Thule vs Rhino rack is a comparison topic between the riders and other athletes who want to carry around their equipment on road trips.

Both companies are well-known for high-quality hitch racks for different purposes. Thule is mostly known for its bike hitch racks when Rhino is more of a canoe and kayak rack manufacturers.

However, both companies make some of the best racks that can hold one or multiple bikes according to their chosen model.

It is noticeable that Rhino is mostly making the racks that can be placed on your car’s roof, including the bike racks.

So, they both have their own differences or similarities that you have to consider before the right style and the right product for you.

After all, this is a breakdown of bike racks from both brands to get a good understanding of them.

Please read this article up to the last point for a detailed explanation about both products and get an idea about the best rack from them.

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Thule Vs Rhino-Rack

Thule Bike Rack

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This first product that helps you from the comparison of Thule vs Rhino rack is from Thule, and it is a hitch rack model.

It can be locked on the back end of your car, has a very simple installation, and uses technology to make it a good companion for your road trip.

First of all, the frame-free ratcheting arm helps you to lock the bikes without much effort quickly, and it also prevents frame contact between the bikes on the rack.

Besides, this platform carrier will give enough base on your bike’s wheels so that nothing will hit on the bike like on a hanging rack.

You don’t have to remove the rack whenever you are not using the rack. Instead, you can keep the rack on the vehicle vertically folded all the time.

Moreover, there will be an issue with accessing your car’s trunk because of the loaded rack. You can tilt the rack a little to make the space for your truck accessibility.

Beyond all, it has adjustable mounts that will let you adjust each of your bike’s positions that is locked on the rack. So that you don’t have to worry about bike interference while on the road.

Four bikes can be locked on the rack at a time, and the rack’s installation is very straightforward and simple.

  • Usage of this rack is very simple when it’s loaded or empty
  • It can be tilted while loaded to access the trunk
  • The installation is very simple and straightforward
  • Loading and unloading the bike is very easy
  • The rack is a bit heavy so installing and uninstalling needs a person with a little strength

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Rhino Bike Rack

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This Rhino bike rack from the comparison of Thule vs Rhino rack is a different bike rack model that needs to be mounted on the top of your car or truck.

Very easy to install, and you can lock any bike models that you own on this rack. The setup is very simple that you only need a screwdriver and the 5mm hex wrench included within the product.

It leaves plenty of space on the surroundings of the screws without making the way to get the screws loose with constant vibration.

The wheel chock is already installed on the rack that will not wiggle around when it's put up on top.

However, this kind of racks may take a little effort to load and unload the bike because you may have to get your bike because of the height.

You might need a helper to get your bikes on and off of your Rhino rack because of that reason.

But the only harsh part is this loading onto the top of your vehicle. At the same time, this will become the easiest thing to do if you can lock the rack on your truck's load space.

This rack also comes with the ability to match the master key compatibility like other Rhino racks beyond everything.

  • Very easy to install the rack
  • This is a universal kind of rack that can hold any kind of bike you are using.
  • Locking your bike on the rack is very easy.
  • Wheel strap components of your bike need extra adjustments on this rack.
  • No cushioning is there between the mount and crossbar.

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Comparison Between Thule Vs Rhino Rack

Now you have seen all the details about both Thule and Rhino racks and the features they have. Here is a breakdown of the similarities and the differences they have between them.

Setup of the Rack

Both racks' setting is straightforward, but they have a different kind of locking up styles. The Thule rack is a hitch rack that needs to be locked onto the back end of your car.

It has foldable parts that help you to use them under any circumstances without installing and uninstalling them from your car every time you go for a ride.

Instead of that, the Rhino rack needs to be used on the top of your car. And it is a fixed model of a rack.

Stability of the Rack

Both Thule and Rhino racks use high-quality materials for these racks and provide a very stable platform to keep your bike safe.

Thule hitch rack has mounts that can be adjusted according to the space you need between your bikes while locked on the rack.

At the same time, the mounts on the Rhino roof rack have the mounts fixed and have no cushioning in the mounts, but the stability is assured.

Ease of Use

This can be taken in two different types. Carrying around and locking onto your car is easier with the Rhino rack, while the Thule is another case.

Thule rack needs a little bit of strength to get the rack on the back of your car. However, this changes when it comes to the loading and unloading of the bikes on and off the racks.

Here the Rhino is on top of your car so that you may need extra help to get your bike on top of the lock, while the Thule is pretty much staying on a level a little bit higher from the ground.

The versatility of the Racks

Both can be used in the same way because of the platform available on both racks. When it comes to the versatility of the racks, both will win.

It is because of the platform base they give while locked on the car or any vehicle so that you don't have to worry about different models of frames of different bikes.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about both of these racks from customers and enthusiasts.

Will this Thule rack can be folded down enough to open a tailgate of a minivan?

It cannot be tilted totally up to the ground to ensure your bike's safety while on the ride. So, it might not be the right one to be used on the van's back end with a vertically opening door.

How can I get the Thule rack off of my car?

There is a knob on the bottom that you can turn to the left to get it off your car.

Can I use these locks to lock all kinds of bikes?

Both these racks can be used to lock any kind of bikes you own because of the platform structure they have.


Here in this comparison of Thule vs Rhino rack, you saw all the features that each of these racks from Rhino and Thule.

Besides, it has a comparison section that mentioned all the similarities and differences between them.

Selecting a rack from these two might be difficult for you. After all, your needs and the type of rack you need are all matters in it.

Choosing the best one from them is difficult, but if you are a person who may possibly stop and take out the bike for a ride continuously in small intervals, then the Thule will be the best rack for you.

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