As a bike rider, it is imperative to wear shoes of the right size on your feet. Or it can be a problem with the safety and the complete riding experience you are looking for. First of all, to do that, you need to learn how to know if you have wide feet.

Sometimes, we just accept that our shoes are a little tight and get ready to live with that pain. But, even though it will give a good fit for that shoes on your leg, it is harmful and unsafe.

Besides, that will lead to sweating a lot and bad odors on inside your shoes. Another thing these kinds of shoes do to us is the wounds that can happen cause of the tightness of the shoes.

If the shoes you use for biking are tight on your feet, then that means you have a wide foot, and you need to go for a wide-sized shoe. It will provide comfort and more control over the bike you are riding.

What is Wide Width Shoes

Normal, medium, wide, and extra wide are some normal words used to describe the size of the shoes. In some cases, each of these categories might also have some extra sizes inside them.

Wide-width shoes are also available in the same length measurements, but the difference will be the width of the forefoot and toe box area. The heel size and overall length will be the same as any other normal shoes with a similar size in these shoes.

Although, the increased width of the toe box and forefoot region will allow a person with wide feet to comfortably wear the shoes for all kinds of activities.

Different size measurements in a size chart for a shoe can also be very confusing for everyone. Besides, this confusion increases, if there are multiple size charts for the same shoes is available.

If you are buying a shoe online, you need to make sure about the size chart for shoes used in your region. Then it will be easy to find out what size shoes are better for you.

Did you try every other shoe on every section of a shoe store with all sizes of shoes and yet got disappointed? Then the reason might be the wide feet. Choosing a longer shoe will give you that extra space you needed inside the shoes.

Although, that will be a burdening mess for your feet while walking or running with it. It is due to the extra length that is present without any use in front of your feet. So, getting a wide shoe with more area to either side from the middle might be the right decision to make there.

Reasons for Wide Feet

As we know, whatever size our body parts are, it’s all genetically related matters. After all, born or living with a wide foot is not at all a bad thing.

Its just means that you need to get a wider shoe size for a comfortable foot for walking or biking. Moreover, there are different reasons for wide feet, and one is the wide front region of the foot.

Another reason is a flat arch of the foot, and this area of your feet can change the shape from wide to narrow when you take off the feet from the ground. And it gets plumped and wide when the foot is kept on the floor.

Health issues like Edema are another reason for wide feet and the need for a wide shoe. And it is mostly due to swelling of the feet.

Do I Need a Wide Shoe

This question of “do I need a wide shoe?” can be otherwise asked as “do I have wide feet?”. You have to measure if you need to know the exact size of the feet or if you have wide feet.

All that it takes to cut off this confusion from your mind is to do a simple measurement. But, of course, you need a pencil or pen along with a paper. And a measuring tape is also needed for the main event of measuring your foot.

However, you need to make sure that you do not measure the feet in the daytime. This is because the feet will get bigger in the daytime, and the nighttime is the perfect time you will get to see the correct size of your feet.

So, getting the measurement in the daytime and buying a shoe can make it feel bigger on your legs most of the time. Moreover, always measure the feet on a plain surface without bumps under the feet.

Uneven ground can make bulgings on the feet while it is pressed to the ground with your weight. So, at last, it is essential to wear the socks if you love wearing them in a shoe to get the right size when it is on your leg.

Otherwise, you will end up with a smaller shoe that keeps hurting your foot so bad. So now, to find out that if you need a wide shoe or not, do measuring on your leg in the following way.

Place the paper on a smooth and straight surface that will not wrinkle the paper. Then, step on the paper and use the pencil or pen. Whichever thing you have, outline your foot on the paper with it.

Measure the width and length of the foot and compare it with the size charts of the shoe model you are looking for. Remember that there are different size charts for different regions and countries. Find the same size of your feet in all the charts and use that size according to the model and brand you are going for.

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Difference Between Medium & Wide Shoes

The difference between wide and medium feet may seem little. Although, it is an important issue that can affect the control and comfort you have on your activities.

Filling up your wide foot inside a narrow shoe is bad for both the shoe and your feet. Usually, the difference between medium and wide shoes is about 1/8 of an inch.

This might seem so little, but the situation is different when that inch difference is applied to your feet. It will give a little extra space for your fingers not to overlap each other.

Keeping the fingers overlapped inside the shoes can make the skin of your feet weak, and the rubbing between them can cause blood coating and other problems.

Beyond everything, never order a bigger shoe with length if you have a wide foot by the middle. The middle part of a shoe with more length can get narrower to keep up the shape.

So, you need to go with a bigger size of shoes where the extra size is added to the width of the shoe. A shoe with a medium size may work for a person who has wide feet and smaller legs altogether.


Many accidents happened daily in the biking world just because of the use of the wrong size shoe. And this selection of the wrong size happens mostly with riders who have wide feet.

If this is your situation, then this information on how to know if you have wide feet might be handy for you. But, of course, it is always better if these problems are taken care of on the spot.

It is not only the biking shoes. All kinds of shoes are available in their wide-size versions for people with wide feet. So that you can straightforwardly look for wide shoes in a shop when you are shopping for shoes.

After all, using a normal shoe size for a person with wide feet is not a great idea to perform or comfortably keep the feet inside them. However, all well-known brands offer great deals with wide-size shoes without much price difference.

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