Most of the new bike riders ask themselves at least once about how to lock a bike with a U lock. The reason for it is because of the shape and locking system of a U Lock, also called D Lock.

It is one of the most reliable and secure bike locks that can be used under any circumstances that makes it difficult for thieves to break and run away with your bike.

However, any of the locks are useful against theft if it is used in the proper way that needs to be used.

It means that leaving a lock buckled on your bike without using it properly allows some easiness to the thief who tries to steal your bike.

So, it is important to be thorough with the locking methods and here, continue reading if you want to know the right way to keep your bike safe with a U Lock.

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The Places and Situations to Lock a Bike

Always remember that a lock is not something that stops a thief from trying to get away with your bike.

No lock will do anything against a determined thief who is all set with tools and tricks to unlock any kind of locks.

Besides, there are cases reported every day for stolen bikes in the daylight and from public places.

This means if the thieves have the time and required tools to pick on a lock, they will do whatever it takes to get away with your asset.

So, the place where you are locking your bike matters very much when it comes to security.

The Object or the Surface to Lock the Bike

It is always important to lock the bike to a strong and stationary object that is not easy to moveable or breakable.

A metal post that is welded or glued with cement to the surface is the best thing to be considered in this position.

Besides, always make sure that the thing you are locking your bike is not a thing that can be replaced or unscrewed.

The Best Area to Lock the Bike at a Public Place

Any kind of thieves hate a public place with many people roaming around unless he/she is a pickpocket.

So, leaving your bike at a public place where the people are always around can help to keep theft hands away from your valuable asset.

Moreover, it is best if you can lock the bike in an area that comes under some CCTV footage. A camera that always keeps the log of what in front of them will keep away the bike stealer.

Best Way to Lock Bike

If you want to know the best way to lock a bike, you have to know that a bike thief is never looking for a fully-built bike before going further.

Any parts of a valuable bike can bring them money, so they will take whatever they can get their hands on.

That means it is our responsibility to keep everything locked on a bike. You can either use a U Lock with a cable to lock both ends of the bike or use two separate U Locks.

It is because if you lock your bike to a post with the frame, the stealer can take the wheels along with the tires.

And if you lock the wheels to the post, then they can take the frame itself, so lock both frames and wheels together with the post.

U Lock is one of the easiest ways to lock a bike that is less junky and simple. You can use a second U lock to use at the other end in the same way as mentioned above.

Otherwise, at a place where thieves are active, they can take the front end or the back end of your bike.

One U Lock needs to be cut twice to get rid of it, so using a second one will make the whole thing more difficult.

The difficulty in stealing is one of those things that may keep them back from using their time on it and risking with the time.

Where to Place the Lock

When locking the bike, it is important to place the lock in the bike’s right position; otherwise, it will become easy to hammer the lock.

If you place the lock near to the ground, then it will become easy for thieves to break it with a good hit. So, keeping it high from the ground is important.

Besides, some of the U locks can also cut like cables and other locks with bolt cutters if they are placed on the ground.

The positioning of the Lock

The positioning is important while locking the bike because thieves get direct access to the lock system to picklock with ease if facing in an open direction.

Keeping the lock face to a wall or downwards is the best thing to do while using a U Lock so that becomes a little harder for the stealer to access it.

Size of the Lock

The U lock size has importance in keeping your bike from thieves because openings inside a lock are always possibilities for them to unlock it using a crowbar or hydraulic bottle jack.

Using a small U lock or locking it with more parts of the bike inside is a good way to eliminate those theft chances.

Quality of the Lock

Always make sure that the lock you buying has the best quality ensured in the market. Research online reviews on those products and find the best.

Getting a cheap lock looking after a small budget may end up losing the most valuable asset.


Above mentioned things need to be known before going for a lock or locking your bike at a public place.

Beyond all, U lock is the best way to protect your bike under any circumstance. And it can be used in different possible ways, like along with a cable that is passed through both ends.

Give a little time to find the best U lock for your bike and keep it safe inside a strong and reliable product alongside taking care of all the mentioned things in this piece of information.

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