your bike with precision.

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Here is a product from Yakima, one of the popular brands in the sports accessories industry. The company assures the quality of the product for the past few decades.

We cannot exclude this HighRoad Wheel-On bike rack from this brand when it comes to the best roof bike rack. The rack is well-built, perfectly designed, and very simple to use that you can easily install on the roof.

You can load the bikes with wheel sizes from 26″ to 29″ without problems. Besides, you don’t need to make any adjustments to lock different size bikes. The bike can be loaded as it is without removing the wheels.

There is also no contact between the frame and any part of the rack so that your paint job will be in perfect condition. Although, you need a crossbar spread on the roof of your car to install the rack on top of it.

And it must need to be between 18 and 35-inch to keep the rack with enough grip safely. However, there is no need for any extra tools to install and detach the crossbar’s rack.

  • There is no frame contact between the bike and the rack.
  • You can carry any bike on it.
  • No extra tools are required for the installation and removal.
  • Special knob to tight and fit the bike perfectly.
  • The rack is an expensive one with a single bike slot.

2. Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Bike Rack

Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Bike Rack
  • Fits Most Disc Brakes: Fits bikes that use standard 100 mm x 9 mm quick release front hubs.
  • Adjustable Length: The sliding wheel tray is easy to adjust and allows for a wide range of bike lengths.
  • Roof Rack Required: Crossbar spread a minimum of 16" and a maximum of 42".
  • No Frame Contact: No frame contact means your bike's paint doesn't get scratched.

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This one is another model roof rack from the same Yakima brand, and this one is also built with high-quality materials. It is considered to be the best fork mount roof bike rack on the market.

First of all, as the name suggests, it is a fork-mount bike rack. That means you have to remove the front wheels to load the bike on it. There is no doubt about the stability and safety of a fork mount rack.

Besides, you can easily use this rack on a small-sized roof or if you want that sunshade portion excluded from the rack install. Recommended model bikes are those that come with standard 100 x 9 mm quick-release front hubs.

Remember not to go for a roof rack like this if your bike is not designed for easy front-wheel removals. A crossbar that has a spread of a minimum of 16" is enough to install this rack.

  • You can use this rack even on a smaller roof.
  • Installation and removal of the rack are straightforward and toolless.
  • No frame contact will be made, so no scratches.
  • More stability because of the fork mount system.
  • You have to remove the wheel every time you need to lock a bike on it.

3. CyclingDeal Alloy Roof Bike Rack

CyclingDeal Alloy Roof Bike Rack
  • Light & Strong Aluminum: Made of finest 6063 aluminum. It’s light, strong, stunning finish, and never rust.
  • Easy Install Take Off: Very easy to install on the car roof crossbars.
  • Fit Most Bikes: Keeps wheels on the bike ensures that all bikes could be quickly secured on the rack.

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Here is another lightweight roof bike rack that you can mount on top of your car or SUV. The aluminum build itself made it strong and worth being considered as the best roof bike rack.

Before everything, this is a roof rack that you can load up to two bikes at a time. The stunning finish and the never rusting property ensure long-term use and durability. So, you can use it in all climates.

You can install the rack on the crossbars without using any tools or extra workforce. The rack is designed to hold almost every bike frame and wheel size currently in the market.

The special slot to keep the tires in will keep the bike secured from sliding out of the rack. And you can use the straps available in the package for extra safety and stability of both the rack and the bikes.

  • You can load up to two bikes on it.
  • The special design offers more safety and security.
  • There is no need to remove the wheels from the bikes.
  • Extra straps can be used for great stability.
  • The aluminum material makes the roof lightweight.
  • The stability of the bikes cannot compete with the fork mount models.

4. RockyMounts Tomahawk Roof Bike Rack

RockyMounts Tomahawk Roof Bike Rack
  • No bike frame contact - simply ratchet the hook over the front wheel and secure the front/rear wheel straps.
  • Fat bike ready (up to 5" tires) out of the box. Includes two wheel strap extensions.
  • Swingarm easily adjusts for driver-side and passenger-side installation.
  • Mounts to all styles of crossbars - round, square, factory, aero.
  • Holds all styles of bikes, 20 - 29" wheels (except those with front fenders).
  • New Easy-Load wheel straps make loading bikes easier than ever.

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RockyMounts manufactures this specific roof mount rack model for bikes as the premium product in the market. And it is much advanced in safety and the security of your bike and the rack itself.

Lightweight aluminum is used for making the rack, so you can easily load and mount it on the crossbar. The ratchet hook will be locked from the top of the bike's front wheel that prevents any frame contact.

Moreover, you can load all kinds of bikes without struggles to get them fit tight. The special slots and the extra straps will keep the bike from wobbling around on the top of your head.

The locking system in which the ratchet catches the wheel from the top is very secure for the bikes. It will not scratch and damage any of the paintworks on the bike.

And this kind of locking method provides more protection from theft while parking in some empty areas.

  • The rack is made of aluminum lightweight material.
  • You can load a bike without taking apart any pieces from it.
  • The top-tire locking ratchet provides more security and stability.
  • It is possible to adjust according to the driver’s side or passenger’s side.
  • The locking and removal of the bike from the rack are a little time-consuming.

5. Rhino Hybrid Bike Rooftop Rack

Rhino Hybrid Bike Rooftop Rack
  • Three Locking Systems: Safely Secure Both Bike and Carrier
  • Ergonomic: Engineered with an ergonomically shaped handle that makes the roof bike rack arm easier to pull down and release.
  • Fits Most Roof Bars: Fits either side of the roof and folds flat when not in use.
  • Built Tough: Both the Arm and Tray are Made from Premium Aluminum and Powder Coated Black.
  • Carry Specs: Carry up to 45lbs.
  • Easy Mounting: No contact with your bike frame and no wheel removal required makes mounting a breeze.

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Rhino is another one of those popular brands known for the best racks for different needs. The bike rack is one of the products from the long list, and this one is more special with several features.

Before going further, this is a roof rack for your bike with a very safe and secured lock system. When it comes to safety measures, the rack is equipped with multiple locking systems that will avoid theft under any condition.

You never need any extra tools to lock the bike onto the rack or the roof. It has an ergonomically designed high-quality handle to do it easily. Besides, the material used is premium aluminum which is very lightweight.

This, along with the tray for the wheels with the same material, makes sure about the durability. The rack will not get rusted by leaving it on the roof of your car. Almost all kinds of bike sizes are fittable on this rack.

  • The aluminum material is lightweight.
  • You don’t have to worry about rusting of the rack.
  • It has a Special front wheel locking ratchet alongside multiple locking systems.
  • The tray of the rack can handle almost all bike sizes.
  • Loading and locking the bike on the rack will be difficult.

6. Swagman Standard Fork Mount Roof Rack

Swagman Standard Fork Mount Roof Rack
  • Easy To Assemble: Easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • Convenient: The upright rooftop carrier, easily transports 1 bike while attaching to your roof rack.
  • Versatile: The solid & versatile design fits most vehicles types & sizes.
  • Security: Bikes are secured on the fork mount blocks.

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Here is another one of the fork mount racks and is considered the best roof bike rack. First of all, this one of the few roof bike racks comes at a fairly reasonable price. So, it can be considered from the budget side of the bikes and other aspects.

There is no way of getting the installation procedure wrong on this one. It is effortless, and no tools o extra parts are required for it. Once it is assembled, you can either load a bike and go for an arid.

Or you can leave the rack on top of the car even if it is not in use. It will not make the rack rust while using it for a long period of time. It is because of the high-quality and lightweight materials used for the making of this rack.

The product can easily handle bikes with wheel sizes from 20 to 29-inch; if you are looking for a weight distribution for each bike, the recommended weight of an individual bike is 35 lbs.

  • It is a very affordable model roof bike rack.
  • The fork mount system offers more safety and stability.
  • You can use it on roofs that have smaller surface areas.
  • No tools are required for the loading and unloading of the bikes.
  • You have to remove the front wheel of the bike to load the bike on it.

Buyer's Guide for Best Roof Bike Racks

It is easy to get the most expensive roof bike rack if you have money to spend on it. Although, the price tag is not at all a promise for the great quality of the product. So, it is important to have an idea about different aspects of the roof racks.

You can compare all your preferences with the essential aspects you have to consider while buying a new roof rack. This will help you to get the perfect product for you without spending more money.

Installation Process

Many roof mount racks are made with similar installation techniques, but there are some other models. These racks come with some complicated techniques that you might have to seek information from product brochures or other customers.

A few others come with harder-to-perform techniques, but that may be because of the increased security. Whichever product you choose, it is essential to consider the right installation technique that will work for you at any time.

Easiness in Loading and unloading of Bike

How fast and easy to load a bike to your roof rack without making any mess? A roof rack can scratch or fall apart if the loading of the bike is not done properly. So, go for the easiest rack that you can yourself load a bike without much effort.

Besides, the bike's unloading is another concern you need to have when searching for the perfect roof rack. Make sure to go for a rack with no extra parts that stick out on the way of loading and unloading.

It is already an effort to load a bike onto the roof rack. It will become more difficult if more things making problems for the main purpose of the rack.

The number of bikes you have to carry around

Like any other bike rack, the number of bikes you have to carry determines the size and the number of slots on the rack. If you have multiple bikes, then it is always good to go with a rack that has more than one slot.

Even though most roof bike racks available in the market come with a single slot version. Although, professional riders are more tend to use roof racks for multiple amounts of bikes.

After all, if the rack has more slots, that means larger in size. That concludes with more stability for the bikes and the rack itself.

The size of the rack

Size is an essential aspect of any product you bought or going to buy. A roof rack also has different sizes, even for a single bike model. Selecting the right size product depends on different things.

You can consider the garage size you have, which means make sure that you have enough space in the garage to park the car with a big rack on top of it. Otherwise, you must have to go with a much smaller version of the rack.

Another thing to notice is the bike's size and wheels cause you need enough space to lock a fat tire bike comfortably.

FAQs About Best Roof Bike Racks

Suppose you are trying to get more information about roof bike racks than from the buying guide. Here are some of the most asked questions about the roof bike racks from customers and bike enthusiasts.

Is it easy to use a roof bike rack?

Suppose you cannot have a problem picking up the bike easily and mounting it on the roof. Then it is easy for you with a roof bike rack.

What about the safety provided by a roof bike rack?

Your bike will be secure for sure on a roof bike rack, but it depends on the locking system it has. And how premium the rack you are using to hold your bike.

Having a roof rack worth it?

Yes, it is one of the best investments that you can make to keep your bike safe on the road. Unfortunately, however, these some of the most expensive models of racks manufactured in the market.

Can I leave roof racks on the roof while on the road?

There is no need to remove the roof rack when bikes are not loaded on it. A roof rack will never become a problem if you leave it on the roof. However, you have to keep the rack and the connection joints clean to prevent rusting and scratching.


There are some of the best roof bike rack products explained in this informational piece for you. First, however, you need to have some idea about the roof rack and include guidelines.

Even if all the right boxes got a tick for one product in your case, that never means it is the right product for you. That means it is important to go through the buying guide to get more idea about your preferences.

Beyond everything, choosing the right roof rack for your bike is important for the safety of many things. That includes your bike, carrying vehicle, and whatever around it, including yourself.

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