Best Bike Racks for SUV (2021) – Reviews and Guide

When you are taking a road trip on your SUV with friends, family, or yourself alone, there are chances to miss many of your everyday routines. And for some people, cycling around for different reasons is a habit and routine of their life.

So, missing a day on the bike maybe a little too much to ask from them. After all, a road trip is not at all a  reason to miss your daily bike ride. There are these best bike racks for SUV vehicles available on the market for you to carry all your bikes along with you.

A huge amount of bike racks are manufactured in different models from several well-known brands. Besides, different types of racks are also available, and this difference is determined according to how they are used on your vehicle.

If you are a bike rider, who doesn’t like to miss a day on your bike, go for one of these racks that can be loaded on your SUV.

Our team in BikesQuest tried some of the best bike racks available for SUVs right now in the market. And made a list of the top ones from all of them.

Following are the different types of bike racks and information that will help you find the perfect product.

Bike Rack for SUV with Hitch

A bike rack for SUV with a hitch is recommended to carry around more than three bikes with more adjustability and safety options. Most of the SUV model vehicle is equipped with a hitch receiver on the vehicle’s back end.

A bike rack with a hitch can be attached to the receiver end, and you can load up to five bikes according to the model you have. Some hitch bike racks are listed below, in which you might find the perfect rack for your SUV.



Best Overall
Vibrelli Platform Bike Rack
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Allen Sports 4-Bike
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Venzo Platform Style 2 Bike Rack
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Venzo 4 Bike Hitch Rack For SUV
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Swagman XC2
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 1. Vibrelli Platform Bike Rack for SUV

This is a platform model hitch bike rack in which the bikes will be loaded to a base platform. And the wheel is locked to the base instead of the frame like other hanging model hitch racks.

It is an advantage of this kind of rack that makes it the best bike rack for an SUV with a hitch. When the wheels are locked, you never have to worry about tires turning around and scratching everything.

With this Vibrelli bike rack, you can load any kind of bike that comes with a flat tire up to 5″ without any kind of difficulties. Quick-release pedals are equipped on this rack to make it easy to tilt down the rack a little.

You will get enough space to access the trunk with this ability to tilt down the rack along with the load. So that you don’t have to remove the rack or bikes to open the trunk every time.

Besides, the Triple lock security mechanism makes sure about the security of your bike. And this security is ensured on the rack for stability and acts as a security against theft.

  • You can load up to 5″ fat-tire bikes on this rack.
  • The base platform provides more stability to the bikes.
  • EIt has an easy tilt-down option that makes it easy to access the trunk without unloading the rack.
  • Triple Lock security is implemented on the rack for security from wobbling of a bike.
  • It is costly when compared to basic-level hitch racks.


2. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack for SUV

Here is another bike rack for SUV with a hitch that can hold up to four bikes without any kind of problems. This is a hanging model hitch rack on which the bikes will be locked onto their frames.

The rack has a double-arm system, so the bikes' frame will be supported from two different sides. And that will ensure the frame stability of the bike on the rack by preventing the rotational force.

Individual and specially made locking ratchets are equipped on the rack, and each of them is fixed in equal space between them. This arrangement prevents the bikes from contacting each other.

Besides, the rack can be installed and removed within seconds without any extra tools or manpower. The rack also has two pins that hold the rack to the lower end of the rack. You can tilt down the rack to access the trunk by removing the top pin easily.

  • It is an affordable rack compared to platform models.
  • The Double-arm system offers more stability on the rack.
  • It has a tilt-down system to access the trunk.
  • Fixed individual straps provide enough space between each bike.
  • The stability of the wheels and other moving parts of the bike is a concern with this rack.


3. Venzo platform style 2 Bike Rack for SUV

One of those platform model hitch bike racks comes with specially designed slots to keep the tires in. That means there will be no moving parts on your bike while it is locked on the rack.

Besides, the upper part of the bike is also locked with a locking pole, helping keep the bike stable. It also helps keep the bike safe from theft problems while you are away from your SUV loaded with your expensive bikes.

It is much easier to load a bike to the rack with the help of those allotted wheel slots on the rack. Moreover, the handlebar will never turn around with anything other than your own hands.

And this rack material is covered on all contact points with a foam material to prevent scratching the frame or other parts of the bike. After all, the rack is foldable along with the bike load on it to access the trunk of your SUV.

  • The price tag of this rack is affordable when compared to some other brands.
  • The wheel slots prevent the rotation of the handlebar while on the rack.
  • It has a foam protector surface that helps not to scratch the paint of the bike.
  • You can fold the rack whenever you need to access the trunk without unloading the rack.
  • If the hitch receiver is not the exact size, the rack might wobble a little.


4. Venzo 4 Bike Hitch Rack for SUV

This is another model hitch bike rack to be used on your SUV from the same Venzo brand. The difference is the increased ability to load the bikes that mean this rack can carry around four of your bike at a time.

Besides, it has that wheel slots for the wheels of all four bikes. So that they will never turn around because of the handlebar movements on the rack. Less movement on the locked bike means fewer chances for scratches and damages.

It has a low price tag when considering the number of bikes it can hold, along with the fact that it is a platform model rack. Moreover, this rack can be folded downwards to get a compact look when not loaded.

And you can also tilt it down a little to get a little space for accessing the trunk when the rack is loaded with the bikes. After all, the locking poles for the upper part of the wheels are capable of keeping your bike from damages and theft.

  • It is considered very affordable when it comes to the price.
  • The special wheel holding slots will keep the bike handlebar from turning around.
  • The lock poles will keep the bike from damages and theft.
  • The foam material gives extra protection.
  • There is a chance to get rusted if the paint on the metal part got scratched.


5. YAKIMA Dr.Tray Hitch Mount Rack for SUV

Here is a product that is considered one of the Best Bike Racks for SUVs for many reasons. First of all, this product is one of the top-level premium racks you can get, especially just two bikes.

Although, the price is for the quality rather than the quantity of the bikes that able to load on it. Every other bike available out there can be loaded on this rack without any problem.

The rack can be folded into a very compact look when it is not in use, and it has two slots to keep the wheels secured. Both these fixed regions for the bikes are equipped with enough space between each other.

So, the bikes will never get in contact with each other and never do any damage. The product is lightweight and sturdy, and very easy to install and remove to and from the SUV.

At last, the most exciting feature of this premium model bike rack is the tilting technique. Unlike other foldable bike racks, this one has a remote-controlled motor to do the tilting works.

  • The rack is from aluminum which is lightweight and sturdy.
  • It has remote-controlled motors for tilting and folding techniques.
  • The rack can be used to load all kinds of bikes on it.
  • Advanced protective layers and locking techniques are installed on this rack.
  • It is costly because it can hold only two bikes.


6. Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Rack for SUV

This is another 2 Bike holdable rack for an SUV that comes with a moderate level price tag. First of all, it is a platform model hitch bike rack on which the wheels will be locked onto the base.

Assembling and installing this product is very simple, and it can hold some weight with the strong steel material. A compact look can be maintained with this rack when not in use.

So, it will never take the space around your vehicle when not in use. Even if you remove it from the hitch, it is smaller so that you can keep it inside your vehicle if you wish.

The wheel slots keep the bike from rotating around on the rack so that the handlebar rotation will never happen. If you need to load any other kind of bikes on it, there are separate accessories available for this rack. You can spend a little more money and buy them according to your need.

  • Extra accessories are available according to your needs for extra money.
  • It has a compact look when folded and not in use.
  • The steel body of the rack can hold more than the recommended weight easily.
  • Wheel slots on the rack will avoid rotations of the handlebar.
  • The rack needs to be removed whenever you have to access the trunk of your car.


Trunk Bike Rack for SUV

Another kind of bike rack is the trunk bike rack for SUV that you can set up on the vehicle's trunk door. This is the cheapest model of racks available so far in the market and is very easy to set up.

Moreover, a trunk bike rack does not need any extra accessories to be attached to the vehicle. So, you can buy it without worrying about compatibility issues.



Best Overall
Allen Sports Trunk BikeRack For SUV
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Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack
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Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
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Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S
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Hollywood Racks F4
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 1. Allen Sports Trunk BikeRack for SUV

First of all, a trunk mount rack is the most affordable kind of rack you can get for your SUV. And the Allen Sports brand did a great job in the quality of this rack at a meager price tag.

The looks, comfort, and the ability to carry up to two bikes it the best trunk bike rack for SUV available in the market. It is made of steel that can hold more weight than an aluminum model rack.

It has a middle frame to keep the distance between the rack and the vehicle and straps to keep the rack attached to the vehicle from all directions. Besides, all the parts that have contact with the vehicle have foam material as a stand.

The fixed bike locks with enough space between them will keep the bike secured and stable on the lock. You can open the trunk of your SUV door with loaded bikes if it can carry the weight.

The installation and removing process of this trunk rack are effortless and less confusing than any other kind of bike racks available.

  • The steel material is strong, and the small size makes it lightweight.
  • It is one of the most affordable racks available.
  • The installation and removing process is straightforward and can be stored anywhere.
  • The fixed locks and straps will keep the bike from moving around on the arms.
  • It cannot hold much weight that can damage the trunk door or glass.


2. Saris Bones  EX Trunk Bike Rack for SUV

This product is one of the premium trunk bike racks available in the market that can load up to three bikes at a time. It has a unique design that the look itself shows the strength that it has.

First of all, the compatibility with many vehicles made it one to consider while looking for a trunk bike rack for SUV. Even the cars that have spoilers can hold this rack perfectly.

It has an integrated strap system that eliminates the chances of strangled and loosened-up straps around your vehicle. That means the rack and the bikes will be stable and secured.

The Injection-molding technique is used to make the stands and the arms of this rack also rust-free. After all, it has the ability to hold three bikes at a time and remember, it is the maximum amount of bikes that any trunk racks can hold.

  • It is a premium model well-built trunk bike rack.
  • The maximum number of bikes is 3.
  • The locking system is of high quality and is fixed so that the bike will be sable.
  • You can easily install or remove the rack without any tools.
  • You cannot open the trunk while the rack is loaded.


3. Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Another trunk mount bike rack for SUV is from the Hollywood brand, which is well-known for different racks. This specific bike rack model is made to carry up to three bikes without any kind of problem.

The specialty of this rack from other brands is the adjustable frame. In which you can adjust the height according to the ground clearance you need. It helps you to decide where the weight concentration is needed on the trunk more.

Besides, the rack is equipped with three different lock straps that make it compatible with different sizes of bike frames. To increase the stability of the bike on the rack, it has anti-sway bike cradles.

And the rubber straps will keep your bikes firmly in place without making any scratches on the expensive paint. After all, the different adjustment levels allow the rack to be used for many frame designs.

  • It has a height-adjustable frame design.
  • Different levels of strap sizes allow all kinds of frame sizes.
  • Rubber cradles keep the bike firmly without damaging the paint.
  • All kinds of frame models can be loaded on this rack.
  • It’s expensive with the extra adjustment system.


4. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Trunk Mount Rack

Tyger Auto made this trunk bike rack for SUV to be the best on the list with all the basic level features you might look at on a rack. And the rack has the maximum capacity of a trunk rack which is three bikes at a time.

It is available fully assembled from the store itself, so the only thing you have to do is attach it to the trunk. Besides, the installation of the rack to the trunk is also not a tough thing to do.

You can use it on all kinds of vehicles you have, such as sedans, SUVs, Minivans, etc. The rack gives a sturdy experience for the bikes with the locking system and the spacious fitting of cradles.

Moreover, these cradles are rubberized so that the bike's frame will never get all scratched because of the tightness. A little bend on the lower frame and the stands on the arms together keep the distance between the car and the rack.

  • A very simple design and easy installation.
  • It can carry up to three bikes.
  • Affordable compared to other models that can carry three bikes.
  • Soft cradles make sure not to get scratches on the paint.
  • There is no locking system for wheels or pedals.


5. Hollywood Racks F4 Trunk Mount for SUV

Here is another bike rack for your SUV from the same Hollywood Racks. Now, this model is equipped with a dual positioning trunk system. And the rack is made with aluminum and steel for different parts.

The amazing fact is that this one might be the only model trunk rack that can hold up to four bikes on it. However, it is because of the dual positioning system and the rack frame that can be settled on the SUV bumper.

However, keeping the bikes on this rack needs to be sorted out by yourself because of the absence of strap locks to lock the bike. The locks need to be used as an extra, so the bikes' space is a concern.

But if you can keep the bikes in a manner that the contacts will not affect each other bikes, then there will be no problem with it. After all, this rack can be used as a runaway rack that you can easily install and hang your bikes.

  • It can carry up to four bikes.
  • The rack has a dual-positioning system.
  • All kinds of bike frames are compatible with it.
  • There are no fixed bike locks on the rack.


SUV Spare Tire Bike Racks

There are many 4 x 4 SUVs for people who love little adventure rides, and many of them have a spare tire on the back end of the vehicle. So, using a hitch rack or a trunk rack may not be so easy or possible on that vehicle unless you remove the tire.

But a spare tire is always vital when you are on the road, and that's where the SUV spare tire bike racks come in handy. These racks can be attached to the spare tire to have no metal contact between the vehicle and rack. Besides, enough space will be maintained between them.



Best Overall
YAKIMA Spare Tire Rack For SUV
Check Price


Thule 963PRO Spare Me
Check Price


Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike
Check Price


Saris Freedom Bike Rack For SUV
Check Price

 1. YAKIMA Spare Tire Rack for SUV

First of all, having a spare tire is always good for an SUV while on the road for a long trip. But then there will be no place to attach the hitch or trunk rack to the vehicle. So, it is important to have a spare tire rack in that situation to carry around your bikes.

YAKIMA did a great job with the design and making of this high-quality SUV spare tire bike rack. The main advantage of a spare tire rack is that there will be no problems accessing the trunk.

It can be easily bolted to your spare tire, and you have to remove the spare tire cover if there is any. The spare tire is attached to the trunk are on these vehicles because they have the ability to stand the weight.

Besides, this rack has a compact look even when it is opened for hanging your bikes on it. A single poll equipped with a double-arm system for stability alongside the straps and locks to keep the bike in place.

However, it is not recommended to carry bikes that weigh over 35lbs in concern of the spare tire hooks of your SUV.

  • A simple and compact design even when it is in use.
  • Installation and removal of this rack are straightforward to do by yourself.
  • Anti-sway cradles will keep the bike in place without scratches.
  • It is easy to carry around inside the trunk of any car.
  • Carrying bikes that weigh more than 35 lbs is not good for it.
  • A little expensive for a product like this.


2. Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Bike Rack for SUV

All of the bike racks from the Thule brand are well-known for the quality they have. This specific model spare bike rack for SUV is also one of them. And it has that U-model design instead of one pole and two arms.

The rack has a maximum load capacity of 75 pounds on the dual-arm system. Besides, it is equipped with all the cradles specially designed to keep the bikes without wobbling around on the rack.

It has cradles with a texture with more grip on the bike and will not scratch or damage your bikes' paint. You can use this rack to be attached to regular or oversized aftermarket tires on the back of your SUV,

An integrated locking cable system and the locking knobs will keep the rack firmly attached to the carrier vehicle. Moreover, the U-type rack frame will distribute the weight onto two poles instead of one center pole.

  • It can carry up to 75 lbs of weight.
  • Anti-sway cages and stay-put cradles are available to keep the bike secured.
  • It has a compact design that can be stored anywhere easily or left on the car’s back.
  • The rack is very lightweight and sturdy.
  • Fat tire bikes are not a good idea for this rack.


3. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Spare Tire Rack for SUV

This spare tire rack from Allen Sports is one of the most reviewed SUV spare tire bike racks. One of the main reasons for this to become the best is the way it attaches to the spare tire of your SUV.

Unlike other spare tire bike racks, this one holds on to the spare tire from behind, so there will be no bolts and fitting locks on the front. It is more secure for both the rack on the car and the bikes on the rack because of the spare tire's extra strength.

The spare tire acts as a hanger for the rack frame, and the frame is also connected to the vehicle itself. So, it can take more weight than a normal spare tire bike rack when working with the stand available on the bottom of the rack.

After all, this design offers enough space between the spare tire and the rack. Besides, the arms are supported in different ways. And it is also compatible with the tires that have over-the-top brake light on them.

  • Installation is easy with this product.
  • More support is offered from the tire itself.
  • An extra stand for more support and enough space between bikes and vehicles.
  • You have to use materials like silicon tapes to prevent scratches on the frame.


4. Saris Freedom Bike Rack for SUV

This bike rack in the list is not a spare tire rack by its working, but it is one of the hitch bike racks compatible with spare tires. It is possible because of the space it has between the hitch receiver and the rack when installed.

All the bikes on this rack are loaded onto a platform base on which each bike has its own special slots. So that none of the moving parts will wobble around on the rack. Besides, it is made sure with the strap locks that are equipped on the rack.

Moreover, the locks on the racks are made with a surface that offers more grip to it. And it is soft and strong, so your painted parts will never get scratched. You can adjust the rack according to your preference to load all kinds of bikes with different frames and wheel sizes.

After all, this rack is available on different base-length versions. So, you can buy one of these with a long wheelbase if your bike has a long wheelbase.

  • It offers enough space between the vehicle and the rack to use a spare tire in between them.
  • You can add wheel holders and carry fat-tire bikes too.
  • Special locks and ratchets are available to keep the bike stable.
  • It is not a spare tire rack, so that it cannot be attached to the spare tire itself.


Bike Roof Racks for SUVs

If you are on the road and cannot use any of the above-mentioned bike racks on your vehicle, you can go with bike roof racks for SUVs. These kinds of racks are mounted to the roof of your SUV, and you can carry bikes up to the space you have on the roof.

However, the loading and unloading need a little hard work with a roof rack. And the SUV must have a crossbar or anything to hold the rack on top of the vehicle.



CyclingDeal Alloy Bike Roof Rack
Check Price


Rock Bros Suction Cup Roof Bike Rack
Check Price

 1. CyclingDeal Alloy Bike Roof Rack for SUV

This bike rack from the CyclingDeal brand is a roof bike carrier rack that can load up to two bikes at one time. You can just bolt it onto the roof of your car if there have any crossbar available.

It is made of lightweight aluminum that is very sturdy has a stunning finish to it. Installation and removal of the rack from the roof of your SUV are very easy. With all the features, it is considered to be one of the best bike roof racks for SUVs.

Any kind of model bike from any brand can be accommodated onto the rack without any kind of difficulty is the adjustment. Besides, it can hold the bikes with wheels of maximum rim depth of 50mm.

Moreover, this rack package also includes brake tie straps that can surely tie-down the bike. So that you can eliminate all the chances of wobbling the bike over your head while on the road.

  • It is made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Installation and the removal of this rack are very easy.
  • It can hold up to bikes with 50mm deep rims for the wheels.
  • The materials used for this product never get rusted.
  • It is not a good idea if you love to get fresh air from your SUV sunshade.
  • The chances of the bikes swaying around above your head are more with this rack.


2. Rock Bros Suction Cup Roof Bike Rack for SUV

Here is another kind of roof rack that seems more appreciatable. Because it comes with suction cups on the stands to be attached to the roof of your SUV. The frame of this rack has four suction cups on each end it.

There is no metal or any other contact between the car and the rack other than the soft suction cup. So, you never have to worry about the scratches on the roof of your SUV. The rack can be used on any kind of vehicle you have.

Besides, it is made of lightweight aluminum, and it is sturdy enough to keep your bikes secure. The velcro strap is used on the rack for fixing the crank, which helps the rack not scratch the vehicle in any way possible.

After all, the installation and removal of this product from the roof of your car will only take few minutes. And it is one of the few roof racks that are available out there that can be used without much external help in a long journey.

  • The suction cup system for the installation of the rack reduces the risk of scratches.
  • All the cradles and adjustment systems are made of non-scratchable materials.
  • The rack is from aluminum, so that it is lightweight.
  • The suction cup is not much of a good arrangement when going through different climatic conditions.


Buyer's Guide - Best Bike Racks For SUV

Choosing a bike rack to be used on your SUV gets difficult sometimes, especially for beginners. It is because of the huge amount of types and models of bike racks available in the market. All of them together will make you confused about all your selections.

So, to get the Best Bike Racks for SUVs, it is important to have a little knowledge about the bike racks and the things that need to be considered while buying a rack. Here are some of the points that will help you understand more about selecting a bike rack.

Compatibility of your SUV

You have to decide on the type of bike rack you need according to your SUV design. It is always good to go with a hitch rack if your SUV has a hitch receiver. Instead, if your vehicle has a spare tire on the back end, then a spare tire rack is the right one for you.

However, if you are looking for the easiest rack to install and never need any extra accessories to be used, you can buy a trunk mount rack. After all, if your SUV has no other options to attach a bike rack on it, then you can go for a roof rack.

Number of Bikes you need to load

It is important to consider the number of bikes to be loaded before purchasing a new bike rack. Because different racks have their own version according to the number of bikes, they can hold.

Besides, trunk mount racks are only available up to a range of three bikes at a time. It is because that it is attached to the trunk door, and more weight will damage the door or glass of the vehicle.

When it comes to the hitch rack, it will be attached to the rack receiver made to carry weight. So, you can secure up to 5 bikes on a hitch rack on the back end of your SUV.

The easiness of loading and unloading bikes

This is a vital aspect of a bike rack because people are different because of many reasons. When you are on the road and need your bike to be unloaded from the rack in small intervals, then a hitch rack is the best.

If you get a roof rack in this case, you will be cursing about the care and energy you need to take whenever unloading and loading the bike. Instead, a hitch rack is the kind of rack that is equipped near to the ground.

With a hitch bike rack, it is the easiest way to load and unload the bikes; besides, it never takes much energy to do so. If your car has a spare tire, then a spare tire rack is also the best way to go.

Looking for bike racks for cars? Check our dedicated post on it.

Consider the budget available to you

It is vital to consider the price when purchasing a new bike rack. All these different types of bike racks have their own premium and low-budget models. Even though more expensive rack products are available for hitch bike racks.

The rate of the rack increases when the features like foldability and locking system increase. So, you have to consider the situation of accessing your trunk door. I do not need to access the trunk while on the road, then you can go with a cheaper model without a tilting system.

Otherwise, you have to spend a little more money on a rack that can provide a little space to open the trunk of your SUV. Then the material and different levels of security lead to the increase of price.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are some of the most asked questions and answers about the bike racks if you still have questions and doubts about the Best Bike Racks for SUVs.

Which one is the least recommended bike rack?

A roof rack is the least recommended model bike rack because of several reasons. It needs something to attach the rack to. Besides, the safety of the bike will be a little concern while you are driving your SUV.

After all, loading and unloading bikes on a roof rack are the most difficult work to be done when compared with all rack models.

Why are some of the bike racks so expensive?

Like any other product, the bike racks' value also gets increased when the design and material quality increase. Each bike on a rack is secured independently, so it needs individual parts to keep the bike safe on the rack and secure from damages.

Alongside the rack's type and design, these individual parts are the main reason for the increased price of some bike racks.

Are there any chances that my car gets scratched by a bike rack?

Normally, there are no reasons to get scratches on your car by a rack unless any locks on the rack and bike are not secured properly. You have to make sure that the rack is completely locked on the vehicle and the bikes are stable.

Which is the easiest rack to install?

When it comes to installation, a trunk-mount rack is an answer because of the lightweight feature. Besides, it never needs any extra hooks or accessories to install them.


Having a bike rack with you is always helpful for a constant traveler on the road. That means they can take their bike anywhere they want. This above-mentioned information on Best Bike Racks for SUV is for that selection purpose.

Selecting the perfect rack for your vehicle or your style might become difficult, especially if you are a beginner. All these bike racks mentioned in this article are well-reviewed by most customers from the online and offline market.

So, you can go through all the information provided along with the products by us to make up your mind for a rack. And it will be the right one for use on your SUV.

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