There are plenty of reasons for getting a bike for yourself out there. Although, the first and most beneficial part of riding on a bike is having fun. But the fun factors will never get to the full potential when the bike is not perfectly comfortable for the rider.

So, the bike you are selecting for yourself must have the correct size to fit perfectly for your size. Usually, there is a common size which most beginners go with while purchasing their first bike.

The size we are talking about is a 26-inch bike. But, before going further into a 26-inch bike for what size person, you have to consider something. These size bikes are prevalent in the market.

It is because that a 26-inch frame size bike is somewhere in the middle range of the size chart for bikes. So people with different sizes can get the hang of it with little adjustments easily.

However, you want to know that getting a 26-inch bike for your body with a need of 24-inch is a mistake. So, here are some interesting facts and information on what size fits what size person.

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How Big is a 26-inch Bike?

It is vital to know the real-life size of the bike when speaking about getting a 26-inch bike. Because it might seem perfect for you when you hear different opinions from other people. After all, it never is the case when you see or ride it for yourself.

The most preferred height regulations of the rider for a 26-inch bike are between 5″ and 6″. Of course, people will tell you that the bigger, the better but it is totally up to your preferences which is the right one to go with.

A 26-inch wheel-size bike is the smallest one in the section of adult bikes. The stair of size increases to 27.5″, otherwise known as 650B and 29″ wheel size. A 26-inch wheel is the smallest wheel available for mountain bikes.

Despite everything you see or hear about a 26-inch bike, the experience is important. So try a bike with 26-inch for yourself because nothing comes before experience when looking for comfort in your bike.

24-inch Bike for What Size Person

A 24-inch bike is mostly recommended for people with a height between 4’5″ and 5’2″. When considering a rider’s body language, these size bikes are preferred for or used by women riders.

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Because of the size differences that happen for different bike parts when the wheel size is decreasing. Women are naturally smaller in size than men, so the height and size of different parts will be comfortable for them.

But for a male rider, even if he does not have height, his body parts will need more space. However, these are some natural facts only, and there are many women riders out there who need bigger bikes.

Moreover, a 24-inch bike is commonly used by kids because the size and shape of those bikes are done for them. An adult rider may seem the same height to have a kids’ size bike. But the different proportions of the adult body might not allow them to use these bikes.

Some Pros and Cons of Having a 24-inch Bike

There are no cons to having a 24-inch bike if you are perfectly fit on the bike. Besides, many brands now make specially designed 24-inch bikes for adults with smaller proportions.

In the case of those adult bikes, the size and height might seem the same as a kid’s bike. But all other parts will be designed to provide comfort for an adult rider.

However, if you get a straight 24-inch bike for you just because you don’t have much height, then you have to reconsider your opinion because there are some disadvantages with 24-inch size bikes for adults.

If you are a woman with wider hips, you will get very uncomfortable with the smaller wheels and the whole bike itself because the handlebar and seat will get narrower when the size decreases.

How to Select the Right Size Bike?

As mentioned, experiencing yourself is the first and best thing to do to get an idea of the bike size. It is always recommended to get a bigger size of wheels because it has more surface area.

That means a bigger size wheel can cover more area and avoid small potholes on the road surface. This will help you to keep a constant speed and be more comfortable while riding.

But the problem with a big size wheel is that the bike’s maneuverability is less compared to a smaller size wheel. So here is where a 26-inch wheel shines a lot: it will weigh less and give you more control over the bike.

Moreover, you never need much space to take a fast turn with smaller size wheels. Then comes the fact that is more important, which is the height and body language of the rider.

If you have long legs, then the comfortable one is the bigger one in the raw otherwise, stopping the bike might feel difficult. Especially it will be more difficult in rough road circumstances, and these 26, 27.5, and 29-inch wheels are mostly used for mountain bikes.

Bike Size Chart – Know the Correct Sizes

Height Bike Size
4’11”-5’3” 13-15”  inches bike
5’3″–5’7″ 15–16” inches bike
5’7″–5’11” 16–17”  inches bike
6’0″–6’2″ 17–19 inches bike
6’2″–6’4″ 19–21 inches bike
6’4″and taller 21+ inches bike


Selecting a 26 or 24-inch is all according to your height and other preferences. Above mentioned facts are just some pointers to help you not make any wrong decisions with your valuable money.

If you need a more comfortable ride in a straight line for a long period of time, then go for a 29″ bike instead of a 26″ one. But if you need more control in handling the bike, then a 26″ is the best.

Whichever size you choose is all according to your ride preferences alongside the body language. So. first of all, you have to get an idea about the exact size of your body. Then go for trying different bike sizes and remember that experience the bikes yourself before buying them.

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