Hybrid bikes are the best one of all those different types of bikes available in the market. It is simply becoming the best choice due to the cross of a road bike and mountain bike.

There are pros and cons with these models that many companies make by adding a few parts from both of these models. It might confuse you with the selection of your bike.

So, to know some of the best brands and products here included a list of the best hybrid bikes under 500 that no one from them has compromised in the quality because of the lower price point.

A hybrid bike can be used on any kind of road without the fear of any parts’ quality. Because they are built for comfort along with the ability to do offroad rides easily.

However, some of them have more attraction towards the road bikes, while others come under mountain bikes style. What look you select is all according to your likes on the different aspects of the bike.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

1. Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike
  • Aluminum dual sport frame, suspension fork is designed for versatile riding. 700c wheel size fits riders 5’4” to 6’2” in height.
  • 21-speed shifters with rear derailleur provides precise gear changes.
  • Alloy V-brakes deliver sure stopping power.
  • Alloy double wall rims offer lightweight durability.
  • Multi-use tires provide plenty of grip on or off road.

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A genius contribution from a well-known brand is the right caption that we can give for this hybrid model GTX Comfort bike from Schwinn. The bike has an equal level of influence from both road and mountain bikes.

The aluminum dual sport frame used on the bike makes the bike lightweight for anyone. All other features along with this specially designed frame and affordability, make this bike worthy of listing in the best hybrid bikes under 500.

Besides, the 700c wheels attached with multi-use tires are perfect for versatile riding that you can take for a spin around your neighborhood, a long trip, or for a small adventurous ride through some rough trails.

As a hybrid model, it is important to have precise braking power to make the bike stop wherever you might need it. This is taken care of by the V-brakes equipped on this bike with a strong grip to stop the bike anywhere.

21-speed shifters are used with a rear derailleur system for on-point gear shifts without much work for the rider. Besides, the 28-inch wheels used will give plenty of grip on and off the road.

  • The frame is made of lightweight aluminum
  • 700c wheels size along with the tires provides versatility
  • It has great stopping power with the help of Alloy V-brakes
  • The 21-speed gear system makes it easy to ride anywhere.
  • The seat that comes with the model might not be the one preferred by many riders.

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike
  • Schwinn suspension fork, alloy crank, City rise adjustable stem with back sweep handlebar.
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and rear derailleur mean that pedaling up a hill is easier.
  • Alloy twist shifter compatible 4 finger brake levers.
  • Promax alloy linear-pull brakes, gear carrier, Adjust the angle (rise) of the alloy Ahead stem.
  • Swept-back upright handlebars, padded seat, aluminum frame is lighter and yet durable, fenders keep dirt off the rider.
  • Fenders keep dirt off the rider and Rear carrier for convenient city riding.

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This is another hybrid model bike from the same Schwinn brand, but this bike's difference is that it is a unisex hybrid bike. It has a specially designed frame for both men and women to easily hop in and out of the bike.

There is a suspension fork for comfort on the front end of the bike that works together with the city rise adjustable stem and seat system. Both these aspects of the bike make your ride very comfortable under any road circumstances.

Moreover, you can adjust the seat stem's height and get an upright riding position on this bike with the back-sweep handlebar. You can take this for a ride along steep hills with ease because of this bike's gear system.

It is an SRAM 21-speed grip shifter, and the rear derailleur is used as the gear system on this bike that provides you precise shifting experience. Alloy twist shifter makes it easier for shifting without any trouble, and you can control brake levers with all four fingers.

Promax alloy linear-pull brake system is used on this bike that gives you great stopping power. Besides, the aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight, and the back and front end fenders keep the mud away from you.

  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifter provides precise shifting.
  • The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight.
  • Promax alloy linear-pull brakes give great stopping power.
  • You can get an upright riding position by adjusting the height.
  • Linear-pull brakes might not make up for disc brakes.

3. Sixthreezero Pave N' Trail Women's Hybrid Bike

As you might know, Sixthreezero is popular for its women's model bikes, including cruiser bikes to mountain bikes. This one also has that classic curvy look that confirms the relation is mostly for a road bike than a mountain bike.

The features alongside this bike's affordability made it one of the best hybrid bikes under 500 available in the market right now. A 7-speed gear system is used on this bike for easiness and comfort on all kinds of roads.

It has a front-end suspension system that can absorb all the vibrations and the shocks from the bumpy terrains with ease and provide you with a very comfortable ride on every road's circumstance.

You can sit straightly without straining your back and shoulders throughout the bike ride with the help of an ergonomically placed wide handlebar and seat. Besides, you can achieve a top speed of 30 miles on this bike with the Shimano gear system.

Moreover, you don't have to worry about the bike's control and grip while riding fastly with the 1.75-inch slick tires used on the bikes that have a great grip on all kind of roads and offers you with a cushioned ride.

  • The slim-cut saddle with dense compression foam makes the seat extra soft.
  • It has a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • You can achieve up to 30 miles of speed with the 7-speed gear system.
  • The slick tires have a great grip on all surfaces.
  • The handle grips that come with the bike may not be comfortable for many riders.

4. Kent International Springdale Hybrid Bicycle

Kent International Springdale Hybrid Bicycle
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
  • Allow Crown Suspension Fork
  • 700c 36 Spoke double Wall Alloy Rims
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • 22 Speed Micro Shift Twist Shifers

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Kent international brand made a cool-looking hybrid model through this bike that has more relation to the family's mountain bike side. A straight crossbar is used for the design even if it is placed a little lower on the frame.

That makes it usable for both men or women easily. Besides, the lightweight 6061 aluminum frame makes it easy to control any trails. And the alloy chrome suspension fork absorbs the vibrations off the surface.

A very comfortable seat material used on this bike along with this suspension system makes it very soft and comfortable for you to ride for long-distance rides or bumpy surfaces.

It becomes more comfortable and gives you the best-cushioned ride possible with the 700c spoke double-wall alloy with the 29-inch tires.

Beyond everything, this hybrid bike has 22-speed Micro shift twist shifters that make it easy for shifting gears without making an effort while going through rough terrain. And the Shimano rear derailleur makes precise shifts without any lag.

  • The 6061 aluminum frame is lightweight.
  • 22-speed micro shift twist shifters and Shimano derailleur provide precise gear shifts.
  • A suspension fork is equipped on the front of the bike that improves comfort.
  • 29-inch wheels themselves can easily take away major impacts from bumpy roads.
  • The seat material that comes with the bike may not be comfortable as the premium and expensive bike models.

5. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser Bike

As the name suggests, this Sixthreezero bike is a cruiser hybrid with some features like a 7-speed gear system, making it one of the best hybrid bikes under 500.

If you are a cruiser bike lover but need a little more advanced features on your bike, this particular model with the classic women's bike look must be the one for you.

The color combination alongside the design of this bike themselves makes it stand out in the crowd. First of all, the wide handlebar with the lowered seat gives you the best posture that is the upright position while you are using the bike.

However, the looks give this bike a smooth and soft look, but the 7-speed gear system alongside the tires and brakes makes it a beast that can be used with any kind of road trail that you may pass through.

The saddle has that classic stitching over the synthetic leather covered on the soft material and the two springs that give extra support and comfort for your ride. The hand braking system used on the bike provides you with great stopping power without any lag.

  • It has that classic look and a great color combination.
  • Fenders are available to keep you out of the mud.
  • An upright riding position is provided with the wide handlebar and the seat.
  • The aluminum frame reduces the weight gained through extra features on this bike like fenders and back rack.
  • This is more of a cruiser hybrid model that has some limitations on rough trails.

6. Raleigh Detour Hybrid Bike

If you are a bike lover who likes to make a bike without much fancy writing and dark color schemes or special looks, then this affordable hybrid bike from Raleigh might be the one for you.

A simple cruiser and mountain bike cross design is used for the frame, and it is made with 6061 aluminum. The frame makes the whole bike lightweight and the rider of any height will be able to hop in and out of the bike without struggling easily.

Besides, the adjustable seat post with the straight handlebar can be used to get an upright riding position for you. When it comes to the gear system, it has a Shimano EZ Fire Plus 8-speed shifter technique that provides you on-point shifts.

However, there are no suspension techniques used on the front or back end of the bike instead the Raleigh comfortable saddle is equipped with two springs to decrease the shock from the road surface and offer great comfort.

You will get great braking power with less effort because of the Tetra 837 Alloy V-Brake that can stop the bike precisely without any problem for your wheels or tires. Besides, it uses 700 x 42c street tires that can roll over anything with ease.

  • The aluminum frame used on this bike is lightweight.
  • It has a simple frame design and color.
  • An adjustable seat stem makes it possible to get an upright position.
  • Shimano 8-speed shifters offer smooth gear shifts.
  • This bike’s design and features are not perfect for long-distance rides if you need more suspensions on your bike.

7. Sixthreezero Pave n' Trail Hybrid Bike

Another hybrid model from the Sixthreezero brand has more of an aggressive side with the full-on black color with a simple design that makes the product overall a cool thing to look at.

It cannot be excluded from the best hybrid bikes under 500 with all these features and the brand value it has. This men's hybrid bike is made to hit any kind of road circumstances with ease.

A Vibrazorb front suspension system is used on this bike to absorb all kinds of vibrations and shocks from bumpy road circumstances. It makes it possible to take this bike through hard trails with ease.

Besides, the gear system also has an important role in the ride's comfort and easiness on this bike. And it has a Shimano 21-speed gear system with that you can achieve a top speed of up to 30 miles.

The frame geometry and the bike's handlebar position give more comfort by offering a straight riding position on the bike without struggling during the ride. Tailbone pain will not become a problem with the slim-cut saddle with soft foam.

After all, the 1.75-inch rubber tires are perfect for any kind of road, and it has enough grip on surfaces.

  • It has an aluminum lightweight frame
  • 21-speed Shimano gear system offers smooth shifts
  • Front suspension to reduce the shocks from the road surface
  • An upright riding position is possible with the seating and handles arrangement.
  • The seat material might not be a preferred one for many riders who need more soft saddle.

8. Hyper SpinFit Hybrid Bike

Hyper SpinFit Hybrid Bike
  • Authentic Hyper graphics21-speed Shimano ShiftersAluminum frame.
  • Suspension Type: Rear, Front
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Brake Style: Caliper

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Here it is a hybrid bike that is more related to the mountain bike than a road bike. If you are looking for a cool looking hybrid bike, then this one is undoubtedly for you. The color combination and design are outstandingly beautiful.

However, there is no special suspension system equipped on this bike. But this bike is more a part of that sporty side of the bike community with all the features and the design.

21-speed Shimano gear system provides precise shifting at any kind of trails that you take this bike through. All those weights gained through the derailleurs are compensated with the use of an aluminum lightweight frame.

Another fact that is important to note is that the bike is not all about comfort and that is clear from the look itself. You cannot get an upright position ride on this bike. Instead, you might have to bend a little like on a mountain bike.

But the seat and handlebar have a great grip that helps very much in controlling the bike. The bike uses a caliper brake system that gives great stopping force at any kind of road surface without much effort from your side.

  • The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight.
  • Caliper brakes used on the bike have great stopping power.
  • 21-speed Shimano gear system makes the ride very easy and smooth
  • It has a cool and attractive look and colors.
  • You cannot get an upright riding position on this bike.

Buying Guide for Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Here are some of the things that you need to take a look at and consider before going after a brand or model while buying a hybrid bike. Because it is always better to be ready than sorry after spending your money on a product you will hate later.

The Frame

The frame is one of the fundamental parts of a bike so that it is important to select the right frame for you. Most of the hybrid bike's frames are made with a cross look of both road and mountain bikes.

However, some models are specially made for women and men with curvy or straight frame models. Besides, you can select the type of material of the frame that you like.

Aluminum is lightweight, stiff, and solid so that it has less suspension character when the steel frame is more little heavier, and it has the right amount of flexibility on the road.


The handlebar plays an important role in controlling the bike alongside the comfort in your riding position. It is vital to select a handlebar model that offers the right riding position when you sit on the bike.

Mustache bars, drop bars, riser bars, and flat bars are some types of handlebars available for you to select from. Find the one that gives good grip and control for you under any circumstances.


There is no need for explaining the importance of a great wheelset on a bike. It is essential for great grip and control of the bike over any kind of trail.  It is your likes and dislikes that matters in selecting a big wheelset or a slim wheelset.

Gear System

Hybrid bikes are available with different levels and numbers of the gear system. Besides, all of them have a gear system in which the number of speeds differs from one to 27 in numbers.

Different gear shifting techniques and shifting levers are also available with different brands and models of hybrid bikes. That means you have to check those gear systems and find out the right one.

You can go with a model with fewer gears if you are an expert or have the strength to take the bike on all terrains with ease.

But you might have to get a bike with some more gear if you are looking for a bike that can easily conquer steep hills and mountain trails or if you are a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we can take a look at some of the most asked questions about these bikes you saw in this article and questions about hybrid bikes in general.

What kind of ride can we exactly do with a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is as you know that it is a crossbreed model of two different versions of bikes which are a mountain bike and a cruiser bike. However, the answer is that it will always be safe to use it on normal roads and on a few rough roads. After all, a hybrid bike is all about a comfortable ride that can also make some powerful moves than a normal cruiser bike.

What is the opinion about using a hybrid bike for mountain biking?

The hybrid model bikes are not at all recommended for full-fledged mountain trails. Because they are equipped just with a few mountain bike features, it does not mean that they can conquer very rough trails like an exact mountain bike model can do. So, using a hybrid model for mountain biking will be very difficult for you in many conditions, and it can take you through hazardous circumstances.

What is the recommended suspension mode on a hybrid bike?

You can go for a full-suspension model that comes with the suspension on both ends of the bike or a half-suspension mode in which the bike will have a suspension fork used on the front end of the bike. Both these models will give you a comfortable, smooth ride on the road. But if you go for a rigid fork system, the bike will be more responsive than the one with suspension, but you have to feel all the road bumps and aspects.

Can I go for a hybrid bike if a comfortable ride is my priority?

Yes, it is one kind of bike model that can give you enough power while giving you comfort like a cruiser bike. Most of the hybrid bikes will give you an upright riding position or at least a straightforward position so that you don't have to strain your back much to ride on it. Besides, it can take you through minimum-level rough terrains with ease by giving you great response and good suspension too.


There is no other bike model than a hybrid model selected to start a new hobby of adventurous and normal riding together for people of all ages.

It is always better to select even a cruiser bike with some of the mountain bikes' aspects and features. Because it gives you the freedom of choice in the types of rides, you need to do.

This article on the best hybrid bikes under 500 included some of the best bikes that are available in the market and all the details about them alongside the pros and cons they come with.

So that you can through all these models and find if there is any one of them that might take an interest in you. Remember that it is important to go through all the aspects which are given above before selecting the right hybrid model bike for you.


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