Are you an avid bike rider who depends on road bikes for different reasons in your everyday life? If it is the case, it is important to know how to change a road bike tire. Unfortunately, getting someone to work on the tire every time we get in trouble is not an option for riders.

Instead, if you know how to change the tires by yourself, it will help you with time and money. Besides, you don’t have to depend on anyone every time you get a flat tire. Another thing about it is that you might know many things about the bike if you can change the tires by yourself.

This is important for a rider because they can run into any trouble while on the road. But, on the other hand, it is not a problem for a rider who knows to fix the bike to go anywhere on the bikes. After all, there is no downside to knowing about anything that will come in handy.

So, to help change your bike’s tires yourself, here are some points and related information. Make yourself a professional.

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Reasons to Change the Tires on a Road Bike

In simple words, changing tires happens because of the damage caused to them. Although, there are specific reasons to change the tires on a bike. The list of reasons to change your bike tires includes safety, good control, road comfort, and damages.

Changing Tires for Safety

Changing tires because of damages is necessary; otherwise, you can’t ride your bike on the road. However, changing tires for the reasons of safety, control, and comfort is up to your preferences and needs. An estimated lifetime of a road bike is from 1000 to 3000 miles.

However, a high-end premium tire has a lifetime of 2500 miles in the minimum case, and it can last up to 4000 miles. Still, the tires may seem fine in some cases, but it is the recommended maximum of a tire. Also, the chances of getting a flat tire or a tube explosion are more when using a tire that is aged.

If you store the tires in the garage and take it after a long time, the tires may seem fine and fresh. Although, tires not only get wore by constant use but also by not much use. In the case of a not-used bike, the tires will get hard by age, and they can crack or break.

Besides, in this case, the inner tubes are also recommended to be replaced. This is because the breaking rubber from the tire opens space for damages on the tube. After all, the tubes are also made of rubber to get weak by age.

Changing Tires for Great Control

High-quality material and the perfect size for the bike and the kind of road it runs ensures great control. However, if your bike is not equipped with the right sized tire you need for the commute, you do. Then a change of tires is very vital to improve the control.

The things that come under control include maneuverability, speed gaining, efficient braking force, etc. Tire plays a vital role in all these things by providing enough grip, covering the surface area, and applying a sufficient level of friction.

You need to change the tires if you need the maximum control that the bike can offer you. This is very important when you are taking your bike for a long ride.

Road Comfort

This is a thing that every rider needs when riding through any road or track. And the tires used on the bike play an essential part in that comfortability. To improve the comfort, you have to change the tires if worn out, broken in parts, or not the right size.

It doesn’t matter if your bike is expensive or not unless the tires keep up with it. A good tire lets you take advantage of the whole of your bike.

How to Remove Road Bike Tire

The first thing to do anything with tires is to make the bike stand upside down on the handlebar and the seat. This way, you will get more space and comfort to work with the tires and wheels. Remember to use some cardboard sheets before placing the bike on the floor to keep the handle and seat clean and safe.

The next thing you have to do is to loosen the wheel from the frame. Some bikes have a lever that will let you easily unclip the wheels from the bikes. For other models, you might need spanners or pliers to unbolt the wheel from it.

Before taking the wheel apart from the fork, you have to loosen the brake system. This will let you take the wheel freely, and in some cases, you can’t take the tires out without removing the brakes or disks.

It is easier in the case of a front tire, but instead, you need to loosen up the chain for the back tire. Loosening up the chain is easier with a bike equipped with a gear system.

To remove the tire, you need to let all the air out of the tire and unscrew the nut on the bottom of the valve if needed. Then keep the wheel safely on the surface or hold firmly on the hand.

Dig a screwdriver between the tire and wheel and pull the screwdriver outwards. This will make the tip of the tire come out of the wheel. Keep something in between the already opened part and repeat the process until the tire comes out of the tight fit of the rim.

Changing a Road Bike Tire

The next thing you have to do is installing the new tire and tube. First, fill the tube a little to make it easy to get an idea of the shape. Next, slid the tube on the rim slot the valve into the hole on the rim. Finally, screw back the nut inside the valve and keep the new or old tire on the top of the rim.

Use your hands to slide the tires inside the sidewalls of the rim as much as you can. Then use your hands and push firmly on the sidewalls of the tires into the rim. Work all your way around the wheel until the whole tire fit inside it.

As the last step, fill up the tire with air and check for any leaks or problems in the rim area and valve. If there is no problem with the wheel and tires, install the wheel into the bike using the spanners if needed or the clips available on the bike.

Tighten up all the parts you loosened to take the wheel outside freely. Now, put the bike back into the normal position and do a trail ride.


Knowing how to change a road bike tire is always a good thing if you are a regular rider or not. Every other bike owner will definitely run into a situation like this to change their bike’s tires.

After all, it is a workout and adventure to maintain that bike and repair it yourself. That offers a great deal of satisfaction. Besides, it also offers a good condition bike at your disposal.

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