You may be a person with a one year old toddler and trying to find the best balance bike for 1 year old. If you are, then you will find some of them here.

It is important to help your child build up some enjoyable habits and health advantages at their youngest age itself if possible.

Riding a bike is always one of the favorite activities of every child since they start realizing things. Every child is different from another. Some of them start walking early, but some others will start it very late.

If your child is one year old and can stand without much help from you, then you can spend a balancing bike for them. But if the child is still crawling after one year old or more, you have to be patient until they start to balance themselves.

Here, we have listed some of the best bikes for one year old children with very affordable price tags.

Best Balance Bike for 1 Year Old

1. Bammax Balance Bike for One Year Old

Bammax Balance Bike for One Year Old
  • Recommended age
  • Develop children multiple skills
  • Easy to install
  • Stable structure & comfortable to ride
  • Ideal first birthday gift

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Are you looking for a straightforward and elegant-looking balance bike for a one year old baby? Then this small bike from Bammax will be your thing.

Little child balance bicycle is prescribed for 9 months to two years of infants (Height is 70cm – 85cm) who are getting the hang of strolling or standing.

This newborn child balance bicycle is a perfect first step to the bigger bicycles with a steady steel structure. It has a maximum load limit of up to 105 lbs.

Besides, this is an extraordinary riding toy for a 1-year-old little child to build up their controlling vehicles’ abilities.

You can assist them with rehearsing their ride by pushing the bicycle forward or reversing their legs and creating self-confidence.

Moreover, this bike is outfitted with a simple design, including a handlebar, front wheel, bicycle body with back wheels.

You can assemble and dismantle it without any tools. Besides, no need for much of a stretch to put the bicycle into the vehicle trunk, and the kid can have fun anywhere.

Made of sturdy carbon steel along with a non-slip handlebar and a very smooth and comfortable seat that will not give any pain to your beloved.

After all, the steering is limited to 135 degrees to avoid big sudden turns and side falling off the bike while in the ride.

  • Limit of 135 degrees in turning for more safety.
  • Simple design with simple colors.
  • Perfect height for too small children.
  • The bike is very small that maybe not suitable for many of those near to 2 years.

2. Hape Scoot Around Wood Balance Bike

Hape Scoot Around Wood Balance Bike
  • Rubberized wheels
  • Motor skills development
  • Learning and exploring companion
  • Safe to play with
  • Award winning

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How about a change from all those almost the same kind of looking balance bikes and enter another territory which is more fun to be a part of.

This balance bike for one year old comes with a beautiful design built on woods alongside the attractive colors perfect for the wood build.

Moreover, the bike comes with an option to buy another bike that gives a little load and a funny look to it.

One of the separate pieces is a wooden crocodile, and the other one is a puppy. Both of them can be purchased along with the bike and tied on the back of the bike.

Surely, your child will get obsessed with these small buddies and have more fun than the bike alone.

The wheels are rubberized at the contact area, so it will last longer and keep your floor clean from scratches because of the inner material.

Ideal for kids starting to have fun with their movements and motor skills. What's more, Durable and kid-safe, contains water-based paint, and has non-harmful completions.

Wherever your child goes, the bike will keep your child entertained and occupied.

Besides, you don't have to think about your toddler falling from the bike with the four wheels.

  • Different and comfortable look along with perfect colors
  • A more old school model and the four wheels are extra safe.
  • Small companion products available.
  • The bike is made of wood, so a little care is needed if you need it in the long run.

3. XIAPIA Baby Balance Bike Toddler Tricycle Bike

XIAPIA Baby Balance Bike Toddler Tricycle Bike
  • Classic Design
  • Safety Material
  • Develop Kids Balance
  • Easily Set Up
  • Great Gift Choice

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A small gift that you can use to surprise your one year-old with. That what this small balance bike for one year old is all about.

This carbon steel-made small toy bike is available in different color options that will surely make your child mindblown along with the advantages that can provide.

It is preferred for children in the age limit of 10-24 months and can balance themselves on a small bike with parental care.

Fully covered wheels will keep the baby's feet out of trouble made by the spinning wheel because the bike is moved by swinging the legs on both sides.

As said above, the bike uses a carbon steel frame that is very sturdy and durable. Besides, it comes with 135 degrees turning limit.

The turning limit is to avoid the accidental side falling off the bike with the baby.

Moreover, the handlebar and wheel is EVA material that is eco-friendly, it has finished CPSC assessment from the USA testing lab and comply with ASTM and CE guidelines.

With this charming bicycle, children will figure out how to ride, go ahead and back with feet, gain certainty and bliss, great toy decisions for indoor and outside for your baby.

After all, as usual, there is nothing to worry about any big parts that you cannot take care of under any circumstances.

  • Best for 10 to 24 months children
  • Eco-friendly EVA material for handlebar and wheels
  • The 135-degree limitation in turning for safety
  • The carbon steel frame is durable and strong.
  • No much variety in design and color options.

4. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike 10-24 Month Children Walker

Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike 10-24 Month Children Walker
  • Recommended Age
  • Easy Installation
  • Quality Product Features
  • Happiness
  • Safety Assurance

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Another one of the best balance bikes available out there in the market can empower your infant child's balance.

The bike comes in exciting colors and designs that will surely become your baby's favorite toy to have fun around.

First of all, the age recommended for this bike is 10-24 months, and it is important to take care of your little one's ability to balance the bike.

It will be a perfect companion for the baby who is learning to walk or develop balance. And the maximum preferred load on the bike is about 100 lbs.

The bike is straightforward to assemble and dismantle, making it easy to carry around, so your child has fun anywhere he/she is with you.

The bike's modular design happens with a carbon steel frame, fully enclosed wheels, and a soft seat.

Everything comes together to make this bike very special and comfortable for your kid until they become eligible for big and bigger bikes.

It also comes with a 135-degree turning limitation to avoid accidental falls from the bike.

Combining everything, this could be that perfect gift that you can give to your toddler or your crawling nephew to bring up the energy inside them.

  • The maximum load weight of 100 lbs
  • 135-degree turning limit for safety
  • Fully enclosed wheels keep the legs of the child from gets hurt by turning wheels.
  • Exciting colors and design options available.
  • The normal architectural design that we see in many baby balance bikes.

5. GOBELIA Baby Balance Bike for 1 Year Old for Boy and Girl

GOBELIA Baby Balance Bike for 1 Year Old for Boy and Girl
  • ASTM certified & CPSC safety certified baby bike for your baby safety.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Gift packaging & easy to assemble
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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This little one is available for your child in three colors, such as pink, blue, and rose, with not many fancy designs. Comes from a trusted company that manufactures ASTM certified and CPSC safety certified products.

You can spend your money with confidence if you are looking for a balance bike for your one year old baby. It is a pushbike model designed for one year old children, giving a low step-through frame.

So, your baby will be more comfortable with the ride and getting off of the bike. Besides, it makes it easy for you to assemble and dismantle the bike for your child anywhere.

The bicycle body is made of top-quality carbon steel, and the delicate non-slip handlebar and padded seat give a steady and agreeable situation for your infant to hold and sit.

After all, the handlebar with perfect grip and fully-widen encased wheels will dodge side falling or feet harm.

Quiet and Durable wheels for Indoors and Outdoors are another great feature that will never annoy your child playing with his/her toy ride.

And it begins the excursion with your toddler from slithering, push, remaining to stroll, and running.

An incredible gift for your child, little boy or girl, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, or niece, anyone who is approaching that two years of age in the upcoming year.

  • Different and contrast color options are available.
  • Manufactured by a trusted brand that creates ASTM certified and CPSC safety certified products
  • Top-quality materials are used for built quality and safety.
  • Easy dismantling and assembling of different parts
  • Too small in size, so the size needs to be confirmed before selecting this one for your baby.

6. YGJT Baby Balance Bike

YGJT Baby Balance Bike
  • Recommend for 10-36 months baby
  • Safety Material
  • Develop Kids Balance
  • Easily Set Up
  • 3 years quality guarantee

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This one is the best balancing bike for a one year old category is a bit different from the others with a more toy kind of look.

Available in a Spotty dog and a bee design. The bike's pleasant aspect begins where the eyes can "squint" with both models' handlebar movements.

Besides, the bike is suggested for babies that come under 10 months and three years in age.

No pedals on the bike like others and are moved by the guardian's help or by swinging the legs on both sides.

The completely encased wheels abstain from cinching the infant's feet. And the 135-degree turn restriction will keep your infant safe and comfortable.

The bike's frame is from carbon steel that makes this infant balance bicycle durable and solid.

The handlebar and Wheel is Eco-accommodating EVA material, and it passed CPSC from the USA testing lab.

Likewise, follow ASTM and CE guidelines. Plus, the manufacturer put a Chinese enacted carbon in the crate to ingest plastic smell.

Children can figure out how to ride, go ahead and back with feet, and practice building up the legs' strength.

Beyond everything, of course, they will be having certainty and joy. This is a great toy decision for indoor and outdoor.

  • Perfect for children from 10 months to 3 years in age
  • Different and more fun designs are available.
  • Children up to 3 years of age can use this bike.
  • Too little for the children have speed in growth.

7. Bodaon Baby Balance Bicycle for 1-2 Year Old Girl/Boy

Bodaon Baby Balance Bicycle for 1-2 Year Old Girl/Boy
  • Recommended age:  for 1-2-year-old baby
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • This is a very sturdy little bike
  • Easy to Assemble

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Bodaon made this beautiful mini balance bike interesting with the separated kind of look on the seat and back wheel.

It is available in three colors, such as blue, pink, and white, and all the models come with a white seat and a black handlebar.

Even though this bike is also the same in the overall look as other infant balance bikes, but the brand made is different and simple as far as it gets.

This balance bicycle is the best present for a 12 to 24 months old infant who can ride on it and figure out how to walk.

Kids can ride the Bodaon bike on a wood floor or carpets easily that the tires are delicate. The wheel fundamental material is EVA, which is sufficient for open-air/inside uses.

The bicycle is all around well built and close enough to the floor so that in any event, when a child falls, they don't get hurt.

And this is a powerful and durable minimal bike suitable for infants from one year old to two.

Moreover, this toy is straightforward to amass or disassemble without any instruments. Your toddler can promptly begin riding it and still love it.

  • Three different colors are available for the bike.
  • Very durable and minimal in the overall build of the bike
  • Perfect wheels for inside or outside use
  • Environmental friendly materials are used for the bike.
  • The looks of the bike are normal, like any other baby balance bike.

8. Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike

Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike
  • Beginner baby bike
  • Safe & durable
  • Scratch-resistant wheels
  • Easy to control
  • Quick assembly

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Mostly similar to some of the baby balance bikes that you saw on the list, but the brand made it different from the colors.

The handlebar and the rubberized tires are the only things that will not change its colors in any of the different color options that are available for this bike.

Different color options available for this bike include blippy, eggshell, powder blue, shark, unicorn, and watermelon.

Every part of the bike changes color in each option available, and all of them are very cool with the looks.

After all, the bike's total weight is just one kilogram, which is very easy and simple to carry around and have some fun for your kid wherever they want it.

It is designed for babies that are age 12 to 24 months. This will provide the walking balance and, eventually, the ride balance as usual.

Sturdy and comfortable built will keep your child's legs on the floor so the bike will be totally in control of them.

However, the bike's recommended weight is only 44 lbs, so you need to give some attention to that department when selecting this bike for your child.

Your child's safety is ensured with the soft seat material, and the handlebar comes with a very grippy material.

  • Lightweight and straightforward build
  • Cricket design is used to keep your child’s feet always on the floor.
  • Lots of color options are available and are very catchy.
  • Very grippy material used in the handlebar and wheels
  • The maximum load weight of the bike recommended is 44 lbs.

9. Avenor Baby Balance Bike for 6-24 Months

Avenor Baby Balance Bike for 6-24 Months
  • Premium quality from top to bottom + fully certified for safety
  • Perfect designed for 6 to 36 months toddlers
  • Easy to assemble - no tools required
  • Sturdy construction + easy to ride
  • 2 years warranty

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This baby balance is one of the best infant riding toys for a 1-year old that makes a smooth, simple ride for youthful babies.

With a winning blend of a sturdy lightweight edge and an ideal planned seat, this gives an upright position by focusing the infant weight over their hips.

And when it comes to the bike's look, there is nothing much different in the design, but the colors made it interesting.

Besides, a small stroll of colors around the wheels and the grey colored wheels provide more contrast and attractive elements to the bike.

It is perfect as a starter bike for little children who are excessively little to ride an appropriate balance bicycle.

A perfect birthday present for your beloved one's first birthday and a great start to more active involvement in this kind of activity.

Moreover, it comes 95% pre-built, and it is very easy to assemble the remaining parts.

That makes it simple to toss in the storage compartment of a vehicle for use at the park, shopping center, or any place your baby would prefer to ride than walk.

After all, the additional safe EVA foam handlebar keeps the toddler in an upright position and prepares them to keep balance utilizing their feet.

Besides, the limited handlebar turns will keep the bike from sudden turns and falling by the side.

  • Lightweight and perfect for very little children
  • Assembling and carrying around is very easy.
  • Sturdy construction makes it durable and strong.
  • Limited handlebar turning up to 135 degrees for safety
  • Too small in size, so need to consider measuring the right size for your baby

10. Scool Baby Balance Bike

Scool Baby Balance Bike
  • First Balance Bike: Perfect for a one-year-old just learning to walk, it’s the perfect size for a beginner.
  • Sturdy: Baby Balance Bike made of Sturdy Carbon Steel Frame Max.
  • Load capacity up to 100 lbs.
  • Safe Steering Design
  • Eco-Friendly EVA Material
  • Easy Assemble

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This baby balance bike for one year old infants comes from the Scool brand. It comes with a normal look that, like most other brands, comes up with.

After all, the maximum load capacity is 100 lbs because of the carbon steel material used in the bike frame.

So, a sturdy, durable ride is guaranteed for your baby that can be handled with total comfort and confidence.

Besides, the bikes come with a 135-degree limitation in turning the handlebar that will keep the baby safe from falling off the bike along with the bike.

The 8" seat equipped on the bike is made of very smooth material and is very comfortable to sit and have some fun.

And the delicate skin of your baby will not get hurt with any hard surface on the bike. Its low center of gravity design is the best for the better stability of the ride.

Moreover, the height is on the point that will keep your beloved's feet on the feet throughout the use, and it is best for children from 10 to 24 months of age.

Finally, the bike is very easy to dismantle or assemble according to your needs, making it possible to transport the bike along with you anywhere easily.

The other advantages of the bike include the eco-friendly EVA material. And it is very cute and functional in every way possible.

  • 8″ seat with a very smooth material for a cushioned ride on the bike
  • 135-degree turning limitation available for safety
  • Very easy dismantling and assembling of the bike
  • Made of eco-friendly material and are very durable
  • The usual design of the bike that seen in most of the baby balance bikes

Things to Consider for Best Bike for One Year Old

All the one-year-old toddlers out there are not at all ready to ride a bicycle on their own, but some of them grow a little more than others.

So, it is good to make them enjoy themselves with a small baby balance bike that will provide both fun and health advantages and some balance.

However, you cannot pressure your infant to get on a bike if they can't get up on their own or if they are not interested.

In that case, you have to wait until they grow a little more to be on a small bike and can swing their legs on both sides of a balance bike.

Some things need to be considered when selecting a baby balance bike for your infant. That includes:

Height of the Baby Bike

Even though most of the bikes for infants come in almost the same height, some have slight differences.

It happens because of the designs that the brands use in many of the small bikes.

And some changes in adding little beauty features and options are one of the main reasons for these changes.

So it is important to select the bike with the right height for your child to give a comfortable ride.

The material of the Baby Bike

First of all, you have to consider that your baby is not an advanced-level athlete or gymnast. In fact, they are the most fragile thing you may have with you.

That means they need the most comfortable things to build materials that give their bodies safety and smoothness.

So, when selecting a bike for your one-year-old toddler, always get the most comfortable bike with the smooth seat material and grippy handlebar.

And it is always important to select the perfect frame that can hold the weight of your child.

There are frame materials out there that provide more maximum load weight capacity when compared to others.

Design and Colors of the Baby Bike

At last, when it comes to the type of baby bike, select which is according to your likes and color preferences.

A colorful bike will always be spotted automatically by your eyes when your child is playing with it.

Besides, some people may like wooden handmade model bikes that give a more fun look and light colors.

Whichever design or color you select is totally up to you, but you need to select the one that will help your child ride it effortlessly.


You read about some of the best options available in the market for the best bike for one year old toddlers in this article.

These are some of the best available options that come at a very affordable price and are built for durability and comfort.

Most of them are in almost the same shapes and sizes because these are the preferred sizes and models of balance bike for little one year old children.

Some bikes have a little advantage over other bikes in some of their properties, but they also may have some problems like very little maximum load weight capability.

On the other hand, some of the bikes are very sturdy and capable of carrying up to 100 lbs of weight but may have a design that is not much different or unique.

After all, the design and colors may don't matter for a one-year-old child, but you can give some good contrast colors on their products are always good.

Let the small ones play around with their new toy balance bike and have some fun alongside starting a healthy routine for the long run of life.

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