There are different types of bike racks available in the market to carry your bikes on the vehicle wherever you go. And all the different models of racks are to be used on the hitch receiver, roof, trunk door, and truck bed.

But some of these models are not applicable with a truck, and you might need a big truck bed for some truck bed racks. That’s where the tailgate pads come in handy that will let you keep your bikes without removing any of your wheels.

So, here are some of the best tailgate bike pads that you can use on the truck for long or short-distance road trips. These tailgate pads will provide great protection and stability to the bikes on the truck.

Besides, these kinds of locking are always the easy way to load and unload the bikes from the truck, even though they are very affordable. Go through the following products and information to get more information about the tailgate racks and help with purchasing one for yourself.

Best Tailgate Bike Pads

1. RazeFace T2 Tailgate Pad

RazeFace T2 Tailgate Pad
  • Material: PVC tarpaulin, micro-brushed inner lining
  • Compatibility: [S/M] most mid-size trucks, [L/X] most full-size trucks
  • Bike Capacity: [S/M] 5 bikes, [L/XL] 6 bikes
  • Recommended Use: travel

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This is a product listed as one of the best tailgate bike pads manufactured by the RaceFace brand. It has the ability to carry up to 6 bikes if you go with the largest size model for your truck.

First of all, the pad is available in different sizes that can be purchased according to your truck bed’s size. The material of the rack is very comfortable for both metal and carbon frame model bikes.

It is made of PVC tarpaulin alongside an inner lining material with a soft and brushed character. This will provide an efficient comfort level to the bike wheels, and stability will be maintained under any road circumstances.

Moreover, the pad also works as a tailgate cover by protecting it from all climatic conditions by covering it securely. It is also noticeable that leaving this pad on the tailgate will not become a burden even if you are not using it for any loading purposes.

  • The material is soft and comfortable for both vehicles.
  • It never takes any extra space in your truck bed if or not it is in use.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • You can store up to six bikes with the large size model tailgate pad.
  • The price is a little high when compared with some equally qualified products.

2. Evoc Tailgate Bike Pad for Truck

Evoc Tailgate Bike Pad for Truck
  • High Protection - Tarpaulin exterior and foam padding interior are cut-resistant, water-resistant, and UV-stable.
  • Bike Transport - 6 bike pad for truck tailgate and bike protection during loading, unloading, and transport.
  • Dimensions - This 6 bike truck tailgate pad in XL measures 63" x 39" x 0.98''.
  • Tailgate Access - Keep full tailgate functionality with the quick-access tailgate release.

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Here is another tailgate bike pad for being used on the truck to carry your bikes around with you. It can hold up to six bikes at a time, and if you are looking for a more smooth yet strong tailgate pad, then this one is the right one for you.

The soft and strong bike straps on the pad are specially designed to reduce any chances of scratches on the bikes' frame. Besides, the barriers in between each bike lock will provide sufficient distance between the bikes.

Also, it is another factor that makes this tailgate pad more stable for your bikes. That means the lock will keep your bikes safe, and the barriers will give more strength to the bike lock straps.

Moreover, the material used for the whole pad is a hundred percent silk so that it will not rub against your truck's paintwork. So, you don't ever have to worry about the paintwork on the tailgate of your truck.

  • It can carry up to six bikes at a time.
  • Some barriers provide space and stability.
  • The silk material makes it smooth for the paintwork of both bikes and trucks.
  • The pad is straightforward to install and remove from the truck.
  • There are chances that some of the bikes with big frames may not fit perfectly on them.

3. MNJ Motor Tailgate Bike Rack

MNJ Motor Tailgate Bike Rack
  • Make it Easier to Transport Bikes
  • Provide Better Protection
  • With 2 enlarged pockets on the pad, it can hold more tools or other things, very convenient to store.
  •  Installation is very simple, just place the pad correctly on the tailgate and fix it with the straps on the pad.
  • The size of 62 inches long x 7 inches wide x 20 inches high is suitable for most trucks.

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This is one of the best tailgate bike pads available in the market and one of the more affordable models from all of them. It is an upgraded version of the old one from the MNJ Motor that can hold bikes more efficiently than its predecessor.

It has an island block design for the bike locks with concave slots to fit the bikes. A design that offers great stability along with enough space between all bikes on the pad. The concave slot and the strap will keep the bike safe and secured on the truck under any circumstances.

Sturdy PVC is used for the outer layer of the pad alongside the soft flannelette for the inner side, and it is perfect for any kind of weather condition. Moreover, the pad's thick filler area keeps both bikes and the truck itself from accidental dents and scratches.

Two large pockets for keeping tools or other things for your bikes are available on the pad without making any bikes' problems. And the pockets have zippers so that everything will be safe inside them.

  • The concave slots on the island blocks give enough space and stability to the bikes.
  • Two pockets for extra tools are available.
  • It has a more affordable price tag.
  • It can be used under any weather conditions.
  • The buckles are plastic instead of velcro (because of the decrease in the price).

4. Athletico Tailgate Pad for Bikes - Mountain Bike Tailgate Pad

Athletico Tailgate Pad
  • Available in two sizes
  • Constructed of the highest quality materials to protect pickup trucks and beds.
  • This pickup truck bike rack features a large opening for your tailgate handle and backup camera.
  • The thick foam pad is covered with a heavy-duty vinyl exterior on the outside and a lush felt underside to protect your trucks paint from scratching.

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Athletico brand did a great job with the whole design and structure of this tailgate bike pad. First of all, the product is available in two different sizes: a small 54"  and a large 62" version.

It can store up to five bikes on the smaller one and six bikes on the large one. Besides, the rack is manufactured with high-quality materials that can be used under all weather conditions.

When it comes to protecting the bikes and the truck itself, the rack is made with heavy-duty vinyl material. The lush and soft inner material accompanies that makes it comfortable and safe for both vehicles.

Moreover, this tailgate pad is equipped with large openings for backup cameras and tailgate handles. So, you can keep the rack on the tailgate even if it is not in use without preventing the ways to access the trunk.

  • Divider walls with soft material offer enough space and stability.
  • Extra pockets for tools are available.
  • High-quality material that keeps both the truck and the bikes safe.
  • A maximum of up to six bikes can be loaded on it.
  • The installation might get a little difficult for some people.

5. My Road Kit Universal Tailgate Pad for Bikes

My Road Kit Universal Tailgate Pad
  • Multipurpose Truck Bike Tailgate Pad Cover With 2 Free Long (118'') Straps
  • Weather Resistant And Waterproof Protection Bike Tailgate Pad
  • Enhanced Vehicle And Gear Security Tailgate Bike Pad
  • Convenient Backup Camera Opening Tailgate Bike Pads
  • Easy Universal Installation Tailgate Pad

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Here is another most affordable tailgate bike pad for your truck from the My Raod Kit. The price tag, alongside the features it has, makes it one of the best tailgate bike pads you can get in the market.

Besides, it is a universal size fit, so most of the truck tailgates are good enough to fit this rack perfectly on them. It will keep the truck from dents and scratches from the bikes on it, along with other things you carry like skies, mountain bikes, etc.

The pad is rugged and can hold under any climate conditions, so that you can also use it for protecting the tailgate paint while loading heavy loads. When it comes to the bikes, it has six bike slots that have strong and soft straps for locking the bikes.

However, there are no dividers or special curves for each bike on this rack which means the straps are the only thing that holds down the bikes in place. Again, it is the effect of decreased and more affordable price tag it has.

  • The material used is soft and strong enough to keep the truck and the bike safe.
  • It has a rugged look and uses so that you can use it under all conditions.
  • The price tag is one of the most affordable ones from the best tailgate pads.
  • There are no dividers in between all bike locks.

6. Fox Racing Tailgate Cover Bike Pad

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover Bike Pad
  • Made with premium padding to give your bike, your truck, and your gear the best protection out there.
  • Easily access your truck and the tailgate handle with this cover’s flap.
  •  The tailgate cover fits most trucks’ measurements.

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This one is a tailgate pad in the premium section of these products that helps you lock your bikes safely on the truck's tailgate. It is available in one size and large size versions that allow a maximum of up to six bikes at a time.

You can access the tailgate and the trunk even if the pad is covered on it with the help of a cover flap. So, you don't have to remove the pad every time you need to use the trunk when not in use.

Besides, leaving it on the tailgate works as a cover for the truck's paintwork while using it for heavy loads. Although, there are no dividers or special curves to fit the bikes while locking them with straps.

However, that is an advantage when it comes to bikes with big frames and fat tires. Because there will be no limitations for the space in each slot that you may use for the bikes.

  • The material is high-quality and rugged.
  • It can carry up to six bikes.
  • You don’t have to remove the rack to access the trunk.
  • Premium padding makes the bikes and the truck safe.
  • The price is a little bit heavy when compared with other products with the same features.

7. CyclingDeal Tailgate Bike Pads

CyclingDeal Tailgate Bike Pads
  • Tailgate pad ensures quick and easy set up on the tailgate.
  • Possible To Use Backup Camera.
  • Cushion cradles protect the painting of aluminum or carbon bike frames.
  • Ultra-Soft underside to protect truck tailgate paint.

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Another premium and rugged tailgate pad to lock up to six bikes on the back of the truck is this product from the CyclingDeal brand. First of all, setting the rack on the tailgate is very easy, and you don't have to remove it every time you need to access the trunk.

You can use the backup camera and access the truck open handle with ease through the special covers. This will keep the truck's paint job protected when the trunk is used for other purposes.

When it comes to the material used for the making of this tailgate pad is also very high-quality. It includes an outside material of waterproof PTV Trap and a foam-filled inside material.

Both of these materials will together offer great protection to both vehicles, and the foam material keeps a cushioned surface. After all, one of the main advantages is the increased stability you get on your bikes on the back of the truck under any road conditions.

  • It has a rugged body and a cushioned inside for great grip and stability.
  • You can load up to six bikes on this tailgate pad.
  • It is never needed to remove the pad to access and use the trunk when not in use.
  • There are no dividers between each bike straps to provide a special slot for each bike.

8. Thule GateMate Pro Bike Tailgate Pad

Thule GateMate Pro Bike Tailgate Pad
  • Flexible padding adjusts across a wide range of tailgates and large handle opening provides backup camera visibility.
  • Bikes remain securely in place with integrated bike separation and multiple position strap anchors.
  • Bikes and pick-up trucks are protected during transport with heavy duty vinyl, adjustable padding.
  • Gear can be stored securely, even while driving, due to the inside facing mesh pockets.
  • Dimensions: 59" L x 16" H x 2. 75" D

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Thule is one of those brands well-known for bike-related accessories and tools. Besides, this GateMate Pro is considered the best bike tailgate pad from the brand to protect both the bikes and the truck itself.

Before everything, this is one of the few tailgate racks that have up to seven slots to hold bikes on it. And the pad is flexible so that you can fit it in the tailgate without failing the proportion on the edges.

The camera visibility or the access to the trunk will not be blocked when the rack is installed on the truck. Moreover, the pad is equipped with rubberized dividers between each bike slot to give the bikes special areas to fit in.

It will also offer great grip to the bikes without making any scratches on both vehicles' paint jobs. Besides, the bikes will be locked on the straps with more stability from all the frame sides.

  • Extra pouches for tools are available.
  • You can access the trunk and back camera without removing the rack.
  • There are dividers between each slot that increase the stability and safety,
  • It can carry a maximum of up to seven bikes.
  • The pad comes under the expensive models in this category.

9. Yakima GateKeeper Tailgate Pad for Bikes

Yakima GateKeeper Tailgate Pad
  • Easy to install
  • An easy to use tailgate pad that lets you safely carry up to 5 bikes on your full-sized pickup bed.
  • Velcro cradle closure system is easy on carbon bike frames and painted surfaces.
  • Rugged nylon outer material resists abrasion and weather damage.

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Here is another brand capable of impressing bike enthusiasts with different products and accessories related to bikes. Yakima's Gatekeeper tailgate bike pad comes with all the relevant features you may be looking for on a tailgate pad.

Available in two different versions, such as a medium-size with five bike slots and a large version with six bike slots. It has that island model bike locks that stand bulged out from the material with a curve in the locks' middle.

This bike pad can be easily installed and loaded with bikes. And the list of bikes that can be loaded on this rack includes all the models you might know about. So you can confidently use this product to load your expensive carbon-framed bikes.

Velcro straps used for the rack can hold the bikes with enough grip without damaging the paintwork done on the bikes. After all, it is easy to access the trunk even if the pad is installed, and the extra pouches for tools are also available.

  • You can easily throw it onto the truck and start your trip.
  • Each bike has special curves and enough space.
  • The curves and island model structure provide more stability.
  • The velcro straps are designed to not damage the paint job without compromising the grip on the bikes.
  • This one is a little expensive with the materials and design it has.

10. Dakine DLX Truck Tailgate Pad

Dakine DLX Truck Tailgate Pad
  • 1000D Recycled Polyester with UV/weather-resistant coating
  • Imported
  • Padded tailgate protection
  • Large access flap for tailgate handles and rear-view cameras
  • Works best on new tailgate designs
  • Individual bike anchor straps (7- Large; 5- Small)
  • Four web cinch straps

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Here is a rack that you can just throw on the trunk and go for the ride on the road. The pad has individual locks and straps for up to seven bikes that can be easily loaded and locked.

Although, it is considered to be the best tailgate bike pad available in the market. It is because of the high-quality materials used and the level of work put into making this product.

It is equipped with large flaps on the pad to access the trunk door without removing the tailgate pad whenever you need to use the trunk. This is also designed not to block any of the sensor or camera systems equipped on the truck.

Moreover, it is another budget-based tailgate pad, and it has no extra pouches for tools. Finally, although the material on the outside and inside the pad is extremely well-built, you never have to worry about the paint job on the bikes and the truck.

  • It can carry up to seven bikes at a time.
  • The price tag is more affordable.
  • Available in small and larger sizes.
  • No extra pouches are available for tools.

11. Mictuning Tailgate Bike Pad for Truck

Mictuning Tailgate Bike Pad for Truck
  • Transport Your Bike Easily
  • Easy to Install
  • The outer layer is made of PVC laminated cloth, which is wear-resistant, strong and durable.
  • With two tool pockets, it can be used to store tools or pieces, which is very convenient.
  • The universal size of 54 inches long x 7.5 inches wide x 16 inches tall is suitable for most trucks.

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This Mictuning tailgate is special with the design and the materials used for the manufacturing. In addition, it has five bike straps available on the pad that is fixed on the island model design with curves on it.

All the curves are the slots in which the bikes' frame will be seated, and the straps will keep it in place. Everything together offers enough space between all the bikes and more stability to the bikes.

Like many of those products you saw in this list, this one also allows you to access the truck's trunk without removing the tailgate pad. So, leaving it on the truck when not in use will not trouble you with other things you do with the trunk.

It also comes with a price tag of under a hundred dollars so but the features it comes withstand in the tailgate pads' premium model lineup. In addition, the pad is straightforward to install and remove from the truck.

  • The price is more affordable.
  • It has dividers between bikes for more safety and stability.
  • Easy to install and remove from the truck.
  • All models of bikes can be loaded onto the truck with this pad.
  • It is available only in a five-bike version.

Things to Consider for Best Tailgate Bike Pads

When you are looking for a tailgate pad for your bike, you might find the pad you needed from the above listed best tailgate bike pads. But selecting the right one for you according to your personal preferences alongside the truck and bikes' needs is a little difficult.

However, it will not be difficult to choose the rack you need after considering some aspects of this product before buying one. So, here are some of those areas you have to consider before finalizing your decision.

Tailgate width of the truck

This is an important point to be noted before selecting a tailgate pad because all the pads are not available in the same size. They might seem similar in many ways you look, but the size and designs of different trucks make them difficult to install.

More width for the tailgate means more bikes on the truck so that you can buy a pad with locks for more bikes. After all, having extra ratchets on a tailgate pad will not take any extra space and only become useful in any situation.

Consider the number of bikes you have

Like any other bike rack, this one also has to be selected after considering the number of bikes you have. However, there is a difference between these tailgate pads from other racks. One is that it will not take any space on your truck bed as a rack, and it works as a cover to your tailgate.

So, you can go for more bike locks with a tailgate pad. In that way, there will be possibilities and space for more bikes to be loaded on the truck safely at any time.  Besides, more locks for bikes on this product will not make anything difficult for you or the truck.

Safety of the Bike along with the Truck

All these tailgate pads come with special rugged material combined with soft foam to make the bikes stable and keep the truck and bike from scratches. But, of course, you have to look for the best material if the bike you are going to lock on the tailgate is expensive.

Go for the best material that comes with a secure lock for the bikes. Beyond everything, it is important to make sure that the bikes have enough space between each bike.

Easiness of installation

If the tailgate pad's installation is not easy, then the whole thing will be a mess for the riders. However, it must be easy because there is no chance to leave a tailgate pad on the truck when not in use.

So, it must be simple to remove and reinstall it whenever it is needed. Although, never go for the easy way if there is no secure locking system for the pad because that will damage your bikes and trucks.

FAQs on Best Tailgate Bike Pads

You might still have concerns and doubts about the tailgate pads for bikes on the truck even after reading the buying guide. However, if it is the situation right now, you can go through some frequently asked questions about these tailgates from riders.

Is there any problem with using a tailgate pad on my truck?

If you are likely to drive through muddy offroad trails and have concerns about getting your bike all muddy. It is not a good idea to lock your bike on a tailgate pad and hang the front wheel outside of the truck bed.

Can I use all kinds of bikes on the tailgate pad?

Yes, you can use any kind of bike on a tailgate pad, but you have to ensure that the front wheel is covered with anything. Because there is a chance for many things, including dirt and water, to get into your wheel and other bike systems on an open road.

Can I access the truck bed through the tailgate with the bikes loaded on it?

No, you can't access the truck bed through the tailgate when it is loaded because the whole bike itself will be crossed along with the tailgate and the truck bed. Also, opening the tailgate without unloading the bike might throw the bikes from the truck to the ground.


You might get some ideas from this whole bundle of different aspects of tailgate bike pads for your truck. After all, the conclusion about these products is that they accommodate many levels of carrying bikes on a truck.

And finding the perfect one will be a concern to you because all the trucks available in the market do not come in the same looks and sizes. Beyond all, you may have your own preferences alongside the needs of any kind of bike racks.

So, you can take a look at the buying guide along with the FAQ section provided and compare it with all the products listed. That will give you an understanding of these tailgate pads and the product you are looking at.

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