If you are here to check out our list of the best road bikes under 500, then you have come to the right place.

Road bikes are one of the more significant and widely popular varieties of bikes out there. We know that the reason for that is simple. Not everyone out there is trying to win a triathlon or go for mountain bike riding in the wild.

Our natural and daily life requires easy and hassle-free commute from one place to the other. Road bikes usually give us the best of exercises and fast traveling without disturbing the charm and essence of nature.

Daily commute bikes take you from point A to point B without you having to board a bus or wait for a subway train. Bikes can guide you through the traffic with the utmost ease.

Road bikes are needed to be made with safety concerns in mind, have it aerodynamically designed, with faster wheels on them.

Usually, road bikes have narrow tires, bent-over handlebars, disc brakes, or rim brakes and are lightweight. Even then there are so many varieties in road bikes. You get the same-old touring bikes, hybrid ones, utility bikes, and much more!

The Best Road Bikes Under 500

1. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike
  • Lightweight Full Aluminum Frame and Fork
  • 30mm Deep V Double-Walled Alloy Wheels
  • Ride Fixed Gear or Freewheel with a Flip-Flop Hub
  • Including front and rear brakes, Suitable for commuters

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As a brand, 6KU has made sure that everyone gets to ride a bike without having to break their pocket.

We need more of 6061 Aluminum frames like on this one! These are lightweight and durable at the same time. Aluminum made bike-frames are the best for inexpensive bikes like the 6KU.

Moreover, you get an aluminum fork which will soak in all the jolts from the surface. Front-wheel forks do not transfer the shocks back to your hands, wrists, and shoulder providing you with an effortless and fatigue-free bike riding experience.

Road bike wheels are an essential part of the package, and 6KU has done it right. Their doubled walled alloy rims are 30mm deep with spokes having a V-shaped pattern.

You will get a flip-flop hub and get to ride a fixed gear or freewheel style. Flip-flop hubs allow you to change between two gear ratios without having to deal with the complexities of a derailleur. You can quickly move between fixed gear and freewheel effortlessly.

Freewheels act as an automatic clutch making it possible to change gears in a manual gearbox. You will also get a dual braking system, one for the front, and the other for your rear wheel.

  • Super lightweight and easy to control
  • Can be easily assembled in 10 mins
  • Brakes do the work very well
  • It is properly geared to feel right while changing
  • The welds and frame strongly build and excellent quality
  • There is no mounting point for water bottles
  • Pedals and seats are not good

2. Schwinn Phocus - Best Beginner Road Bike Under 500

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle for Men and Women
  • Aluminum road frame with carbon fiber road fork provide lightweight strength.
  • 700c wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall.
  • 16-speed shifter / brake lever combination offers precise, smooth gear changes.
  • High profile alloy double wall rims with paired spokes are lightweight and strong with front quick release.
  • Promax alloy dual pivot caliper road brakes deliver crisp, secure stops.
  • Alloy crank for wide gear range.
  • Road style tread tires supply fast and smooth riding.

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Schwinn is one of the oldest brands in bike history where it delivers bikes of great build. People often from the US, choose this brand as they have live cycling life with Schwinn.

I also admit that it is one of my favorite road bikes pick for of course various reasons. This is a piece of remarkable drop-bar bike for any sort of daily workout or hanging out with friends.

There are two variants available out there i.e Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 which have a slight difference in features.

The bike is equipped with a Shimano 16-speed drivetrain which works well for better speed and performance. Moreover, it comes with a micro shift and a combo of shift and brake for easy control and power drive.

Again, the fork is made up of carbon fiber which ensures its durability and flexibility. It is an aluminum frame bike that serves the purpose for a longer duration and very light in weight for easy control.

Moving on tires, it has been proved with doubled walled rims for max support under paved roads.

The paired spokes are quite lightweight and strong as they come with front quick release.

It means you don't have to carry any tools to change the tires quickly without any tool but a pump is recommended. Lastly, for the smoother control the alloy crank and alloy pivot brakes take care of breaking control power.

Really, it is one of the best entry-level road bikes for any beginner and value for money.

  • Both bike and saddle are lightweight for an easy comfortable ride
  • Brake calipers are easily adjustable
  • Wheels are powerful and strong
  • Shifting is smooth for easy gears
  • Components are of high quality
  • Tubes are pretty much thin.
  • For mounting anything like headlight you need extra space

3. Giordano Libero 1.6 Women's Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Women's Road Bike
  • Lightweight hand crafted 6061 aluminum frame
  • 1 1/8" Threadless Alloy 100mm stem
  • 16-speed Shimano Claris STI Shifters and Rear Derailleur
  • Dual water bottle mounts

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This Giordano Libero is specially built for women as an entry-level road bike. It can be considered as one of the top-rated road bikes in the market. Gives comfort with its handcrafted lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame while in the ride.

Many of the experienced riders suggest this one for those who are looking for a great road bike because of the safety features included in this price range.

An awesome choice of 1 1/8" threadless alloy stem gives good control over the bike. Moreover, the bike is equipped with 16-speed Shimano Claris STI Shifters makes the bike an adept performer on the road.

Rear shifting is surprisingly impressive with the rear derailleur. Beyond everything, Giordano ensures the smooth braking at any level of speed with its caliper braking system.

Thin and well-built tires give a sporty look to your ride. However, if you are an avid rider and looking towards the best tires with more thickness, it is possible to replace it with aftermarket tires.

Through that, you can keep the market value for your bike when replacing it for a more premium ride in the future.

Its very simple to disassemble and easy to put together. So, that makes it easy to carry the bike for your camping trip. All over as a starter, this may accomplish your desires in bikes.

  • Easy to assemble and put things on
  • It’s a sturdy and powerful lightweight bike
  • Gears are good to go for easy shifting
  • It would be a great choice for entry-level riders
  • Can mount 2 water bottles
  • Derailleur and wheel bearings are of the excellent build
  • The saddle is not a great one
  • You will need an adjustment for the brakes

4. Goplus Road Bike Speed Quick Release Racing Bicycle

This Goplus Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 700c Aluminium 21 Speed Quick Release Racing Bicycle is a surprising ride in budget level road bikes.

Developed with aluminum lessens the heaviness of the bicycle and offers more advantages on speed. Simply satisfies the needs including the moving force, multiplying the riding proficiency, and bringing a great hustling experience.

Solid aluminum framing is up to the horrible street circumstances and the need for stable-riding can be satisfied. It likewise gives a comfortable and movable handlebar and seat post for you.

Well-built Front Wheels makes it simple to install, dismantle and upkeep, which makes the bike more convenient for parking and storage. After all, the performance is pretty good at its reasonable price tag.

Augments every day riding craving inside you and gives a genuinely enjoyable experience with its Superior 700C tires. That can take care of various difficulties and issues with the dashing performance.

The refreshed derailleur can entirely satisfy your need for ordinary cheerful riding. Moreover, the bike is available in five different colors. Goplus provides an awesome bike riding experience in this price range.

After all, this level of comfort in this price range can be sure to go for in road bikes for you if you are looking for one with a limited budget.

  • It’s a lightweight bike
  • The build of the bike is excellent with premium design
  • Perfect for schools and colleges
  • Perfect commute road bike for daily use and travel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handling is easy and smooth
  • The seat is not that much comfortable
  • You don’t get enough room for mounting the phone
  • Brakes may need an upgrade for fast ride

5. LZBIKE Road Bike LZ-550 Steel Bicycle

Road Bike LZ-550 Steel Bicycle disc Brake 21 Speed Road Bike
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame color: black / white Frame height: 49MM
  • Transmission: Shimano Speed: 21 speed
  • Brake: disc brake
  • Quality assurance: 1 year
  • Wheel Size: 700 Millimeters

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This road bike lets you know its presence everywhere with its architectural beauty with an eye-catching color option. LZ-550 can be considered on the top when trying to buy a road bike in a low budget.

Build stronger and denser in steel which ensures durability along with more safety. It makes the bike useable in every condition of the road.

Magnesium alloy 3 spoke wheels used in the LZ-550 makes the wheel more flexible. And its unbreakable character is also perfect for off-road uses.

Its intuitive Shimano 21 speed transmission shifting allows the rider to easily operate transmission with a single shifter. Let the well-built disc brakes take care of your safety in any circumstances.

Beyond all, the easiness in assembling and dismantling makes it perfect to carry around with you. Some aftermarket genuine parts replacements can get this road bike in the premium level list of road bikes.

Any entry-level riders who are looking for a road bike without tearing apart their wallet will surely love LZ-550. Besides, it's strong features makes it apt for many terrains.

If you are looking for a road bike that can be utilized in almost any terrains, then LZBIKE's Road Bike LZ-500 is a considerable one.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Design is very classy with colors
  • Disc brakes work very well
  • A low cost bike for beginners
  • The tires are of cheap quality
  • Shift gears are economical in use wise

6. EUROBIKE Road Bike TSM XC550

  • Disc Brake System - Provides long-lasting and stronger fasting stopping power than the traditional V-Brake Systems.
  • Multiple choices give you a colorful ride experience.
  • Aluminum fashion rims and perfect design.
  • Recommended for rider's height 5'3"-5'9".
  • Max weight up to 290lbs.

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TSM XC550 is another considerable option for road bikes in a low price range which gives a colorful ride experience with its availability of multiple choices.

Equipped with a disc brake system to ensure your safety intact. That gives a durable and more grounded fasting and halting force than the conventional V-Brake Systems.

It is a perfect option for riders with a height 5'3"-5'9" and can carry up to 290lbs of weight with ease and in good control.

Assembling is really easy and can be done without any help. Besides, it will complete your desires for a sporty road bike by its looks without many complications come up with racing models.

This surprisingly amazing bike gives an expensive look with the design. Well maintained use can make every penny count with it.

Although, the weight of the bike is notable even for a person with considerable weight. Even though the aluminum fashion rims are light but the metal body feels heavy in every way.

If you need a road bike that will stay on the track and if you are in love with a bike that makes your body worked in every way, then go for it.

EUROBIKE is one of those bicycle manufacturers in the country constantly generating added value for the industry with innovative designs alongside premium features in affordable price tags.

  • Parts are easy to assemble
  • A narrow sporty look with design
  • Six feet inch people can also ride it
  • It can carry weight up to 290lbs max
  • It’s getting flat tire due to heavy weight

7. Giordano Libero Aluminium Road Bike

Giordano Libero Aluminium Road Bike
  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • High Tensile Steel Fork
  • Shimano Claris STI Shifters
  • 32 Hole Double Wall Alloy Rim, 700c x 25mm tires
  • Alloy Dual Pivot Brakes

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This another model from Giordano can be considered as one of the best unisex budget road bikes. It is a Libero 700c model from the company available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Its weightless 6061 aluminum frame makes the bike sturdy and very easy to control. Maintenance will not be a headache with its aluminum lightweight frame.

Besides, the bike is equipped with a high tensile steel fork which is best known for the high corrosion resistance. This will keep your road bike strong and long-lasting.

Shimano Total Integration (STI) makes the 16 speed split transmission with dual controls comfortable. That makes it two different controls for smaller and larger cogs.

The 32 hole double-wall alloy rim spreads the spoke tension across both walls of the rim. It will keep the rims stronger and the tires in the right direction at any speed.

Moreover, the tires used in this Giordano Libero is 700 x 25 mm, gives a good and comfortable base on almost any terrains.

It carries the benefits of alloy dual-pivot brakes which is better at keeping the ride centered and is stiffer, it seems matter than simple leverage.

All over this one is a decent road bike for beginners with comfort and ease of maintenance.

  • One cab easily assembled it
  • Steel fork good for long-lasting service
  • Comfortable with gears for flexibility
  • You need to upgrade saddle for comfort
  • Gears need to adjusted professionally for a smooth ride

8. Max4out Road Bike 700c Commuter Bicycle

Max4out Road Bike 700c Commuter Bicycle
  • 14 speed road bike
  • 700c road bicycle
  • Premium performance
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to assemble

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Are you looking for a stylish and elegant road bike in a small budget? then I suggest Max4out 700c Commuter Bicycle for you.

Its 14-speed gears permit you to change through the gears rapidly with your fingertips, so you can easily choose a gear for each landscape. The diverse speed cycling experience is similar to a wind chaser.

The solid aluminum frame keeps up to the horrible street circumstances and the reasonable stable-riding can be satisfied. Moreover, it additionally gives a comfortable and customizable handlebar and seat post for you.

Expands every day riding delight and gives protected yet fast ride experience. the high-performance 700C tires can take care of various difficulties and issues of thorough road hustling. What's more, the updated derailleur can totally satisfy your need of ordinary glad riding.

The model comes with a  fully customizable handlebar, which gives maximum comfort and control over your ride. All over, ensures a premium level of experience without tearing apart a big amount of money.

Easy assemblable Front Wheels permit you fast install, dismantle, and preservation, which helps you in storing and transporting according to your needs. Its sensible cost gives an excellent exhibition of an awesome bicycle itself.

  • You can easily put things together in less time
  • Components are strong of the average value
  • Aluminum frame for easy riding
  • Seats is also quite ergonomic
  • The stickers on bike are of cheap quality. You can peel it off.
  • Brakes need surely an upgrade for controlling

9. Generic 700c Men's Kent Road Tech Road Bike

Generic 700c Men's Kent Road Tech Road Bike
  • Steel frame ; 21-speed
  • Alloy caliper brakes ; Shimano derailleur and Shiamno Revo shifts
  • Alloy Brake levers ; Seat: Vitesse racing seat
  • Tires: high-performance 700C tires ; Pedals: standard
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs ; Assembled dimensions: 69" x 18" x 38"

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Generic's Men's Kent RoadTech road bike is made of the steel frame, provides its environmental benefits includes the strength and density it gives more than aluminum.

Although, the weight will be notably increased than normal aluminum frames. But its 21-speed availability makes it easy to control and comfortable in your hands.

Even though it does not include disc brakes but its alloy caliper brakes improve comfort and speed by reducing suspension losses. And these brake pads last longer than regular brake pads in the market.

Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts make it very simple to shift. This type of simple and reliable shifting is the best for average or beginner level riders.

The alloy brake levers alongside Vitesse racing seat gives a more sporty and sturdy look to the whole bike. High-performance 700c tires with standard pedals will keep you and your ride on track as long as you wish.

After all, this road bike will reach your expectations at a low price range. If you are a bicycle enthusiast and looking for a daily rider that you can ride with confidence, then go for it. Goos maintenance keeps this ride a gold.

However, when buying your dream bicycle, it is important to make sure that the selection that you making is the right one for you. For that, there are several things that you need to take into consideration.

  • Perfect for recreation riders
  • Wheels are great in terms of quality
  • Pedals are strongly build
  • Brakes and pads works fine
  • You may face trouble with bearings in the bracket
  • The seat is stiff and not comfortable

Buying Guide For Best Road Bikes Under 500

There are several reasons for everyone to ride a bike. It may be for your enjoyment, hobbies, sports needs, off-road needs, travels, etc and the list goes on. If the ride you bought is the perfect one for your need, then you will start to find love in what you doing.

Somehow, there are chances to make you emotionally attached to your bike. But if you feel that your ride is not perfect for you after spending your valuable money, that will be a big disappointment.

After all, no one can blame you for the wrong decision because it is human nature to get excited about every other good looking product. Besides, there may be hundreds of stores and online websites to buy your dream bike.

There are things you need to consider before selecting a bike like the one for you. that includes:

Type of Riding You will Do with your Road Bike

Start by making sense of what sort of riding you need to do. There are numerous sorts of bicycles, and recognizing what you'll do with them limits the field extensively.

How regularly will you ride and how far? Will you remain on clear and straight road surfaces, or is it possible to use it in different circumstances? Everything needs to be involved in the thoughts.

It is important to select the bike according to your basic need especially when you are looking for a bike within a limited budget.

Study Anatomy of the Bike

When you are selecting a bike even if it is an expensive premium-level one or the entry-level one within a small budget, it is important to study the whole anatomy of the bike you are buying.

If you know everything about each part of your bike, then it will be very easy to maintain with good care. And can reduce the chances of need for another professional to do small mechanical and replacement works.

Budget Consideration

Low budget road bikes that do not overtake $500 in money with the best quality parts and build are available from $200 or less. But it is important to select the best in low-cost bikes.

Many of the local stores around you will showcase low-budget road bikes that stand out with looks. But you need to find out the best retailer that surely gives you after-sale services and support even if it is not a premium bike.

Money doesn't matter if you can take good care of the bike. Moreover, a low-cost bike gives all the premium feels just with a few replacements like the seat, pedals, etc.

A good bike will last, which means you get what you need and far more from it if it is the perfect one for you with the best quality.

There are things that you can expect something in low-budget bikes. It will be made of a sturdy metal frame such as steel or aluminum. Besides, they are mostly equipped with an adamant fork or basic front suspension.

After all, these types of road bikes can provide a wide range of drivetrains. Mostly comes with rim brakes or disc brakes controlled in cables.

Do Online Researches

Even when you seek the help of experts in riding, it will be helpful if you can do some online researches. There is a vast world of different varieties of bikes and models are available online.

Moreover, you can watch bike review videos of different bikes on Youtube or other websites. Find out your favorite models and compare the specifications with each other.

All the details can be collected from the official company websites and review blogs from experts. Compare every other feature including the frame, gear, brake, etc in your price range.

Do consider the size chart during the research because different brands may use different size charts. And when you find out the one with all the features you love, go for it.


The needs of a road bike differ from person to person even if it is any kind of bike. There are riders who use their mountain bike or racer bike as a road bike. So, it is possible if your bike perfectly fits you in every way.

After all, we discussed some of the best road bikes that available under $500. Now the choice is on your hands. Do consider the steps provided in this article before paying your money over an excitement.

Make your selection commendable to yourself. Because the bike you select will be your companion in many circumstances. So, buy the right one and create your own great memories with it.

Let every ride be a beautiful side of memories and life. Not the amount of money you spend, its how you spend that matters.

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