A BMX is a war machine that can survive a motocross race of bicycles. It can take almost all kinds of terrains with ease under its tires because of different reasons. These are some of the easiest models in bikes to transport along with you.

Before finding out what size BMX bike do I need, you have to know the purpose of having a BMX bike. These are made lightweight, making them the best for having fun and thrashing around under any circumstances.

Moreover, BMX bikes are used for doing bike stunts, tricks, and skate park maneuvers. From all this information, it is clear that you can’t enjoy the real potential of such a bike if it is not the perfect size for you.

Almost every other BMX bike has a similar frame design, excluding very few out of them in the market. Besides, it has the most simplistic frame design that offers no interruptions to do stunts and tricks.

Beyond all, the sizing of a bike according to your preferences will be very different from the size you need with a cruiser bike. It is smaller in height and very different in design alongside the seating position.

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BMX Bikes for Men’s Size

A BMX bike is available in different sizes, which is essential to know about while getting your hands on one. For example, even though the most recommended and perfect BMX wheel size for a BMX is 20″ but there are 12 to 24-inches of sizes are available.

When you consider the size of a BMX bike, the top tube size is the baseline where it all starts. Before that, different needs may need different sizes for comfortable usage. It is like if you love to take the bike on trails, parks, or streets for doing stunts or offroad rides.

There is a specific size for the BMX bike for every level of height difference. Here is a detailed sketch of the different sizes of bikes available at different heights in this category.

A person with 100 cm and below needs a bike with a wheel size of 12″. At the same time, for a person with a height of between 99 and 122 cm, you need to get a BMX bike with 12 to 16″ of wheel size. Are these not the category you are looking for? Then we can go on to the next levels.

If the rider’s height is exactly or between 122 and 137 cm, you can get a bike that has 16 to 18″ in wheel size. Here, it is where the smallest level in the top tube size starts in BMX bikes.

We are looking at the top tube length from the next level of the size chart instead of the wheel size in a BMX bike. So, for example, a person who has a height of 142 to 177 cm needs a bike with a top tube length of 19.5″ to 20.4″.

The next category is the riders who have a height of 142 to 177 cm. Here you need to get a bike of top tube length of 20.25″ to 21″. Besides, a rider with a height of 172 to 180 cm needs a bike with 20.5″ to 21.5″ of tube length.

Here you are looking at the last section in the list that includes a person with a height of 180 cm and over. In this case, you can go with a bike that has 21 to 22″ of top tube length.

Are you wondering about the importance of height in the selection of different-sized bikes in the BMX category?

It is because a BMX bike is one of the smallest bikes heightwise available. That means if the rider does not get the correct sized bike, it will be a tough job to ride and perform on his bike.


If you are looking for answers to your unsolved questions about BMX bikes, here is a solution. Here are some of the most asked questions about BMX bikes from customers and bike enthusiasts worldwide.

How many breaks does a BMX bike have?

There were no brakes in BMX bikes for a long time for more control and space while doing stunts with the bike. However, the situation is different now, and at least one brake will be equipped on all kinds of bikes because of the safety-related rules.

What is the base level price for a high-end BMX bike for a beginner?

To get a high-end BMX bike, you may have to spend 500 dollars on average. And to go premium level for experienced riders, you need to spend a cost of up to $3000.

Is there any age range to start riding a BMX?

There is no age limitation for anything when it comes to riding bikes. As long as you are happy with riding and doing stunts on your BMX bike, it is normal and inspirational.

If you are looking for someone who started late on a BMX, you can look after Paul Mounsey, the oldest competitor rider on a BMX, and he did stunts against 20-year-old riders. Besides, he started on BMX at the age of 65.

Is there a list of some of the best brands that produce BMX bikes in the market?

Some of the best BMX bike brands include Mafiabikes, Mongoose, Cult Control, Fit, United Martinez, WeThePeople, SE Bikes, etc.

What is BMX stands for in bikes?

Not many know the full form of the abbreviation BMX. BMX is the short form forĀ  Bicycle Motocross.

Can a BMX bike ride be considered the most dangerous in the whole bike model?

If we are looking at the dangerous side of the bikes, all bikes are dangerous on their own level. The riding you do determines the danger factor in all those bikes.

However, as per the real use of a BMX bike, it is pretty dangerous if used for stunts and tricks. Similar to a mountain bike that is being used on dangerous mountain trails at high speed.

Are there any health benefits of riding a BMX bike?

Yes, there are health benefits to riding a BMX bike like any other bike. Especially on a BMX bike, all your body parts will be working efficiently. If you are looking for a bike that can give you the best core strength level of your life, then a BMX bike is the best choice.

Why do most BMX riders not use brakes on their bikes?

Most of the BMX riders never use brakes for stopping power. Instead, they use body physics and motions to do so. Through which they can get more control and freedom on the bike.


This article on What Size BMX Bike Do I Need may help you with the size of the new bike. Besides, it is always great if you can start something late than never. However, it is more valuable when it comes to the health-related side.

Using a bike of the right size, your whole body will get enough workout faster than any other bike model. Always remember to get the right size cause of the design and the style of a BMX bike.

A BMX bike one of the models that already looks grounded to the floor. So, getting this one like other models will create great problems throughout the rides.

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