Best 4 Bike Hitch Rack – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

A bike rack that can be used on a car or any four-wheeler is important when it comes to on-road trips so that you can carry around all your bikes along with you. Then you don’t have to worry about missing a day on your bike.

For some people, a bike is a workout companion, and for some others, it is an emotion so that they cannot go far without their bikes. Besides, they may be professional riders with more than two bikes to carry around.

In that case, you need a bike rack that can load a minimum of four bikes without any problem. So, you have to get the best 4 bike hitch rack for all your four bikes to be loaded on the back of your car.

But finding a high-quality bike rack that can hold the weight of all your bikes without making any mess on your car might be a little difficult. Because of the vast amount of products available in the market, all make the customer all confused.

So, to help with that, here are some of the best 4 bike hitch racks available in the market, and all of them come with the basic and advanced level configuration according to the price range they represent.

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14 Best 4 Bike Hitch Racks

1. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Bike Rack

If you are looking for a bike rack that can hold all your four bikes simultaneously, this rack may be the right rack for you with all the specifications. Besides, this is one of the most reviewed products by the customers reviewed out there.

This is a hanging model rack that is considered to be the best 4 bike hitch rack in which the bikes are hanged one after another on the strong double arms equipped parallel to each other. Your bikes will be safe on this rack with each arm on the frame.

So, the bike will not wobble around and scratch itself or the paint of your car. First of all, the car needs a well-built hitch to use this product like any other hitch bike racks.

Besides, the rack is equipped with Allen’s specially manufactured and patented tie-down system that offers great security for your bikes without making them moving around inside the lock.

You can install and remove the rack within minutes yourself without any extra help from anyone. Moreover, you don’t have to remove the bikes or rack from the car to access the truck, with the rack’s ability to be folded downwards a little.

  • The dual-arm system gives more stability and security to the bikes.
  • It has a meager and affordable price tag compared to many other racks.
  • You can access the trunk without removing the rack.
  • Installation and removal of the rack are effortless.
  • It cannot be used on trailers.
  • The hanging model is a little risky for expensive bikes with premium paint.


2. Hollywood Racks Destination 4-Bike Hitch Rack

A platform model bike rack is always the best kind to go for the secure placing of the bike on the back of your car. It is because of the security offers from the wheels to the frame area of the bikes.

Not considering this product to be the best 4 bike hitch rack will be a mistake after going through all its features. Besides, the look and design of this product itself are safety assuring.

Hollywood racks brand makes this version of their bike rack to carry four of your bikes together without any kind of problems with a recommended maximum load of 35lbs per bike.

The rack has four moveable wheel trays, and each bike will be mounted to those trays by locking with the wheels. So, the wheel system and the handlebar will never move around when locked up on the rack.

Moreover, you can tilt the rack when you want to open your car's trunk without removing the whole system every time.

  • The platform base offers more security for the bikes.
  • It has high-quality built with a very durable and strong design.
  • You can fold it downwards to access the trunk area of the vehicle.
  • Locks are available to lock the upper body of the bikes on the rack itself.
  • The platform model racks will take more space on the back end of the car.


3. KAC S4 Hitch Bike Rack

Here is another bike rack on which the bikes are loaded by hanging them, and the difference is that this rack only has one arm to hold the bikes. But the arm is built in high-quality to carry around up to four bikes easily.

Although, it is not much recommended to load bikes that have extended longer than a normal size bike because the weight will be coordinated only to one point of the rack. That may reduce the balance of bikes on it.

This product is equipped with a specially designed lock system and anti-wobble techniques to keep your bikes steady and safe. Besides, it is elementary to access the trunk of your car without removing the rack.

It is because the rack has to tilt a little to the opposite side so you can bend the rack along with the bikes on it and without damaging anything.

You don't need tools or extra workforce to install and remove the bike rack to and from the car or any vehicle you use on the road.

  • The price of this bike rack is meager.
  • The rack is specially designed for easy loading and unloading of the bikes.
  • A Dual-tilting system helps you to keep the rack compact when not in use.
  • It will only take very little space, so it will never feel like a big mess.
  • It is not recommended for big bikes with more length.
  • There are chances for wobbling between bikes when hanging around.


4. KAC Overdrive Sports K4 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

This one product is a platform model hitch bike rack that is said to be the best 4 bike hitch rack that you can get in the market, and it is available for under a thousand bucks. Moreover, the rack is manufactured with the most advanced and high-quality materials and techniques.

It is made of steel alloy that is very strong and can hold more weight which is also patented with the anti-wobble system to keeping the bikes steady on the rack. Besides, the powder-coated texture of the product gives more grip and durability.

You will never have to seek anyone or any other tools to get your rack installed or removed from the car. It is straightforward to do it by yourself within minutes, and it has a reflector on it that assures the visibility of the rack in any light circumstances.

The whole product looks like a big puzzle to put it all together and install, but the rack is very simple to assemble and install on your vehicle. And the base provided by the platform model bike is handy and safe for bikes.

  • The platform of the rack gives more base to the loaded bikes.
  • There are locks on the rack to keep the upper body of the bikes secure.
  • It has those special slots to keep the tires stable.
  • All kinds of bikes can be loaded on this rack.
  • The rack is expensive when compared to many other products.


5. BV 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Another rack that can be said to be the best 4 bike hitch rack is this platform model rack from the BV brand. First of all, it is designed to carry four bikes as two pairs and has all the slots to provide a great base to your bikes.

The specially designed ports to keep the tires offer more stability to the bike in any situation. This, along with the upper body lock poles on the rack, will take care of the bike's upper parts, and it has a locking system that will keep the bike secure from theft.

Besides, the safety reflector attached to the rack will give enough visibility to other drivers under any light circumstances. So, night driving along with a rack on the back of your car can become less worrying.

All areas touching the bikes are padded with foam and grippy materials so that the bikes will stay wherever you left them on the rack.

  • The rack has the ability to bend downwards to access the trunk easily.
  • The bike slots are equipped with enough space.
  • It has upper body locks for bikes to get more safety on the rack.
  • Any kind of bike can be loaded on it.
  • The base will take more space than many of the other products.


6. Trimax Road-Max Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Trimax gave a unique look to its Road-Max platform model bike rack, and the uniqueness is that the rack's platform is designed with a curvy look with all the locks and straps to keep the bikes on the rack.

The uniqueness in the look itself gave it the leverage to become the best 4 bike hitch rack and some other bike racks. Accessing the tailgate or the trunk will never become a problem because of its ability to tilt down a little.

Besides, the platform's small bend will keep the bike from moving to the front or back while going through rough road circumstances. This will support the bikes without making any scratches on them alongside the adjustable and padded arm.

Moreover, the locking system will clip the wheels with strong locks, and it also has lock poles to give support to the upper body of the bikes and offer security to your asset from theft.

  • The curved platform keeps the bike unmoveable in any direction when it is locked.
  • You can tilt the rack a little to access the trunk without removing the whole rack.
  • It can be compact when it is closed by the joints available on the rack.
  • High-resistance Zamack buckles offer a great grip on your bike.
  • The rack has weight, and it will take up some space.


7. Venzo 4 Bike Hitch Rack

This bike rack that can carry four bikes in one load is from the brand called Venzo is equipped with all the features that you might be looking for on a platform model hitch bike rack.

All those efficient aspects of the rack make it the best 4 bike hitch rack among the most reviewed racks in the market. And it is available at a low price range so that anyone can afford it.

It is made of heavy-duty materials that ensure the sturdiness of the product so that the rack will keep your bikes from wobbling around while going through a rough road surface.

Each bike will sit on the rack with a specific amount of space and an effective arrangement so that any parts of the bikes will never touch each other and cause scratches all over the bikes or the vehicle carrying the rack.

Adjustable foam protectors and foldable features are available on this rack so that it will never become a burden on the back of your car even it is not in use.

  • Foam protectors that are adjustable so the bikes will stay safe.
  • The unique arrangement of bike slots will prevent the touching of parts.
  • Lock poles offer stability and security
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • The material can get easily rusty without proper care.


8. Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4 Bike Hitch Rack

This is the same hanging model that we saw with many models but with a double-arm system. Any part of the bikes other than the frame will never touch the rack because the bike will be hanging on the frame.

Besides, the rack is the best with all the advanced features and padded locking system it provides for more safety and security to your bikes. One of the major things about this rack is the lower price range.

Simultaneously, all the rack parts are made from high-quality materials that are strong and durable. Easy ratchet buckles on the two arms will keep the bike strong and sturdy, and the two arms will grab from two sides of the frame.

So, you don't have to worry about the bike getting a rotative motion on the frame while passing through rough road circumstances. Beyond everything, the E-coating and high-quality paint will keep the metal protected from getting rusty in the long run.

  • Double arms provide more stability on the frame from both ends.
  • The price of this rack is very affordable.
  • E-coating and high-quality paints are used to resist the rusting of metal.
  • All kinds of straps and locks needed to get enough stability are available on the rack.
  • The hanging model can never give stability like a platform model.


9. MaxxHaul 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

This is another bike rack with a configuration of one arm to carry up to four bikes without any kind of problems. You don't have to worry about the stability and the sturdiness of the rack.

Because the rack is equipped with some of the best locks and straps available that can hold the bike without letting them move around a bit. ANd the rack has that swing-down features, which make it easy to access the trunk even if the bikes are loaded.

Moreover, this whole product is made with heavy steel metal with the strongest characteristics compared with all other materials used on other racks. However, these racks are not recommended for RV vehicles, campers, and fifth wheels.

Finally, this is a product with one of the lowest price tags from all these mentioned racks considered the best 4 bike hitch racks.

  • It has a single arm that can easily hold four bikes.
  • One of the most affordable bike racks available.
  • Strong locks and straps are available on the rack to keep the bikes stable.
  • You can tilt the rack to access the trunk without removing the bikes.
  • The steel metal is a little heavy, and the stability is questionable on this product.


10. Retrospec Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Hanging model bike racks are very easy to load and unload the bikes when you are in a rush throughout a ride. And getting a double-arm hitch mount rack is the best way to get more stability on this kind of rack.

That being said, this Retrospec bike rack made from alloy steel material is strong and can stand the weight of up to four bikes easily. Besides, the price tag of this product also surprisingly comes under a hundred dollars.

It has an anti-rattle adapter available with it that helps to minimize the vibration of bikes between each other. And it also helps with the wobbling of bikes on the arms of the rack.

Besides, the rack is equipped with enough space between all the bike locks so that you can use it for all kinds of bikes. Both arms have straps and locks for each one of the bikes, which makes it more sturdy.

  • The rack is available at one of the best and affordable price ranges.
  • The dual-arm system offers more support on the bike frames.
  • You can keep the rack in a compact look while not in use.
  • Tie-down cradles and straps are available to keep the bikes secured on the rack.
  • It cannot keep the bikes away from small vibrations like on a platform model rack.


11. Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack

Thule is well-known for all of its high-quality bike racks of different kinds. This Apex XT is another one of them and is also made with precision and durable materials. All of these aspects make it the best 4 bike hitch rack for all of your four bikes.

It can be attached to cars with a 2-inch hitch receiver on it very easily. Besides, this hanging model rack is perfect for all kinds of bikes because of the straps that can hold the frame's size.

The rack is made with durable and strong heavy-duty iron so that it is not easily breakable. So, it is capable of carrying all kinds of bikes that include oversized and undersized models.

Besides, the powder coating surface of the rack offers more grip on the frame of the bike. So that it will not get scratched with wobbling that can happen with a hanging model bike rack.

  • Anti-sway cradles provide superior quality and great stability
  • Cable locks are available and are integrated on the rack.
  • The base of the rack is solid and has all the adjustment units.
  • A wide variety of bikes can be loaded on this rack.
  • You have to keep the wheel system of the bikes secured, or they will wobble around.


12. Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Yakima makes some of the best bike racks available in the market, including this DoubleDown model rack. Equipped with all the advanced features and an extra secure locking system for your bikes.

First of all, this is a hanging rack that will let you hand up to four bikes at a time. All kinds of bikes with the traditional model frame design can be loaded on this rack without any difficulties.

Instead, bikes that have slanted top tubes need a special adapter for TubeTop that can also get separately for extra money if you need it. One press of a button will let you tilt down the rack easily to access your car's trunk area.

The rack is made with a simple, secure design that includes anti-sway cradles that eliminates all the possibilities of contacts between the bikes. SO, you don't have to worry about the scratches that can be occurred through contacts on a rough road.

  • Any kind of bikes with a traditional frame geometry can be loaded
  • Installation and use are straightforward and easy without any extra help.
  • It is compatible with commonly used hitch receivers on cars.
  • Bike-to-Bike contact is reduced with the smart anti-sway cradle design.
  • Much heavier bikes are not recommended like any other hanging models.


13. Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack

Here is another Thule dual-arm hanging model bike rack that is also considered the best 4 bike hitch rack. All commonly used hitch receivers can comfortably be attached to this rack.

It has the ability to bend a little at joints to provide the space for accessing the trunk area of your car. So, there is no need to remove the bikes or the rack itself to open the trunk or access your vehicle's tailgate.

Anti-sway cradles equipped on this rack will take care of the vibrations that happened while on the rough road circumstances with great stability controlling. Besides, it prevents contact between bikes while hanging on the rack.

Moreover, loading and unloading of the bike are not at all a time-consuming process with this rack. The ratchet straps can be used for easy locking of the bikes on the arms. And the padded material will protect the frame paint and the whole bike itself.

  • You can tilt down the rack along with bikes to access the trunk.
  • It can be used with commonly used hitch receivers.
  • Fit integrated anti-wobble cradles offer superior bike stability.
  • Installation and usage of the rack are simple.
  • Bikes with a long frame and other parts are not recommended.


14. Amazon Basics Hitch Bike Rack

Amazon Basics is an internal brand of Amazon, and they are known for high built quality for all of its products. That being said, this 4 bike hitch rack is also not an exemption from them.

It is also manufactured with a secure design and durable materials. It can hold up to four bikes under any given circumstances without making a mess by the collisions and scratches between bikes and the carriage vehicle.

The model is a double arm setup that will hold on to two different parts of the bike's frame. Besides, the heavy-duty iron is solid and durable and offers long life to the rack and security to your bikes.

You can very easily and quickly hang and lock all your bikes on the arms of the rack and can use ratchet straps to keep the bike in place. This, alongside the powdered surface, provides more grip to the bikes on the rack.

  • It can effectively prevent collisions between the bikes while on transit.
  • It is made of premium heavy-duty iron that is strong and durable.
  • A secure system for tying down the bikes is available on the rack.
  • Durable rubber straps prevent the normally seen rusting of racks.
  • Complete stability like a platform model rack cannot be achieved on this.


Things to Consider for Best 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Before making up your mind about a specific style or model of the bike rack for your needs, it is important to know the different aspects of the hitch bike racks. All these following points are important while selecting a bike rack, and they will help you get the right product for you.

Consider the method of holding bikes

Bike hitch racks are of two types; one is the model that will hang the bike from the top frame bar of the bike. That means they have vertical posts that will hold on to the frame of the bike.

Then the second model is a platform model hitch bike rack. The bikes are more secure on these racks because of the base they offer to the bikes, and on these racks, the bikes are locked to the platform from wheels.

The number of arms

The number of arms comes into play when you select a rack that is made to hang the bike on it. In that case, the bike racks are available with a single arm and double arms.

If the bike has more weight, you need to go with the double-arm model because normally, the weight will be distributed between two arms of the rack and more stability.

Number of bikes you have to carry

Before selecting a bike rack, it is vital to have an idea about the number of bikes that you may carry on a rack. Because there are chances for an increase in the number of bikes, so you have to think before going for a less numbered rack.

Having an extra rack will never become a mess, but space's unavailability is always a great problem while you and your cycling friends go for a trip together.

Consider the folding feature of the Rack

The features of a rack include different things that include the folding ability of the product. If you are on a trip, you might need to access the trunk of your car many times throughout the ride.

But when the bikes are loaded, the rack will be a problem to open the trunk, and it becomes important to remove the bikes and rack out of the way to open the trunk.

In that case, having a rack that can be folded a little is a much better option because you can fold it in one direction along with the bikes to get a little space to open the trunk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may still have some questions to clear about the bike racks that are not mentioned in the buying guide. So, to help you with that information, here are some of the most asked questions about hitch bike racks to give you more understanding of the product.

Is there any advantage by using a hitch rack instead of any other kind of racks?

Using a hitch bike rack is the easiest way of carrying a bike around with you because of the easy loading and unloading possibilities. And it is equipped with all the locks and bases to keep the bikes stable and safe.

Do these hitch bike racks damage the car?

There is a possibility of getting scratch on your car or your bike frame if the bikes are not perfectly locked and secured on the rack. It is essential to keep the bikes without any chance to wobble around to reduce those problems.

Do the bike rack damage the back windshield of the car?

No, some cars with sloppy back end might feel a little tension from the rack when it is loaded, but it will never affect the windshield's glass. Because the rack and bikes' weight is carried by the stem of the rack and the gravity will take away all the weight downwards.

Can I use any model of the bike rack on the back of any car?

Most of the bike racks are made to be used on all models of cars. The only thing you have to note is if the car can carry around a rack and the weight of the bikes you load on it.


Getting a bike rack that can hold more bikes is always the best even when you have only one bike is the vise decision. Because those racks are built for heavy loads so that you can use them without worrying about your bikes.

For example, you can use the best 4 bike hitch rack for your two or three bikes, and you may never regret the decision because it offers more space and strength for the bikes and the rack.

All the bike rack products mentioned above are some of the most positively reviewed and advanced model hitch racks you can get if you need a 4-bike loading capacity.

To get help with the right bike rack selection process, you can go through all the above-mentioned points you have to note before selecting any brand or model.

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