If you are interested in buying or knowing about the best full suspension mountain bike under 2500, go forward with this article. First of all, there are advantages to using a full suspension mountain bike instead of a more affordable normal mountain bike.

A hardtail mountain bike will never give you the comfort and experience like the full suspension bikes do.

Cross-country riding will always get more technical where the full suspension bikes shine. But if you are on a less expensive hardtail mountain bike, it will let you know everything on your body about the rough road you pass.

Here are some of the best full suspension mountain bikes that are expensive for most people but “less” expensive in the world of expensive bikes.

Selecting a full suspension bike is always best because of the smooth ride they can provide at any road circumstances. Besides, all of the bikes’ parts come strong and well-built to prevent shocks from unexpected road circumstances.

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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2500

1. Eahora AM100 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

eAhora AM100 Plus 48V 14AH Electric Mountain Bike
  • Faster & farther AM100 electric bike
  • Exclusive e-pas system
  • Shimano 9 gear shifts system
  • Full air suspension electric bike

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This full-suspension mountain bike is from one of the renowned bike manufacturers name Eahora in the industry.

It is an e-bike in which you can have a little fun on very rough road circumstances without using the whole of your energy.

AM100 electric bicycle is styled in a 6061 Aluminum alloy body frame.

Besides, the air front suspension Fork, flexible preload to coordinate weight and riding style for an extraordinary riding experience.

350W Power Brushless Motor can reach the maximum speed of 28MPH. And it runs on a 48V 10.4Ah Large Capacity Samsung Lithium Battery.

Electric Mode Mileage of the bike is calculated as 45-50 miles, and E-PAS Mode has 50-55 miles.

After all, the Sport Mode will do 60-80 miles. The weight of the Ebike is 60 LBS, and the burden capacity is 300LBS.

It is outfitted with an adjustable Shimano 9-speed transmission framework, which expands slope climbing power, further range variety, and more noteworthy territory flexibility.

Moreover, it is also equipped with F/L Hydraulic Brakes, AM100 has a solid and responsive slowing down power that guarantees unlimited authority on an alternate surface.

You can modify the appropriate speed to finish your excursion.

The adjustable preload to match the weight and riding style, better shock absorption, and longer service life can be considered some of the pros of this bike.

After all, this bike’s pros include the long-lasting battery, wide tires for good grip, hydraulic brakes, good safety, and enough space for comfort. The bike’s cons include the lightweight aluminum body that can skid easily and the shifters that are a little hard to shift the gears.

  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • It offers great fat tires for the easy trail.
  • Brakes are pretty good, as well as headlights too.
  • The saddle provides you with enough space and comfort riding.
  • Rear shifters not working well with shifting of gears

2. SDU Foldable Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This electric full suspension mountain bike is from SDU and is one of the best e-bikes perfect for rough surfaces.

Accomplishes an incredible riding experience with its brilliant full suspension, which additionally secures the frame motor, battery, and sub-parts from sway and gives you more well-being riding.

This foldable S500 could undoubtedly assist riders with getting more force while accelerating less with the strengthened engine.

Besides, the S500 is styled in an incorporated smoothed-out shape with an aluminum combination frame.

And the front and back mechanical disc brakes have a solid and responsive slowing down power to guarantee unlimited oversight on the ground.

Moreover, the 48V/10.4Ah 500Wh battery is completely covered up in the edge to guarantee the electrical framework's security.

The battery is removable and can be charged dismantling or on the bicycle. The charging time is ordinarily 5 hours, however 3.5 hours with a discretionary quick charger.

After all, the folding configuration makes S500 a rich, wholly stacked beast with all we need on the ride. It finds a way everywhere if you need to carry it around.

Ride up to 35 miles on a solitary accuse of 500W electric engine. 7-Speed Gear Shifter and greatest 20Mph fulfill most driving and game needs.

The 4.0" fat tires with 20" talked wheels can handle the most outrageous landscape, including urban, seashore, mountain, and day off.

Amassed with Pedal Speed Sensor and Twist Grip Throttle to help you effectively alter three assistance levels.

The electrical configuration can be considered the pros and cons of this bike because it is helpful during the ride and needs good care.

  • Electric motor assistance for easy rides
  • Great battery life provide a worry less ride
  • Speed sensors to know your speed
  • Fat tires provide more safety
  • Lightweight aluminum combination frame
  • The weight is unavoidable with sall the electrical parts and connections

3. Diamondback Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This full-suspension from the well-known bike manufacturers' name Diamondback comes with the best features in the available price range.

Available in four colors, including grey, matte sand, raw carbon matte, and red. Smal large and the extra-large are the three sizes that this bike is available.

First of all, the bike uses a 130mm travel hydroformed aluminum with a feature called a level link system.

It will provide the bike an effective, fair, and supple suspension during the roughest surface you pass with the bike.

Moreover, the excellent small bump sensitivity and the improved adjustment range is achieved by the Fox performance float Dpx2 rear shock.

The bike is equipped with a 140mm travel fox 34 performance float fork that has a more consistent feel with the grip damper feature.

Other bike features include race face cranks and Shimano XT 1x11-speed drivetrain, making the bike lightweight and providing a smooth shifting experience.

The braking system is also very safe and comforting with Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes that offer excellent power and modulation.

The pros of this bike include the features available in this bike at this price range, which can compete with most of the big brands out there.

Some of the pros are the level link system, grip damper feature for a more consistent feel, and the Shimano XT hydraulic brake system.

However, there is no electric motor or any electrical parts that help in big slops. It can be considered a con of this bike compared to other bikes at this price range.

  • Level link system
  • More consistent feel with grip damper feature
  • Shimano XT hydraulic brake system makes the bike totally in your control
  • The unavailability of any electric assistance at the price range

4. LauVery Full Suspension Mountain Bike

LauVery made this bike used as your go-to model mountain bike, which can be used on any rough surfaces with ease and comfort.

Besides, there are no electrical parts that you need to worry about the water and other current related problems.

The foldable design of this bike another thing that can be very useful if you are a traveler.

You can carry around this bike as your perfect companion with little space and avoid assembling and dismantling different parts.

Moreover, the upgraded frame full suspension will make your ride very safe and comfortable in any circumstances you pass through.

This adult folding bike is equipped with 26-inch wheels that fit 5'3-5'9". Besides, the double-disc brakes on both front and rear make the braking more sensitive.

When it comes to the bike's suspension details, it uses a high-carbon steel mountain bike full suspension with 21-speed gear.

The bike's load capacity is 90 kg, and the suitable height of the rider for this bike is 160 cm - 180 cm.

  • The foldable feature of the bike makes it easy to carry around
  • No electrical parts that can damage
  • Disc Braking system for the better safety
  • There is no electrical motors or parts to help while in the ride

5. Diamondback Bicycles Catch 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This one is another masterpiece in the full suspension mountain bikes from the Diamondback bicycles.

Available in two different colors that include tan and grey, and the size chart of the bike is small 5'4" - 5'7" and X-Large 6'2"- 6'6".

Level Link rear suspension of the bike gives a good comfort level of suspension through edgy surfaces.

This can assist the back wheel with managing square-edge hits and adds to the bicycle's general accelerating effectiveness.

When it comes to the wheel and tire setup, this bike is equipped with 27.5+ Blanchard tubeless-ready wheels with forgiving 2.8" tires.

Moreover, the boost 148 rear thru-axle and boost 110 thru-axle forks added extra stiffness to the ride.

The bike is also equipped with the Shimano SLX 1x11 drivetrain with Race Face Affect Cinch cranks.

The braking system is also advanced with the Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes that have 180mm rotors. The pros of this mountain include the lightweight frame, Blanchard tubeless-ready wheels for comfort and grip, and the hydraulic disc brakes.

The cons of this bike include the problem that it cannot be folded or dismantled easily. So carrying around with you will be a pain with this one.

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Blanchard tubeless-ready wheels for comfort and grip
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for more safety
  • Cannot carry around because of the difficulty to assemble or dismantle
  • No foldable options available

Buying Guide - Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2500

Are you looking forward to extending your possibilities of bike riding to a new level of adventures? Then there are things to be noted before going it.

You may be an experienced rider on a road bike, or you are just a regular guy who is looking to add some dirt and an off-road lifestyle into your daily routines.

If you are, then you may know that buying a perfect mountain bike is the first step to start in that procedure.

The question is: Is the best mountain bike that available, and what are the things to be noted while buying a new mountain bike.

Here are some of the things you need to take care of before going to buy a mountain bike.

Right Size

Different companies have come up with a model of bikes in various sizes. That may be small, large, extra-large, etc.

But these may be only some words that represent the size of that bike for that model only in that company models.

The size difference in numbers may have a considerable difference when comparing with models from other companies and the size you needed.

Before going back to any models and brands, you have to compare the size of the bike in numbers, not in some model sizes they provide in the ads.

When you choose your frame size, it is also essential to consider the wheels you needed.

Type of Suspension

You have to select from the two suspension types, which are the hardtail suspension and full-suspension models.

It gets expensive when it comes to a full-suspension mountain bike when you get more quality in parts with the same rate on a hardtail.

Simultaneously, for advanced features and technology, you have to go for full suspension mo0dels that are a little expensive than the hardtails.

Consider the Weight

Weight is significant, however rough terrain and quality are possibly more significant.

Wobbly has no spot when arbitrary shakes, roots, and trenches can get at you from all edges – guiding exactness, cornering, and certainty all endure, hauling your speed down with it.

It's smarter to convey a couple of additional pounds and keep your bicycle out of the fence. Also, out of the workshop, as well.

Quality of the Suspension

Research the audits of the forks and shocks on the bicycle you're taking a gander at, and utilize the maker's site to get the specific models.

Always remember that the original products that come with the bike is always something unique than the things you can get from the aftermarket.

Latest Design

Whenever you are looking for a new mountain bike, always look for a future-proof design.

Because the market is always running in competition, new things and features are added to the latest models every day.

So looking after the most futuristic model will always keep up with the trend and technology.

Finally, spare some budget for the dedicated suits, helmets, and equipment that needed to be used while doing a mountain ride.

Using dedicated things is always better when it comes to more adventurous things is the best thing to do.


This article listed a few of the top best full suspension mountain bikes under 2500 with all the primary level features.

Some of the bikes listed above are available with electrical motors, and some are available with foldable characteristics.

You have to select the right bike for you from all these bikes according to your needs.

If you are a person who travels a lot, then you can carry your folding mountain bike with you wherever you go and have fun with it.

Or if you need a little support at some points in big hills, then a bike with an electric motor will be useful for you.

At last, if you are an extreme mountain biker and never need any folding parts or electric parts that can be damaged in your ride, then it is best to select the bike without any of these features in it.

It will be a raw model, and you will be at an extra concentration level during your rides.

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