Thule Apex Vs Vertex: Which One To Get?

If you are looking for a hitch rack that can take your bike from one place to another, you have to go through this comparison article on Thule Apex vs Vertex.

Both of these hitch racks from Thule are considered in the list of best hitch-mount racks for your car to take your bike as a companion alongside on all your road trips.

Hitch-mounted racks are the best way that you can do to transport your bike along with you. That allows you to carry around the bike without disassembling the different parts of your bike.

This means there is no need to assemble the bike for a ride at any time. You can just unclip the bike from the hitch rack mounted on the back of your car and ride.

Besides, this way of transporting bikes is very secure that you don’t have to worry about the bike detached from the rack. Moreover, the versatility and the easiness it gives are also a few of the advantages.

There are plenty of manufacturers making different models and versions of hitch racks to help you take your bike along with you.

More premium and expensive ones are out there, but they are not affordable for a normal person.

For that, here, Thule made these two models of hitch racks named Apex and Vertex. Both are available at a very affordable range when compared to expensive models without compromising the built quality.

So that both of these racks are pretty good in their territory. That’s what makes it difficult to select the right one for you from the two.

Here is a comparison between these two hitch racks, including the similarities and differences between them to help you get an idea about the best in them.

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Thule Apex Vs Vertex



Thule Apex
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Thule Vertex
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Thule Apex

Thule ApexLet’s take the Thule Apex from the comparison note of Thule Apex vs Vertex first. This Apex XT 4 is one of the premium bike hitch racks for your car that comes with superior protection.

You can carry a multi number of bikes on the back of your car without getting anxious about the safety of your bike along with the safety of other vehicles and your car itself.

All your family can use one rack without any worry throughout the long road trips you do. It can carry up to 4 bikes at a time without any problems.

Besides, you don’t have to carry around separate locks with you everywhere because this hitch rack has individual bike locks integrated into it so that the bikes will be secure than using any other locks.

Now you may be thinking about the small hits that can happen between the bikes on the rack when you apply sudden bakes or taking curves on the road. It is all taken care of by the 7″ of space between each bike lock on the rack that gives enough space for all four bikes to stay free from one another.

Superior bike stability is ensured during the drive with the anti-sway cradle that prevents contact between the bikes. Besides, it will not stand on the front when it’s not needed.

Another important thing is that this mounting rack is foldable so that you can fold it keep the rack and other vehicles behind you safe. So that you don’t have to worry about a long metal bar on the back of your car that may get invisible to other vehicles behind you. After all, another problem with some hitch racks is the locking system that keeps them at one position, making it impossible to open the trunk unless you remove the rack.

This Apex model has a foldable design that can be tilted to the opposite side of your truck and easily access the truck.

Moreover, the SnugTite Stinger tech equipped with this rack eliminates the need for tools to install this rack on your car. You can just lock the rack on the back of your car very easily and start stacking up the bikes you own for an eventful trip.

Beyond everything, it can be used to hold all kinds of bikes that include different types and sizes of frames you may use.

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  • Lightweight compared to other competitors at this price range
  • Anti-sway cradles are equipped for superior bike stability.
  • All parts are made of metal so that the strength is guaranteed.
  • Foldable at many levels so that it never becomes an obstacle at any point in time.
  • Quick and tool-free installation
  • The unloading and loading of the bike may take longer because of a bike’s stacking over another.
  • Women’s bike frames are not recommended to be used with these racks.


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Thule Vertex

Thule VertexThis Vertex hitch rack from Thule is another product from the Thule Apex vs Vertex comparison with almost the same features as the above-mentioned product.

It also has the ability to carry the same amount of bikes on it, and that is four bikes. Besides, the materials used for the rack are also mostly the same as Apex.

Thule Vertex hitch rack transporter is intended for incessant cyclists and families that need a hitch rack transporter's security and usefulness that can be left on vehicles without meddling with hatchbacks.

First of all, the bicycle arms' strong curve design considers simpler bicycle stacking and conveying execution.

Besides, the soft and single material cradle has the perfect design that accommodates cables, cushions, and bikes securely during transport.

Anti-swaying cages are integrated on the rack for the maximized stability at any kind of terrain that you may pass with your car.

These cages are bike rack components made of rubber attached to the lower end of your bike arm so that the bikes will not collide with each other.

There is no need for a heavy wheel tray on some hitch racks to stabilize the bikes. This will take away the risk of increasing the weight on your car's tail end alongside decreasing the difficulty of carrying an extra piece.

After all, it also has the leaning functionality for easy access of hatchbacks so that you can use your trunk easily after tilting the rack to the opposite side of the trunk.

  • Installation of the rack is straightforward and tool-free
  • Much lighter than the most competitors available at this or more price range
  • Very easy to load and unload the bikes and has an integrated cable lock system on the rack.
  • Straps are available for horizontal and vertical stability of the bike.
  • You can access the trunk easily with the tilting feature of the rack.
  • The loading and unloading may take some time because of the stacking kind of bike loading.
  • It is not recommended for bikes with a curvy or low bar because of the absence of a platform.


Comparison Between Thule Apex Vs Vertex

Here you got an idea about these two bike hitch racks from Thule that can be accessed at an affordable price. Now let us take the similarities and differences they have into consideration.

The Number of Bikes They Can Hold

The basic and recommended number of bikes that you can load on these racks are four. But according to the size and type of bike you are using, this can be different.

If all of your bikes are thinner, then you can stack up to five of them without any problems of colliding with each other.

Hitch Reciever Specifications

Both of these models have almost the same receiver fits. The Vertex is compatible with both 1-1/4" and 2" hitch receivers, while the Apex XT 4 is compatible with 1.25" and 2" hitch receivers.

Moreover, the Apex comes with an integrated receiver locks on them, while the Vertex does not have that feature.

Stability of Bikes

Thule Apex and Vertex have a good way of giving the best in the bikes' stability mounted on the rack with anti-sway cages.

However, the Apex has advanced TPE Anti-sway cages while the Vertex only has the standard anti-sway cages. So that more stability can be achieved through Apex.

Type of Cradles

The cradles used on both hitch racks are useful and can hold the bike very easily, but you can also find some difference between them.

Thule Apex bike hitch rack has RDT cradles on it to keep the bikes secure, while the Vertex models have the basic hold-fast cradles.

Overall Comparison

Both Vertex and Apex are very useful and strong enough to help you carry around 1-5 bikes according to your bike's size and shape.

However, the Apex is the latest model than the Vertex, so that it has few more advanced features and parts on it compared to the Vertex.

This changes shadows in both racks' price that the Apex is a little more expensive than the Vertex bike hitch racks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here included some of the most asked questions from the customers and enthusiasts.

Can these hitch racks come off when not being used?

Yes, the bike rack is very easy to install and remove by just removing a locking pin.

Will this rack work with a women's bike that comes without a horizontal crossbar?

No, you have to purchase an adapter for locking that type of bike in these racks.

Can I use these racks on the Stromberg trailer carrier?

No, it is not recommended to use these racks in trailer carriers because of safety reasons.

Does this work with kid's bikes?

Yes, this can be used with any kind of bike with a horizontal crossbar for better support.

Are these racks made of Aluminum or other metal?

These racks are made of hard metal like steel and iron.


This information is intended to compare the two different but best bike hitch racks for your car between Thule Apex vs Vertex.

So, from all this information about both products along with the similarities and differences, you may get an idea about both of them and the one you need.

Go through all the topics covered in the article before selecting the right hitch rack from Thule for you.

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