Where to Put Bike Lock While Riding?

Where to put a bike lock while riding is always a question that keeps the riders confused. It is important to lock and keep your bike safe wherever you go.

Especially with the expensive model bikes available today in the market, the number of bike theft increases.

There are different types of locks available in the market according to your likes and dislikes. Besides, all of them come in different sizes.

It means that all the locks cannot be kept anywhere you prefer on the bike because of the safety concerns and the looks of your bike while in the ride.

So, it is important to make up a space for the lock you select for your bike. Mostly, in small rides, many of the riders seem to keep their locks on the handlebar.

Keeping the lock on the handlebar is a nice way to put it, but if the lock is big or complex, it will affect your riding experience very badly.

It can get stuck in many areas of the handlebar and cables and make it very hard to control the bike. Here are some solutions to keep your lock away to eliminate that chances but everywhere you need it.

Types of Bike Locks That You May Deal With

Three main types of bike locks are available to keep your bike safe. Selecting the type of lock you need is according to how you are going to lock the bike.

  • D Locks or U Locks are the kinds of locks that have a solid D shape when it’s locked. These locks with a normal size are easy to carry around by clipping to the bike’s different parts.
  • Folding Locks are mostly available in the market with a holding bracket attached to the seat bar or bottom bar of the bike like a water bottle holder, and you can keep the lock in it.
  • Chain Locks are another kind of locks that will need more space than the other two locks mentioned. It is best to be kept anywhere other than on the bike while on the ride.

Bike Lock Mounts

Many bikes are manufactured nowadays with a lock mount to keep your bike lock while in the ride. Using that mount will be the best idea to be safe and free from the crowd feel that the lock may give you.

But keeping big locks in the lock mounts is not at all practical, so you have to find other ways to keep the lock safe while on the ride.

Keep in a Backpack

In most of the road bike rides, a backpack is always the companion for most riders. As usual, a backpack is perfect for anything and everything that you need to carry around with you.

You can keep the bike lock in the backpack you carrying and keep it away from sight. However, this also becomes impossible in some cases.

If you have a heavy chain lock, then it will take your half stamina while in the ride sitting inside the backpack.

Keeping a lock that is big and heavy inside the backpack with other essentials may not be practical. Then you have to go to other possibilities.

Keeping it in The Pocket or Belt Loop

The folding locks and D locks are available in small sizes that can be kept inside the pants pocket or in your pants’ belt loop.

Chain locks are bulky and heavy, so it is not practical to keep the chain locks inside the pocket. Although, you can keep the chain locks on your shoulder as a cross-band through your chest.

In a Basket

Is there any basket or pannier attached to your bike? If there is one, then it is one of the best places to keep your lock.

Keeping a heavy or big lock will not affect you by space or weight inside a basket. But most of the riders never like a basket on their bike because of the looks.

Keep the Lock at The Destination

It is always best to keep a lock at the destination of your ride. Especially if you are riding every day to work or class, you can remove the burden of carrying a lock around every day.

You can buy an extra lock for that if you need the lock-in other places that may go every day. A strong chain lock is the best to be left at the work destination.

So that your bike can be locked with a strong lock, and the lock itself will stay where you desire.

Best Lock for the Bike

Another question commonly asked by newbie bike owners is how to lock a bike with a cable. Before knowing to lock your bike with the cable, it is important to know the bike’s safest lock.

How much you tangled and locked does not matter in most cable locks because they are straightforward to cut and unlock.

So, leaving a bike with a cable lock at a public place for too much time is not a good idea. In that kind of case, a D Lock is the best way to keep your bike away from theft.

A strong chain lock is good for you at night times for more security. But always remember to use the best lock system with the chains.


The above mentioned are some locks and the best way to select according to your needs. You have to find out the real need for the lock.

Choosing a D lock is always the best thing to do when it comes to bike locks because of the options alongside the security it provides.

Simultaneously, a cable lock will be helpful at your ho,e garage or work environment, etc., if it is not situated in a theft probable area.

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