Let’s start with the question once again. Are mountain bikes good for long distances?. My answer is, of course, yes. You will come to know later in this article by understanding the whole truth.

People who have functional endurance power capacity can hold a mountain bike for a long distance for a reason.

Here, there are two questions one can think.

Firstly, that you are asking about a long distance for a single day event, and, secondly, you are asking about the multiple day trips touring.

If your question matches these two, then you are on the right platform. So, lets first talk about the long-distance events which are mended for a single day.

In this portfolio, Cross Country XC mountain bikes will be the best place one can think of to start because they are less focused on the downhill.

XC Mountain Bikes – Surprise Package

Cross Country (XC) races are a part of the Olympic Games. Mountain bikes of different types like a hardtail and full suspension are part of XC, which you can choose anyone depending on your budget.

Any kind of trail makes you a considerable rider when you pick up the right mountain bike. Generally, hardtail bikes are lighter (15-35 lb)  as compared to full suspension. The suspension forks work well with both front and rear suspension.

XC bikes are not classified as gravity bikes because they are long and slack as slack bikes are put on a harder side to ride upon hills and also work with suspension parts. Moreover, slack bikes are for single-day events that you prepare yourself with your XC bike.

Single-day or long-distance travel events are those events which you may not like to spend the whole day on the saddle. Due to the work of pedal bob, you may lose your energy fast. You may compare the same thing with that of a trampoline.

Generally, XC bike rear suspension parts come around 80mm to 120mm, and it makes your riding more efficient. They also provide you with more control on any surface like technical terrain.

Slacking Off – The Real Geometry

The real geometry of the bikes is based on the angles they provide. With the angles, riders can manage to get rid of any downhill side. Mostly, the front wheel does a significant part by striking with some angle and letting the fork to absorb from where the wheel goes up.

The length of your bike plays a vital role as it is made looked long with the help of suspension travel. The angle at which focuses turn on with forks makes you ride at a constant speed. The long, low, and slack are progressive thought, which you generally see in the description of mountain bikes.

Now, the second question comes i.e. for extended or multiple days touring. So, people who are interested in longer strips may choose any rigid bike or better to go for a hardtail mountain bike.

Rigid bikes always have a solid structure frame, which may help you to lose some weight. They are also helpful in protecting you from some unexpected issues related to mechanical when you find no one nearby you.

About Tires

When we talk about the tires, either you can go for medium size 26″ or 29″ which is a plus-size tire, or you can refer to Fat tire bike. You can find the same size in the mountain bike, which is of standard size.

The standard size of a tire is 2.4″ wide whereas plus-size tires are of more than 2.4″ wide and goes up to maximum 3.0″ wide. However, fat tires can be extended to more than 3″ wider length. As always, fat tires allow you to feel the suspension over low pressures. That’s why fat-tire bikes are considered excellent because they can provide you 40 mm of full suspension feature.

It will be a better option if you go for tubeless tires, which can save you from punctures, and you can enjoy your comfort without any disturbance. Moreover, fat tires make your pressures lower compared to other bikes as well as provide you with extra grip and control over your handling.

The handlebars also play an important role while you ride for long distances tour. So, you can go for any handlebars which provide you with natural positioning and secure handling. You also need to take care of numb hands because they are not suitable for any rider. It can lead to nerve issues and other damages.

If you face any issue related to handlebars, then try to change and work with new ones. Once you are satisfied with the right handlebar, then fix your hands over it.

Choosing The Right Saddle

The critical thing about saddles is choosing the right, or you can say the perfect one fo your comfort. There are many variations available in selecting the saddle, which makes your job easier.

If you are a mechanical person who knows to assemble parts, then you can do by yourself. But if you don’t know anything, then it would be better to go to a shop and asks him to fix your saddle according to your comfort zone. Also, make sure that the bike is ready to go for long-distance so that you won’t face any problem in the middle of nowhere.

Taking a precaution is always a better choice. So, you need other accessories like mounting points and a bottle of water. Water is essential to make your body hydrated all the time because while you are in the mountains, you won’t find any nearby shop.

Going for long distances on a mountain bike will always be a great sporting event. However, you need to set up your bike and make ready to cover vast distances.

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