Most of the houses around you, including yours, might have a space build to park your car. However, when we are looking at the bicycle lying around the house or garage, it is not the case. Even though people love their bikes, they will not think about a special space in their house to keep the bikes safe and theft-free.

However, you can buy a bike rack for your bicycles according to your preferences unless you are not ready to spend a little more money on it. If you are running on a budget, you can look around the materials lying around your house and make your own homemade bike rack.

You can use anything strong to make a reasonably durable and good-looking rack for all your bikes. That can be metal pieces, PVC pipes, pallets, handlebars, etc. It is also possible to use them anywhere inside or outside the building.

By doing this, you can save your money from some base-level bike racks instead, end up with a more durable and free one. Here are some helpful tips for looking for some possible ideas to make a DIY bike rack.

DIY Bike Rack

DIY projects are very familiar, and some people also make it their livelihood. All you need is materials lying around after the house build or any other works. Or you can buy them for a minimal amount of money and build them up by yourself.

Doing a DIY bike rack offers both a durable rack and a high level of satisfaction for doing it yourself. Although, you might be one of those people who don’t want to build stuff yourself. No problem, there are still other ways to get you a perfect bike rack.

There are things out there that you can use to make a new bike rack. Moreover, some things can themselves be used as bike racks. Doing it yourself may become fair if you have some small tools laying around to cut and put it together unless you can go with those things that can be straightly used as a rack.

Building a Bicycle Rack

Suppose you are looking forward to building a bicycle rack. You can go to a nearby store and spend 50 bucks to get some PVC pipes and some joints. Then, make a design yourself that will fit inside your garage or house, and start measuring and cutting the pipes.

After all, the last thing you have to do is put all the pieces together, spray some paint on it, or leave it in its own nature. Making this PVC bike rack is a great idea if and only if you are looking to organize all your bikes in a clean environment.

It never makes the bikes theft-free with PVC pipes to leave them outside the house. So, to make it more secure from other threats, you can go with wood or metal for the build. Unlike making a PVC bike rack, this will need one or two extra tools to cut and put together.

However, you can get them for rental in many places for a minimal amount of money. Make a perfect design that can fit easily wherever you want it to be placed, and then start building. It will be a great workout and timepass, along with getting yourself something useful.

Things that make itself a bike rack

Finally, if you are not much of a builder kind of person, you can go with a shipping pallet leftover somewhere if you can get your hands on it. The first thing that makes a pallet the best choice is the size and slim look you can use anywhere.

All you have to do is keep it inclined a little to the wall nearby, and the bike tires will fit in equal spaces in the pallet. This is an effortless DIY bike rack because there is nothing to be done with a pallet. It comes with enough space to hold the bike, and all you need to do is keep the rack steady somewhere you like.

This is not the only thing you can do for an easy rack for your bike rack. Do you have an old bike handlebar lying around somewhere? If it is the case, then all you have to do is screwing it on the wall. Using a handlebar with curves is the best choice to go.

The curves will be perfect for hanging the bike by frame or wheels easily. And it can also be used as an interior style option.

How to Make a Bicycle Rack

Things that you can use for making a homemade bike rack are mentioned above. In addition, here are some tips to help you create a handy bike rack for all your bikes according to your style.

Consider the place where you are installing the rack

It is important to select the right place and measure the space you can take for a bike rack in that available region. A rack can be installed or placed inside the garage or the house as you may like it. Besides, it is also possible to store it outside beneath some shelter if made of metal with secure locks.

So, before making measures and designs, you have to know how much size you can take for the rack you are about to make.

Make a design that will fit

You need a design that will keep all your bikes and fit perfectly into the space you assign. Either you can go with a single panel design that you can keep at a small distance from the wall. Then, all you have to do is slid the front wheel and lock the bike onto the rack.

Another design that you can go with is an inclined model that does not need a special lock. All you have to do is slide in the bike and leave unless you keep the rack outside somewhere.

Besides, there are many different designs that you can go with as your liking. It is all better when your mind works with the situation you are in.

Collect the materials

There is no need to explain about collecting all the materials and tools you need for making anything. However, you have to make sure not to overkill the process by getting more materials than you needed to buy new pieces.

Besides, it is also important to have enough material to build the product efficiently. Then you need is the right tools for the build. So, you can buy top-quality tools because that might come in handy in the future for anything.

Make a rack by yourself

This final process includes cutting the places it needed and putting the pieces together as designed. You don’t have to hurry the process. Instead, take enough time to make the pieces fit perfectly together and start screwing, gluing, or welding altogether.

Leave the rack a little while for settling, and you can either paint it with a spray can for a great finish or leave it as itself.


Making a homemade bike rack yourself is one of the smallest DIY projects you can do. It will help you with money and materials alongside giving a little period of time to enjoy making something yourself.

So, go for a search in the garage or somewhere to find those treasures you left as useless. Or go for a small shopping to a nearby home depot.

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