We all begin our journey somewhere. Riding bikes when we were young was one of our treasured wishes. Lucky were the ones who had or have the privilege of space to learn how to balance on wheels. It is no trivia that riding a bike has no age limit.

We may be 14 years old or 75, it does not matter. The sheer joy of riding bicycles is tremendous and cannot be shared with anyone else. Mountain bikes have often made young children dream. The way mountain bikes usually look makes them wish they had one. For those lucky ones who already do, should consider themselves lucky. In this article, we will be taking you through the mongoose 24 mountain bike review.

It is evident that often when we start off riding for the first time, we remain confused about which one we should buy. There are so many bike types available in the market, like road bikes, cross country bikes, mountain bikes. We wonder what they are for and whether we should contemplate buying one of those handsome mountain bikes or not.

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Best Features Described

Before you jump in to buy one for ourselves or your kids, we should check out the 24″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 and decide comprehensively. Choosing the right mountain bike is a tricky proposition, and we are here to provide you with all the in-depth analysis you require to make an informed decision.

Let us now go through the Mongoose ledge mountain bike part-by-part to understand why this bike is a champ and why you should consider buying one for yourself.

The Frame

The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 mountain bike comes with an aluminum frame. The aluminum is by far the best material for a mountain bike frame. Why? The reason is simple. Aluminum frames for mountain bikes are much lighter in comparison to carbon or steel frames.

The aluminum frame is known to be much easy to glide through the air, which in essence enhances the riding experience manifold. The air movement through the spoke wheels glide through faster, and the body can move further with one stroke of a pedal. This means less effort and quicker movement is guaranteed.

The Suspension System

The 24″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain Bike is known for its full-suspension frame. You should know that a full-suspension mountain bike provides for a frontal suspension fork and a rear shock absorber as well.

This only goes to demonstrate that this bike will be absorbing all the shocks that off-road biking has in its store. The enhanced full suspension would never let your wrists and hips to take all the jolts from pebbles and rocky mountainous climbs and adventures.

Your riding experience with this bike will remain free from any fatigue from medium to long-distance travel. The Mongoose Ledge will thereby take care of you and provide you with a breezy mountain biking experience.

Shimano Shifters and Derailleurs

The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 sets up very high standards by including 21 speed Shimano twist shifters on the handlebars and Shimano rear derailleurs. The twist shifter mechanism is easy to learn the gear changing mechanism.

The Shimano 21 speed shifters are the best gear mechanism in terms of quality and output. The components and spare parts used by Shimano are of excellent quality, and it enhances your riding experience.

The 21 speeds gear changing mechanism will provide you with the strength to go the lengths you would desire. The Mongoose will run smoothly on paved as well as unpaved ones very efficiently. The 21 speeds will provide your bike with enough power to steer clear all the upward sloping hills and mounts, you know.

The Brakes

In this mongoose 24 mountain bike review, you will receive notice regarding the brakes used in Mongoose Ledge 2.1 too! The most important part of a bike is its braking system. The brakes are that one undeniably valuable asset of any moving vehicle you can come across. You are made to learn how to stop a vehicle more than how to run one. And that’s how it should be.

With brakes, you will be in complete control over the bike, especially when you are coming down any hill. As soon as you start descending from a higher altitude, your speeds will increase manifold. You will be able to control your bike’s speed with these linear-pull brakes, which are provided for in the mongoose ledge 2.1.

The linear-pull brakes will enable you with the power to stop your bike at any given point in time at your command. That is what brakes are for in the first place. Linear-pull brakes will never let you be out of brakes at any given point in time. Moreover, these Linear-pull brakes are much easier to maintain when compared to other brakes like the disc brakes. Linear-pull brakes are cost-effective because they are easily replaceable, easily mended by any local mechanic, and are dirt cheap in terms of maintenance costs.

The Three-Piece Cranks

The three-piece cranks are way better than the mountain bikes, which come with one-piece cranks. The difference is mainly noticeable when we compare the difference in durability. The three-piece cranks not only facilitate better gear shifting and a high-quality riding experience but lasts longer as well. This is because three-piece cranks are made with better quality components and spare parts.


The wheels provided here are 24 inches in diameter and hence, suitable for boys who are 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 5 inches or thereabout. Moreover, the wheel rims are made of alloy, which is not only durable but is rust free. The rust-free nature of alloy makes this wheel last longer on mountain roads with muddy patches for years together.

Pros & Cons of Mongoose 24

  • Alloy wheel rims
  • 3 piece cranks
  • Linear-Pull brakes
  • Shimano Shifters and Derailleurs
  • Full suspension
  • Steel frontal suspension fork
  • Aluminum frame
  • Quickstand included
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Seats are not padded
  • No raised handlebars
  • No seat adjustability


At the very end of this mongoose 24 mountain bike review, we would also like to mention that always check out bike sizing guides before you decide something final. The Seat provided in the mongoose ledge is an athletic style, so it does not come with foam pads.

The pedals, the handlebar, and the wheels are required to be assembled when you finally receive the shipment. The mongoose ledge comes with a kickstand and weighs around 25 pounds or 11 kilos. You may choose this mountain bike if you intend to use the best entry-level mountain bike on the market.

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