It is always fun to see the speed level at which you are cruising on the bike, along with the riding pleasure it gives. In that place, you can use a speedometer for your help.

Even though many bike speedometers come as a small bike computers but calculating the speed will be a speedometer’s basic function.

Getting yourself the best bike speedometer for your bike will be a great up-gradation, and knowing about the pace, will always help you gain control over the ride.

However, there are many brands and models of bike speedometers out there, but they all come with their own differences.

That means if you are trying to get a speedometer, you have to be careful with the options you have.

It is more than a special gadget that gives more personality to the rider and the bike. It must be capable of being your companion under any circumstances.

So, here are some of the best bike speedometers you can get for the bike, along with some extra information that will help you with the decision you are making.

Best Bike Speedometers

1. Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bike Computer – Premium Option for All Work

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bike Computer
  • Download, pair, configure and ride!
  • Automatic route downloads and uploads with compatible third-party apps.
  • Build a route and get pop-up and LED turn-by-turn notifications on screen so you never miss a turn.
  • Battery Life – 15 hours.
  • Waterproof Rating – IPX7 (waterproof up to 5 ft).
  • Supported Satellites – GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU Galileo, and QZSS
  • Fully integrates with Strava Live Segments to give you accurate progress status and the Final Push to beat your goals.

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Everyone likes a device that can do some other functions and the need you have with it. Wahoo did a great job with this bike computer device if you are looking for a speedometer and some other features on the same device.

It is considered to be the best bike speedometer because of its high-quality sensors and the extra features it has onboard. First of all, this is a fitness-level bike computer with the advantage of health and ride-related features.

All the configuration level settings of this device can be controlled through the free ELEMNT Companion app from Wahoo on your smartphone. That means you will never get confused with the settings of this bike computer.

If you use some third-party applications like Strava and Komoot that are compatible with this device, you can download and upload routes automatically that will help for easy navigation.

Notifications, including turn-by-turn indicators and pop-ups, will help you stay on the road. This device will always do the job of the speedometer by showing you the speed you are going on the screen to your preference.

  • It has all the health and ride-related features.
  • The device will give different levels and types of speed calculations.
  • It offers navigation-related features.
  • Configuration and settings are very easy through applications.
  • Expensive than a basic level speedometer

2. KLL Multi-Purpose Bike Speedometer

KLL Multi-Purpose Bike Speedometer
  • Multi-function Bike Speedometer Light
  • 5 Light Modes & 5 Sound Modes
  • High-definition LCD Display
  • Battery indicator Function & USB Rechargeable Bike Light
  • Easy to install & Suitable for All Kinds of Bikes

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Some riders love to ride their bike at night, and they are in great need of an efficient light system to see and to be seen in the dark, along with the speedometer needs.

If you are a rider with those needs, this will be the best bike speedometer for you with its options. This bike speedometer device is built on a body that also carries an LED light system.

Besides, the speedometer section, which is the digital part of the whole system, has all the features you can find on a digital watch like stopwatch, time, etc., along with the speed, distance, power time, and riding time.

When describing the LED light system, it has different light configurations that can be used under different conditions. The different light modes include weak light, high light, flash, emergency light, and yellow light that can be used appropriately.

Another thing about this device is the in-built horn system. All these features on a single device make it very easy for a rider to make the bike simple yet helpful in riding.

  • It is a multi-tasking bike speedometer.
  • Different light modes and integrated horns are available.
  • The digital display will show all the measurements related to time and speed.
  • It is waterproof so that you can use it in the rain.
  • The built-quality of the device is not much satisfying.

3. CHILEAF Multi-Purpose Bike Speedometer

CHILEAF Multi-Purpose Bike Speedometer
  • LED Bike Computer
  • Waterproof Bicycle LED Light
  • USB Rechargeable for The Front Light
  • Horn and Bicycle Tail Light

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This is another bike speedometer that comes with an in-built LED light system on the product's body set that also includes a tail light along with it. The main advantage of these kinds of speedometers is the simple controls.

You will never get confused with the mechanism and the configuration of this speedometer. The digital LCD display used in this device provides you data such as maximum speed, total distance, average speed, etc.

Besides, it is made with very high-quality ABS material that can stand any kind of weather and is waterproof so that you can take it as your companion on a rainy day without worrying about killing it.

A 1500mAH battery will give you a long time life for the device, and it can be charged with anything that includes a car charger, power bank, and a normal charger. That means you will never run out of battery with this product.

One of the exciting features of this device is the sound system that contains six different sounds such as the tweet, trumpets, whistles, etc.

  • It has six sounds that can be changed by pressing a single button.
  • The IPX4 technology makes it waterproof.
  • The simple mechanism of this device makes it more affordable.
  • It can be charged with anything using a USB cord.
  • The accuracy of the data calculations can’t be promised because of the cheap cost.

4. MEILAN M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer

MEILAN M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer
  • Built-in High-sensitivity Gps Chip
  • Multi-functions
  • Day & Night Backlight
  • Wireless Design & USB Rechargeable

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As the name says, this is a mini GPS bike computer, and it can do more functions than a basic speedometer and offers GPS functions. All these together make it the best bike speedometer.

A built-in high-sensitive chip is responsible for this device's GPS-related ability that can support three systems, including GPS, Beidou, and GLONASS. It will get automatically calibrated according to the local time when you set the time zone.

IPX5 waterproof system will protect the device from heavy rain and the material used for the making is high-quality, and the overall size and shape of the device look more simple and cool on the bike.

Besides, it is equipped with the ability to do all those things that a speedometer can do, and the day and night backlight system of the product makes it more visible under any light circumstances.

Moreover, this device is made with a wireless technic that will never need any wires around your bike so that you don't have to worry about the wires getting tangled around or other problems like water shorts.

Do check our specific guide onĀ best wireless bike computers.

  • It has a Mini GPS system that helps you with navigation.
  • The day and night backlight features will help the display visible all the time.
  • Wireless connectivity makes it very easy to use.
  • It is waterproof, and the materials are very high-quality.
  • The battery life of this model is not much impressive.

5. XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer
  • Professional APP Data Analytics
  • Sync to STRAVA
  • Supports Heart Rate plus Cadence
  • Easy to Use

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This one is another full-mode bike computer that comes with all the features related to health, time, speed, and navigation. With all the features, the sensors of a bike computer have more quality than a basic speedometer.

It offers you more professional-level riding data along with health-related data when combined with a heart rate monitor and a cadence sensor device. Besides, this is a wireless model so that you don't have to worry about messy wires.

Moreover, this device's four satellite connectivity makes the positioning in navigation more accurate, and it can also record riding tracks automatically for later needs.

An effective yet scientific ride experience is assured with this device alongside the real need, which is a speedometer. Besides, you can upload and share your riding data between applications with the help of compatible applications that work on Bluetooth.

At last, this bike computer has an LCD display that is integrated with an auto-backlight feature so that you don't have to worry about visibility under any light circumstances.

  • The auto-backlight feature keeps the visibility intact.
  • It has more battery life when compared with a touch-controlled device.
  • The device is filled with all the advanced-level bike computer features.
  • Less expensive when compared to other bike computers.
  • You have to recharge it every other 25 hours of use.

6. SY Wireless Bike Speedometer

SY Wireless Bike Speedometer
  • Auto Wake-up Function
  • Multi-functions
  • Day & Night Backlight
  • Easy to Install &Use
  • Applicable on various bikes

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This is a straightforward wireless speedometer that you can get for your bike from the SY brand. The simple design and the small size make it more friendly for any kind of bike ride you do.

This is the best bike speedometer that you can get if you are looking for a speedometer device that only does the speedometer's job. It will sense the vibration from the bike and wakes up automatically.

Besides, it has a very bright greenish LCD monitor that makes the reading very easy at any angle. The waterproof technology, along with the small size and wireless connectivity itself a selling point for this product.

It can calculate all kinds of speed and time-related data without any lag so that this can be used for your fitness needs too. The backlight is automatic that will be turned on only for a specific period of time.

Pressing any button on the device between 18:00 and 6:00 will light up the display along with the data you are looking for. After all, there are no many buttons so that you can easily control and configure the device.

  • It has a slim yet cool-looking design.
  • The wireless connectivity makes usage easy.
  • An automatic backlight provides light in the dark.
  • It will detect the vibration and wakes up from sleep mode.
  • There are limitations in the wireless wavelength with this device.

7. RISEPRO Wireless Bike Computer

RISEPRO Bike Computer, Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Bike Odometer Cycling Multi Function Waterproof 4 Line Display with Backlight YT-813
  • Large & Clear 4 Lines Display
  • Two Bikes Settings & Data Comparison
  • Multi Unique & Useful Functions
  • Reception Range & Compatibility
  • Backlight & Waterproof

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This is another very simple to use bike speedometer from the RISEPRO brand, and they did a satisfying job with this product at an affordable price. It has a clear and large display that can show data in four lines.

It means that you will get almost all the current data measurements on the same display without getting confused while you are riding. And this model has the ability to pre-set configurations for two different bikes so that your partner can use it while you are not using it.

This kind of two-bike compatibility makes it easy to share the data and compare it between them. All basic-level speedometer and odometer features are integrated into this bike computer, including calorie consumption details.

About 60 centimeters of wireless signal transfer is possible between the device and the sensor so that you never have to worry about the signal getting lost during the ride. All other features like waterproof and backlight systems are integrated within this device.

  • It has a slim and sleek design
  • Waterproof and has a backlight system
  • The wireless connectivity has a 60 cm of distance to work with.
  • You can use the same device for two bikes.
  • The built quality is not satisfying.

Buyer's Guide for Best Bike Speedometers

In other words, a basic level speedometer is also a bike computer, and the only difference will be the more or fewer features of different products. There are things that you have to consider before selecting a bike computer/speedometer for your bike.

Consider the features you need

There are many bike computers out there, and all of them are not similar in the availability of the features related to health, speed, time, and navigation. So, you have to make a decision about the things you need on the device.

If you are looking only for features related to speed, then a speedometer is enough, but if you are a bike enthusiast who loves all the data calculations, then you can go with a multi-purpose bike computer.

Display and Controls

Bike computers are available with different kinds of displays, and it makes a difference in the price tag. The expensive bike computers mostly come with a color touch screen display that you can read easily in any situation and easily controlled with the touchscreen.

Other display models are controlled with buttons, and they will be in black and white mode. These black and white models also come in different varieties, so you have to consider all the needs and situations you may encounter with your bike computer before purchasing it.

Wired or Wireless Connectivity

Bike computers are available in two different connectivity options that are based on how the sensor and the device are connected to each other. A wired device may not take much battery, and the signals may not get lost during the transaction because of the distance.

However, by using a wireless model, you can reduce the wires running along with the bike parts, and you never have to worry about the wires getting entangled in situations or other water-related problems.

Multi-Bike Usage

If you have two bikes on your own and need to use a bike computer on both bikes, it is always best to go for a device that can work with multiple bikes without manipulating one another's configurations. Otherwise, it will become tough to use two different devices and look after them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes a buying guide for the product may not be sufficient to give you the right information you are looking for before buying a product, and in this case, it is a speedometer. So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about speedometers from customers and enthusiasts.

What is the mechanism that makes this speedometer work?

It is the same sensor technic used for all kinds of ride-related measurements in a bike in which a sensor will be magnetically attached to the fork or the rear end of the frame and a magnet on the spoke of the wheel.

The number of times the magnet passed the sensor in the rotation will be detected and converted into the speed.

How can I check if the speedometer is working accurately?

You can use a stopwatch to find if the speedometer is working fine and accurately. Read the stopwatch measurements of two miles in a straight road and compare both readings.

How to find the problem that makes my speedometer not work properly?

The majority of the problems that are related to the speedometer are very easy to fix by yourself. You can check for problems in the battery, wiring, and alignment mistakes between the magnet and the sensor.


Using a speedometer is always the best idea to keep track of the different aspects of bike riding, especially if you are more into the technical region of riding along with the fun it offers.

For that, you can get the best bike speedometer at an affordable price tag that will help you in different levels. Besides, there are bike computers that can help you on different levels other than just a speedometer.

You can go with the expensive bike computers if you need more exciting features besides calculating the speed. However, you have to go through the above section's buying guide before buying the product you liked from the above list.

So that you will get an idea about the things that might help you with your situation and altogether you will get all the advantages out of the speedometer you are buying.

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