Imagine that you got into a big athletic bike event in a faraway state, and you are really looking forward to participating in it. There will be no questions about how fond you are of your own bike. That leads to the conclusion that you need that bike to ride in the event.

There are several ways to take the bike with you to the destination for the big day. For example, you can take it on a road trip with your friends in a car or train. Or, you can look at how much it cost to ship a bike to the destination where you need the bike.

Why shipping when you can take it with you on the train or car? It is a great question, and the answer is to worry about fewer things while you are on the road or the train. Whatever the reason is that it includes a contest, a road trip, or moving to another house, it will always free up space in your transport medium and mind.

Beyond all, knowing about shipping a bike and the cost it will take is essential if you are trying to import a bike from or to another country. So now, we can look deeper into this case that includes how much shipping costs, it is safe, etc.

The Cost of Shipping a Bike

Shipping a bike is different when it comes to different levels includes different packages, levels of service, etc. Another thing that influences shipping a bike is the service provider you choose for the work.

There will be special charges for different services provided by these shipping companies like FedEx and UPS. That charge comes along with the taxes applied by the governments.

You can choose to ship any company to ship the bike at a meager cost if you can pack the bike yourself. Besides, the fee gets lower if you choose a normal delivery if you are not in a hurry for the bike to arrive at the destination.

However, some companies are specialized in the shipping of bikes. In which professionals who know to work bikes will be available. You can choose them to pack your bike professionally and efficiently from the pickup point.

There is more going in between shipping a bike that is different from a normal parcel company with these companies. One thing is that they can guarantee a good condition for your bike at the destination.

Moreover, you may have to spend more money on these services because of the service you choose. By services, it means the normal delivery or the fast delivery. Then the dimensions of the bike package play a vital role in determining the expense.

Everything you opt for will be a charge you have to pay for these services specialized in bikes. They might even have people come to your destination and pack the bike themselves and go.

That with fast delivery will be the most expensive kind of shipping method. However, if you look for a figure on how much the shipping cost is, the estimated cost for shipping a 30 pound comes between $50 and $400.

Some shipping companies that you can rely on include FedEx and UPS. When it comes to specialized services, there are companies like BikeFlights, ShipBikes, Sport Express, etc. The current rates for shipping with different service packages will be available on the websites.

Advantages of Shipping a Bike

As you know, shipping has several advantages, especially when running on a tight schedule or tiering routine. Although, what are some of the best advantages that you get from it? Let’s take a look at some pros of shipping bikes to destinations.

Saving Total Money

Yes, it saves money even though shipping sounds like a lot of money, but we spend more money that we do not even recognize while traveling with it. This will be only applicable when you consider the distance and the different packages you choose for shipping.

You can include more stuff

Another way to save money is to choose to use the maximum carriage size you get offered to ship. In most cases, shipments may not consider the weight as the size of the package. In this case, you can throw some tools and other things you need while ride if there is room inside the package.

This will open more space for yourself when you are traveling in any transportation medium. That means that you can become the most compact package in the whole ride yourself to the destination.

You can travel light

Probably you already have a lot to carry with you while you are traveling. So, keeping an eye on a bike on top of all the weight you need to carry and take care of is not an easy task. That means, if you let the bike fly or ride itself in a package to the destination, you can let yourself travel lighter and easier.

Disadvantages of Shipping a Bike

It is time to get a small idea about some disadvantages of shipping the bike. In some places are very hard to get these kinds of services for bikes. And it will be costly in this case to ship a bike.

Having the bike, not alongside you might be very difficult to do, especially for professional riders. Besides, in some cases, the separation may be longer than one week.

All those times, you will never get the chance to ride your bike for ride practices or workout needs. Beyond everything, there are issues when it comes to the packing of the bike.

It is alright if you are selecting the option to make the service do everything for you. But if not, you have to find the right package to keep the bike that may cause extra money of $60 to $100 in some cases.

However, if you have more money and less time, then shipping the bikes will only be a good thing for a good cause for you.


How much does it cost to ship a bike has a different answer for different situations. Besides, that answer will always be changing from time to time. You need to pay taxes for a normal product that you are shipping from one place to another.

This rate will also change according to how the premium is the product you are trying to ship. For example, in some places, you have to pay extra for luxury model bikes. If you can pay for it, you can pay to ship it move from the companies and governments.

However, paying more for companies might help with more protection along the way for the bike. You can choose the company and the service you need according to how much you are familiar with shipping a product and how much you can spend.

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