Cygolite Vs Niterider – Which One is Best Bike Light?

In this comparison between Cygolite vs Niterider, both products are well-known as the best bike lights that you can get your hands on in the market.

There is progress happening in every branch of biking for the past decades. The same thing is also happening with the bicycle lights industry.

Companies have continuously improved their lights with new technologies and other attributes to keep the bikers happy alongside standing on the competition field.

Big improvements like increasing the output of light and reducing the weight, and increasing the different functions are still happening.

The gigantic change that happened in this case in the past decade is the change from old fashioned halogen or metal-halide bulbs to the latest and more efficient LED light systems.

Besides, the battery system also changed to lithium batteries that are rechargeable and long-lasting is also the main change that happened in between this.

These Niterider and Cygolite bicycle lights are considered best for any kind of biking under any circumstances. But you may need to know the best in them.

Here are the details along with the comparison between both bicycle lights so that you can decide according to this information.

Cygolite Vs Niterider



Cygolite Metro Plus 800
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Niterider Lumina Dual 1800
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Cygolite Metro Plus 800

Cygolite Metro Plus 800The first product in the Cygolite vs Niterider comparison is this Cygolite Metro Plus 800, which comes a little more affordable than the Niterider.

First of all, this light comes as a combo of two lights that include one 800 lumen headlights, and the other light is a 150-lumen tail light.

Besides, this set of lights gives high beam light outputs and is rechargeable through USB. There are different modes in this light.

All these modes can help the light perform in the day or the night effectively and provide enhanced safety.

Another advantage of this day and night mode is the battery saving it can do without making the device useless when it’s most wanted.

9 modes of lights are present with this headlight, including SteadyPulse alerts with a pulse as its overlapping steady beam lights in the night.

Moreover, your presence will not get unrecognized with these Daylighting flashes in the daytime rides.

There are indicators to help you with the current battery status so that you don’t have to worry about your light dying when it’s most needed.

Beyond all, this light is made lightweight and has a water-resistant design that can stand all kinds of weather circumstances, including heavy rainfall.

  • The light is super bright and very easy to use and charge.
  • It has a water-resistant design that can stand in all kinds of weather.
  • An indicator is provided for the battery level indication.
  • There are 9 day-night light modes present in this product.
  • It is available at an affordable price range.
  • The mount may not fit all kinds of handles, especially in bigger ones.


Niterider Lumina Dual 1800

Niterider Lumina Dual 1800This Niterider Lumina Dual 1800 light is slightly more expensive than the other product from the comparison note of Cygolite vs Niterider bicycle lights.

First of all, the extra money you may have to pay for this device includes extra care and features for you.

You can store your Niterider Lumina dual 1800 headlight when not in use securely with the help of Lock Mode available in it that can be locked and unlocked by holding on the power button for 7 seconds.

It makes it perfect and easy to take the device during transport or storage without any problems, including unknown battery charge loss.

Besides, it has increased daylight visibility so that your bike will never go unrecognized on the streets in any light circumstances.

It also has a front end equipped with the lens having side markers to get added visibility to your profile.

This device's power button is equipped with an integrated light indicator that helps you know the light's battery's current status.

The indicator will lit in red color whenever the battery level goes under 20%. The material used for this bicycle light is Dupont fiberglass.

Dupont fiberglass is a rugged material with reinforced nylon housing that provides cyclists with the most durable, reliable, and best performing lights in the market.

All the circuit system, including the device's battery, is attached with an aluminum heatsink to keep the self-contained lithium-ion battery and other inside circuitry at an optimal temperature.

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  • Lightweight and a very high-quality material used for the making
  • Rugged body and design make it useful under any circumstances.
  • Day and night light modes are equipped with this device for better visibility.
  • It is a little more expensive.


Comparison Between Cygolite Vs Niterider

All two products from the comparison of Cygolite vs Niterider are well-known and have many followers for the high-quality and affordable price tag they have.

Even though some similarities and differences between them make both devices the best one for different individuals according to their taste.

So, here are some points that include the similarities and the differences to give you an idea about it before selecting one as your daily companion.

Material Used for the Case

The material used for the making of the body in these two bicycle lights is different. The Cygolite is more of a less expensive product, and it is made of plastic body case.

Simultaneously, the body material of the Niterider is made of a more rugged kind of nyl0on material, and it is much expensive than Cygolite.

Light Modes

Both of these lights have day and night modes equipped within them. However, the Cygolite has more sore in that region because of its different light modes.


When looking from a distant viewpoint, both of these devices seem pretty similar in the price tag they have. But the Niterider is more expensive than Cygolite.

It is because of the material used for the body and the extra locking and unlocking features it got integrated into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most asked questions about these Cygolite and Niterider bicycle lights from the customers and other enthusiasts.

Do these lights come with an integrated battery?

Yes, the battery is installed in the device, and it also has a charger available with it.

Does this Niterider light maintain its full brightness until the battery dies?

No, it doesn't. At about 20% remaining battery, the battery goes down a notch, and the LED on the switch changes from blue to red.

Do these Cygolite lights include a seat stay mount?

Yes, it does, and they are quite sturdy too.

Will this Cygolite light fit on the GoPro mount?

Yes, but you would need a compatible mounting adapter that can be purchased online.


In this comparison note on Cygolite vs Niterider, you read some of the pros and cons alongside all the features and attributes these two bicycle lights have.

Now there is a way you can choose the best one from both these products or the best one for you individually after considering everything from this piece of information.

So, go through each product's details and then read the article's comparison portion to get a total idea about both lights.

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