10 Best Bicycle Seats That Protect The Perineum

Before going further deep into the bicycle seats that protect the perineum, there is something to know why it is considered so important.

The perineum is an important area that marks the lower boundary of the pelvis approximately. Besides, it is occupied with urinary and genital ducts along with the rectum.

As you know, all these parts mentioned have essential roles to keep your body working properly. After all, we consider cycling as a less dangerous sports activity.

It is true but there too are consequences with cycling like a sore bum which most of the riders experience after long rides on their bikes.

Besides, the perineum is a susceptible region in the human body that contains blood vessels, and it needs good care to keep it healthy during your bike rides.

Selecting the smooth and comfortable saddle that comes in the right size you wanted for comfort is the first thing to be noticed to keep the perineum protected from injuries.

So, here are some of those saddles that you can go for if you are looking towards a healthy ride on your bike in the long run. The list may help you get your priorities sorted for you to select the right seat.

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10 Best Bicycle Seats That Protect The Perineum



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1. Daway Comfortable Bike Seat

Daway Comfortable Bike Seat Are you looking for bicycle seats that protect the perineum if you are a constant rider? This Daway bike seats for women and men is a winner in that case.

For the protection of the hip! the comfortable bicycle seat from DAWAY C99 is cushioned by thickening extended high-thickness adaptable padding, the bicycle saddle pad surface is non-slip wear-safe surface PVC leather.

Solid, feel great, versatile, and delicate, keep your buttocks protected! Bid farewell to the torment and appreciate the fun of riding a bicycle now.

More attractive and safe when riding around night or in heavy rain! The backside of the DAWAY C99 wide bike saddle pad has 5 splendid LEDs, waterproof, fueled by 1 CR2032 battery(Included), stir time up to 36 hrs (“consistent” mode).

3 lighting modes, offer ideal permeability for safe cycling, tackle the difficulty of purchasing and introducing taillight. An ideal safety feature and attractive option around evening time.

The design of this saddle gives enough space for your thighs to move freely in any position you are riding. Moreover, the dual-spring rubber ball suspension gives a more stable and comfortable ride experience without making your bums sore.

After all, this is a universal model bike seat that can be used on mounts without any extra tools or efforts.

  • Tail LED lights are available for safety and attraction
  • Design of this product is very comfortable
  • Rubber ball shock suspension is equipped
  • Material is non-slip wear-resistant PVC leather
  • The place where the LED lights are equipped may create some problems with people who are a little heavy


2. Giddy Up Waterproof Bike Saddle

Giddy Up Waterproof Bike SaddleThis smooth and comfortable bike saddle from the Giddy up brand is considered as one in bicycle seats that protect the perineum from injuries that happened while you are on a long or adventurous bike ride.

Regardless of whether you ride your bicycle to work, school, in the park, around the square, or even rough terrain, day or night, you will discover this seat the ideal decision.

This Bicycle seat was intended to give you the most comfortable and safe ride just as the best riding experience ever.

Searching for a smooth ride? The two rubber balls put underneath the bike seat guarantee engrossing the shocks coming from the knocks, potholes, or any troublesome landscape you are riding on, while the Gel Foam will give you the solace you look for.

Giddy Up Bike seat has an all-inclusive fit framework which makes it simple to use on practically any kind of bike, and it accompanies all the install parts you require to begin profiting by the advantages of the seat from the initial use itself.

The high-quality material used in the making of this saddle is waterproof so that you can leave it in rainy situations while you are in the run. Even though, it is recommended to use a seat cover while not being used so soon within small intervals.

Besides, the design that has a small specious opening at the center of the saddle gives free room for the perineum and other genital parts to reside more freely on the seat.

  • LED taillight to improve visibility during dark light circumstances
  • Shock absorbing ball ensures a smoother ride
  • It can be used on any mounts because of the universal fit
  • The seat is waterproof that is made of artificial leather
  • The artificial leather may seem a little cheaper because of the affordability of the saddle


3. Selle Royal Men's Respiro Moderate Bicycle Saddle

Selle Royal Men's Respiro Moderate Bicycle SaddleAnother one from the list of bicycle seats that protect the perineum from pain and injuries is this Respiro moderate bicycle saddle from Selle Royal.

It comes with a unique tridimensional gel structure that guarantees the highest level of comfort during the ride. The weight does not matter with the material used for the making of this seat.

The Respiro lines used in the saddle give better breathing space in the seat while you are sitting on it and it is very important to have constant airflow beneath you to avoid irritation and over sweating.

Besides, these Respiro lines are responsible to take away the strain that happens in your perineal areas during the ride.

The extraordinary cover used for this saddle is a 25C cooler that is pretty high when compared with the standard black saddle.

Moreover, a question about water resistance is out of the list because of the Selle Royal technology named Royal Vaccum light that seals the seat 100% that makes the saddle strong and resistant to any kind of rough weather circumstances.

There is a patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle that gives possibilities for the easy attachment of saddlebags or other accessories.

After all, these saddle models are built especially for moderate MTB or road bicycles.

  • Respiro lines are available for better airflow during the ride
  • It can be used on any kind of bikes
  • The highly sealed material makes it waterproof and can be used in any kind of rough weather conditions.
  • It is a very narrow kind of design that may not be ideal for people who need wide seats for comfort


4. B17 Carved Short Black Bicycle Saddle

B17 Carved Short Black Bicycle SaddleIf you are a genuine leather product lover or like a classic look for your saddle then this B17 seat from Brooks England is the one for you and it is considered the best saddle for perineum pain.

These bicycle seats are made by using the traditional methods that are about 100 years old with the highest quality materials.

After all, it has that classic plain look and gives you the genuine feel and look of leather from the first glance itself. Besides, there is a question about the built quality is not needed.

The vegetable-tanned leather used for the making of this saddle is pretty hard and very durable that can stand any rough circumstances.

It also has an imperial cut design that takes away the pain in the perineal region by increasing the airflow and giving space to be free in between the seat and the thighs.

Besides, the threaded perforations in the saddle are very useful for long-lasting use. By using it, you can maintain the shape and increase the comfort in using this as your daily companion.

The frame and rails used in this seat are chrome plated steel so that it is more strong, durable, and stylish in appearance.

As mentioned before, if you are looking for a more plain-looking that classic model saddle for your bike, then this one is for you. But if you are looking for more of a cushioned seat, then it is not the one.

  • Genuine vegetable-tanned leather used in the making
  • Chrome-plated steel used for the frame and parts gives it strength and durability
  • Threaded perforations can be used for shape adjustments
  • Imperial cut design is used that relieve perennial pressure
  • It is not as smooth as the latest foam and gel materials used in saddles


5. ISM PN 3.0 Men's Saddle

ISM PN 3.0 Men's SaddleAn alien-looking mixed breed of two saddles, that can be used as the explanation for the design of this ISM brand saddle. And it can be considered the best saddle for perineum pain.

The look of this seat itself says the comfort that can give to your perennial region because of the new way of double thonged look that gives more airflow and free space.

First of all, the rails used in this seat are stainless steel that gives good strength equally to all angles of the seat so that it will not bend because of the weight that happened during extreme pedaling conditions.

These saddles are mostly recommended for road cycling, trails, and triathlon rides. Besides, the material used in this seat is very smooth and soft but also non-slippery that can keep you in position under any circumstances.

You have to be careful if you are using this kind of saddle for the first time because the parts that comes usually on the center in other seats come on both sides of this saddle.

This means that your both legs will be in contact on both sides of the seat. It will lead to small pain or irritation if you do not use it for long rides only after getting used to it in small distance rides.

However, if you find the actual spot where it gives the full comfort, it will become your favorite seat design because of the freedom and airflow it gives.

  • Unique design that has more airflow and perennial freedom than any other models
  • High-quality material that is waterproof and can be used in any rough circumstances
  • Very lightweight and firm with the build quality and material.
  • It may be a pain in the butt for new users because of the different design of this saddle


6. PRO Stealth Road Bicycle Saddle

PRO Stealth Road Bicycle SaddleThis Stealth road bicycle saddle from PRO is considered in the group of bicycle seats that protect the perineum and it is clear from the first look impression itself.

A cushioned seat that has a large anatomic recess area than the usual size of opening you seen in many other seat models. It will make sure about the uninterrupted airflow.

Besides, there will be no jams between the perennial area of the rider and the saddle, which is very important for a relaxed and comfortable ride. Otherwise, the rider will suffer from sore bump alongside if they have some kind of sweat allergies.

It also has a unique frame design that is different from other seats you saw. One single metal bar coming from the rear end of the frame supports the front end of the saddle.

When it comes to the material used in the making of this seat, is also from high-quality material that has lightweight EVS padding which gives you good comfort and optimal support while in the ride.

Many cycling shorts available in the market create friction between the shorts material and the seat material and that may result in tearing of the shorts or pain on the skin of the rider.

This saddle has smooth PU material that minimizes friction, Beyond all, it can easily fit your gadgets and accessories like PRO camera mount, fender, etc.

And the construction is done with very stiff and lightweight carbon-reinforced polymer molded that equalize the weight of the rider on the whole surface at any road circumstances.

  • Large anatomic recess area gives more space for the perennial region
  • It also increases the airflow and keeps breathing easy
  • The material is high-quality and waterproof
  • It can also be used in any kind of weather circumstances
  • The seat may feel uncomfortable for the riders who need a wide seat for comfort


7. LAXOTON Wide Bicycle Seat

LAXOTON Wide Bicycle SeatAnother one in the bicycle seats that protect the perineum is this wide bicycle seat from the LAXOTON brand. It can be the best friend for your hip because of the high memory foam.

It is a very smooth and comfortable material that is also non-slip so you don't have to worry about accidental slidings during sudden brakes.

Besides, the PVC leather used as the material is wear-resistant and can be used in any weather conditions.

On the off chance that you searching for a smooth ride, the two elastic balls put underneath the bike seat guarantee retaining the stuns coming from the knocks, potholes, or any troublesome territory you are riding on.

Moreover, it accompanies a rail cinch which is 7/8 inch inside measurement. This comfortable wide bike seat can be mounted on any standard seat post, double-track, or clamp tube without any problem.

This is a wide bicycle seat available with a splendid intelligent strip, widespread rail clamp, mounting wrench, downpour cover, and reflective armbands.

Regardless of whether you ride your bicycle to work, school, in the recreation center, around the square, or even rough terrain, day or night, you will discover this seat the ideal decision.

After all, when it comes to the perennial part of the rider, it has that recessive area for extreme airflow and needed space.

  • Perfect wide bicycle seat for all kind of riders
  • Very soft and strong material used and it is lightweight
  • The seat is waterproof and can stand any kind of weather
  • Area for airflow is available
  • Leaving it in a direct sunbeam for overtime may cause some damages to the material because of the soft foam


8. Bikeroo Men's Padded Bicycle Saddle

Bikeroo Men's Padded Bicycle SaddleBiker made this padded bicycle saddle to be in the bicycle seats that protect the perineum from top to bottom design it has.

Its extra cushioned pad will assist you with making the most of your rides for a significant distance and miles, particularly if you ride every day or you are a commuter.

Intended for men's remarkable life structures, with the empty center and profound focus pattern, this seat will give you the solace you need. You will feel no tension on your prostate creation sure that in time your delicate territory won't be affected.

Regardless of whether it's mounted on your trailblazing bicycle or your street bicycle as your agreeable substitution saddle, it will cause your riding to feel vastly improved.

Likewise, because of the free connector that accompanies the bicycle seat and the widespread standard rails framework, it can fit other bicycle types like fixed stuff or Indoor cycling.

Besides, the material used for the making of this saddle is memory foam that is very smooth and strong. It can stand water or any kind of weather with ease.

After all, whether you need a wide seat for the bike or a slim one does not matter. This one surely satisfies both kinds of riders for sure. The glossy surface will not create friction between the thighs and the saddle.

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  • Specially designed according to men’s anatomy
  • Very comfortable and smooth memory foam is used for the seat
  • It is versatile that it can be used on any kind of bike mounts that you prefer
  • It can stand any kind of weather with ease
  • This seat is more affordable than other expensive ones
  • The level of making quality is not great like other more expensive seats


9. ERGO Lycra Gel Saddle

ERGO Lycra Gel SaddleA completely different and unique looking perineum bike seat that can protect the crotch area is what this Ergo lycra gel saddle is all about.

It has a design that does not even look like a normal bicycle seat although the Lycra gel makes it extra smooth and comfortable for you even if you are a man or woman.

This seat snuggles to your perineum region but suddenly change the shape into a comfortable level because of the delicate material.

Besides, the whole seat does not have any kind of design structures to eliminate any possibilities of pain and numbness in special regions. It is helpful compared to other models.

The bulgings and extra design shapes always cause a little pain somewhere touching on the seat while in the ride.

At the same time, this seat looks and feels just like a cushion in your living room and that concludes the strength of the saddle.

You have to give a little more care to this seat than other saddles you used. The delicate material can wear out easily if you do not take care of it.

However, this seat is versatile like any other saddles that it can be used on any kind of normal mounts that usually seen on all kind of bicycles.

If you are looking for a bike seat for your road bike or commuting needs, this will be a great companion. Although, this may not be preferable for adventurous rides like mountain bikes.

  • Very soft material that takes off the pressure from the soft tissues and organs
  • The lycra-covered soft gel gives increased cushioning.
  • A unique design from all other bicycle saddles that can protect the perineum
  • It has a very soft and delicate material so that you have to give a little more care to it than usual seats.


10. ERGO The Seat Classic Bicycle saddle

ERGO The Seat Classic Bicycle saddleThis other product from the ERGO brand also looks like those classic bicycle seats that do not have any kind of special holes or design structures.

But it is also considered in the bicycle seats that protect the perineum because of the highly cushioned material it has as the seating surface.

It will take away all the pressure by getting into a shape in which your body is sitting because of the very delicate material.

ScotchliteTM reflectors are equipped at the back of the saddle that gives good visibility in any light circumstances. Besides, it will never get out of sight while you are sitting on the seat.

After all, this is a model that anyone can use for a very comfortable ride that all parts of your body will be in touch with the soft material.

However, likewise the previously mentioned saddle from Ergo, this one is also made of very soft material so you have to give it a little more protection if you want to increase the durability of this saddle.

The versatility of the saddle is also notable in that it can be used with any kind of mounts that you prefer.

  • Very soft material that transforms according to your sitting position
  • Classic look with a plain surface that does not have any holes or bulgings
  • Reflectors are available and are accurately visible
  • You have to give good care to increase the durability of the material


Bicycle Seats That Protect The Perineum - Buyer's Guide

Here are some essential points that you have to notice while looking for a saddle for your bicycle. Whatever kind of ride you are doing, it is important to have the best and comfortable seat.

The shape of the Saddle

People are different in many ways and that is the reason there are many types of saddles available in different shapes in the market.

Like a woman needs a wider seat while a man mostly goes for a slim model. It is because of the differences between male and female bodies.

Finding the right shape for you include the consideration of your height, weight, body ergonomics, and above all, the design you needed.

Your Flexibility

Measure the comfortable distance between the handle and the seat because different seats fit differently on the same mount and that may affect the comfortable distance you have been riding for a while.

It is vital to be at the correct distance to avoid accidental rubbing of your body or the pain that happened because of the designs that you are not experienced with.

Type of Cushioning

Performance saddles and cushioning saddles are available for different needs. Cushioned seats are more recommended for road bikes and daily rides.

But when it comes to the adventurous side of a bicycle ride, it is always recommended to use performance saddles that may be mostly thin-looking and less comfortable.

Center Cutout

If you need more airflow under your seat, then you can go for a saddle with a center cutout. Besides, it is the perfect seat that can protect you from the injuries that happened in the perennial region.


Here are listed some of the bicycle seats that protect the perineum and it is essential for long-distance rides. Otherwise, you may experience sore muscles after the ride.

Before selecting any kind of saddle from any brand, you have to point out the requirements or preferences you have or you need with your new saddle.

Some of the seats are of normal design alongside the special areas to give the airflow and space but some others come with special designs that you may not have been seen.

So, it is vital to go through the points mentioned above before going for the saddle for your bike.

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