If you are an avid mountain biker, you know how important it is to have a good helmet. A proper helmet keeps you safe from significant impacts along the way, if any. While riding on our favorite mountain bikes, sometimes we even forget that we are paddling anymore.

The cool breeze and the constant movement forwards make us feel like we are in an alternate paradigm. Amidst all that fun, we surely wouldn’t want sweat dripping from our forehead, seeping into our eyes. We would prefer being so comfortable that we end up forgetting we are wearing anything. To experience the best mountain bike riding, you genuinely do not need any expensive gear. All you need is a throbbing heart with an unquenchable thirst for a thrill.

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This is why we wanted to bring you a list of the best mountain bike helmet under 50 so that you can make an informed choice for yourself.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 50

1. PHZ Adult Bike Helmet

PHZ Adult Bike Helmet
  • USB Safety Light
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Good Ventilation
  • Adjustable Size
  • Perfect Gift

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The design of the PHZ helmet is made by following the principles of aerodynamics so that you can experience the least amount of helmet resistance while speeding.

The PHZ Adult bike helmet comes with an impressive outer layer designed and perfected to resist the hardest impacts. Moreover, the outer layer is made with impact-resistance Polycarbonate material. The Exterior is also dust and wear-resistant. The large removable sun-visor keeps your eyes protected from sun reflections and covers your eyes from the rain.

The EPS impact-resistant interior of this helmet is designed for high-quality shock absorption, and the helmet is overall lightweight. The interiors also have the provision for insect-lining to protect you from bugs while traveling. The lining and the insect net are both detachable, allowing you to clean them as and when it is necessary.

Additionally, 23 vents are strategically placed to increase your amount of ventilation throughout your journey. Proper ventilation helps you in keeping the sweat to a minimum, allowing you to concentrate on your ride more than anything. This helmet is most undoubtedly breathable, and the placement of materials is such that it is easily cleanable as well.

The PHZ helmet also comes with a fixing strap, a chin buckle, and a chin pad so that you can adjust your fit in accordance to your needs. The chin pad has a sweat absorbing foam attached to it, which keeps your face dry during those summer outings.

The PHZ also comes with a 360 degrees adjustable regulator at the back of this helmet, which allows you to adjust the height and circumference of the helmet. This feature provides you with a lot of flexibility as to the range of people who can use it.

The USB rechargeable 3-mode Tail Light LED has to be the one feature that stands out in this helmet, which is why this one made it to our list.

The three modes of the Tail Light are:

  • Impact resistance material
  • EPS foam material
  • 360 degrees adjustable regulator
  • Sun visor
  • Detachable lining and insect net
  • 23 ventilation points
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Not CPSC certified
  • Occasional tail light displacement
  • Strapping mechanism
  • LED light charging issues

2. Kingbike Ultralight Bike Helmet

Kingbike Ultralight Bike Helmet
  • Polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Safety: Equip with 3 modes Helmet Led Rear light for safety.
  • Ultra-Lightweight for Comfortable
  • Only 0.49lb In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.
  • 24 Vents keep Ample Ventilation for ultimate temperature regulation and reducing resistance.
  • Adjustable dial to customize the fit.

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The KINGBIKE helmet is definitely ultralight (0.95 lbs or 430 grams) and is made with an in-mold polycarbonate shell. Needless to say, the strong polycarbonate exterior shelling makes it durable as well as a trusted companion. The KINGBIKE comes with a detachable visor which is meant to safeguard against blazing sun and raindrops. This detachable visor helps you in adjusting to the climatic needs of the mountain bike riding.

The EPS liner used in the interiors makes this one a very comfortable crown to wear around for those long mountain biking weekends. A proper line like the EPS will protect your scalp from impact shocks ranging between medium to heavy.

The Kingbike has successfully cleared the CPSC safety standard protocols making this bike a powerful contender in our list. Additionally, this helmet comes with LED 3-mode Tail Light for all your night time paddling across the hilly areas.

The Tail Light modes at the back of this helmet are:

This helmet has the provision for 24 carefully placed vents, which regulates the temperature within the helmet while you are traveling. These vents are designed to keep your scalp sweat-free and breathable. Plus, a good ventilation system like this provides you with the least helmet resistance during your speeding trials.

This helmet comes in two sizes to choose from - one is (Mini/Large) which fits head sizes ranging from 56-60 cm, and the other one is (Large/XL) which fits in head sizes ranging between 59-63cm. There is a provision for a chin buckle with paddings and a chin strap so that you can adjust the tightness of the helmet for a much more comfortable ride.

  • Detachable visor
  • 24 ventilation points
  • 3-Mode LED lights
  • EPS liner
  • Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Lightweight
  • A poor chin strap and buckle quality
  • May not suitable for adults
  • LED light issues

3. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women

VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women
  • Rechargeable Helmet Light
  • Cool and Lightweight Cycling Helmet
  • Impact Resistance
  • Magnetic Helmet Goggles and Visor
  • Adjustable Fit

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A high-density PolyCarbonate material is used for the exterior part of this helmet making it a very durable helmet in this list. The superior quality of the exterior is built in such a manner that it provides for a lot of safety.

The interior comes with soft padding, and it makes a solid pair with the hard outer layer providing you with extra shock-absorbing capabilities. This helmet, therefore, can take a load of medium to high-frequency shocks depending upon the magnitude of the impact.

The VICTGOAL mountain bike helmet comes with the flexibility of a dual-fit adjustable design. The adjustability knob or the adjustability regular at the back of the bike helmet helps in adjusting the head circumference, providing you with a range of 22-24 inches (57- 61 cm).

This bike is specially designed in terms of the principles of aerodynamics. There in total 28 vents, which keeps the helmet breathable from within, making your mountain bike riding enjoyable and fatigue-free. The aerodynamic design reduces the helmet resistance during the times you ride faster and helps you cut through the air.

The VICTGOAL bike helmet weighs about 0.56-0.58 lbs, i.e., 254 grams. This helmet is lightweight and will never be the reason for fatigue during longer trail rides.

The Victgoal mountain bike helmet comes with a unique detachable Magnetic Goggles Visor Shield, which can be used as sunglasses. This removable visor helps in protecting your face from dust and safeguards your eyes from dust and sand particles.
The magnetic detachable Goggles visor also seeks to protect your eyes from the blazing sun rays and provides you protection from ultraviolet light as it comes with Anti-UV400 protection. Since the detachable mechanism uses magnets, it is straightforward to flip it up or remove the visor with one hand while you are paddling.

The VICTGOAL comes with a 3-Mode LED rear light fitted at the back of your helmet so that you can be spotted from a long way by vehicles running up behind you at night.

The Light uses an easily rechargeable CR1632 button battery and the T three modes available are:

This helmet also complies with CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standards making it a very widely accepted choice amongst our picks in this list.

  • Detachable Magnetic Visor Goggles with Anti-UV400 protection
  • CPSC certified
  • Ultralightweight
  • Taillights
  • 28 Ventilation points
  • 6 variants and 8 color choices
  • Light may not work
  • Cheap and Fragile
  • Thin padding
  • Adjustment knob issues

4. Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet Ultralight

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet Ultralight
  • Integrated in-mold PC shell with multi-dimensional cone-shape EPS impact foam.
  • Ventilated channel system with13 vents provide cooling airflow when you’re riding hard.
  • One-hand Fit adjustment back wheel for comfort wearing, suitable for head circumference 22.0 - 24.4 inch.
  • Removable inner quality padding to absorb shocks upon impact and extra sweat.
  • Breathable, removable and soft chin guard and Y-S fixing strap for comfort fit.
  • Visor attached protects your eye from rain, sun, mud, and tree branches.

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The Lixada mountain bike helmet comes with an integrated in-mold Poly-Carbonate shell which makes it a strong resistance against medium to major impacts.

The interior of this helmet comes with a multi-dimensional cone-shape EPS impact foam, which makes sure that it absorbs the maximum impact, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your scalp or brain. This helmet also has a provision for high-quality removable paddings, which absorbs sweat, making it the perfect choice for all your long biking adventures.

The Lixada mountain bike helmet provides for 13 strategically placed vents for the perfect airflow within the helmet’s interiors. These vents will naturally help you with cutting through the air faster and offer you the least helmet resistance.

The helmet comes with an adjustable knob at the rear end, allowing you to adjust the circumference to fit best your head size ranging between 22 to 24.4 inches or 56 to 62 cms. Plus, the provision for detachable soft chin guards and Y shaped fixing straps let you adjust the fit of this helmet on your head and cheeks properly. The adjustability of this bike helmet enables you to be comfortable with your riding.

The prefixed visor protects you from glaring sunlight and raindrops which would have otherwise caused serious difficulty in bike riding during the summers and monsoon.

  • Adjustable circumference
  • Multi-dimensional EPS foam
  • In-mold Polycarbonate shelling
  • Detachable shin guards
  • Fitting issues
  • For round shape heads only
  • No provision for tail lights

5. Fox Head Flight Sport Trail Bike Helmet

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This Fox bike helmet is roughly 470 grams and it comes with a thin layer of ABS exterior. The ABS is a combination of three kinds of plastic and each of them provides a unique strength to the helmet.

Acrylonitrile is for chemical and fatigue resistance. Additionally, this plastic material also provides strength and durability.
Butadiene seeks to provide excellent impact resistance.

And styrene adds to the hardness of the material along with providing heat resistance and maintenance of the color.
The ABS exterior is the hardest and the cheapest alternative to polycarbonate and works just as fine.

The interior comes with a single density EPS foam, which is used for maximum protection for minimum weight distribution throughout the helmet. Additionally, the heat-sealed comfort liner feels great while riding during the summer.

The Fox Head comes with 8 large sized ventilation bores which help in a continuous flow of air into the scalp making your ride a lot less fatigue ridden.

  • ABS exterior
  • Thin linings
  • Large Ventilation bores
  • Minimum vents
  • No CPSC clearance
  • No tail lights

6. Moon Bike Helmets for Adults Lightweight

Moon Bike Helmets for Adults Lightweight
  • Excellent Impact Resistant
  • 25 Air Vents
  • Relieve the pressure on the head
  • For Every Head Shape Available
  • Detachable Visor

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The Moon bike helmets are one of the very known and popular brands across many cycling events around the world. This 275 grams helmet is made with a hardbound Poly-Carbonate shell on the outside which is meant to make major impacts. Moreover, the soft EPS foam linings inside provide for strong shock absorption capabilities reducing the risks of head injuries even if the impact is of the major category.

Moon bike helmet comes with 25 ventilation points, which makes it one of the smartest choices in our list. The sheer number of ventilation points provided suggests that this helmet takes care of the airflow situation pretty well. The vents also allow for minimum wind resistance, making it easier to paddle faster.

It clears the CPSC safety protocol standards, and there is no doubt as to the safety standards it pertains to.

The Moon bike helmet comes with an adjustable knob at the rear end of the helmet that allows you to fit into any head size according to your preference. Plus, the linings provided inside are detachable as well which means you can remove them and clean regularly. The visor can be detached from the main body according to the road type or your preferences.

  • 25 ventilation points
  • Adjustability knob
  • The removable visor and inner linings
  • Meets CPSC standards of safety
  • Lightweight
  • Possibly uncomfortable
  • Cheap paint finish
  • No tail lights

7. Lixada Adult Bike Helmet

Lixada Adult Bike Helmet
  • Impact resistance
  • 22 ventilation vents & lightweight
  • Can adjustable to different head size

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On the exterior, the Lixada comes with a hard Polycarbonate material that ensures the best possible impact resistance coupled with EPS foam lining inside which is there to absorb medium to high levels of concussions.

There are 22 ventilation points that make this bike helmet a breathable one with breezy interiors. The vents are there to keep your scalp temperature down to a minimum and for reduced sweating. The ventilation system makes this helmet ideal for long biking weekends on trails. The use of specialized aerodynamic ventilation design makes it possible for a minimum air resistance while you try to speed up.

The Lixada comes with a detachable Goggles Visor Shield, which you can use as a replacement for your googles. The Googles are UV-400 enabled shields, and that means it is meant to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This type of visor in any way keeps your eyes away from dust and dirt particles entering your eyes while you cruise along the trails.

The goggles can be detached very easily with a single hand while paddling because of the magnet used on each side. Plus, you can choose to remove the Goggles visor to fit in your shades.

This one comes with LED rear end tail lights for night time biking beside highways. There are three modes:

These LED lights are there to warn the fast-paced cars from a distance to avoid accidents.

The Lixada comes with a rotational knob at the back of the helmet, where you can adjust the circumference according to your preferences and head sizes. The average head size ranges from 22 to 24 inches approximately.

The helmet is CPSC and CE certified and thus, there is no compromise in adherence to the industry safety standard protocols.

  • Certified by CE and CPSC
  • 22 ventilation ports
  • Adjustable circumference
  • LED rear lights
  • Detachable Goggles visor
  • The EPS foam lining and Polycarbonate shell
  • No chin guards
  • No detachable linings

Buyer’s Guide For Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 50

All mountain bike lovers would suggest you buy a good helmet. A proper helmet should meet a few basic or standard criteria to be safe enough for bike riding, under any possible circumstance.

Here’s a list of answers you need to know before you end up choosing anyone from the list of the best mountain bike helmet under 50 that we have prepared for you above:

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What is the ideal combination of materials used in a good mountain bike helmet under this category?

A good mountain bike helmet under this category must have a polycarbonate outer layer coupled with a multi-density soft EPS or expanded polystyrene foam as the inner linings.

This combination of the hardened polycarbonate and the soft foam inside will provide you the best shock absorption possible in cases of medium to high alert impacts. The soft foam will save your scalp in case you meet an accident.

What are the adjustability features to look for in a helmet?

The first adjustability you truly need is the one where you can adjust the circumference of the helmet. Almost all helmet manufacturers restrict the adjustability of the circumference within a few inches. But that is enough to fit the helmet onto your scalp comfortably. This feature provides you the flexibility of use.

Secondly, the visor of a helmet should either be adjustable or merely detachable. That way, the visor usage remains a flexible matter of choice and preferability. Some of the manufacturers have used detachable/adjustable goggles visor shields with UV protection glasses, which is a handy addition.

Needless, to mention, you should also look for adjustable shin guards and chin straps for helmets in this category. Detachable inner linings are best suited for those who wish to clean the interiors from time to time.

What is the ideal type of ventilation for a helmet in this category?

Ideally, a good helmet belonging to this category must have more than 20 ventilation points for easy access to airflow. Proper airflow shall regulate the internal temperature and keep your scalp moist free, and odorless.

How to determine the safety standards of a bike helmet in this category?

The best way to judge a helmet in terms of a safety standard or safety protocol adherence is to check their CPSC clearance and CE clearance certificates. If a bike is a tested and certified bike helmet, you will not have to worry about its safety standards anymore.

However, some manufacturers have added a feature of rear-end LED taillights. These lights help in cautioning passerby cars from a distance for all your night-time biking, especially beside a highway.

What are the aspects to avoid in a bike helmet?

You should probably avoid choosing a round-headed helmet fitting and instead choose one with an oval-headed fit. Also, choosing a bike helmet with proper chin guards or padding can keep you safe and soak your dripping sweat.


In the end, we can safely say that each and every one of these picks has some reason or the other to be in our list of the best mountain bike helmet under 50. In the end, the choice is always yours, and you should choose one which is the closest fit to your needs and demands. However, always remember to wear your helmet before hitting the streets because safety is a must. Happy Biking!

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