Best Stationary Bikes 2021

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to get a stationary bike. You don’t have a bike you can strap on an indoor cycling trainer or you just don’t want to stress on your expensive bike? Or do you actually want to have the best of the best and a real indoor experience?

We got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about stationary bikes and a guide on which ones to buy.


Stationary Bike

What stationary bike do I need?

First, let’s clarify which kind of stationary bike is best suited for you. There are three types of stationary bikes and they fulfill completely different needs: recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and indoor cycling bikes.

Upright bikes

Let’s start with the most simple ones: upright bikes. You might know these from your gym. They can usually be found on the cardio floor and are used for lighter workouts, warmups, and cooldowns. You sit relatively upright on them and they are designed for sitting only. No way to stand up and push hard on them. Usually, they are the cheapest option and don’t take a lot of space.


  • relatively cheap
  • doesn’t need a lot of space
  • beginner-friendly – no special shoes needed


  • no suited for hard or long workouts
  • usually, they are not smart – you can’t use them on Zwift for example

You do want to have a cardio session from time to time? You’re not interested in participating in online games like Zwift and you, therefore, need no smart functionality or you just don’t want to spend a whole lot of money or you don’t have a lot of space for your stationary bike? Then an upright bike might be the right choice for you.


Recumbent bikes

Recumbent bikes look a bit different. You sit behind the wheel in kind of a chair in a reclined position. This way you don’t have your feet below your body but in front of you. That makes this kind of stationary bike suited for regeneration or people with back pain because it’s very easy on the joints. Of course, this kind of bike isn’t suited for hard workouts.


  • can be used despite back or joint issues
  • beginner-friendly – no special shoes needed
  • take quite some space


  • no hard workouts are possible
  • no smart features

Do you have back or joint issues but have to keep fit somehow? Or do you want to have a bike ride for regeneration purposes from time to time? Recumbent bikes are for you!

Indoor Cycling

The indoor cycling option is the best choice for sporty people. But there are also a couple of different options within this kind of bike: Spinning, Peloton, Smart Indoor Trainers … just to name a few.


  • best indoor biking experience
  • some can be used with Software like Zwift
  • close to riding outdoors
  • made for hard workouts, but can also be used for regeneration rides
  • smart trainers are some of the quietest indoor bikes around


  • most take quite some space
  • can be VERY expensive – especially if you go for the smart trainers


You might know Spinning bikes from the gym because some of the gyms offer spinning classes. Usually spinning is done in groups while listening to music and having an instructor who specifies resistance and cadence. But it’s also possible to do spinning on your own. Spin bikes start at roughly 350$. Our recommendation would be a Spin Bike from Schwinn, namely a bike from the Schwinn Fitness IC Bike Series. Schwinn is probably the most famous Spinning Bike manufacturer and has years of experience building bikes for professional gyms, that are used multiple hours each day. Schwinn starts at 450$ in the simplest version. Depending on the equipment and the resistance.



Peloton offers a great stationary bike, that you can use in combination with their subscription of workouts and live classes. The bike has a great quality,

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