Bike racks are the best option for transporting your bikes along with you to wherever you want. And they are available in different models according to how they are attached to a vehicle or how they lock your bikes on it.

A roof rack can load and keep the bikes on the top of your car when a hitch rack can be attached to a hitch receiver. Besides, another kind of bike rack is the no-hitch model rack.

You will find out the Best Bike Rack for SUV No Hitch products in the next few headings; they can be used on your cars that do not have a hitch receiver.

If there is no hitch on your car, then the situation will make you attach a hitch system to your vehicle, and with an expensive car, that might be a risk.

These no-hitch racks are the saviors for those people with cars without a hitch receiver system. Go through the following sessions and find out the best products and more information about them.

Best Bike Racks for SUV No Hitch

1. Saris Bones No Hitch Bike Rack

Saris Bones No Hitch Bike Rack
  • Arc-based design fits over most spoilers and separates bikes on different levels
  • Injection-molded arms and legs are the strongest on the market
  • Ratcheting hold downs are easy to adjust
  • Rubberized feet protect car and coated straps protect bike
  • Carries 2 bikes (35lbs/bike)

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Are you looking for a bike rack for your car and cannot find the right one for your needs? This Saris Bones bike rack is also considered the Best Bike Rack for the SUV No Hitch model.

This rack is manufactured with one of the strongest kinds of arms attached to a car’s trunk. It is injection-molded arms that have more stability than 3commonly seen trunk rack arms.

Besides, the rack is designed to carry up to two bikes at a time, and the distributed weight for each bike is up to 35lbs. The arc design of the rack is unique and stronger when compared to the traditional trunk racks.

Moreover, the feet of the product is made with a rubberized texture that protects both your car. And the rubber-coated straps and cradle system also make sure to keep the bike safe all the time.

  • Two bikes can be loaded at the same time.
  • Most spoilers are compatible with its arc model design.
  • Rubberized feet will keep the car and bike from scratches.
  • It has an affordable price tag.
  • It cannot be recommended for long-distance rides at night unless you have other safety measurements.

2. Allen Sports Deluxe No Hitch Bike Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe No Hitch Bike Rack
  • Sport Type: Biking
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 23.03 x 13.58 x 3.94 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds
  • Folding: Yes

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Here is another trunk-mount rack for your bikes that can be used with all kinds of vehicles because of its design. You can install this rack on your car easily within seconds. And it is the most commonly seen design in the racks.

The Allen brand's patented tie-down system makes it considered the Best Bike Rack for SUV No Hitch products in the market. And the tie-down system has a fixed position on the carry arm of the rack.

Although they are rotatable, so you can use them to fit different sizes and shapes of bike frames very easily. The design is perfectly designed for all kinds of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, minivans, and hatchbacks.

This helps in different levels of the buying process and other installation-related confusions. Besides, the rack's design has a middle frame system that will keep the bike at enough distance from the vehicle.

It is to eliminate the chances of contact between the rack and vehicle that leads to the scratches on both bikes and the carrier vehicle.

  • Straps are available in all directions of the rack for increased safety and stability.
  • The arm set of the rack is narrow, so loading is effortless.
  • Single configuration design eliminates the chances of doubts in installation and usage.
  • The unmoveable individual tie-down system is rotatable so that it can carry all kinds of frames.
  • You have to find other ways to keep the handlebars stable while in rough circumstances.

3. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
  • 100% assembled. Fits most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUV's.
  • Designed to fit 3 bikes (Max 99lb capacity) with sturdy and handy construction.
  • Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle. (Safety strap included.)
  • Individual soft cradles made to protect your bike frame and secure your bikes.
  • OE standard black E-Coating for rust resistance.
  • Foldable carry arms when not in use.
  • Easy installation in minutes.

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Tyger Auto did a great job with the design of this no-hitch rack, and it is available in three different versions; that includes one bike, two bike, and three bike versions so that you can go for the rack according to your preference.

Besides, the rack comes completely assembled so that you don't have to do much work to set it up. And it can be used on all kinds of vehicles such as minivans, sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, etc.

All your bikes will be at a safe distance from each other because of the fixed individual cradles. Moreover, the padded surface of these cradles will keep the bike frame from getting scratched.

It has rubber bumpers on all the places where it meets the vehicle so that the paint will never get damaged on your car. After all, the safety straps will take care of the rack and bikes' stability and protection from all directions.

  • This rack is available for up to three bikes.
  • Soft and individually equipped cradles will keep the frame of your bike secure and safe.
  • Installation of this rack is straightforward, and it has a compact look.
  • The rack has rubber bumpers all over it to eliminate the chances of contact between metal parts and vehicles.
  • It is a little pricier when compared to similar kinds of models from some other brands.

4. Allen Sports Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
  • Sport Type: Biking
  • Material: Metal
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.14 x 7.28 x 3.54 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.3 Kilograms
  • Is Foldable: Yes

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This ultra-compact bike rack is designed by the Allen Sports brand, known as Best Bike Rack for SUV No Hitch products. It is possible to be used on all kinds of cars because of the design.

You can use this rack to keep your bikes without worrying about them when they are not in use. Allen Sports has its own patented tie-down system equipped on all its racks.

It will make sure about the safety of bikes loaded on them because all the tie-downs are fixed with space and can be rotated to use for different kinds of bike frames.

Finally, it has a padded spine on the back of the rack that will eliminate chances of contact between the bike with metal parts.

You can keep the rack in a compact look when it is not in use so that it may not become a burden on your back when it is not in use.

  • The Folding system of this rack makes it easier to keep a compact look while not in use.
  • All the cradles are dual-compound so that there will be no scratches made on your bike frame.
  • The tie-down system has a fixed position so that the rack and your bikes will keep a stable position.
  • The soft TRP landing pad will keep the bikes from hitting the metal.
  • The TRP landing pad seems a little problem with some bike models and accessories.

Buying Guide - Bike Rack for SUV without Hitch

A trunk-mounted rack is a fixed model rack that combines different bits and pieces of metal bars and strap belts to support them. This is also one of the no-hitch racks available at a very affordable range and a product that can be used on any car or truck you have.

However, there are things that you need to consider before making up your mind for a specific model of bike rack for an SUV without a hitch.

Support Arms of the Rack

A pair of support arms connected to the trunk is the main part of a trunk-mounted rack. Because arms are responsible for the whole rack's weight balanced on the back of your SUV or car.

So, you have to consider the ability to support the rack's arms because they have to carry the bike without any problem. Those arms are there to adjust the rack itself's weight along with bikes and external forces that occur while on the road.

The Cradles System

The cradle section of a rack is where the contact between the bike frame and the rack happens. So, it is important to have high-quality cradles that ensure security for your bike and its parts.

A bike is connected with its frame to the rack with cradles' help, so there are chances to get scratches if the cradles are not strong enough. Besides, they need to be well-padded to give a cushioned surface for the bike parts.

Straps must be well-built

The whole trunk is fitted on the trunk with metal arms, but still, it needs extra support from all the sides to keep the rack and bikes stable. So, there are straps in all directions on a trunk rack.

At least, they will have straps to the top and bottom directions. That means it is important to have a rack with high-quality strap material and design. The number of straps is more in some trunk racks models, and that increase will increase the security of your car, rack, and bike.

Make sure about the compatibility of the vehicle

Trunk bike racks mostly come with a universal size that will be the perfect fit for all cars and SUVs. But some cars may have a unique look which makes it a little hard to use a commonly available rack.

In that case, you have to consider the compatibility of the car. Some vehicles may not have anything for a rack to grab onto, so you might have to go with some other models of racks.

Compatibility of your bike

These kinds of racks are manufactured in a weak design when compared to other models of bike racks. So, all types of bikes are not welcomed to use on these racks. First, you need to look for a rack after considering the design.

Then you need to measure your bike's weight and compare it with the recommended weight for the specific model of rack you are looking for. Finally, you will get an idea about the rack and its compatibility with your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions about a no-hitch bike rack system, then go through this list of most asked questions about a no-hitch bike rack. You may find your answer here.

Are these no-hitch racks are the most economical and reliable way to transport my bike?

Yes, a no-hitch bike rack is the most economical and reliable way to transport your bikes. Because it never needs any extra accessories or tools on your car to attach them, and they are available at a more affordable price range.

Do these no-hitch racks damage my car in any way?

All kinds of racks can cause damage to the car if they are not locked on the car tight and perfect. But the possibility of getting damaged with a no-hitch rack is more because these racks are directly in touch with your car. So, you have to give extra care to lock the rack and bike on your car.

Can I open the trunk with the bikes loaded on the no-hitch rack?

When it comes to a no-hitch rack, the bike's whole weight is applied to the trunk door. And the tail doors of most cars are not designed to carry much weight on them. So, it is not recommended to open the trunk door with bikes on it.

Can I use a no-hitch bike rack on any car?

Yes, a no-hitch bike rack is more reliable because of its useability in any situation. They never need any extra accessories to be used on any cars and trucks.


Getting the right bike rack is all based on your preferences for the product. These no-hitch bike racks are the best ones for you if you are not ready to build or attach an extra holder for a rack.

You can select the Best Bike Rack for SUV No Hitch from these above-mentioned products if you are satisfied with your choice after going through the buying guide. Besides, getting a no-hitch rack or trunk rack is the best way to go in several situations.

That situation might be money or anything else, so it is important to know it before going for it.

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